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All My Children Update Monday 4/25/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Chandler Mansion) AJ is excited because Marissa is coming for the annual Chandler after Easter treasure hunt. AJ tells JR he misses Marissa and JR thinks AJ how much he misses her so that maybe she will come back home. Marissa arrives with Bianca, Miranda, and Gabby and JR thinks Marissa is afraid to be alone with him because she brought her own chaperone. Marissa thinks JR has a huge ego and insists that she brought Miranda and the girls because she thought they needed to have some fun not because she needed a chaperone.

(ConFusion) Emma eats ice cream and tells Greenlee that she wants to go to Aj’s treasure hunt and Greenlee tells her they can go shopping or she could do her own treasure hunt at home. Emma doesn’t think Greenlee would be as good at hiding treasure as Annie and she also tells Greenlee she doesn’t like the ice cream. Greenlee tells Emma she is being a brat and that needs to stop because she won’t give up on her even if she is being bratty she loves her very much.

(Krystal’s) The private investigator Ryan hired to investigate Ricky tells him that the same man he spoke to from the NTSB after the plane crash is also the man who stabbed Griffin in jail. The private detective also tells Ryan that he found credit card receipts placing Ricky in California the day of Zach’s plane crash.

(Kendall’s house) Kendall is shocked to see Ricky with Spike and Ian but she keeps her cool and asks Ricky to let her know the next time he is picking up the boys from Bianca’s so she won’t waste a trip to her house. Ricky thinks that they should have a family dinner with the boys but Kendall tells him she is really craving the lobster rolls at Confusion. Kendall goes upstairs with the boys so she can drop them off at Wildwind before they go out to dinner. Ryan calls Kendall but Ricky picks up the phone and Ryan asks him to tell Kendall he is on his way over there to see her. Ricky tells Kendall that Ryan is on his way over and he seems upset because he answered her phone for her while she was upstairs.

(ConFusion) Scott and Madison arrive and Madison tells Emma that her ice cream looks delicious and Emma sadly tells Madison that Greenlee won’t let her go to AJ’s house for the treasure hunt. Scott decides to call Marissa and find out if it is okay to bring Emma for the treasure hunt and Madison goes with Emma to see if they can put Emma’s ice cream in a to go cup. Scott calls Marissa and she says its okay to bring Emma over and Scott wonders if Greenlee is jealous of how close Madison and Emma are and Greenlee tells him she isn’t jealous of Madison and Emma. Scott sarcastically thanks Greenlee for her helping getting the new job. Greenlee tells Scott that his not getting a promotion wasn’t her decision to make so she couldn’t help him get the job. Randi calls Greenlee to tell her that there is a problem with the mommy and baby line. Madison returns with Emma and Greenlee asks Scott to take Emma to AJ’s house since she needs Madison’s help with the mommy and baby line.

(Chandler Mansion) Scott arrives with Emma and he explains to JR that he called Marisa and she said it was okay for Emma to join the treasure hunt. JR tells Emma that the other kids are inside and she tells him that Annie told her that he said he loved them both but he didn’t really love them. Once Emma is gone JR tells Scott to stop calling Marissa so much and Marissa wonders if there is a problem between Scott and JR but JR tells her everything is fine.

(Kendall’s place) Ricky tells Kendall Griffin escaped from the hospital and she acts surprised by the news. Ryan arrives and asks to see Spike and Kendall asks him to take the kids back to Wildwind and leave them with Bianca’s nanny so that she can go out to dinner with Ricky. Ryan goes upstairs with Kendall so that he can tell her what the private detective he hired found out about Ricky. Once Kendall knows everything she is even angrier and is determined to get solid proof that Ricky killed Zach so he can pay for his crime. Kendall makes Ryan promise not to go to the police until she has faced Ricky and told him exactly how he ruined her life. Ryan makes Kendall promise that they are a team and she won’t do things on her own so that she won’t be in danger.

(Fusion) Greenlee decides to fix the licensing problem with the mom and baby line since Madison doesn’t have enough experience to fix the problem. Greenlee is getting some files from Madison’s computer when she sees a file labeled Daddy’s scrapbook with a picture of the baby’s sonogram in it. Greenlee is upset and confronts Madison telling her to stop making things worse for her and Ryan. Madison tells Greenlee she was only trying to keep Ryan in the baby’s life like he asked her to do for Emma’s sake. Greenlee thinks its time that they set ground rules and asks Madison not to call Ryan to remind him of doctor’s appointments or tell him every detail about the baby’s growth inside of her. Madison tells Greenlee that if she keeps making things difficult for her she will tell Ryan that she knew about her pregnancy a long time before their wedding but chose not to tell him about it. Greenlee dares Madison to tell Ryan because she is tired of all of this because she doesn’t think Ryan’s life should be ruined by a mistake he made with a woman he didn’t love.

(Chandler Mansion) Bianca is sad because she hasn’t heard from Erica since she told Jack she was taking some time to think about things. Marissa takes Bianca’s mind off things by asking her to help hide treasure for the treasure hunt. JR asks Bianca to help him persuade Marissa to go to the Adele concert with him but he thinks Marissa will only go with him if she goes on a double date with them. Emma tearfully asks Scott to take her home.

(ConFusion) Kendall pretends that she is enjoying her date with Ricky but she is really thinking that he is the vile scum that killed her husband. Kendall even imagines picking up a knife from the table and telling Ricky how she really feels about him. Ricky thinks that things are going so well on the date that he tells Kendall he wants to be more then friends with her. Ricky tells Kendall that he will wait for her as long as she needs but is confident someday they will be a family. Ricky takes Kendall’s hand and Ryan watches from the corner unseen by Ricky to make sure Kendall is safe.

(Chandler Mansion) Maya looks at Gaby and Miranda playing with the other children and thinks about her own baby girl. Bianca tells Maya raising two girls is a challenge but she couldn’t imagine her life without them. JR asks Maya to keep an eye on the kids as they hunt for treasure so she heads off with the children outside to look for treasure. JR tells Marissa that he has four tickets to the Adele concert and he has found the perfect date for Bianca and they could all double date. Bianca arrives and JR asks her if she wants to double date with them and Bianca doesn’t say a world. Marissa tells Bianca that she really wants to go to the concert because Adel is her favorite singer and Bianca still doesn’t respond to the question because she feels cornered by both JR and Marissa. AJ tells Emma that her mom hurt his mom and her mom is mean and nobody wants to see her again. Maya brings Emma back into the room crying and she hugs Scott and asks him to take her home.

(Fusion) Emma cries and tells Madison and Scott that being at the mansion reminded her of Annie and that she misses Annie very much. Emma also tells Madison and Scott that Ryan and Greenlee won’t let her visit her mommy. Greenlee is sitting nearby watching and listening to the conversation and then Emma hugs Madison then Greenlee tells Emma its time to go and Emma gives Madison another long hug before she leaves with Greenlee. Madison tells Scott that Greenlee is done being nice to her she is mad that she is having Ryan’s baby and that Emma is so close to her. Madison assures Scott that she can handle Greenlee and she doesn’t need his help with her right now.

(Kendall’s house) Ricky takes Kendall home. She thanks him for the nice evening, and Ricky takes her hand and tells her that he is sure that he can show her how to trust in a man again and fall in love. Ricky leaves and Kendall goes inside the house vowing that Ricky will pay for ruining her life. Ryan calls from ConFusion to make sure that Kendall is home safe and to tell her that Ricky is at ConFusion and he is keeping a close eye on him.

(ConFusion) Ricky gets an engagement ring delivered to him and he opens the box and tells himself that Kendall will fall in love with him and they will get married and be a happy family. Ryan tells Kendall to lock all the doors and not let anyone in the house. Ricky notices Ryan watching him and talking on the phone.

(Kendall’s house) Kendall notices someone in the house and asks what the person is doing there. Griffin takes off the hood from his jacket and tells Kendall he couldn’t leave her to face Ricky alone.

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