AMC Update Friday 4/22/11

All My Children Update Friday 4/22/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Griffin can't believe Kendall is going to break him out and wonders why she's doing this. Cara comes in and says that is what she was wondering too. Kendall tells them that she knows they don't have reason to trust her but she doesn't want Griffin hurt so she needs Cara's help. Griffin hopes this isn't a trick and demands to know why Kendall's doing this. Kendall says she's doing it to get the truth on who murdered her husband.

Ryan tells Ricky that he's still looking into Diana Holden. Ricky asks if he's getting anywhere and Ryan says it's too soon to tell. Ricky mentions he's concerned about Kendall. Ryan adds that they're all concerned.

Frankie plays with Lucy with Angie. Angie is glad that he took time from his schedule to be there with her. Angie mentions that she would love to see and maybe she will. Angie tells Frankie that there's a chance she could see Lucy grow up. Frankie asks what she's talking about. Angie tells him she's been looking into an experiment and the information is on the table. Frankie looks at it and wonders where she dug it up at. Angie admits to him it was from David.

David arrives at the hospital and comes up to Tad and Jesse. David asks about Griffin. Tad wonders why he cares. David says he likes Griffin and doesn't believe anything against him. Jesse asks why he's here. David says he's here to do more research on restoring Angie's sight. Jesse tells him to stay out of their lives and David walks off.

A worker at the hospital drops a tray of bottles and the guard goes to help him pick it up. With the guard distracted, Cara switches his drink.

Griffin asks Kendall what she's found about Zach's death. Kendall says they can't talk here. Kendall reminds them their pact to trust each other so he needs to trust her now. Griffin says he'll probably regret this for the rest of his life.

Cara waits outside the room and then pulls the fire alarm. Everyone goes running so Kendall and Griffin make their getaway. Brot and the rest of the officers follow Jesse and Jesse leads them off. Jesse answers his phone while Cara runs into Tad. Cara explains to Tad that she set off the alarm.

Ryan has a flashback back to Kendall telling him about her suspicions about Ricky. Ricky mentions that he knows how close Ryan and Kendall are but he's gotten close with her as well the past couple months. Ryan says she's told him all about Ricky being there for her. Ricky sits with him and calls Kendall a very special woman. Ryan mentions that he thinks Kendall is a great judge of character. Ricky thanks him and Ryan asks if something is going on. Ricky wonders if Ryan could tell him something that would make it easier for him to help her. Ryan is confused as Ricky explains he thinks Kendall is obsessing over Zach's death and it could ruin her life. Ricky brings up that there might not be answers and they could never get caught. Ryan thinks everyone will make a mistake. Ricky wonders if answers would really bring Kendall peace. Ricky wishes he could help her let it all go. Ryan tells him that's not going to happen.

Angie asks Frankie what he thinks of David's research. Frankie thinks it's a long shot because they've looked into every experimental treatment out there. Angie notes that this could be under the board. Angie talks about David's access but says she doesn't trust him. Frankie thinks David could just be torturing her and getting her hopes up. Angie knows David will do anything to get his license back and if he hurts her, he hurts his cause. Frankie mentions that David hates their family. Frankie tells Angie to remember who the potential miracle is coming from.

Brot runs into David at the hospital. Brot tells him that someone set off the fire alarm but there's no fire. David wonders what that has to do with him. Brot thinks David could have set it off and takes him to go talk about it.

Tad asks Cara why she sent the alarm off. Cara explains it was to get Kendall and Griffin out. Cara tells Tad that she drugged the guard's drink and Tad laughs. Tad tells her that she's helping a fugitive and committing a felony. Cara doesn't Cara but Tad insists that he cares a lot.

Jesse comes into Griffin's room and is upset to find it empty.

Tad goes and grabs the guard's drink to destroy the evidence. Cara runs after him as Jesse comes out on his phone, telling them that there was a false alarm and Griffin's gone. Jesse can't believe the guard fell asleep. Brot brings David up and tells Jesse that he found David around the alarm that went off. Jesse isn't surprised. David wonders if that's against the law now. Jesse accuses David of helping Griffin escape. David says he's thrilled but had nothing to do with it. Jesse doesn't believe him. David tells him that he was discussing Angie's case when the alarm went off. David wishes him luck and walks off.

Cara asks Tad if he's going to help her in this. Tad assures her that he's on board. Cara insists that she's just doing what he would do and helping her brother at any cost. Jesse comes up behind her and says he's sure she would do anything and wants her to come down to the station to discuss it.

Ryan tells Ricky how he will continue helping Kendall find the truth. Ricky calls it admirable. Ryan says that's what friends do. Ricky brings up Ryan not always being friends with Zach. Ryan says they had their differences but always had each other's back. Ryan brings up Ricky having dinner with Kendall and decides to leave.

Kendall and Griffin wander out in the park. Griffin wonders why Kendall is doing this and reminds her that she thought he was guilty. Kendall tells him that she found out some things that changed her mind about Zach's death. Kendall tells him that she found the real letter of Zach's. Kendall tells him how Ryan is going to help her sort through the files. Kendall explains how Zach thought he might be murdered if they knew he had information. Griffin apologizes. Kendall says she can't allow herself to feel what she's feeling. Kendall tells him that she's this close to finding out the truth. Kendall knows she has a lot of nerve asking Griffin to help her after what she did to him. Griffin asks if she believes him now that he wasn't selling drugs, didn't kill Diana, and had nothing to do with Zach's death.

Jesse sits down with Cara and Tad at the station in the witness room. Jesse asks Cara what she knows about the alarm. Tad thinks Jesse should be talking to David. Brot comes in and tells Jesse that David's was truly where he said he was. Jesse asks why the guard would've fallen asleep. Cara suggests he was so bored guarding an innocent person. Cara shouts that Griffin would have been staying where he was stabbed if he didn't escape. Tad adds in but Jesse tells him not to help and let Cara answer. Cara says she has nothing more to say. Jesse says there were a lot of people there and someone had to have seen it so they will find out. Tad starts talking and Jesse keeps cutting him off until Tad confesses that he pulled the alarm.

Frankie reminds Angie that David is the reason that she lost her sight in the first place. Frankie brings up Angie being the reason David lost his license. Angie knows how much David wants to practice medicine again and so he needs her help. Frankie asks if this all worked out, if she'd actually help David. Angie hasn't thought that far. Frankie wonders if she's wrong and its' about payback. There's a knock on the door, Frankie answers and it's David. David comes in and asks Angie if she considered the research. Angie tells him that she has and is ready to talk about it.

Griffin tells Kendall that he's either a drug dealing murderer or he's not. Griffin tells Kendall that she knows him and what he does. Griffin reminds her that he saved her life. Griffin talks about making a promise with Zach to save people all over the world. Kendall tells Griffin that she believes him. Kendall knows Griffin could never kill Zach. Ryan runs up to them and mentions how he found them so the cops can. Ryan asks what the hell is going on. Kendall admits it was her idea and she broke Griffin out. Ryan thinks it's crazy because he's a murder suspect. Kendall tells Ryan that she knows Griffin didn't do it. Ryan brings up that there's still a lot of unanswered questions. Griffin says he answered all of Kendall's. Griffin tells Ryan how the only drugs he sold were sent across the world. Kendall tells Ryan that he knows what it's like to be accused of something he didn't do. Ryan wants to hear their plan and tells them to follow him.

Jesse asks Tad where Griffin is. Tad says he doesn't know. Tad claims he pulled the alarm because he smelt smoke. Jesse doesn't think it's just a coincidence. Tad asks if they're under arrest. Jesse tells him no. Tad wants to go home and suggests Jesse should too. Jesse tells Tad that he's his friend but that could change. Jesse instructs Brot to take them out. Tad and Cara stand up and exit the room. Cara asks Tad why he lied for her. Tad tells her to relax. Cara thinks she should've taken the blame. Tad reminds her that she can't afford to with the government.

Ryan brings Griffin and Kendall to an abandoned house and sends Griffin inside. Ryan asks Kendall what the plan is. Kendall thinks Griffin can help them with the answers they need. Kendall says she misjudged Griffin and knows he was just trying to help her. Ryan reminds her of the dead woman found in his bed. Kendall knows he was just being setup. Ryan asks what happens next. Kendall thinks they need to get Griffin out of Pine Valley. Kendall asks Ryan if he can get him out of the country. Ryan asks if she's sure she wants to do this. Ryan says he'll see what he can do and they head inside. Griffin tells Kendall they don't have much time so he wants to hear about what she discovered. Kendall tells him about remembering what she read in Zach's letter. Kendall notes that she wasn't alone the first time she read the letter and how the 3rd page got lost. Kendall mentions that someone called her sweetheart and it hit her that it was the same person that was with her when she got Zach's letter. Kendall thinks he was the one who switched the letter and has something to do with Zach's death and might even be the one who killed him. Griffin realizes she is talking about Ricky.

Jesse comes home to find David going over the research with Angie. Jesse asks if David's moving in now. David asks if Jesse found Griffin and tells Angie what happened. David mentions that Jesse accused him of pulling the alarm but was wrong. Angie asks who did set off the alarm. Jesse doesn't want David there. Angie tells him she wants to talk to Jesse alone so David leaves. Jesse says it's bad enough that David is walking around free after everything he's done but to have him in his house is worse. Angie tells Jesse how David could bring her sight back and she told David that she would at least meet with the doctors. Jesse asks if she's sure that she can trust David. Angie says of course not but he did help Greenlee walk again so she just wants her family to give this a chance for her and Lucy.

Ricky arrives at the police station and asks Brot about Griffin. Cara and Tad come up and Cara asks Ricky what he has to do with it. Ricky tells her that he's just concerned about Kendall. Ricky and Cara argue about Griffin. Tad tells him that she has a right to be concerned.

Griffin calls Ricky a son of a bitch. Kendall explains how Ricky told Liza that Griffin wasn't hurt as bad. Griffin realizes now that Ricky set him up with the drugs and probably killed Diana with his hands. Kendall blames herself for letting Ricky in. Kendall mentions that Griffin never trusted Ricky. Griffin thinks Ricky must be using an alias. Kendall tells Griffin that if Ricky killed Zach, she wants him to tell her to her face. Griffin warns Kendall to stay away from Ricky. Kendall is sorry for putting Griffin through all of this and for not believing him. Kendall says the only way she can help is to get Griffin away. Griffin does not want to leave her in danger. Kendall tells him to go, leave the country, save lives and don't look back. Griffin says he isn't going anywhere. Griffin thinks Kendall is in danger. Kendall begs him to leave for her and promises not to take risks. Ryan comes back in and says he'll make sure of that. Griffin asks if Ryan is on board with this. Ryan says he's in a tough spot and thinks Kendall is right if Griffin sticks around. Kendall mentions how all evidence points to Griffin if they can't prove Ricky. Ryan has arranged a plane to take Griffin wherever he wants and thinks he should take it. Griffin doesn't want to leave Kendall but Ryan insists that she won't be alone. Ryan steps back out after telling Griffin to make up his mind. Kendall asks Griffin if he can ever forgive her. Griffin says her believing him was enough. Griffin says this is it then. Kendall tells him to take care of himself and he says the same. Ryan comes back in and says it's safe to move now. Griffin steps out and tells Ryan to never let Kendall out of his sight. Griffin exits and Ryan takes Kendall out to take her home.

Jesse tells Angie that she isn't giving him much of a choice. Angie thinks she has to at least try to see again even if it's David. Jesse understands and wants to run any plan of David's by Frankie first. Jesse says he won't let David jerk Angie around with false hope. Jesse eventually tells her that he is on board. Jesse hugs her as she thanks him.

Cara sits at home on her bed. Tad comes in and Cara ask if there's any word. Tad tells her it's so far so good. Cara can't believe her brother being gone is good news. Cara wonders where Griffin is going and if she'll ever see him again. Tad tells her not to think that way. Cara says it's the truth though. Cara thanks Tad for always being there for her. Tad assures her that he isn't going anywhere.

Ryan brings Kendall home and asks if she's okay. Kendall brings up being so close to Ricky and they need to get him. Ryan wants to go to Jesse now. Kendall says they need more evidence. Ryan insists they need to be careful and wants to go in with her. Kendall tells him not to worry since the boys are at Wildwind and she'll be leaving soon. Kendall tells Ryan to go to Fusion and wait since she'll be meeting Ricky there. Ryan asks if she's sure. Kendall reminds him that they need the evidence. Ryan tells her that even if she can't see him, he'll be there. Ryan gets a phone call and responds that it's great news and to give him an hour. Ryan tells Kendall that they found some credit card information and more information on the guy who stabbed Griffin. Kendall tells Ryan that she'll go get ready and Ryan tells her to not rush as he wants to be there as soon as she's alone with Ricky. Ryan hugs her and exits. Kendall enters her home to find Ricky playing with Spike and Ian.

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