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All My Children Update Monday 4/18/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Hospital) Kendall insists on seeing Griffin alone and explains to Ricky that it is the only way she will be able to tell if he is lying to her. Kendall goes in to see Griffin and explains that Erica is missing and Griffin is hurt because he knows Kendall thinks that he was involved in Erica’s kidnapping. Griffin dares Kendall to just go ahead and say he killed Dianna as well as Zach. Griffin asks Kendall if she thinks he is a monster who could actually do all those things.

(Hubbard) house) Angie reads a book in Braille and is proud of herself because she is actually getting pretty good at reading in Braille. Lucy cries and Angie asks Jesse to pick up the baby but he tells her that Lucy wants her mommy and he is busy working on a possible timeline in the Griffin Castillo case. Angie asks Jesse again to hold the baby so he does and all he can do is think of Ellie the emotion is so powerful that he almost starts to cry and quickly hands Lucy to Angie and is grateful that she can’t see his reaction. Angie knows there is something wrong and asks Jesse what is the matter but he tells her he is fine he is just busy with the case.

(Chandler Mansion) Maya is cleaning and thinks of her baby again Asher arrives and Maya drops a very expensive vase but Asher catches it and puts it back on the table. Maya thanks Asher because the vase would have cost her a year’s salary. Maya tells Asher that her boss Mrs. Wilson isn’t happy that JR hired her without her approval and she doesn’t think she is very good at vacuuming. Asher tells Maya that he doesn’t want her doing anything for him she shouldn’t make his bed or clean up his messes for him. Asher helps Maya clean some other things that he spilled on the floor before Mrs. Wilson catches him. JR calls and tells Maya that if Marissa should call the house she shouldn’t tell her that he and AJ are in St. Barts because he wants her to be surprised when she sees them.

(St. Barts) Bianca tells Marissa that she has checked every hotel, restaurant, and Hospital on the island and hasn’t found Erica and she is very worried. Bianca gets a call from some Miranda Center donors telling her they will pull all their donations from the center because Griffin has been arrested. Bianca tells Marissa the news and she offers to help the Miranda center lawyer handle the mess and Bianca is very grateful to her for the help and is sorry to be interrupting her vacation with work. Marissa tells her that she is happy to help her and tells her that she helps everyone its time somebody helped her for once.

(Erica’s house) Jack, Opal and Caleb search for clues to where Erica may have gone but can’t find anything. Krystal arrives to see if Jack is okay and he tells her he doesn’t know how he feels he just knows that he was supposed to marry the love of his life and then she vanished without telling him where she was going.

(Erica’s fake bedroom) Erica looks at the plate of food her captor left for her and wonders how the person knew she liked caviar and fresh fruit and she wonders if the pad of paper next to the food is for her to write a ransom note. Erica’s captor tells her that she is going to write a note to Jack explaining why she missed the wedding rehearsal and why she can’t marry him. Erica tells her captor that Jack won’t believe her and the voice tells her that she better persuade him or Miranda and Gabby could get hurt.

(Park) Ricky is very angry at the jail guard he hired to kill Ricky for not finishing the job the guard apologizes to Ricky and tells him he got nervous when he heard footsteps approaching and had to act fast. The guard tells Ricky he had no idea someone was going to come and save Griffin. Ricky orders the guard to leave town now and says that everything was perfect until he messed up and didn’t kill Griffin. Ricky tells the guard that he will handle Griffin and again orders him to leave town.

(Hospital) Kendall tells Griffin that she doesn’t think he is a monster but Griffin notices that Kendall didn’t says that she doesn’t think he killed Zach and Dianna as well as kidnapped Erica. Griffin is hurt and angry with Kendall but he tells her to be careful because the dangerous casino partners could come after her. Kendall tells Griffin she will always be grateful to him for saving her life. Ricky arrives and Griffin tells Kendall they are done with their conversation and again tells her to take care of herself. Ricky smiles and tells Griffin he intends to take good care of Kendall.

(Hubbard house) Brot calls Jesse to tell him that they spotted the man who may have attacked Griffin at the airport. Jesse tells Brot not to let the man leave and then he tells Angie about the new developments in the case and heads to the police station.

(Erica’s fake bedroom) Erica writes the note to Jack and after the captor reads it they tell her that the first letter of the sentences spells out taken help me and points out that Mona used to like to do acrostics and crossword puzzles and Erica is stunned that her captor knows so much about her family and her life. Erica’s captor decides to allow her to call Jack but if she gives him any hints something will happen to Miranda and Gabby the captor dials the phone from inside his or her darkened booth and allows Erica to talk on speakerphone to Jack. Jack is relieved to get the call and Erica tells him she is okay but was overwhelmed by all the pressure that he and Caleb were putting on her and she has to take some time to think things through. Erica doesn’t tell Jack where she is she just apologizes to him for leaving the rehearsal and tells him she can’t marry him right now

(Erica’s place) Jack hangs up the phone and relays the news to Caleb, Opal, and Krystal and sends text messages to Bianca and Kendall. Jack and Caleb are even more confused by Erica’s call, but Caleb assures Jack that she told him that she intended to go through with the wedding and didn’t seem at all confused about her feelings for him.

(St. Barts) Bianca tells Marissa that Jack got a call from Erica saying that she needed time to think about things. Marissa is surprises when AJ arrives and runs to give her a hug then JR takes him to Miranda and Gabby’s sitter so that he and Marisa can talk a bit. Marissa admits that she had to think after they kissed and it helped her to talk to Bianca. Marissa goes to check on AJ and JR thanks Bianca for being such a good influence on Marissa and also asks her to put in a good word for him with Marissa. Bianca makes it clear to JR that she intends to remain neutral about his relationship with Marissa.

(Chandler Mansion) Asher tells Maya he just got a message from Caleb who is his dad that Erica Cane just called to say she is okay. Asher tells Maya he has to go and check to see if Caleb is okay.

(Police Station) Jesse tells Brot that he has trouble holding Lucy because all he can do is think about Ellie and Angie is beginning to question him about his strange behavior. Jesse tells Brot he doesn’t know how much longer he can keep the truth from Angie and Brot assures Jesse everything will be okay. Jack calls Jesse to tell him about Erica’s call and he says he can’t trace it because it was on a cell phone.

(Krystal’s) Caleb tells Asher and Opal about Erica call and Opal again assures him that Erica wanted to marry Jack. Caleb tells Asher he is going to concentrate on business and forget about Erica because she wants to be with Jack although he wonders why she needed time to think about things.

(Hospital) Jesse arrives to tell Griffin that the grand jury as enough forensic evidence to charge him with first degree murder and that is what they intend to do.

(Hubbard House) Angie confides in Krystal that she is worried about Jesse because he is acting strangely around the baby. Krystal thinks that Jesse is just nervous because he hasn’t had much experience with babies. Krystal tell Angie she has feelings for Jack and she thinks that Erica is using both Caleb and Jack just because she enjoys having two men fighting over her.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall cries on Ricky’s shoulder telling him she doesn’t know who to trust anymore he holds her and says “don’t worry sweetheart everything will be okay” Kendall is stunned by Ricky’s use of the word sweetheart and tells him that she must be alone once Ricky leaves Kendall recalls that Ricky was there when she was searching for the last page of Zach’s letter and he was also there when she found the last page of the letter. Kendall is horrified and says “ Oh my God Ricky” and wonders if Ricky could be responsible for Zach’s death.

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