AMC Update Tuesday 4/26/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/26/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Hospital) Amanda arrives and tells Jake its time for them to go home but he tells her that he can’t leave because Griffin escaped police custody and since it happened inside the hospital he has to deal with the board.

(Tad and Cara’s house) Tad and Cara awaken fully clothed because they both fell asleep while they were talking and Cara apologizes to Tad because he must not have slept well last night. Tad tells Cara that she put herself at risk by helping her brother escape and she can’t take any risks because of her problems with immigration. Cara tells Tad that he shouldn’t have taken the blame for what she did but Tad reminds her that he promised Griffin he would protect her and that is what he intends to do. Jake calls Tad and tell him that he has been trying to call Cara but her phone keeps going to voice mail and tad explains that Cara turned her phone off so she could sleep a little bit. Jake explains that Cara needs to come down to the hospital for an emergency board meeting to explain about Griffin’s escape. Tad tells Jake that Cara is right next to him in bed and Jake assumes Tad and Cara had sex and looks a little bothered by the fact that he thinks they slept together.

(Kendall’s place) Griffin tells Kendall that he won’t let her face the man who killed her husband alone and he also reminds Kendall that Ricky set him up and is ruining his medical career. Kendall doesn’t think that Griffin should risk his life any more then he already has but Griffin tells Kendall he intends to make Zach’s dream of the Miranda center expansion a reality and keep the promise he made to Zach. Griffin tells Kendall despite everything that has happened he doesn’t regret saving her life and Kendall tells Griffin she won’t regret saving his life by clearing him of the false charges against him.

(ConFusion) Ryan tells Greenlee not to react with anger to anything he is about to say to her because Ricky can’t suspect they are talking about him. Ryan tells Greenlee that Kendall suspects that Ricky killed Zach and all the things that the private detective he hired found out about Ricky. Greenlee keeps her cool although she is very angry and tells Ryan that she needs to go talk to Kendall. Ryan gets a call and Greenlee takes the opportunity to try and find out about Ricky by asking him about where he went to seminary but Ricky doesn’t offer any useful information to Greenlee. Ryan returns and he and Greenlee walk out of ConFusion and head to Kendall’s place.

(Kendall’s place) Ryan and Greenlee arrive and Greenlee tells Kendall she wants to help her catch Ricky and make sure he pays for Zach’s death and all the pain he has caused all of them. Kendall tells Ryan that Griffin is at the safe house because he didn’t want to leave her to face Ricky on her own. Kendall tells Ryan that she doesn’t want to turn he r back on Griffin and she will clear his name.

(Hospital) Jake and Cara come out of the board meeting and Cara tells tad that the board told her that she and Griffin have been nothing but trouble since they started to work at the hospital. Cara tells Tad that she resigned from her job and tad wonders why Jake didn’t defend her and he explains that she resigned as soon as she walked into the meeting. Jake tells Tad that Cara will need a lot of emotional support now and tad tells Jake not to worry he will do everything he can to offer Cara emotional support.

(Safe house) Kendall tells Griffin that she doesn’t think Ricky will hurt her because he has fallen in love with her and she is going to make him think that she is in love with him too. Kendall explains that Ricky will be vulnerable and maybe he will let something slip about killing Zach or any of the other crimes he has committed.

(Krystal’s) Tad and Cara eat lunch and Tad tells Cara that he is sorry she had to resign from the hospital. Cara wonders what she will do all day and Tad suggests volunteer work or crossword puzzles. Cara laughs and says she loves crossword puzzles and tad says he loves crossword puzzles too. Tad grabs a newspaper someone left and they start to do a puzzle together and Tad is impressed by how fast Cara figures out the clues.

(Hospital) Jake and Amanda have lunch and Jake tells Amanda that Cara resigned and now he has to replace not only Griffin but also Cara and they are two doctors who will be hard to replace. Jake gives Amanda her prescription of birth control pills that he had filled for her and then tells her to wait for him to update some files and then they can go home and spend time with Trevor. Jake leaves to get his work finished and Amanda throws the birth control pills away.

(Safe house) Griffin gives Kendall a drug that can temporarily paralyze a person and shows her how to give Ricky a shot of the drug in case she gets in trouble she can give the drug to Ricky and then when he is paralyzed she can get away from him. Kendall practices how to give the shot on an orange Griffin tells her to jab the needle into a fleshy part of the body and then just squeeze.

(ConFusion) Greenlee worries that she and Ryan may not be legally married since they aren’t sure if Ricky is really a minister. Ryan assures Greenlee that no matter what happens she will always be his wife.

(Park) Ricky looks at a picture of Diana in the paper and tells her that she wasn’t the woman for him but Kendall is and someday they will be a happy family.

(Safe house) Griffin tells Kendall that they will make sure that Ricky pays for killing Zach and then as Kendall heads for the door Griffin asks her to be careful and protect herself when she is with Ricky. Kendall smiles and tells Griffin that Ricky is the one who has to protect him from her.

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