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All My Children Update Tuesday 4/12/11


Written by Eva
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(Police Station) Jesse checks in to see if there have been any missing babies reported and he finds out that there has only been a missing baby boy reported and Brot tells him to stop torturing himself because Lucy doesn’t have family looking for her but Jesse can’t help but wonder if someone is worried about the baby.

(Maya’s place) Maya thinks about her baby again and cries her aunt comes in and Maya tells her that she is interviewing for a housekeeping position her aunt jokes that being a maid is a dream job. Maya tells her aunt that the job is only a stepping-stone to better things.

(St. Barts) Kendall, Ricky and the boys arrive at the hotel and the boys run off with the nanny as soon as they see the pool and playground. Kendall tells Ricky she had a hard time on the plane because she kept thinking that Zach died on a plane alone and Ricky reminds her that Zach wasn’t alone because he had her and the boys in his heart. Ricky reminds Kendall they came to relax and enjoy her mother’s wedding so they shouldn’t talk about this anymore. Spike comes back and asks Kendall to take him to the bathroom so she leaves Ian with Ricky and Ricky tells Ian that they are going to have fun just like they were a real family. Erica thinks of Caleb and in her daydream he tells her that he needs to talk to her before she marries Jack because he knows that she will regret marrying Jack because he isn’t the man for her. Jack takes Erica out of her thoughts by telling her that they need to relax and go have a picnic, a walk on the beach, and go to the romantic private waterfall the desk clerk mentioned to them.

(Police Station) Frankie arrives with Angie and baby Lucy so that Jesse can go with them to the hospital for Lucy’s check up and Jesse gets a call from Mayor Blanco ordering him to make sure that he doesn’t give Griffin special treatment because Griffin is tad’s brother in law. Jesse tells Angie what the mayor said and she thinks it’s ironic because Iris always gives her friends like David Hayward special treatment.

(Chandler mansion) Maya arrives tells JR that Asher told her that their was a position for a maid open and she should apply for it. JR tells her that they usually consult an employment agency for that and closes the door on Maya. Maya comes in through the back door and tells JR that she really needs a job and although she hasn’t ever had a job as a maid she has been cleaning since she was very young. Maya faints and wakes up a few minutes later and JR tells her that he may give her a two week trail if she goes to the doctor and gets a check up Maya agrees and JR calls the hospital to make sure they will see Maya right away. Asher arrives and Maya tells him the news as she heads out the door to the hospital. JR tells Asher he isn’t authorized to make hiring decisons for him and he wonders if he wants to make a move on Maya and that is why he wanted her working in the house. Asher tells JR that he doesn’t want to make a move on Maya he just thought she needed a break like he gave him. JR wonders if Asher likes Colby and Asher tells him that the only thing he is focused on right now is his career he doesn’t have time for girls. JR tells Asher he may hire Maya he hasn’t decided yet but reminds him that he should never promise anyone a job with him again.

(St. Barts) Jack and Erica are in the dining room of the hotel and Jack goes to get directions to the beach and private waterfall. Kendall finds Erica and gives her a hug and Erica hugs Spike too and Kendall tells Erica that she left Ian with Ricky. Erica admits to Kendall that she is nervous but she wants a guarantee that this will be her last marriage and it will last forever. Kendall suggests that Erica talk to Ricky because he is a good listener and gives great advice. Jack sees Ricky and Ian and thanks Ricky for being so supportive to Kendall while she is grieving Zach and Ricky tells him at has been a blessing for him to help Kendall and he already feels like a part of the family.

(Hospital) Maya looks at a baby and mom and dad who are waiting to see the doctor Frankie takes Maya into an exam room and she almost sees Jesse, Angie and baby Lucy but they just miss each other. Frankie asks Maya if she ate breakfast and she says no and he asks her if she is pregnant she also responds no and after Frankie tells her that everything she tells him is confidential she tells him she had a baby two weeks ago but had to give it away. Frankie tells Maya to eat something but otherwise she seems fine and he will let her know when her tests come back if there is something else wrong. Maya tells him that she doesn’t have money to pay and Frankie checks her file and tells her JR paid the bill so she doesn’t owe the hospital. Lucy also gets a clean bill of health on her checkup and Jesse tells Angie he is considering taking a leave of absence or quitting his job so he won’t miss the important milestones in Lucy’s life like he did with Frankie. Angie tells Jesse that his job is a part of him and he shouldn’t give it up just because of mayor Blanco because Pine Valley needs him too much.

(St. Barts) Erica gets a call from Caleb and ignores it and Caleb leaves a message for Erica that he is on his way to ST Barts and they need to talk before she marries Jack. Erica asks Jack to go with Kendall and the boys to the pool because she needs to talk to Ricky. Erica tells Ricky that she wants this to be her last marriage and she needs affirmation that this will be her last marriage. Ricky advises Erica to look inside her heart and she will find the affirmation that she needs and tells her that real love can’t be silenced or pushed aside because it always has a way of getting out. Ricky wonders if Erica has doubts about marrying Jack and she tells him she doesn’t have any doubts about marrying Jack. Erica tells Ricky that she picked the right person to perform her ceremony and thanks him for the talk because it really helped her.

Jack asks Kendall if there is something going on between her and Ricky and Kendall says that Ricky is just a good friend to lean on right now. Erica thanks Kendall for advising her to talk to Ricky because it really helped her. Jack and Erica head off to their picnic and Ricky arrives and Kendall thanks him f0or talking to Erica. Ricky jokes that he doesn’t think that Erica’s last names won’t all fit on the marriage license Kendall laughs and Ricky tells her it is good to see her laugh. Kendall gives Ricky a kiss on the cheek and thanks him for being so sweet to her and her family.

(Chandler Mansion) Maya comes back and tells JR the doctor said she just needs to eat and she has been eating energy bars since she left the hospital and she is ready to work. JR hires Maya and tells her that her first assignment is to help him with his ex wife Marissa and Maya looks confused by JR’s request.

(Jesse and Angie’s place) The Hubbards arrive home and Angie tells Jesse she is confused by the way he has been acting and wonders if he is okay. Jesse tells Angie he is fine and he doesn’t want to talk anymore today he just wants to spend time with his girls.

(St. Barts) Erica and Jack are in their room and Erica listens to the message form Caleb then Jack comes out of the bathroom and asks Erica if she is ready for their walk on the beach. Erica tells Jack she is ready and she is also ready to spend the rest of her life with him.

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