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Written by Joseph
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Jake is surprised by Cara's thinking that it might not be Angie's baby. Jake wonders who else's baby it would be. Cara tells him that she just has a weird feeling. Cara thinks it's a puzzle where the pieces won't fit. Cara tells him that ever since she examined Angie, she can't figure it out. Cara believes something isn't right.

At the police station, Maya has another flashback of putting her baby in Brot's squad car. Brot gets up and walks past her. He asks if he can help her.

Jesse carries Lucy down the hall and runs into Angie and Tad. Tad explains that he was filling in Angie on a case she hired him for. Tad said it was time to clue Jesse in and tells him about the drugs being stolen from the hospital. Jesse asks Angie for a minute with Tad but she isn't going anywhere.

Griffin returns to his room at the yacht club, finishing a phone call telling someone to check on Kendall. He finds Diana's dead body in his bed with the room a mess. Griffin can't believe it and tries to revive her.

Kendall tells Ricky that Diana must have come to her because of the casinos. Kendall thinks maybe she was wrong about Zach not being murdered. Ricky tries to calm her down as Kendall wonders what Diana wanted from her. Kendall wants to go to the police but Ricky tells her she already tried that. Kendall thinks they need to know that someone tried to murder her husband. There's a knock at the door, Kendall answers and it's Ryan. Kendall asks what he's doing here and Ryan says that Griffin sent him.

Griffin continues trying to revive Diana while wondering how she got there.

Cara apologizes for laying this on Jake but she thinks something is off. Jake insists that the baby is fine and healthy as is Angie. Jake tells her that she can't act this way with every case that comes in. Cara brings up babies often not surviving placenta ruptures. Jake tells her to forget about the odds and that they were fine. Jake calls it a miracle. Jake tells her that miracles happen every day. Jake tells her to drop it and that he doesn't want to talk about it anymore then walks on.

Brot asks Maya if she's here to report a crime. Maya introduces herself. Brot notices she looks upset and says he can help if she tells him what's wrong. Brot has to go on a call and Maya tells him it's nothing.

Jesse asks Tad how long the drug stealing has been going on. Tad says it's been a while but the board wanted to keep it on the down low. Angie backs up Tad. Jesse thinks they should've brought him in, in the beginning. Tad apologizes and says keeping secrets is never good. Jesse blames him for setting them back on a very serious crime. Jesse asks for all the information Tad has on it. Angie thinks it was good Jesse wasn't in on it since he had enough on his plate. Jesse insists that he is doing fine taking care of his family.

Ryan enters Kendall's and Kendall thinks Griffin may have had good reason. Kendall tells Ryan about Diana visiting her and asking questions. Ryan asks where the boys are and Kendall tells him they are with Sandra. Ryan tells her they have to figure this out fast and he'll need Ricky's help.

Griffin gets frustrated that he can't revive Diana and decides to call the cops. Griffin notices a wallet on the floor and picks it up as Brot and another officer kick the door open. They tell him not to move. Griffin raises his hands. The cops say they were responding to a call from neighbors about hearing a fight. Griffin explains he just got there. Griffin tells Brot that he has no idea who the woman is. Griffin remembers that he has seen Diana before and tells Brot about the time he ran into her at the hospital. Griffin explains that she never said her name and he hasn't seen her since. Brot thinks he could be lying and says they will go to the station to figure this out.

Ryan thinks Ricky can help figure out what Diana was up to. Ricky mentions that he thinks he has seen her before. Ryan wants him to figure it out. Kendall thinks she seemed like she knew Ricky. Ryan wonders if Griffin knew Diana was involved in the casino and if that's why he sent him. Ryan calls Griffin. Brot answers and puts it on speaker. Griffin tells Ryan that he's going to the police station because a corpse was found in his bed. Ryan tells Kendall. Kendall decides they need to go to the station. Ricky offers to drive but Ryan insists he will. Ryan and Kendall exit.

Jesse and Tad talk with Angie about the baby. Jesse gets a call and steps out. Angie asks Tad if Jesse seems okay to him since he seems distracted or worried all the time. Jesse comes back in and tells them that someone was just murdered at the yacht club and all he knows is that a woman's body was found in Griffin's room. Angie is shocked and Jesse tells them he has to go to the station and exits.

Cara continues trying to talk to Jake about the baby. Cara understands that Jake is trying to protect the Hubbards. Jake tells Cara about how when Angie was losing her sight, she didn't tell anyone and started taking medicine until she got pregnant. Jake tells Cara that Angie chose her baby over her sight. Jake says to imagine what this was doing to Jesse and he had her back the whole time. Jake assures Cara that they are good people. Cara says she isn't arguing that. Jake finishes that he knows she just wants to solve her puzzle. Jake tells Cara to just be happy for the miracle and that's it. Tad comes up to them and tells them about the cops finding a dead woman in Griffin's bed. Jake doesn't believe it and Cara wonders what happened. Cara leaves to go find out and Tad walks her out.

The forensics team take pictures of Griffin's room. Ricky arrives and tells the officers that he was looking for his friend Griffin. Ricky stops to say a prayer for Diana's soul.

Maya gets up at the station and runs into Jesse. Jesse asks if he can help her. She says she was just talking to Brot. Jesse says he's busy but will send him over later. Jesse goes to Griffin and asks about the woman. Griffin explains that he has no clue and only spoke to this woman once. Brot says that the evidence shows she was strangled. Griffin explains to Jesse about his one time run in with her at the hospital. Griffin wonders why they are wasting their time when there's a killer out there. Jesse steps aside with Brot. Brot says there was a purse on the scene and that Griffin was shocked and defensive when they arrived. Jesse looks at the evidence bag and sees the name was Diana Holden. Kendall arrives with Ryan and Kendall states that was the woman that was in her house which surprises Griffin.

Jake brings Angie and Lucy home. Angie thanks him for the ride. Angie can't believe a dead body showing up in Griffin's room. Jake finds it weird and can't imagine Griffin had anything to do with it. Angie figures it must be scary. Angie sits down with Lucy and thinks she needs a diaper change. Jake offers to take care of it for her. Jake asks who people are saying she looks more like. Angie thinks it's too early to tell and Jake agrees.

Maya paces at the station. Griffin asks about the name Diana Holden. Ryan notices that Griffin recognizes the name. Griffin says it's from Zach's casinos. Kendall says Griffin lied to her face about not knowing Diana Holden. Brot shows a picture and Kendall identifies her. Griffin mentions telling the cops earlier but Brot blew him off. Kendall doesn't understand how Griffin knows someone from Zach's casino company. Griffin decides to start from the beginning and explains to Kendall about how he didn't drop Zach's letter. Ryan brings up thinking the case was closed. Kendall thinks Griffin should've told her about knowing Diana's name. Griffin states that he was trying to protect her and Kendall responds that isn't his job. Brot steps over to Maya and didn't realize she was waiting around. Maya notes that a lot is going on here. Brot wonders what reason she has for waiting around. Maya says she doesn't know what she's doing here and that everything's fine then hurries off.

Jake finishes changing Lucy's diaper and brings her back to Angie. Jake calls Angie remarkable and says she's doing great. Angie asks Jake to tell her about Lucy and the expression on her face. Lucy starts to cry and they joke around. Angie asks if Lucy seems happy and Jake says she seems peaceful and relaxing. Jake wonders why she wouldn't be happy. Angie says babies pick up on the energy around them and she's been a roller coaster lately. Angie admits being worried and that she misses seeing so much and hates having to have other people tell her about her own baby. Jake tells her about when they first had Trevor. Jake tells her she'll get the hang of things again soon. Angie says she had no doubts leading up to her birth and gave up her sight but now that she's here, she wants to see her. Angie wonders if it could ever be possible.

Jesse says it's clear that Griffin and Kendall have issues to work out. Ryan asks what else Griffin is hiding. Griffin explains about the meeting he tried to set up with Diana and that's how he got beaten up. Kendall realizes that Griffin had made up a story before. Cara and Tad arrive. Cara runs up and hugs him. Kendall says Griffin is trying to explain a bunch of lies. Tad and Cara reveal they knew about Griffin setting up the meeting. Jesse wonders what else Tad is working that he doesn't know about. Ryan and Kendall step aside. Kendall hopes Ryan didn't know what Griffin was doing. Ryan didn't know but now hopes he kept his investigation going. Kendall doesn't understand since she was finally moving on. Kendall asks him to excuse her as she wants to speak to Griffin alone. They step aside. Kendall tells Griffin that Zach was her husband so how could he not tell her. Griffin asks her to let him finish with the cops and then they can go somewhere so he can explain. Griffin insists that he just wanted to keep her safe. Kendall believes him and will help if she can but wants to know if there's anything else he hasn't told her. Griffin gives her his word that there is nothing else. Kendall comments that this is crazy and doesn't make sense. Griffin says that he's being set up.

Ricky arrives at Krystal's and orders a scotch. The bartender notes that it sounds like he's celebrating. Ricky says this is one of those times when he's done something really good.

Angie continues to talk to Jake about wanting to see again. Angie mentions there could be a real reason to hope. Jake wonders if he missed something. Angie tells him that it was David who has offered to help find a cure. Jake is surprised and comments that it's an all time low for him. They sit back down and Jake hopes she seriously isn't considering this. Angie says she absolutely isn't but David believes he can do this. Jake reminds her that he's still David. Angie brings up David having access to experiments off of the medical grid. Angie says she thought she accepted her blindness but now that Lucy's here she isn't sure. Angie asks if he can imagine having any other baby than Trevor. Jake says he can't. Angie says she felt from the beginning that her baby coached her through her pregnancy and she believes in her.

Kendall asks if Griffin thought he was setup and he doesn't have a better explanation. Kendall says if Zach was murdered, it changes everything but she wishes he didn't lie to her. Ryan tells Kendall he's going to finish what he started, he tells Tad to get any possible information and exits. Cara tells Griffin that this is insane. Griffin tells her that the cops will go around. Jesse comes back with the evidence bag and reveals that there were two plane tickets found in his room to New Zealand, one for Diana Holden and one for Griffin.

Jake tells Angie that David is an excellent doctor but for him to promise he might could restore her sight, he wonders if that's revenge. Jake says he can't stand by and let David hurt her. Angie says she can't believe she's considering it. Jake is surprised to hear she is considering it. Jake tells her that he will have her back if she agrees to it. Jake tells her he will take care of Lucy and her too.

Maya is back at home and sits on her bed with her earring. She says she doesn't know what she was doing at the police station but figures she just wanted to know if her baby ended up with a great family which she probably did. Maya tells herself she's going to get this job so she can be somebody her baby can be proud of. Maya says maybe one day, who knows. Maya lays down to go to sleep.

Ricky drinks his scotch at Krystal's and says to himself that he and Diana had a good run and he's sorry it had to end this way. Ricky pulls out his phone and looks at a picture of Kendall on it.

Griffin tells Jesse that there are not his plane tickets. Jesse says they also found a large stash of prescription drugs. Jesse says there were large quantities of painkillers, narcotics, and $700 in cash. Griffin insists that it's not his. Jesse says that someone has been stealing drugs from the hospital. Griffin tells him that someone is setting him up. Jesse wonders why the casino partners would kill one of their own. Jesse wonders if Griffin is guilty. Cara says no. Jesse talks about Griffin possibly doing this. Griffin tells him that it was all planted.

Kendall says she doesn't give a damn about Diana Holden but if Zach was murdered, she needs answers and that means getting everything out in the open. Kendall confesses that Griffin was stealing drugs from the hospital and that he told her so himself.

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