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All My Children Update Thursday 4/21/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Erica tries looking out the window in her room and is still trapped. She tries to turn on the TV but it doesn't come on. She calls out to the voice wanting to know if Gabby and Miranda are safe. The voice says they are and only had to make sure she followed the script so no one looked for her. Erica knows Jack is upset and worried.

Jack sits at home looking at a picture of him and Erica. Opal comes in and asks if anything's new. Jack says no and he keeps waiting for Erica to come back but she's not going to.

Jesse brings the man into Griffin's room and he IDs him as the man who stabbed him. Griffin says this is the proof that they were trying to get rid of him. The man apologizes to him and says he had to do it. The man claims he told Griffin to stay away from Diana and what he did to her was wrong so he couldn't let it go. Cara argues that Jesse can't listen to him. The man claims he goes way back with Griffin. Griffin accuses him of being paid to lie. Tad asks if the man is more afraid of the cops or the people paying him. Jesse decides to take him downtown and they leave. Cara apologizes to Griffin. Griffin knows these people are still trying to bring him down. Griffin says he doesn't want Cara involved anymore. Cara refuses but Griffin says they're done and no more. Jesse comes back in and says they don't expect the man to talk anymore. Tad hopes he changes his story. Cara asks where he's being kept. Jesse tells him he's in a holding cell. Cara can't believe he's in a city cell where they want to take Griffin to.

Kendall reads the letter and has a flashback to losing the last page. Kendall then has a flashback to Ricky emphasizing 'special place.' Kendall has another flashback to catching Ricky searching through the yacht. Kendall looks at the memory stick with the letter and quickly hides the letter as Ricky comes in, telling her there's no need to be scared as it's just him. She tells him that she's fine just startled. Ricky thinks she seems upset and offers to help. Kendall promises she's fine and is just worried about her mom. Ricky encourages her and Kendall wonders why he tracked her down. Ricky wants to take her to dinner and get her mind off things for awhile. Kendall agrees to go and Ryan arrives. Ricky asks him if there's anything new. Ryan says there's not but he's still looking and is sure they'll get to the bottom of this. Ricky tells Kendall that he will see her for dinner and exits. Kendall pulls out Jack's laptop that he left there and tells Ryan that she thinks she found proof that Zach was murdered.

Erica continues pacing in her room. She yells at the voice for ruining her wedding day. The voice tells her to prove herself to another life's challenge. The voice reminds Erica of her marriage to Tom ending and how she bounced back. Erica is surprised that he knows so much about her and asks if she knows him. The voice says maybe, maybe not. Erica asks why he's doing this to her or how he knew what her bedroom looked like. The voice suggests he could have seen a photo of it and did it to make her more comfortable. Erica asks what he wants but the voice says there's no fun in that.

Cara can't believe Jesse has the man in the same place where Griffin is going. Jesse takes the blame for the lapse in security. Griffin insists it will be ok. Tad reminds them that he's still recovering so he can't go anywhere. Cara takes Tad out of the room and tells him that Griffin isn't safe in the cell. Tad knows he can't stay there forever. Cara says Griffin can't go back to jail. Cara rushes off and Tad goes after her. Ricky comes around the corner and Liza walks past him. Ricky stops her and says he offered to look in on Griffin. Liza says she was here to check on him. Ricky mentions that he heard a doctor say Griffin is making a miraculous recovery quick. Liza finds it interesting. Ricky claims that he's praying for him. Liza says she has to do her job. Liza walks up to Jesse and tells him to get him back to jail and stop playing favorites.

Kendall tells Ryan that she didn't want to believe it but has Zach's real letter. Kendall raises a memory stick and tells Ryan that this is all she needs as Zach hid it for her. Kendall thinks it could have all the evidence to prove Zach's murder.

Caleb sits at Krystal's. Krystal comes up and offers to get him coffee but he declines. Krystal tells him that she knows it must have been hard for him pouring his heart out to Erica. Caleb claims not to know what she's talking about, saying he just told her how he felt. Krystal says she's sorry it didn't turn out the way he wanted. Caleb says he would've been sorry if he didn't say it. Krystal tells him they have to take big chances sometimes.

Erica yells that she is sick of this and wants to talk rationally to the voice. Erica is willing to bargain with him. Erica swears not to press charges if she gets let go, then they can pretend it was all just a mistake. Erica asks if he's still there as there's no response. Erica looks in the mirror and knocks on it.

Jesse asks Liza what has her so worked up. Liza thinks Griffin should be out of jail just because he's Tad's brother in law. Jesse reminds her that he's still healing. Liza claims to have heard he isn't that hurt. Cara and Tad come up and Cara tells Liza that Griffin is still recovering. Liza wants to talk to Jake but he's taking the day off. Liza wants to see the CT Scan to see if he's really still so sick.

Kendall tells Ryan about finding the letter and hoping to find out who switched it. The memory stick shows a spreadsheet. Kendall and Ryan look at it and it's a spreadsheet on the casino partners. There's a memo, bank statements, and profit participants. Kendall notices Diana Holden's name. Ryan thinks Kendall knows who else is involved. Kendall says she'll tell him if the name is there but it isn't there.

Opal hands Jack another wedding gift that is from Lily. Jack notes that he hasn't told any of them because he doesn't know what to say. Opal thinks they should have faith that this will all end up making sense. Opal remembers how sure Erica was and insists she's coming home. Krystal arrives and tells Jack that she's so sorry. Opal tells her that Jack is probably taking off of work. Krystal says she just wanted to talk. Jack thanks Opal for everything. Opal offers to stay and talk too but Jack tells her she's done enough. Opal agrees to leave them to talk and she exits. Krystal tells Jack that she hates what Erica has done to him as it is wrong and unfair. Krystal wonders if Erica realizes how much she has hurt him.

Erica knocks on the mirror and thinks that's where she's being watched from as it is a mirror to her but a window on the other side.

Tad wants to know why Liza wants to rush Griffin back into bars. Liza says it's the judge's call and he's a flight risk. Liza tells Jesse that he can tell her about the alleged attacker and they walk on. Tad stops Cara from walking off. Cara tells Tad she's going to get a CT scan of a lacerated spleen and switch it with Griffin's. Tad reminds her that she could lose her license if Liza catches her. Cara says she's not going to let Griffin go back to jail. Tad says Griffin was right that protecting her is a full time job.

Ryan wants to know who Kendall thinks is involved in Zach's death. Kendall says she's not so sure now. Ryan thinks something happened and she should tell him so he can help. Kendall doesn't want to be wrong and accuse someone. Kendall tells Ryan that he must promise no police or confrontation until they're sure. Ryan wonders what she's worried about. Kendall knows he wants to protect but they have to figure this out first. Ryan insists that the police can help them. Kendall says she's been through it and still doesn't have concrete proof. Ryan thinks there's enough evidence to put them away for grand larceny. Kendall says yes but not murder and she still thinks there's a name missing from there. Kendall makes Ryan promise to do it her way. Kendall admits it's Ricky.

Ricky sits at the bedside of an old woman in the hospital. Ricky tells her about being lucky to have her husband. The woman asks Ricky if he has someone special in his life. Ricky says he does and she's beautiful and doesn't intend to let her go.

Kendal tells Ryan that if she finds out Ricky was involved in Zach's death, she's going to make him admit to her and then she's going to make him pay. Ryan can't believe Kendall thinks Ricky is a killer. Kendall knows how crazy it sounds but kind of makes sense. Kendall says it all started with the letter and sweetheart. Kendall mentions how Zach would've never called her that but Ricky called her that the other day. Ryan thinks that's not unusual. Kendall says everything else started falling into place. Kendall tells him about how Ricky was with her when she got the letter and realized how he was digging a lot about a special place. Kendall tells Ryan how this was their special place which it's where Zach hid the letter for her to find just in case. Ryan notes how Ricky did just show up after Zach's death. Kendall mentions talking to Bianca about it. Kendall remembers how Ricky was always comforting her and got so close. Kendall says if she's wrong and then don't have proof and accuse him it won't be good. Ryan promises her they will get the truth and to the bottom of this. Kendall wants to be sure. Ryan says they have to be careful since if Ricky was involved, he will kill again. Kendall gets a text message from Ricky saying he's making a reservation for dinner at ConFusion. Ryan says he won't let Kendall hang out with Ricky alone or Ricky be around the kids. Kendall tells him she'll send the kids with Bianca. Ryan says he'll find a spot at ConFusion from which to watch them. Ryan wonders where Griffin comes into all of this. Ryan considers that Griffin could be working with Ricky. Kendall doesn't think so since they did not like each other. Ryan tells her he will look into everything to try and link them to Zach's death. Kendall hugs him, thanking him and says she won't rest until they do.

Opal arrives at Krystal's and finds Caleb. She sits with him and suggests that he's been getting kind of friendly with Krystal. Opal thinks he was starting out a nice relationship with Krystal before Erica came back. Caleb tells her that he just likes Krystal's cooking. Caleb tells her that he's reading. Opal thinks Caleb should go on a date with Krystal.

Krystal tells Jack that she doesn't know how he does it and offers to do anything. Jack says all he has is questions, like why would Erica do this to him and why does he keep putting himself through it.

Erica sits down on the bed and looks at her wedding ring. She takes it off and puts it under the mattress.

Cara tells Griffin about wanting to switch his medical records. Griffin doesn't want her to because she could go to jail too. Cara insists that Liza won't be able to tell the difference. Tad thinks she would. Cara regrets telling Tad about her idea. Griffin doesn't want Cara to risk her life since he can take care of himself. Liza and Jesse come back in. Liza asks to see the CT Scan. Griffin says they don't need a scan since he's a doctor and knows how he feels. Griffin admits he's pretty much made a full recovery and can sign his release. Liza says if that's the case, they can get him back to jail today.

Jack asks Krystal if she wants a drink but she declines. Krystal knows Jack has loved Erica for a long time and that's something to be admired but what she's done is dead wrong. Krystal can't stand watching Jack go through this. Jack thanks her for listening to him again and thinks she must be sick and tired of it. Krystal says she's never tired of anything he says. Jack calls her a good friend. Krystal is glad he feels that way and tells him that if he ever wants to talk, she's there for lunch, dinner or anything. Jack appreciates her offer and Krystal tells him he knows where to find her then exits.

Tad wishes Griffin didn't hand himself over so easily. Griffin says he had to, to protect Cara. Tad wonders how far these people can take this thing. Tad knows Jesse will protect him. Griffin says Tad will need to be protected from Cara on the warpath. Griffin talks about Cara's childhood and how he's been overprotective at times. Tad understands he loves her. Griffin thanks him for looking out for her. Tad says they should thank him for watching over Kendall. Griffin says that knowing Cara and Kendall are safe makes going back to jail easier.

Kendall arrives at the hospital. Cara wonders what she wants. Kendall wants to see Griffin as it's important. Cara doesn't care since Kendall is why Griffin was arrested and almost murdered. Cara tells Kendall it will be on her if Griffin goes back to jail.

Caleb tells Opal he isn't interested in Krystal. Opal tells him to forget Erica since she only has eyes for Jack. Caleb wonders where those eyes are looking now.

The voice tells Erica that if he wanted to kill her, he could have already. Erica takes the drink of water that was sent in and drinks it. Erica doesn't think he knows everything about her. Erica denies her favorite pasta or roses. The voice says he will add her corrections to the list. The voice says he will find out anything he doesn't know about her.

Liza comes up to Ryan at Fusion. Ryan notes that she looks proud. Liza calls it a good day since she stopped Griffin from pulling a fast one. Ryan asks about it. Liza says his spleen injury was just his family trying to keep him out of jail. Ryan asks how she found out and Liza admits to having heard Ricky.

Ricky makes a reservation at Fusion. The bartender asks if it's a special occasion. Ricky says it is very and looks down at an engagement ring he's holding.

Liza tells Ryan about the mayor wanting to crack down on crime. Liza walks away and Ricky comes up to Ryan, asking if he's still working on the investigation.

Kendall can't believe Griffin is going back to jail. Cara tells her about Liza coming down hard. Cara tells Kendall about how Griffin wouldn't let her falsify records cause he's that good of a man. Kendall says she's closer to finding out the truth. Cara tells her that Griffin was set up. Kendall tells Cara she might can prove it but needs her help.

Tad talks to Jesse about sending Griffin back to jail. Jesse says there's nothing he can do as Liza has forced the matter.

Cara blames Kendall for getting Griffin into this mess. Kendall says if she wants him out, she will help her but they don't have long.

A guard gives Griffin clothes and tells him to get dressed as they're going back to jail.

Cara doesn't know what Kendall is asking. Kendall tells Cara to create a diversion and runs off to Griffin's room as she asks to talk to him. Griffin asks what she's doing here. Kendall tells him that she's busting him out of the place.

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