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Written by Eva
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(Yacht) Erica tells Jack she can’t believe they are finally getting married again after waiting for such a long time. Jack tells Erica that he can’t wait to be married again and Erica thanks him fir being so understanding about staying in another room at the hotel because she doesn’t want him to see her before the wedding.

(Krystal’s) Opal tries once more to persuade Caleb not to go to ST Barts to stop Erica’s wedding to Jack but it is no use Caleb is still determined to stop the wedding. Caleb tries to get the name of the hotel where Erica is staying from Opal but Opal won’t tell him so he tells her that he is going to knock on every hotel room door until he finds Erica.

(ConFusion) Colby gets really nervous while she works on her computer because a guy keeps staring at her. The guy tells her that he knows her from her video blog and his screen name is wofen 666 and he has sent her several messages and she hasn’t responded to them yet. Colby reads the messages off her computer, which ask her if she is better in bed then her mom and if they can all, get together sometime. Colby plays it cool even though she is a little scared and apologizes to the fan for not answering his messages and also asks him what his name is while Asher watches from another table. The guy asks Colby what the answer to his question is and she politely tells him that she has to go to a meeting and will respond to his message later on the computer but the guy grabs Colby’s arm and won’t let her leave so Asher comes and drops the guy’s computer on the floor. Brot sees everything and the guy asks him to arrest Asher for breaking his brand new computer. Colby calls Caleb and asks him to come to Confusion right away because Asher is about to be arrested.

(Police Station) Griffin tries to persuade Jesse that Zach’s casino partners framed him because he was getting too close to the truth about how Zach died. Kendall tells Jesse that she just wants to know the truth about how Zach died and for that he has to know all the facts. Kendall tells Jesse that Griffin told her he was stealing antibiotics from the hospital in order to send them to people in third world countries and he intended to pay the money back once he got the money to expand the Miranda Centers after the casinos were sold. Griffin looks at Kendall with a hurt look on his face once he is forced to admit to Jesse that he stole antibiotics from the hospital.


(Park) Ricky deletes Diana’s messages from his cell phone and then recalls all their conversations about killing Kendall. Ricky also recalls killing Diana and apologizes to Diana because he never wanted their relationship to end this way.

(Police Station) Cara is upset that Kendall betrayed Griffin’s confidence that way when all he ever did was try and help her starting with saving her life in the ambulance. Cara pleads with Kendall to tell Jesse that Griffin could never kill anyone because all he has ever done is help people. Kendall tells Cara she can’t do that because she isn’t sure that she ever knew the real Griffin. Griffin tells Jesse that he and Kendall went to Brot with their suspicions but he said that he couldn’t do anything without proof so Griffin told him that he would take care of things himself and protect Kendall.

(St. Barts) Jack and Erica arrive and discover they have been put in the same hotel suite and the manager tells them he is sorry but there are no more rooms available because the hotel is completely booked. Erica is determined to get rid of all superstitions so she asks jack to get rid of the pincushion in the sewing kit. Erica is also upset that her mirror breaks inside her make up bag. Jack calls the Yacht and is told that he can’t stay there because the generator is being fixed and there is no electricity on the boat. Erica decides to forget about silly superstitions and allows Jack to stay in the suite with her.

(ConFusion) Caleb arrives to help Asher and Colby explains what happened Asher tells Caleb he had to protect Colby because the guy was stalking her. Colby confirms what Asher showing Caleb the amount of messages that the guy had sent to her. Caleb asks Colby to print out the message for him and then he goes to talk to the fan. Caleb talks to the guy while Brot stands on the other side of him listening. Caleb explains to the guy that Colby could charge him with sexual harassment and stalking given the explicit and offensive language in his messages. Caleb explains that he could go to jail for a long time and be put on the child molesters registry for the rest of his life and the judge would only make Asher pay for his broken computer. The gut leaves not wanting to make trouble for him. Caleb gets a call from Opal telling him he will miss the plane and Caleb says he can’t go because he has something important to do. Brot tells Asher he is lucky that his father saved him from any charges. Asher goes to thank Caleb and hears him on a call with the airline telling them that he doesn’t want to reschedule his trip to ST Barts. Asher tells Colby that Caleb was planning to go to ST Barts and she tells him that is where Erica is getting married. Asher tells Caleb he found a later flight to ST Barts that could get him there around 10 am and then Asher encourages Caleb to go fight for Erica. Asher promises Caleb he will be fine until he returns from his trip. Caleb and Asher tell each other thank you and shake hands.

(Police Station) Tad escorts Cara to a chair and tries to calm her while Griffin tells Jesse that it is time he gets a lawyer. Tad makes some phone calls and gets Griffin a good lawyer while Griffin that he has never trusted anyone in his life like he trusted her and with a catch in his voice he tells her it was a mistake to ever trust her. Griffin’s lawyer arrives and so does Ricky telling Kendall that he saw the news on TV and thought that she might need his help. Ricky also tells Griffin that he will pray for him. The assistant DA informs Jesse that he should arrest Griffin because of the drugs so Griffin is arrested. Griffin tells Jesse that he was supposed to meet with Diana about the sale of the casinos but he never actually knew what she looked like and again tells Jesse he is being framed. Jesse shows the picture of Diana to Kendall and she confirms that Diana was the woman that came to her house asking questions about her family. Tad tells Jesse he was helping Griffin get a meeting with the casino partners to check into Griffin’s suspicions that the partners were responsible for Zach’s plane crash.

(St. Barts) Opal arrives and Erica explains that she and Jack have to share a suite because the hotel is booked. Opal asks Jack to leave her and Erica alone and Opal tells Erica that she dodged a bullet because Caleb was on his way there to stop the wedding but he had something important to do at the last minute and cancelled his flight. Opal leaves and Jack and Erica make love.

(Police Station) Jesse tells Brot that he has no right to arrest anyone after the lie he is telling Angie. Tad asks Jesse to consider that Griffin is being framed because too many drugs were found in his room. Kendall tells Griffin she feels betrayed by him because he never told her that he suspected the casino partners were involved in Zach’s death. Griffin tells Kendall he was trying to protect her but she tells him that isn’t his job. Griffin tells Kendall to be careful because the people who killed Diana could come after her. Thee assistant D.A. calls Jesse again and tells him to arrest Griffin for Diana’s murder. Jesse also tells Griffin that he will have to spend the night in jail because the judge’s wife went into labor. Jesse takes Griffin to his cell and asks him to try and remember anything that he can investigate to help him. Griffin tells Jesse that the casino partners wanted him out of the way because he was getting too close to the truth about Zach’s death.

(Kendall’s place) Kendall tells Ricky that Griffin stole antibiotics from the hospital and that he lied to her about his suspicions that the casino partners were involved in Zach’s death. Kendall doesn’t know whom to believe anymore and Ricky tells her to forget about all this and relax and enjoy Erica’s wedding. Kendall thinks that is a good idea and she and Ricky head to the airport.

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