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All My Children Update Thursday 4/14/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Jake brings Amanda and Trevor to a picnic in the gardens. Amanda is surprised that Jake was able to do all this. Amanda calls Jake amazing and kisses him.

Cara and Tad visit Griffin in his cell. Griffin insists that he's been through worse and jokes with Cara. Cara tells him it isn't funny. Griffin asks about Kendall. Cara reminds him that she put him in this cell.

Ricky is on the phone and says he wants Griffin out of the way as soon as possible. He rejoins Kendall at their table. Ricky tells her the phone call was actually from a cop and informs Kendall that Griffin's bail was denied. Kendall decides she doesn't want to make a call and that it's time to start the rehearsal.

Tad tells Griffin that Kendall is still in St. Bart's for Erica's wedding. Cara tells Griffin that he should worry about himself. Cara leaves, saying she's going to call the lawyer and file an appeal to get him out on bail. Tad notes that she's upset. Tad reminds Griffin that he wouldn't be behind bars if he was straight with him from the beginning.

Marissa informs Bianca that Reese is granting full custody. Bianca is shocked and asks if Marissa actually spoke to her. Marissa tells her she spoke to her lawyer and Bianca won. Bianca gets excited and exclaims they won. Bianca hugs Marissa and they laugh.


Jack and Opal come back to Kendall and Ricky. They talk about Erica making an entrance as Ryan, Greenlee, and Emma arrive. Jack's surprised to see them and Greenlee tells him she couldn't miss her father's wedding. Ryan says they needed family time and Jack says that this is all about family.

Caleb tells Erica to give them a chance. Erica doesn't know what to say. Caleb tells her to just leave the island with him. Erica says she came here to marry Jack but Caleb says she doesn't have to go through with it. Caleb guarantees that she won't regret leaving with him. Erica says she can't just pack up and leave with him. Caleb asks why not. Erica says she loves Jack and has known him much longer than Caleb. Caleb grabs her hand and says it's not about time, it's about what you feel. Caleb says they are connected and asks if Erica feels it. Erica doesn't deny it but wonders what happens next. Caleb offers to take her anywhere she wants to go. Erica asks if they are just supposed to live happily ever after. Caleb thinks it sounds good but Erica thinks it's insane. Erica tells him that things are not that black and white in the world as there are consequences. Caleb understands that Erica would have to explain it to her family. Erica realizes he's really serious. Caleb informs her that he's never been more serious in his life. Caleb says he could carry her out to the airplane but he won't because it has to be her choice and he hopes she makes the right choice. Caleb kisses her again and tells her that he will be waiting for her at the airport and that the plane leaves soon.

Greenlee asks where the bride is. Jack wonders as well and goes to find her. Opal has a flashback to talking to Caleb earlier and goes after Jack. Ryan tells Greenlee that he's impressed that she isn't trying to talk Jack out of the wedding. Emma wants to go see the ocean, Ryan agrees but Emma changes her mind when Greenlee offers to go. Emma walks away and Greenlee goes after her. Ryan asks Kendall if everything's okay. Kendall tells him that Griffin didn't make bail. Ryan isn't surprised with the evidence found. Ryan tells Kendall that his guys are on it and looking into it. Kendall asks him not to say anything to Erica or Jack about it. Ryan agrees and exits. Ricky asks Kendall if she's sure she's okay. Kendall admits she's trying to be but wonders if Griffin really killed Diana.

Tad brings up Griffin lying to him about stealing the drugs. Tad wonders if he's hiding anything else. Griffin gives his word that there's nothing else. Tad tells him that he's going to make an appeal to someone who will probably laugh in his face as he exits.

Erica walks around her room and sits down. She has a flashback to telling Caleb that she loves Jack. Her flashbacks switch from talking to Jack to talking to Caleb. She has a flashback to both kissing her and then Jack's proposal until there's a knock on the door which startles her. She opens the door and it's Opal. Erica hugs her. Opal says she convinced Jack to let her come instead. Erica tells her that Caleb came by and wants to leave with her right now. Opal wants to know what Erica decided. Erica says she's still here. Opal asks if she wants to go with Caleb or not. Erica walks away without an answer.

Ryan jokes with Jack that Erica is making him wait for their own rehearsal. Jack states he's a patient man and talks about how good it is to see everyone happy together.

Greenlee gives Emma a flower and reminds her of how much fun they had at her and Ryan's wedding. Emma says she remembers but also remembers that Greenlee doesn't care about her. Emma says she remembers everything and walks off as Jack looks on.

Jake and Amanda sit at their picnic with Trevor with lots of Easter decorations and they share some candy.

Bianca asks Marissa if she has JR to thank. Marissa states that JR did work Reese perfectly. Bianca is surprised that Reese gave up. Marissa apologizes for celebrating her marriage ending. Bianca says it's okay and she's beyond grateful but is a little sad too that Reese could choose a job over their girls. Bianca says it doesn't make sense to her. Marissa says that's why she's going to raise her girls. Miranda and Gabby come up and Bianca hugs them and tells them she loves them.


Ricky's phone rings and he steps away again. Ricky says that's just what he wanted to hear and jokes about being the reverend for Griffin's funeral. Kendall asks if everything's okay. Ricky figures she was hoping the call was about Griffin but it wasn't. Kendall mentions hoping Griffin is who she and Zach both thought that he was. Kendall says that Zach was rarely ever wrong about people.

Griffin lays in his bed in his jail cell. He talks out loud to Zach and the door slams. Griffin jumps up wondering if it's Cara but it's just a guard. The guard brings him his lunch but Griffin doesn't want it. The guard pulls out a knife and stabs Griffin in the stomach three times. Griffin falls to the ground and the guard runs away.

Tad sits at Krystal's and Liza meets with him. Liza says she's intrigued and asks whats up. Tad brings up the judge denying Griffin's bail. Tad tells her that he's not a murderer and was set up. Liza is surprised Tad believes that. Liza states she'd love to help but can't. Tad says she means she won't. Liza brings up the evidence being too solid. They argue and Tad wants her to give him a pass because he didn't do it. Liza refuses to jeopardize her integrity as DA. Tad thinks it's more that Liza doesn't want to help his wife.

Griffin has blood come out of his wounds. He gets up but falls onto the table pushing over his lunch. He stumbles into the cell wall and then collapses. The door slams again and Cara walks in. Cara checks on him and calls for help. A guard comes running in.

Ricky tells Kendall this might not be all about Griffin as it can't be easier for Kendall to be at Erica's wedding while still grieving Zach. Kendall says the weekend is not about her. Kendall calls Ricky special. Ricky acts surprised and says it means a lot for her to say that.

Miranda and Gabby leave and Marissa says that was worth every minute of her bar exam. Bianca doesn't know what to say since Marissa came all this way for her. Marissa brings up wanting time off to relax and think. Bianca asks if something happened with JR. Marissa admits they kissed. Bianca asks what happened next. Marissa mentions they were interrupted but if they weren't. Marissa decides they should get a drink.

Jack talks to Greenlee about Emma. Jack says Emma is younger and hard to reason with. Jack tells her to be patient and never give up.

Ryan asks Emma why she changed her mind about going to the beach. Emma claims she just wanted to spend time with Ryan and wonders if she hurt Greenlee's feelings. Ryan says Greenlee is tough and so is Emma. Ryan hugs her.

Marissa asks Bianca why she's such a disaster in relationships. Bianca says they might have the same problem. Marissa doesn't know how Erica still believes in love. Bianca says she does as well because of her. Marissa admits she does and they toast to love. Kendall joins them and is surprised to see Marissa. Kendall asks Bianca if it's weird that Erica isn't there yet. Bianca assumes she's just finishing up. Marissa says she's going to start her vacation and tells Bianca she'll be by the pool if she's needed. Bianca thanks her for the good news and Marissa exits. Kendall asks about good news and Bianca informs her that Reese gave up the custody suit. Kendall hugs her and talks about how great that is. Kendall knows it's bittersweet but they can't change the fact that her marriage is ending or that Kendall lost her husband. They acknowledge that they are both here with smiles for Erica.

Erica asks Opal what she thinks of her dress. Opal says she looks great and tells her she's making the right decision. Erica says there was never really any decision to make since Jack gets her and never let her down. Erica says she loves Jack and it's as simple as that. Opal says that makes her happy and hugs her. Opal says they're off for the party and asks if Erica's ready. Erica says she's more than ready. Opal opens the door and reminds Erica they are waiting for her. Erica says she'll be right behind her. Opal exits and Erica looks down at her wedding ring.

Ricky talks to Jack about bible verses to recite. Opal comes running back in and announces that the bride is on her way. Erica starts to come out but is grabbed and dragged away. Jack asks if Opal is sure Erica was behind her as she doesn't come. Kendall and Bianca go to look for her. Kendall hopes she isn't having second thoughts. Bianca thinks Erica had doubts but wants to believe that it hit her that Jack is the one. Bianca tells Kendall she knows what that's like. Kendall asks if she's sure she's okay. Bianca says she is as long as Erica's happy. Kendall knocks on Erica's door. Bianca says they can't start the rehearsal without the bride. Kendall wonders why Erica is doing this. Bianca remembers she has a spare key and opens the door. They enter and call out for Erica but the rooms is empty.

Griffin's cell is opened and Cara checks on Griffin with a guard. Griffin is able to state that it was a guard that did it. Cara has the guard hold Griffin's wound and Cara rips the pillow case to wrap around one of his wounds. Cara makes a phone call.

Jake and Amanda watch Trevor play ball in the garden. Amanda thanks him for setting all of this up today. Amanda brings up one day having another baby again. Jake promises they will add to the family one day and kisses her. Jake's phone rings, Amanda looks at it and sees it's Cara. Amanda tells him not to ignore it because of her. Jake doesn't think it's an emergency so he decides not to answer. Jake tells Amanda that she comes first always because he loves her. Jake kisses her and the phone rings again. Amanda tells him he may as well answer now.

Liza finishes a phone call and Tad tells her that he's sorry for wasting her time. Liza says she's not jealous and is happy for him and Cara. Liza asks if Tad even knows these people. Tad calls them his family. Liza says he's known them for five minutes. Liza says she wouldn't be surprised if Cara was involved with the whole drug thing as well. Tad can't believe she thinks that and tells Liza that Cara is honest, ethical, and upstanding. Liza assumes he means not like her. Liza tells him if Griffin is innocent it will come out but she has to prove otherwise.

Kendall and Bianca come back and say they can't find Erica. Ryan wonders where she would go. Jack tries to call her but goes straight to voicemail. Greenlee wonders if Erica is trying to make a quick getaway.

Jake's phone rings a third time and he figures it's probably something important to Cara. Amanda tells him to just answer it. Jake finally answers and Cara asks where he's been. Jake tells him he's in the park with his family and Cara informs him that Griffin has been stabbed in his cell and needs his help.

Greenlee apologizes but says it was Erica's big idea and now she's making Jack wait. Jack tells her to stop arguing with Kendall. Jack tells everyone to think of the last time they talked to Erica. Jack singles out Opal and asks if there's something she needs to tell him.

Erica is held blindfolded in a dark room. She asks where she is and who's there. Erica shouts for someone to answer her

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