AMC Update Wednesday 4/20/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/20/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ryan and Emma arrive at Fusion. Emma wants to see Annie. Ryan tells her they can't yet since it's too soon. Emma wants to know what her surprise is then. Greenlee comes in and tells Emma that she's going to spend the day with her at Fusion.

Griffin lays in his hospital bed and watches the news reporting his arrest on TV. Griffin shuts it off.

Tad continues to tell Cara at the hospital that he doesn't want Cara involved in trying to find out who set up Griffin. Tad reminds Cara what they've done to Griffin. Tad knows she's determined but says it's his job to keep her safe. Cara agrees, hugs him and thanks him for caring. Tad is surprised she gave in and stops her from leaving. Tad asks where she's going and what she's up to.

Kendall asks Ricky where he wants to take her. Ricky wants her to relax, stop thinking and chill. Ricky offers to show her another side of him and they leave together.

Tad pulls Cara aside in a room at the hospital and reminds her that he gave Griffin his word that he would keep her safe. Cara says they're either going to work together or she'll do it alone. Tad asks what Cara's going to do if she found these people. Cara wonders how it's okay for Tad to go after them but not her. Tad states that it's his job and gave Griffin his word. Cara says she gave her word too. Tad tells her she's not making things easy. Tad says if he decides to take her with him, they'd have to watch over Griffin and Kendall too. Cara can't believe that and says Kendall isn't her priority. Tad doesn't care and says he's only offering once since Griffin and Kendall's problems are together. Tad tells her he's the leader since he has his PI license and they shake hands on it. Tad says it's unbelievable and pulls out his phone. Tad calls someone that he hired to watch over Kendall. Tad says he's on his way as they got a break and takes Cara with him.

Greenlee and Ryan bring Emma to Fusion. Greenlee says Emma can be in control and have her own desk and all. Emma wonders why they are doing this. Ryan and Greenlee try to excite Emma. Emma sighs and asks what they're going to do. Greenlee says they'd start by showing her the new ad campaign so she can tell her what she thinks. Emma looks at it and Ryan steps aside with Greenlee. Ryan tells her she doesn't have to do this. Greenlee insists she wants to while Ryan offers to take Emma for the day. Greenlee thinks of this as a fresh start to get their family back on track.

Madison arrives at the hospital and gives Scott a box. Scott opens it and there's a new tie inside. Madison jokes with him that he spilled ketchup and mustard on his old tie. Madison remembers today is the day Scott finds out if he gets his new job. Scott's surprised she knew but Madison reminds him that their house is small. Scott points out that if they have no secrets, she should already know. Madison keeps asking about the job. Ryan says he does enjoy doing and does have his own office. Ryan tells her that he's the new operation manager which includes a pay raise. Scott says he needed the raise as he was tired of frozen dinners. Madison says she dreamt about steak last night and wonders what she'll do when the baby comes. Madison tells him about how she knew about his new job.

Ricky and Kendall walk to the park. Ricky goes to get them setup and Kendall has a flashback to Ricky calling her sweetheart and then another flashback to seeing it in Zach's letter. Kendall has a flashback to Cara calling Ricky nosy and then talking to Bianca about Ricky. Ricky comes back and has a picnic setup. Kendall tells him that she can't stop thinking about Griffin. Kendall wonders if he really killed Diana then who tried to kill him. Ricky says he's just glad that Kendall's safe. Kendall says she can't stop thinking about and wonders who would plant all this on Griffin since the person would have to be a maniac or sociopath. Kendall thinks it had to have been a personal attack. Opal comes up and apologizes for barging in. She hugs Ricky and says she owes him gratitude. Opal tells Ricky he's in the presence of an angel.

Ryan thanks Greenlee for not giving up on Emma. Greenlee states she'd never give up since she loves her. Greenlee says they can't expect things to change overnight and reminds Ryan he has to help Kendall. She tells him to stay safe. Emma comes up and says she needs to tell Ryan something personal. Greenlee steps away and Ryan asks what's going on. Emma says she has a stomachache and wants to go home. Ryan thinks it's just their breakfast and it will go away. Ryan hugs her and kisses Greenlee then exits. Greenlee asks Emma what she wants to do first and she asks where the TV is.

Scott thanks Madison for being such a great friend. Madison jokes that she can take her out for steak when he gets his raise. Madison exits and Scott goes back to the front desk. Mr. Kepner comes up and gives Scott an envelope. He opens it and reads the letter then gets disappointed and puts it down.

Opal tells Kendall about Ricky being nice enough to take his time to make a house call. Kendall is surprised he did all that and Ricky says it's just part of his job. Opal suggests Ricky trying to talk sense into Erica. Opal leaves them. Kendall says they've spent so much time together but she feels she doesn't really know him at all.

Tad and Cara arrive at Krystal's. They talk about thinking they found someone involved with the casino partners. Cara worries that the man is seated there at Krystal's. Tad tells her that he knows what he's doing and to just follow his lead. They sit down and Cara wonders if that man tried to kill her brother. Tad tells her they can't mess this up or Griffin's life could become worse. Cara decides it is nice to have a partner. Tad tells her they should order something to eat. Cara worries and asks Tad to just keep talking. They talk about keeping to their plan and hoping they can follow this guy. They agree that they need to blend in. The man gets up from his table and exits Krystal's.

Scott asks Mr. Kepner why he didn't get the job. He tells Scott that there was someone better for the job. Scott wants the real reason and he tells him they had concern about his record. Scott says he made a mistake, paid for it, and now wants his life back on track. Scott wants a break. He tells him he'll have to earn it. He tells Scott to start by taking forms to Griffin, have him fill them out and bring them back as soon as possible. Scott takes that as a no and takes the forms to Griffin. Scott asks him to fill them out and make it quick.

Greenlee tells Emma about Fusion work and that she can help shape a project. Emma doesn't show any interest as Madison arrives and watches them. Emma says her only idea is something not ugly. Greenlee reminds her about talking about wanting to be a family. Greenlee tells Emma that she used to be just like her except she was angry at her father but now she would do anything to have that time back and take back things she said. Greenlee tells Emma that she will miss out too if she holds onto this anger. Emma decides she does want to have fun. Greenlee wants to start with Emma telling her something she enjoys. Emma says she enjoys taking pictures with her new camera. Greenlee tells her she'll get her time in the studio to shoot her own stuff with some of the models. Emma sees Madison and tells her that Greenlee is going to let her go to a photo shoot. Greenlee shows Emma some of their photo shoots. The phone rings and Madison answers. She gives the phone to Greenlee as it is distributors. Emma looks at a photo of Annie.

Tad and Cara follow the man into the park. Tad thinks they can cut him off. Cara wants to split up to make sure they find him. Tad reluctantly agrees but tells Cara to make sure she calls if she spots the man.

Ricky tells Kendall that she knows him. Kendall brings up never really coming into contact with any of his work. Ricky says the job he's most proud of is her. Ricky talks about Kendall's grief reaching him and changing him. Ricky says he feels close to her in every way. Kendall says she felt close too. Ricky knows she's still making peace with losing Zach. Kendall asks Ricky how he knew almost word for word what Zach's last message to her was. Ricky says that Kendall told him about it. Kendall says she's never said it to anyone out loud. Ricky insists that she did. Ricky apologizes for bringing it up and upsetting her. Kendall thanks him for letting her confide in him. Ryan comes up and apologizes for interrupting. Ryan wanted to give an update so Kendall steps aside with him and Ricky steps away. Ryan says there's still no hard proof. Kendall says there's so many questions. Kendall says she has suspicions but doesn't want to send Ryan on a wild chase. Kendall decides she wants to go back to the yacht but Ricky is so pushy. Ryan decides he can help and goes back to Ricky. Ryan offers to go do some research with Ricky for an hour or so. Ricky wanted to stay with Kendall but Kendall says she isn't feeling well so would like to go home. Kendall exits. Ricky asks Ryan about the research. Ryan brings up Diana Holden and got some information on her. Ryan says they'll look through things together.

Cara runs into the man they were following. He pulls out a knife and says he doesn't like being followed. Cara knees him and knocks the knife out of his hand. Cara shouts she doesn't like people screwing with her family but he gets a hold of the knife. Tad comes up and knocks him out from behind. Tad tells her to call Jesse to talk to this man. Cara applauds him and says he did good.

Griffin asks Scott if he thinks he killed Diana. Scott says he just knows what he sees in the news. Griffin signs the papers and gives them back.

Greenlee hangs up the phone and Emma screams at her to stop pretending because she'll never be her mom. Emma runs into the broken elevator and screams at Greenlee to go away. Madison offers to help but Greenlee tells her to go back to work. Greenlee looks back and sees that Emma had dropped all pictures of Annie from the photo shoots folder.

Jesse arrives in the park and handcuffs the man. Cara and Tad tells Jesse what happened. The man denies his involvement. Cara suggests they bring him to Griffin to ID the man and Jesse agrees.

Ricky and Ryan sit together at Fusion. Ryan tells him about knowing Diana was the face of the casino business. Ryan thinks the people Diana was involved with may have murdered Zach. Ryan wants to look for any evidence that Diana was involved. Ryan's phone rings and he steps away to answer it. While Ryan's away, Ricky quickly looks through the files and finds a picture of him and Diana at Krystal's. Ricky takes the picture and puts it in his jacket. Ryan talks to Greenlee on the phone about Emma being in the elevator. Ryan says he's on his way and he tells Ricky that they'll have to reschedule. Ricky offers to hang on to the files but Ryan takes them and exits. Ricky says to himself that they both know Kendall didn't have a headache so he wonders where she went.

Kendall goes to the yacht saying to Zach that she is so confused and needs his help. Kendall talks about how they solved all their problems on this boat but needs his help to find out what happened to him. Kendall doesn't know where to look or where to start. She wonders if the answer is out there somewhere or right there. Kendall's phone rings and it's Ricky but she decides not to answer it. Kendall drops her phone and as she picks it up, she notices an envelope taped to the bottom of the desk. She grabs it, wondering what it is and opens it.

Greenlee wonders why they can't get the elevator opens and then it opens. Emma runs out and right to Madison. Greenlee warns her that this needs to end because she could've gotten hurt. Ryan arrives and asks Emma how she ended up in the elevator. Emma says she doesn't know and denies that she was giving Greenlee a hard time. Ryan tells her not to lie. Emma says she was mad and wanted to get away from her. Greenlee warns Madison not to say anything to her. Emma asks Ryan if he's mad at her. Ryan says he's frustrated with himself for letting this behavior go on. Ryan tells her it's going to stop today.

Jesse brings the man into Griffin's room and he IDs him as the man who stabbed him. Griffin says this is the proof that they were trying to get rid of him. The man apologizes to him and says he had to do it. The man claims he told Griffin to stay away from Diana and what he did to her was wrong so he couldn't let it go.

Kendall finds Zach's letter in the envelope. Kendall looks through it and realizes the last page is different. Kendall sits down and reads it to say "I have documentation of names, financial managers and accounts of every person involved who did it and this information is stored on a hard drive in our special place so if anything happens to me you should find it and prove that my partners had me killed" Kendall has a flashback to missing the last page of the letter the first time. Kendall says she was right and knew she was right. Kendall says it wasn't grief but that Zach was trying to warn her. Ricky arrives outside the door.

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