AMC Update Tuesday 4/19/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 4/19/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Hubbard place) Randi holds Lucy and tells Angie she is a beautiful baby Angie agrees and smiles at the compliment Randi gave the baby. Jesse comes home tells Angie he must change clothes and grab a quick bite to eat before he heads back to work but Angie thinks he should stay home and rest and spend time with her and the baby. Jesse thanks Randi for staying with Angie and the baby all night and then tells Angie he is sorry and wishes he could stay with her and the baby but he mist go back to work.

(ConFusion) Jake and Tad eat breakfast and talk about the fact that Tad is frustrated because he hasn’t been able to uncover any clues to prove that Zach’s casino partners framed Griffin. Jake asks how Cara is doing and tells Tad he knows that Cara is multitasking trying to prove she has everything under control. Jake starts to give Tad advice on how to handle Cara but Tad gets annoyed with Jake and tells him he has to stop giving him advice on how to handle Cara and implies without mentioning her name that Amanda is upset at the close connection that he and Cara share with each other. Jake tells Tad that he has to work with Cara and that is all the connection is about work but tad tells Jake he has to stop or he and Cara won’t be able to make their fake marriage seem real. Jake is hurt by Tad’s words and gets a call from Cara asking him to come to the hospital so he hangs up the phone and tells Tad he has to go to the hospital.


(Hospital) Cara dotes on Griffin and he tells her to go home because she has spent all night with him and hasn’t slept at all. Cara tells Griffin she is fine and she won’t rest until she proves that he is innocent. Cara wants to find the casino partners herself but Griffin tells her not to get involved because he doesn’t want her to get hurt by these very dangerous people. Bianca arrives and tells Griffin she is sorry about everything that he is going through but she doesn’t tell Griffin what he wants to hear which is that she doesn’t think he could have possibly killed Dianna. Cara takes her anger at Kendall out on Bianca by telling her that Kendall is responsible for all of Griffin’s troubles and he could lose his career because he tried to help Kendall. Bianca tells Griffin that Erica called Jack and told him that she went away to think about things. Bianca also tells Griffin that several Miranda Center donors have threatened to take away their donations since his arrest. Griffin offers to resign for the good of the center and Bianca already has the papers ready for him to sign and Griffin tells Bianca he will return to work at the center once he has proven his innocence.

(Kendall’s house) Kendall holds a picture of Zach and asks him to help her because she doesn’t know in whom to trust. Kendall tells Zach’s picture her suspicions about Ricky and that she is confused about Griffin because she knows he wouldn’t have hired him to work at the Miranda center on the expansion project unless he trusted him. Ricky arrives and tells Kendall he wants to take her someplace to relax but she tells him she must go to work and pushes him out the door telling him she will talk to him tomorrow.

(Hospital) Jake arrives and Cara tells him that Griffin is doing two well and Jake tells her not to worry because he upgraded his condition the chart so he won’t have to go back to Jail too soon. Jake tells Griffin that he must suspend him from the hospital because of the charges against him.

(ConFusion) Angie calls Tad and tells him that Jesse needs his help so Tad calls Jake and tells him to go over to Angie’s house for a talk and Jake agrees to meet Tad at Angier’s house.

(Hubbard house) Randi tells Angie not to worry because Jesse is probably nervous about being around babies because he has never been with one of his children since birth. Randi tells Angie that holding Lucy reminds her of the baby that she lost because that is a pain that never goes away. Angie tells Randi she felt that way the first few minutes of Lucy’s life when she regained consciousness because she didn’t hear the baby cry and didn’t know what was happening to the baby. Randi leaves to get diapers and Tad and Jake arrive to talk to Angie. Angie asks them to talk to Jesse and see if they can figure out why Jesse is acting strangely around Lucy. Angie explains to Jake and tad that Jesse doesn’t even want to hold the baby and tad tells Angie not to worry because they will talk to Jesse and find out what is bothering him. Tad and Jake wonder if Angie will be okay alone with Lucy and she tells them she will be fine she has to get used to it anyway.

(Police Station) Tad and Jake arrive to talk to Jesse and wonder if he is okay and they ask why he doesn’t want to hold Lucy. Jesse resents being questioned by his two friends in his own station house and tells them he is under a lot of stress with his work and the new baby and he just needs time to cope with it all. Jesse tells Jake and Tad to give him some space because he will have everything under control soon.

(Hospital) Kendall arrives intending to tell Griffin her suspicions about Ricky and apologize to him for everything that is happening to him. Cara tells Kendall that Bianca asked Griffin to resign from the Miranda center because donors were threatening to pull their donations and then he was suspended from the hospital because of the charges against him. Kendall apologizes to Griffin again and decides she can handle this problem on her own. Kendall heads out and Cara follows her to the hallway telling her to leave Griffin alone because she is the cause of all his troubles. Cara tells Kendall to concentrate on Ricky because the night of the bachelor auction date he seemed to be very interested in Griffin and his relationship with her and asked her all sorts of personal questions about her brother and his relationship with her. Cara tells Kendall Ricky gave her a bad feeling so she didn’t give him any information about Griffin.

(Hubbard house) Angie goes to open the door when she hears a knock because she thinks Randi forgot her key. David is at the door and doesn’t say a word and walks in the house. Angie hears Lucy cry and tries to get to her but trips over a chair David quickly takes the baby out of her crib and she stops crying. David tells Angie that the baby is fine and Angie tells him to hand the baby to her and David tells her that he has brought some research about a new stem cell procedure used for heart patients that he thinks could help restore her site. David tells Angie that he will leave the information with her so that somebody can read it to her because he couldn’t get it in Braille. Angie asks David to read the information to her and he does and then the baby for her to feed Lucy. Jesse arrives and asks David to leave before he throws him out. David tells Angie they can talk about the information later. Angie explains to Jesse that David thinks an experimental procedure could restore her sight. Jesse thinks David has ulterior motives and Angie cries and explains to Jesse that she accepted her blindness but ever since Lucy was born all she has wanted to do was be able to see her face and she doesn’t care why David wants to help her if he can possibly restore her sight so that she can see Lucy’s face.

(Park) Bianca sees David sitting on a park bench and wonders what is bothering him and he explains that seeing Angie's baby today brought back memories of Leora, Babe and Marissa and he is sad because he has lost his daughters. David tells Bianca he is glad that she and Marissa have become friends and starts to tell Bianca to tell Marissa something for him but stops because he says it wouldn’t matter coming from him.

(Kendall’s house) Kendall asks Bianca how well she knew Ricky before she asked him to help her through her grief about losing Zach. Bianca explains that Ricky just showed up one day to volunteer at the center and at first she had her doubts about him because he seemed to be working too hard to please her but she quickly put her doubts to rest when he proved to be a Godsend both for the center and the family because he helped them through this time of grief. Bianca wonders if Kendall wants to be more then Ricky’s friend she says no she just wanted to know more about him since they are friends.

(Park) Ricky talks to a woman telling her that he needs to find a secluded house where he and his fiancé can live and be a happy family.


(Hospital) Cara tells Tad that she wants to help him prove Griffin’s innocence because her brother has always been there for her and she has to help him now. Tad tells Cara that he promised Griffin she wouldn’t be involved because Griffin doesn’t want her in danger.

(Kendall’s place) Ricky arrives and tells Kendall he called her office and found out she hasn’t been there all day. Kendall tells Ricky that she forgot her briefcase and then she intended to go to the office Ricky tells Kendall this time he won’t take no for an answer.

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