AMC Update Wednesday 4/13/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/13/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Maya brings flowers into the living room at the Chandler Mansion. JR watches and compliments her on her work. The doorbell rings and JR says there she is. Maya offers to get it and wishes JR luck. Marissa enters and JR notes that she's right on time and shows her favorite flowers and favorite food. Marissa asks what this is. JR tells her it's a celebration and he has something important to give her and he hopes she accepts. JR reaches into his pocket.

Krystal answers her phone at Krystal's and it's Jack. Krystal says she didn't expect to hear from him. Jack tells her everything is great and asks her about work. Krystal tells him not to worry until after the honeymoon. Jack thanks her and hangs up as Erica comes in and they kiss. Krystal hangs up and slams her silverware into a cup as Tad walks in. Tad asks what's up and Krystal tells him she's just having a bad day but Tad believes it's because of Jack and Erica's wedding.

Cara visits Griffin at the police station and tells him that they will get him out of there soon. Griffin asks if she's heard from Kendall but she hasn't. Cara can't believe Kendall sold him out. Griffin is just glad she made it to the island where she'll be safe.

Kendall finishes a phone call with Erica and then looks at her phone. She stops on Griffin's name but Ricky walks up to her.

Bianca arrives at Jack and Erica's room. Erica talks about how they didn't want to be apart and aren't believing in superstition.

Opal runs into Caleb and can't believe he came. She wonders what he's doing here. Caleb says he took care of his problems and got another flight. Caleb tells Opal that someone reminded him to go after what he wants and he wants Erica.

JR pulls out a chip symbol of his 2 years of sobriety and tells Marissa he wouldn't have it without her so he wants her to have it. Marissa thanks him and says it means a lot. Marissa decides she should go but JR stops her and says this was all so they could celebrate. Marissa says she's happy for him. JR tells her that it isn't about the chip but about his, Marissa, and Bianca's big victory.

Jack and Erica talk about having to get ready for the wedding. Bianca tells Erica she'll still have her. They rush Jack out of the room as he and Erica say they love each other one more time. Bianca comments on how happy Erica looks. Erica states that she is really happy. Erica apologizes to Bianca since this can't be easier for her and Kendall to celebrate her wedding while they are going through so much. Bianca reminds her they want to be there and this wedding gives them hope that no matter how many chances they have, love can find them again. Erica tells her that love will find them again and thanks her with a hug. Bianca says she should be the one to apologize for judging her with Caleb. Bianca says it's so clear that she and Jack belong together as Erica agrees.

Opal tells Caleb that Erica had to switch rooms and wishes him luck. Opal walks off and Caleb approaches Erica's room. He knocks on the door and says he knows she's in there as he's come along way to see her. The door opens and an old man wonders who he's talking to.

Krystal tells Tad that she isn't upset about Jack and Erica's wedding. Krystal admits she likes Jack and talks about Tad moving on but Tad reminds her that he doesn't have real feelings for Cara. Tad gets a phone call from Cara and asks about Griffin. Tad tells her he will be there soon. Tad tells Krystal he has to go for Griffin. Krystal assures him that she is fine. Krystal tells Tad that it's time for both of them to move on.

Cara tells Griffin that Tad is on his way. Griffin wonders if Tad got any new evidence. Cara doesn't understand why the casino partners would do this. Griffin tells Cara that he doesn't want her near this mess so she isn't going but Cara insists.

Kendall thanks Ricky for getting her to relax. Kendall mentions that she doesn't want to bring any of her problems to the wedding. Kendall tells him that she feels guilty for breaking Griffin's promise. Ricky tells her that she had to for the police's case. Ricky reminds her that they found a dead woman's body in Griffin's hotel room with a ton of evidence. Ricky suggests it's time they accept that Griffin may not be who they thought he was. Kendall brings up how much good Griffin has done and saved her life. Kendall thinks if he was set up, she should help him but Ricky tells her to stop this right now. Ricky apologizes and says he doesn't mean to cut her off but he hates to listen to her beat herself up for telling the truth. Kendall wonders if she made things worse. Ricky points out that Griffin got himself into this mess and also lied to her. Ricky tells her they should have some fun now. Ricky says he's not trying to tell her how to feel or what to do as he's just her minister. Kendall says he's so much more than that by being there for her all the time. Kendall says she's grateful and Ricky says it's been his pleasure.

Griffin reminds Cara that the government is watching her every move. Cara shouts that she knows Griffin isn't guilty and can take care of herself. Griffin doesn't want to let her in to this. Cara tells him not to try and stop her.

JR tells Marissa that Reese is now granting Bianca full custody of Miranda and Gabby. Marissa wonders how he knew that. JR is surprised she already knew but congratulates her. JR tells her that Reese took the job offer. Marissa is surprised and JR wonders why she doesn't seem more happy. Marissa says she's barely processed the news and then comes here to all of this. JR tells her that she did it. Marissa realizes it and thanks JR for helping her. Marissa exclaims that she won then hugs JR and they kiss.

Kendall joins Bianca and Bianca asks if she's okay. Kendall tells Bianca that it's a long story with too much to get into about Griffin because today's all about Erica. Erica comes back and tells them how much it means to her for them to be there for her. Bianca tells her they don't mind repeating a wedding for her and Jack. Erica hugs them both. Kendall asks how things are going. Erica says she has to finish her vows but is in good shape and also has to put her outfit on. Bianca goes to check the outfits. Erica sits with Kendall and wants to ask how she's doing. Kendall says she's great. Erica tells her it's okay if this is hard. Kendall insists that she's fine. Bianca comes out with earrings that she thinks are her favorite. Opal bursts in and says she has to talk to Erica as the wedding depends on it.

Maya walks in on JR and Marissa kissing and apologizes then hurries out. Marissa tells JR they shouldn't have done that and is mad at herself for letting it happen. Marissa wonders how many times she has to tell herself it's over and then come back. Marissa brings up going to a support group. JR jokes that she's addicted to him. Marissa thinks she's addicted to the fantasy of their family. JR thinks they should be a family so he can make up for his mistakes. Marissa tells him to stop. Marissa gives him his chip back telling him to keep it. JR says he really wanted her to have it. Marissa notes that it's his victory and not hers then rushes out of the house.

Erica tells Opal to talk to her. Opal asks Kendall and Bianca to go help setup the chairs. They agree to go check and leave the room. Erica asks what this is all about. Opal says she doesn't know how but Caleb is here and isn't leaving until he sees Erica.

Marissa arrives at Krystal's and sees Krystal. She asks if she's okay. Krystal wonders why everyone keeps asking that. Marissa asks her if she knows where Erica and Jack are getting married. Marissa says she has news for Bianca but she isn't answering her phone. Krystal assumes Bianca is already there and mocks Jack and Erica's marriage. Krystal says she isn't having a great day. Marissa says she hasn't had a good day either but has an idea to cheer them both up. Marissa suggests to Krystal that they both go to St. Bart's for the wedding so she can talk to Bianca and enjoy themselves.

Kendall tells Ricky she wants to call the babysitter and check on the boys. She realizes she promised not to be so worried. She decides to call Griffin or Cara but Ricky says she's not going to do either.

Erica is surprised that Caleb is there. Opal tells her that she sent Caleb to the wrong room but he's going to find her. Opal wants her to hurry out but Erica doesn't want to leave her room. Opal freaks out about Caleb being on a mission and won't stop. Erica tells her to relax. She says there's nothing to worry about since she and Jack are in love and will get married tomorrow. Opal says if she sees Caleb, she'll send him on a wild goose chase. Opal exits the room and then there's a knock on the door. Erica opens it asking if Opal forgot something but it's Caleb and he says he remembered something very important.

Kendall asks Ricky about not telling her what to do. Ricky wants to spare her more stress. Kendall doesn't think one phone call will put her over the edge. Ricky agrees and says he'll make the call instead.

Jack sits with Bianca and says they need to have their rehearsal regardless of what Opal is going on about.

Erica asks what Caleb is doing here since she told him she's marrying Jack. Caleb tells her that's a big mistake.

Kendall takes her phone back and tells Ricky that she isn't going to let him call Cara. Ricky insists that he doesn't mind and doesn't lie. Kendall thanks him and hugs him.

Tad comes to the station and meets with Griffin and Cara. Tad tells them to have faith and he'll figure out who set him up in time. Griffin mentions that he can't keep Kendall safe from behind bars. Cara shouts that he should focus on himself instead of Kendall. Cara tells Griffin that she will help Tad and they will get him through this. Griffin wants to call Angie for a replacement so he won't be letting his patients down. Cara agrees to make the call and walks away. Griffin tells Tad to keep Cara out of this. Griffin knows it won't be easy but says if something happens to Cara, he'd blame himself. Tad reminds Griffin that Cara has him and they both have his back. Cara comes back and says they need to go as to not be late. Cara and Tad exit.

Maya hopes JR doesn't fire her and apologizes for interrupting earlier. JR says he won't fire her because he's in too good of a mood. Maya thanks him and notices that Marissa didn't take the flowers. JR says no but they did the trick so Maya can take them home. JR gets up and exits the room. Maya picks up one of the flowers and Asher walks in. Asher notices she's got the job and Maya thanks him for hooking her up. Asher asks if she can take a break since he was going to get food. Maya notes that she has to work and can't risk losing the job. Maya says Asher wouldn't understand. Asher sits down and tells her that everything he's got, he got on his own. Maya apologizes. Asher jokes that he knows he has a rich kid swagger going on. Maya mentions that she figured he was different and leaves.

Bianca sits alone and sees she has a missed call from Marissa. She puts the phone back in her purse and picks up her wedding ring. She looks at it and holds back tears then takes a drink.

Jack runs into Opal and realizes she's not holding Erica hostage. Opal notes that Erica is just finishing her vows and asks about his. Jack asks Opal to listen to his vows. Opal says she'd be honored but thinks he should share them with Erica. Jack wants them to be a surprise. Opal thinks surprises can be overrated.

Caleb comes into Erica's room and tells her that he's heard her. Erica tells him that he shouldn't have flown all the way here since she's about to marry the man she's supposed to be with. Caleb doesn't think she's supposed to be with Jack. Caleb grabs Erica and kisses her.

Tad and Cara are back with Griffin as his lawyer tells him he's sorry he couldn't do more but will get them at the trial. Cara can't believe he didn't make bail. Griffin brings up Kendall again and Cara shouts that Kendall wasn't concerned about him. Tad reminds Griffin that it's about him. Tad says he'll keep Kendall safe when she gets back. Griffin hopes that's enough.

Ricky tells Kendall that she looks beautiful. Kendall thanks him and tells him that he's good for her. Ricky is surprised her mind isn't back on Griffin. Kendall admits she can't stop thinking about his case and asks if he's heard anything. Ricky says he left a message for Cara. Kendall apologizes for being impatient. Ricky gets a phone call and steps away to answer it. Ricky gets an update from someone on Griffin's case. Ricky tells them that Griffin's number is up and to make it happen. Ricky hangs up and looks back to Kendall with a smile.

Maya continues cleaning at the mansion and wipes down a picture of Colby. Asher walks back in and mentions that's Colby and she's cute. Maya notes that they have a really pretty family.

JR is on the phone outside the living room and is surprised to learn Marissa went to St. Bart's. JR makes another call and says to fire up the Chandler Jet as he's on his way.

Marissa arrives at St Bart's and meets with Bianca. Bianca is surprised and asks if she's by herself. Marissa states that she tried to convince Krystal but she wouldn't come. Marissa tells Bianca that she's not going to believe what she has to say.

Jack finishes reading his vows to Opal. Opal cries and is at a loss for words. Opal hopes Erica has a chance to hear them. Jack is confused and wonders why she said that. Opal says you can always forget to savor the moment. Jack thanks her for listening and rushes off to rejoin Erica.

Erica steps away from Caleb. Caleb asks her to tell him again that he made the trip for nothing. Erica tells him he should go. Caleb says he didn't think he could feel this way again and doesn't want to wait. Caleb pulls her back in and tells her to give them a chance, try something new, and be with him.

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