AMC Update Friday 4/15/11

All My Children Update Friday 4/15/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Jake remains on the phone with Cara. Jake asks Cara what she needs. Cara tells him that she needs to get Griffin the hell out of the cell. Jake asks about the guards but Cara says she cannot trust them. Cara explains that one of the guards did this to Griffin. Cara tells Jake she needs him as Griffin tries to speak. Jake hangs up and tells Amanda what happened. Amanda tells him that she's going with him. Cara tells Griffin that the ambulance is coming.

Jack tries to get why Erica's delayed out of Opal. Opal confesses that Caleb was there.

Erica is blindfolded and tied up. She asks if anyone's there or if Caleb is there.

Jack asks Opal what Caleb was doing there. Opal admits that Caleb wanted to talk to Erica. Jack knows it's not business on this day. Opal tells him that Caleb barged in and declared himself. Opal says they all know Erica would never leave Jack for Caleb. Opal doesn't believe that Erica left him and reminds Jack how much she loves him. Greenlee wonders where she is then. Opal says Erica only wants to be with Jack. Opal explains that Caleb said his piece and then left with no doubt that Erica was excited to marry Jack. Opal informs Jack that Erica said herself she only wants to be with Jack. Jack asks where she is then.

Erica asks if she's right and it's Caleb. Erica says she thought Caleb was joking about throwing her over her shoulder and wants him to say if it's him.

Opal thinks Erica will be here any second. Kendall wonders if someone stopped her. Greenlee suggests she left. Opal knows Erica wouldn't leave. Jack wants to know why Opal didn't tell him earlier. Bianca and Kendall thinks there must be an explanation. Greenlee argues with them about Erica jerking Jack around. Ryan tries to calm everyone down and Opal tells him that Erica said she was right behind her. Jack wonders if Caleb forced Erica to go with him. Ricky thinks that's drastic. Jack thinks Caleb kidnapped Erica. Greenlee stops Jack and tells him that Erica might just want him to run after her again. Jack goes anyways to search for her and Opal follows. Greenlee says she came down here to support but Erica outdid herself. Kendall tells her to back off.

Jake and Amanda arrive with Jesse at Griffin's cell. Jake and Cara check on Griffin as Jesse goes to make a call. Amanda watches from outside the cell. Jesse comes back and reminds them that about the prison rules. Amanda offers to do anything she can and Cara tells her to call Tad. A guard keeps watch on them as Amanda exits to make her call.

Jake and Cara have Griffin brought to the hospital. They check his wounds. Jesse positions a guard outside his room and tells him not to move. Cara comes out and Jesse promises her that the guard won't stab him. Cara doesn't want Griffin going back there. Jesse tells her he will find out who stabbed him. Cara wants the answer before Griffin goes back to the cell. Jesse hopes they don't turn up more on whatever Griffin may be involved in as Amanda walks up and listens. Cara goes back into the room and thanks Jake for all the help. Amanda watches from the doorway. Jake calls a nurse in and she helps Griffin get situated. Cara tells Jake aside that she doesn't want Griffin going back to that cell and thinks Jake can do something by saying his injuries are more serious. Jesse comes back in and says the only prints on the weapon were Griffin's so they had to have worn gloves. Jesse says they are working on the security cameras and won't stop until they have their answers. Jesse asks Jake about his wounds. Jake says he may have a lacerated spleen so they should keep him a couple days to see if he'll need surgery.

Kendall tells Greenlee to stop slamming Erica. They argue and Ryan tries to calm them down again. Greenlee brings up all the times Erica has hurt Jack and thinks coming was a mistake. Kendall tells Greenlee that she should go and she leaves. Emma says bye to Kendall and Bianca and leaves with Ryan. Kendall says this doesn't make any sense since Erica was so happy before. Ricky wonders if she's having second thoughts but Kendall and Bianca says that's not it. Ricky thinks maybe she needed more time to reflect. Kendall wonders if she went to the yacht. Kendall and Ricky go to check and Bianca goes to check the kids. Bianca grabs her purse and Marissa comes in. Marissa tells Bianca that she ran into Jack and Opal and heard what happened. Bianca thinks Erica must be here somewhere since she loves Jack too much to do this to him.

Erica calls out to Caleb saying to let her go because her wedding can't be stopped. Erica thinks out loud that Jack must be devastated. Erica continues calling out for Caleb until a voice is heard saying "Hello Erica, welcome"

Tad comes to the hospital and asks Amanda how Griffin is. Amanda says he's okay now.

Griffin thanks Jake for downgrading his condition. Cara wants to make sure he's safe. Griffin thinks Jake really put himself out there for him. Jake tells him that Cara can keep an eye on him. Griffin wonders again if Kendall is really safe in St. Bart's. Cara blames Kendall for Griffin getting stabbed and that he got set up.

Kendall and Ricky go to the yacht and don't find Erica. Kendall looks at a seashell and talks about memories of Zach. Kendall talks about how she sold the yacht to Jack as a sign of hope so they could find happiness but now it's a reminder that they can never count on anything. Kendall states that someone can just vanish. Kendall thinks Greenlee was now right for being angry with her since she's always up and down. Ricky asks if they are still talking about Greenlee. Kendall admits that she can't stop thinking about Griffin since he saved her life and was her friend but she served him to the police. Ricky tells her she just told the truth. Kendall isn't sure what the truth is anymore. Ricky thinks Kendall deserves more and a chance to start a new life and be happy again.

Ryan asks Greenlee if she's sure she wants to leave since Erica could come back. Greenlee says she isn't sure if she would want to be there either way after her fight with Kendall. Greenlee continues packing her things. Ryan thinks it might not be as it seems. Greenlee complains about Erica playing the wonderful wife but she's always seen her as a selfish, self serving stepmother. Emma comes in and says that's what Greenlee is and shouts that she hates her. Ryan tells her to apologize but Emma refuses and runs out of the room.

Jack arrives at Krystal's and asks if Krystal is there but she's not. Jack calls Krystal and gets her voicemail. He tells her that he's back in Pine Valley and hopes Krystal can help him find Caleb. Jack turns to leave and sees Caleb.

Erica wonders who has her. The voice says he's not Caleb as it comes through a speaker and a camera is next to it. The voice says he does not want to hurt Erica but wants her to be comfortable. Erica struggles to get loose and breaks free from the rope. She removes her blindfold and the lights come on revealing that Erica is in a replica of her bedroom. Erica wonders what kind of game is going on and she notices the camera and speaker.

Bianca leaves a message for Erica that everyone's worried. Marissa comes up and asks if there's any word. Bianca can't believe Erica would just take off. Bianca decides not to give up, they'll find her and the wedding will happen.

Caleb asks Jack why he's not on the beach getting married. Jack asks him where Erica is. Jack wonders what Caleb did to her. Caleb tells him that he has no idea where she is. Jack accuses him of wanting her and doing something. Caleb reminds him that she didn't choose him but guess she didn't choose Jack either.

Tad tells Amanda that he's glad she's gotten past her problems with Cara. Amanda says she hasn't gotten past everything. Tad is glad she at least made an effort. Amanda thinks Cara is still hung up on Jake. Tad tells her that's not true as Cara is moving on. Amanda reminds him that his marriage isn't real. Tad says this isn't the place or time. Amanda says she will suck things up for Griffin but won't pretend to not see what she sees and then leaves. Tad exits the room after her and enters Griffin's room. Tad tells them that Amanda filled him in. Griffin thanks Jake and Cara for helping him live. Griffin says he's safe here but wants Tad to keep an eye on Kendall.

Kendall tells Ricky that he always picks her back up. Ricky hopes she's done beating herself up over Griffin. Kendall says she's not yet. Ricky reminds her of the evidence. Ricky says they're all grateful that Griffin saved her life but he thinks it's good that she's not connected to him anymore. Kendall's phone goes off and it's a message from Jack that he's with Caleb and Erica's not with them. Kendall wonders if Zach's casino partners were behind this and are hurting Erica to get to her. Kendall decides to call Griffin. Ricky reminds her that his bail was denied so he can't pick up. Ricky tells her to slow down but Kendall says that her mother could be in danger so she'll talk to Griffin's lawyer or anyone to get in touch with him.

Ryan tries to get Emma to come out of the closet but she refuses. Greenlee wants to try and Ryan's phone rings. Ryan takes the call and steps out. Greenlee talks to Emma through the door. Emma shouts at her to go away because she hates her. Greenlee reminds her of the fun they used to have. Greenlee talks to her about understanding and promises she will never take her father from her. Greenlee just wants them to be a family. Emma opens the door and comes out.

Caleb asks Jack if he really thinks he'd kidnap Erica. Jack isn't convinced that he didn't. Caleb tells him he gave his best shot but is out. Jack can't believe he's going to ask him for help. Caleb points out that Erica stopped the wedding. Jack knows this isn't like her but doesn't have any idea what could have happened.

Erica unties her legs and the voice comes back asking if she missed him. The voice says the ropes weren't tied to hold her long so she can feel free to remove them. Erica finishes untying them and tries to run but the door is locked. The voice asks what she thinks of the room being close to her bedroom. Erica wonders who it is and why they are doing this. The voice says it's because she's Erica Kane.

Bianca sits with Marissa and Marissa reminds her that Jack said he'd call as soon as he knows anything. Bianca wonders if Erica changed her mind. Marissa doesn't think she'd do that. Bianca agrees. Bianca brings up her relationship with Erica not always being easy and how she called her out one time on being only into her image. Bianca says she knew Erica was always just worried about her. Bianca hopes Erica knows how she feels. Marissa grabs her hand and tells her that Erica knows how much Bianca cares. Bianca gets a call from Jack and she asks if he found Erica. Jack says no but he found Caleb who says he has no idea where Erica is.

Kendall finishes her phone call and informs Ricky that Griffin was stabbed. Ricky talks about being sorry and talks like he died but Kendall tells him that Griffin isn't dead. Ricky is surprised and says it's good that Kendall didn't suffer another loss. Kendall decides she needs to go see Griffin. Ricky tries to convince her to stay in case Erica shows up. Kendall points out that Bianca is here. Ricky brings up the boys being here and they'll know something's wrong if they rush home. Ricky wants to keep the boys happy and suggests going to the island across the way. Kendall agrees with him.

Jake finds Amanda at the hospital and wonders why she didn't come into the room. Amanda didn't want to be in the way and asks if Griffin will be alright. Jake says he will as long as he keeps him out of the jail cell. Jake tells Amanda what he told Jesse to buy some time. Amanda realizes that Cara asked him to lie and thinks it's a big deal. Jake says no one will know. Amanda says she wants Griffin safe too but Jake is risking too much for him. Amanda thinks there can be another way Jake can help since he's done so much for them. Amanda says that Jake is risking his career and wonders when it will stop. Amanda tells Jake that he doesn't lie to their friends. Jake says he wants to help. Amanda reminds him what Griffin did in stealing drugs. Jake tells her to have faith and kisses her.

Cara asks Griffin why he's so concerned about Kendall when she obviously doesn't give a damn about him. Griffin reminds Cara that she told him to get involved and broke his own rule by getting involved. Cara wants him to forget Kendall but he can't. Griffin says he may be done with Kendall but doesn't want her to get hurt.

Kendall tells Ricky that an adventure with the boys sounds fun but she needs to stick around here. Bianca and Marissa come in and say they haven't heard anything. Kendall thinks Erica was kidnapped by Zach's casino partners. Kendall tells them that Griffin was stabbed and she wants to figure it all out. Kendall tells them that he's in the hospital now. Bianca wonders if the casino partners would resort to this. Ricky tries to calm them down. Kendall declares she has to see Griffin. Marissa tells Bianca she'll stay with her and Ricky leaves with Kendall.

Greenlee tells Emma she hopes they can be friends again. Ryan comes back in and tells them that Erica isn't with Caleb. Ryan has the police on it just in case. Ryan asks if Emma apologized. Emma apologizes to Greenlee and says she didn't mean to say those things. Greenlee thanks her. Emma asks Ryan if they can see Annie when they go home. Ryan tells her he will ask the doctor. Greenlee asks for a moment with Ryan and they step out to talk. Greenlee tells Ryan she thinks it's a little soon for Emma to see Annie since they're finally making progress. Ryan agrees that it could blow it all. In the room, Emma rips a flower and says they can't stop her from seeing her mother.

Jack finishes a phone call and tells Caleb that nobody has any word on Erica. Caleb notes that it isn't Erica's style. Jack knows that Erica wouldn't do this as she's not a coward.

The voice tells Erica to take a look around the room. Erica looks around and pulls back the curtains. She looks out the window and sees a wall. The voice says there are a couple of big differences.

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