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All My Children Update Thursday 4/7/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Liza and David are in bed together and have just finished making love. Liza comments "unbelievable" but says it's now how David thought she meant. David tells her she doesn't have to be embarrassed. Liza can't believe she ended up in bed with him and wonders what's wrong with her. David tells her there's nothing wrong with her. David calls her fantastic, inside and out. David kisses her and they lay back down.

Jesse and Angie come to the hospital with their baby Lucy. They meet with Jake and Cara. Jesse comments on how much the baby is crying. Angie thinks she's fine. Cara takes the baby to do some prelims and Angie goes with her. Jake tells Jesse she's fine.

Maya sits in her room on her bed. She says there will be no more sitting around thinking about her baby and feeling sorry for herself. She says she needs to do something with her life.

Kendall tells Griffin that he doesn't need to stay until Ricky comes. Griffin offers to take her to the airport. Kendall doesn't want to worry and thinks she's making up danger where there isn't any.

Ricky has killed Diana and tells her body that she should've listened and let him take care of Kendall.

Griffin warns Kendall that she doesn't know what Diana could've been after and she needs to look out for herself and be more careful.


Jake asks Jesse what is freaking him out. Jesse assures him it's nothing and wants to go check on his daughter but Jake stops him, telling him that she's okay and asks him again what's wrong. Jesse tells him that it's just being a new dad again. Jake thinks Jesse will relax and ease back into it by not worrying so much.

Cara holds Lucy and Angie thanks her for checking her out. Cara starts to say that she wishes Angie could see her. Angie says it's okay because she's getting better at her other senses. Cara asks about Jesse. Angie says it's just been a tough couple of days. Angie mentions that she doesn't know how the delivery could've been any worse. Cara asks what she remembers. Angie tells her about being glad she was alive and hearing the baby crying. Angie recalls Jesse taking a long time to give her the baby. Cara wonders why he waited so long. Lucy starts to cry and they comfort her. Angie mentions that she wants Jesse to just relax and enjoy what they have. Jake walks by and sees Cara with the baby.

Maya gets dressed and looks at the card that Asher gave her. She puts on her earring and gets ready to leave.

Kendall thinks Griffin is more worried than she is. Griffin asks if she's tired and suggests she take a nap since Ricky won't be there for awhile. Kendall agrees to lay on the couch and nap. Griffin puts a blanket over her and sits next to her.

David and Liza finish making love again. David comments that after 14 years of foreplay, that was definitely worth it. David tells Liza that it's okay to admit that they are fantastic together in bed. Liza thought she made it clear she didn't want anything to do with him. David says that's interesting since he enjoyed her in both directions. Liza claims she regrets it and thinks her reputation is bad enough as it is. David brings up Liza sleeping with Damon and Liza tells him not to go there. Liza gets out of bed and David reminds her that he got her the DA job. Liza asks if she owes him and what he wants. David says this was certainly a good start. David tells her that he wants his life back. Liza gets dressed and tells him that it depends on what part of his life he's referring to. David says all he really wants is to practice medicine and he knows what he's doing. Liza says she knows too and this isn't it. Liza tells him that whatever just happened didn't happen and exits the room.

Jesse rejoins Angie at the hospital. Angie wants him to tell her what's going on. Jesse hugs her and has a flashback to the birth and switching the babies. Jesse tells Angie it's nothing but a work. Angie doesn't believe him and knows it's Lucy. Angie doesn't know why because she's fine.

Cara tells Jake that Lucy is fine. Jake asks her about how it feels to hold a baby. Jake reminds her about the time that they thought they were pregnant. Jake hopes that Cara has a family of her own one day. Cara doesn't know. Jake asks if she thinks she isn't able to. Cara says it's just not in the cards for her. Jake wonders why she says that. Cara brings up being in a phony marriage, having a bounty on her head, and not wanting to bring a child into the world without the right father by her side.

Griffin watches Kendall sleep. Kendall has a dream of waking up with Griffin touching her face and she kisses his hand. She pulls him in but then wakes up to Griffin telling her to wake up because Ricky will be there soon. He asks what she was dreaming about but she says she wasn't dreaming. Griffin thought she was and Kendall asks why he's making a big deal out of nothing. Kendall starts to get in a bad mood and asks Griffin what he wants, and why he's really there.

Ricky covers Diana's body in the sheets and says he'll always remember the good times they had together.

Jake continues talking to Cara, wondering a good reason for her not to have a family. Cara again reiterates the phony marriage. They continue to talk and Amanda walks by. Amanda hides behind the corner and looks at Jake and Cara sitting with the baby.

Maya comes to the Chandler Mansion. She rings the doorbell and talks to the housekeeper through the voice speaker.

Jesse gets a call and says he'll check it out. Angie asks if he has to go to the station. Jesse says it's actually here in the ER. Angie tells him she'll go get the baby. Jesse offers to go with her but Angie insists she knows her way around. Jesse exits and David walks by. He sees her and walks in. Angie wonders why he keeps showing up here. David tells her how it feels like home to him. David calls their baby a miracle child and wonders if there might be another miracle in store for Angie. Angie asks what he's talking about. David brings up the possibility of her seeing again.

Cara tells Jake it's probably time to get the baby back to her mother. Jake apologizes if he was pushing by asking too many questions. They smile at the baby and Amanda comes in. Amanda asks how Lucy is and they tell her she's good. Frankie comes in and says he heard Lucy so he wanted to see her. Cara gives her to Frankie and tells him that Jesse and Angie are there somewhere. Cara exits the room. Frankie takes Lucy and exits the room. Amanda asks Jake if he's okay. He says he's good but is just thinking about Angie, Jesse, and the baby going through an ordeal. Amanda notes it being a tough delivery but everything's okay now. Amanda thinks Jake is still looking preoccupied. Jake asks if they had plans. Amanda hopes they can if he can get away because she thinks it's the perfect night for making a baby.

Two police officers have a black woman at the hospital. She is yelling and trying to get away. One of the officers tells Jesse that the woman was causing trouble at the courthouse. Cara walks by and looks in the doorway. Jesse comes in and asks what seems to be the problem. The woman shouts that her baby has been stolen which shocks Jesse.

Griffin asks Kendall where all her hostility is coming from. Griffin says he just wanted to give her medical advice before her trip. Kendall wonders if he's trying to keep her from going. Griffin tells her that she needs to go. Kendall realizes he's trying to get rid of her and wants to know why.

Angie tells David she doesn't appreciate his sense of humor. David says it's no joke as he has pulled off miracles before. Angie tells him to get out of her way. David wants her to hear him out. David says he's done extensive research on her diagnosis. David says there's more going on out there than what is known and he can give it to her. Angie tells him to take away his sight like he took hers and then they will talk miracles.

The woman tells Jesse that he has to help her. Jesse asks what exactly happened. She says she gave her baby girl up but wants her back. Jesse asks when it happened. She says it was like yesterday. She begs him to give her back her baby. Jesse tells her that he doesn't have her baby.

The housekeeper answers the door to talk to Maya. Maya mentions wanting to talk to JR but he isn't home. She asks Maya what other work she has done. Maya doesn't have any work history. The woman suggests she get a job elsewhere and shuts the door in her face.

Griffin is confused by Kendall thinking he wants her to stay and then wants her to go. Kendall thinks there's something. Griffin thinks Kendall is trying to start a fight. Kendall doesn't want him to turn things around. Griffin asks if she wants him to leave. Kendall wants answers. Kendall says she's sensing that Griffin came over for a reason that he's not telling her. She asks him again what is going on and she wants a straight answer or he can get out. Griffin reminds her that he's her friend and wants what's best for her. Kendall wants him to be honest. Griffin tells her it won't be easy. Kendall wants the truth but the doorbell rings. Kendall answers it and it's Ricky. Ricky comes in and mentions that their trip comes at a good time. Kendall asks for a moment with Griffin but he insists it can wait. Griffin tells her to have a great trip and leaves.


David tells Angie that he never wanted her to go blind. Angie blames his budget cuts. Angie tells him that he can't go back and doesn't think he'd do anything differently if he could. Angie tells him to stop pretending he wants to be her miracle worker. David says he wants to help and feels terrible. Angie says she knows she has no cure. David asks what if she's wrong. Angie tells him that she's accepted things and is fine. Angie pushes past him. David shouts that she could stop imagining and see her daughter's face for herself.

Jake tells Amanda that is some plan as he was thinking more dinner and a movie. Amanda says they can then go home and make a baby. Jake doesn't think it's the best time. Amanda wonders why not. Jake brings up how hard he's been working and that Amanda has started up a new job too. Amanda mentions that they had talked about a second baby. Jake says they had been having problems and tension. Amanda thinks having another baby will release the tension. Jake doesn't think it works like that but Amanda does.

Maya drops her earring outside the Chandler Mansion. She picks it up and has a flashback to putting her baby in the box.

Jesse has a doctor meet with the woman who lost her baby. The woman ends up saying that her baby is not a newborn, but ten years old. The woman then explains that the child's father took her in court because he thinks she's still using drugs. She insists she is clean. Jesse wishes her luck and apologizes then exits. He runs into Cara and she asks if he's okay. Jesse insists that he's fine and rushes off. Cara thinks something is up and pulls out her phone.

Jake tells Amanda how important family is. Jake says they'll have another baby someday but doesn't think now is the best timing. Amanda thinks she should have a say. Jake says they would both have to agree on it. Jake gets paged and has to go. Jake tells her they will talk about it and exits. Amanda grabs her things and leaves as well. She sees Jake walk off with Cara and looks unhappy.

Angie tells David that all he cares about is practicing medicine again. David says he eventually will. Angie tells him that he will never have her support and she doesn't want his help or anything from him. Angie leaves and David follows her. David tells her to try and imagine actually seeing her daughter's face. David asks what if he can make that happen but she won't give him a chance. David tells her that would be a shame and walks off.

Frankie holds Lucy and shows her to a group of other doctors. Jesse walks in and they all clap for him as he smiles.

Maya arrives at the police station. She looks at her earring and then looks around the station.

Cara asks if she can share something with Jake without him getting upset. Jake agrees. Cara tells him she's been thinking a lot about Angie's baby and how it was a miracle. Cara asks if Jake noticed how weird Jesse's been acting. Jake thinks it's understandable. Cara tells him about what happened with the woman freaking out about her stolen baby. Cara thought Jesse was very inappropriate. Cara brings up how Angie passed out at the very end of her labor. Cara tells Jake about Jesse hesitating to give Angie the baby when she regained consciousness. Jake asks what she's trying to say. Cara says she's just wondering what if the baby isn't Angie's child.

Ricky talks to Kendall about preparing to go and asks what the problem is. Kendall says it's been a crazy day. Kendall brings up Diana using a fake name and then Griffin was acting all weird but he left. Ricky tells her to relax but Kendall thinks it's crazy and all started with Diana. Kendall opens her laptop to Google Diana Holden. Ricky doesn't think that's a good idea. Kendall searches her and finds out she worked with Zach's casino partners. Kendall wonders what she wanted from her.

Griffin comes back to his room at the Yacht Club and is shocked to find Diana's dead body in his bed.

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