AMC Update Wednesday 4/6/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 4/6/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Ryan and Greenlee are at home with Emma. Ryan's preparing Emma to go to the hospital but she doesn't want to go. Emma accuses Greenlee of wanting her gone so she can have Ryan to herself.

Madison and Scott are at home and Madison has a video camera. She tells Scott about wanting to make home movies for the baby. Scott helps show her how to use it.

Marissa and Bianca sit at ConFusion. Bianca tells her that she can't wait for this divorce to be over. Bianca tells Marissa that JR is at the bar looking at her. A bartender brings them drinks that they didn't order. She tells them that it looks like they've been working hard so it's on the house. Bianca asks Marissa how things are going with JR.

Griffin and Tad talk about Zach's casino partners at the hospital. Griffin says he needs to get this done. Tad tells him that he and Cara want to keep Griffin alive.

Diana talks to Kendall at Kendall's home. Diana promises to leave as soon as she has her car towed. Kendall gives her the phone and notices she's shivering, so she offers her some tea. Kendall goes to get it and Diana pulls a knife out of her purse and puts it in her boot.

Scott films Madison and tell her to talk to the camera. Madison wants him to turn it off but Scott jokes with her that he's doing a documentary. Madison says it's embarrassing. Scott tells her to talk to the camera like it's her daughter. Madison agrees to talk in to the camera talking to her baby. Madison stops and says she doesn't know what else to say. Scott encourages her to continue talking about her history. Madison talks about how she was going to do everything on her own until Scott showed up. Scott asks how she's feeling right now. Madison says she feels blessed and can't wait to meet her daughter.

Ryan tells Emma that Greenlee doesn't want her to go anywhere and just wants to be a family. Emma says she already has a family with Annie and that Greenlee hates her. Ryan and Greenlee tell her that isn't true. Ryan tells her that it was his idea to go to the doctor. Emma says Madison helps her so she wants to talk to her because she loves Madison. Ryan tells her they need to get moving. Greenlee insists that the doctor can help her feel better. Ryan tells her they can get ice cream. Emma finally leaves with them.

Griffin and Tad continue talking. Tad says they will take care of things together and they can figure out what's going on while Kendall's gone to the wedding. Griffin says that Reverend Dimples is going with Kendall. Tad laughs and says he calls him that too. Griffin notes that he doesn't like him but is glad since he's protective over Kendall. Tad thinks that he's a little upset that he's not going with Kendall. Griffin tells him that he chose not to go. Griffin insists that Tad and Cara should both accept that he can't get involved with Kendall. Tad thinks Griffin is not just a friend, but a bodyguard to Kendall.

Kendall brings Diana her tea and Diana tells her that the car tow is unfortunately going to be a while. Diana compliments her on the home and the picture of her family. She states that her husband is handsome and Kendall tells her that he died. Diana talks about living with her faith and church and asks if Kendall is religious. Kendall tells her about talking to the local minister who has been a help. Diana says sometimes those relationships can grow into something much deeper. There's a knock on the door and Kendall answers to see Ricky. Ricky says he was checking to see if she needed anything before they left and is surprised to see Diana inside. Kendall introduces Ricky to Diana who had claimed her name was Sheila. Ricky talks to Diana about her car. Kendall sees something of Diana's fall of the couch and she kicks it underneath. Ricky offers to check on Diana's car and he exits with her. Diana assures him that she can explain. Diana tells him they need to do something before she sells the casinos. Ricky says he will take care of it. Ricky grabs her and tells her to get out and never come near Kendall again. Ricky says they will talk about it later and Diana exits. Ricky goes back inside and tells Kendall that Diana is gone. Kendall says she had a weird feeling about her. Ricky thought she seemed harmless.

Marissa tells Bianca to never take a shower at your ex's house. Marissa just wants to be over JR and be good, safe, co-parenting friends but then JR starts talking and she starts falling. Marissa wonders if it's because she's afraid of being alone. Bianca says they had a very intense relationship and the memories can be powerful. JR comes up to them and joins them. JR tells them today marks two years of sobriety and credits Marissa for it happening.

Ryan and Greenlee bring Emma to the doctor. Emma hugs Ryan as Greenlee says they both love her. Emma goes with the doctor for her checkup. Ryan tells Greenlee that he hates that they have to be there. Greenlee says Emma just needs time. Ryan thanks her for being patient and hugs her. Scott and Madison walk in together. Ryan thanks Madison for calling right away when Emma was at her place. Ryan tells her about Emma being with the therapist. Ryan asks about Madison. Madison says she's just here for a checkup on the baby. Ryan offers for he and Greenlee to join them. Greenlee doesn't think they should interfere. Ryan brings up Emma being so close to Madison and thinking of each other as extended family. Madison tells him that they have it covered. Ryan reminds her that he does want to be a part of the baby's life.

Griffin tells Tad that he isn't Kendall's bodyguard. Tad reminds him that he took a beating to protect her. Griffin insists it was because of Zach's casino. Tad says again they will take care of whatever the problem and tells Griffin not to make a move until they do it together. Griffin agrees and Tad asks Griffin about the drugs being stolen from the hospital. Griffin says it sounds serious. Tad asks if he's seen anything suspicious since anything would help. Griffin says he wishes he could help but has to go see a patient.

Ricky tells Kendall that he will be back to pick her up in three hours. Kendall again mentions she thought Diana was weird. Ricky says he has a meeting and leaves. Kendall tells him that she'll be there and goes back inside. She goes to the couch and pulls out one of Diana's credit cards that fell. Kendall sees that the name is Diana Holden and realizes she lied about her name.

Madison is surprised that Ryan really wants to come to her appointment. Ryan thinks it could be great. Ryan talks about how Emma has made him start thinking a lot about family. Madison says they all want the best for Emma. Ryan thinks Emma needs something to hold on to and can never have too much family. Madison isn't sure what he's asking. Ryan gets that she wants to raise the child on her own but he's asking if Emma can be a part of the pregnancy and be excited about it. Ryan thinks it would be good for her. Madison says she'd be happy to spend time with Emma but isn't sure about all of them being one happy family. Ryan just wants to make sure the baby knows he's her father and that Emma and Spike are her sister and brother. Madison tells him they will talk about it. Ryan says that's all he could ask for. Madison asks if they want to come meet her doctor. Greenlee tells Ryan to go and she'll wait. Scott says the same and Ryan leaves with Madison.

JR tells Marissa and Bianca that this day is about remembering how good things were. JR tells Marissa that he didn't start living until he fell in love with her. JR says Marissa taught him how to live, fight, and win. JR wants Marissa to come with him to his meeting. Marissa says they have amazing memories but those belong in the past and they should both move on. JR wants to talk in private. Bianca starts to leave but Marissa says that Bianca doesn't have to leave. JR asks Marissa if she's afraid to be alone with him.

Kendall comes to the hospital and runs into Griffin. Kendall tells Griffin about Diana stopping by and asking questions about her family. Kendall talks to him about Diana being freaked out when Ricky showed up. Kendall shows him that she got her credit card and Griffin is surprised. Kendall tells Griffin that the name ended up being Diana Holden.

Diana is outside and Ricky comes up behind her. Diana tells him that he scared her. Ricky says he didn't want to do that.

Kendall asks Griffin if he knows the name Diana Holden. Griffin says he's never heard it before. Kendall wonders why she would lie. Griffin asks how Spike and Ian reacted. Kendall says they weren't there. Griffin reminds her that she'll be at the wedding and will forget all about it. Kendall tells him she has to go finish some work at Fusion. She thanks him for listening and exits. Griffin makes a call to Brot and says the threat they discussed earlier just paid Kendall to visit.

Ricky tells Diana that what she did was stupid. Diana thinks he's being stupid. Ricky tells her that he will find the evidence. Diana reminds him that he killed a man and could end up on death row and she won't let that happen. Diana says the only way to ensure they are safe is to get rid of Kendall. Ricky wants to take his chances. Diana tells him that she won't because she loves him and always has. Diana reminds him how they were together. Diana says they were unstoppable in bed and out. Ricky says she's right and that he's so sorry. Ricky says she's been right all along and kisses her.

Marissa tells JR that she's hardly afraid to be alone with him. JR moves closer to her and comments on her smelling good. Marissa states that he's pushing it. JR says pushing it would be trying to kiss her. Marissa tells him that she needs to get back to work with Bianca. Marissa tells him to find someone else to celebrate with. JR says he meant everything he said that without her he wouldn't be sober and have the rest of his life. JR exits and Marissa tells Bianca it was helpful to have her here. Marissa mentions that JR is helping by offering Reese that job. Bianca notes that Marissa just defended JR. Bianca offers to buy Marissa an early dinner but Marissa tells her she promised to see a movie with Scott. Marissa tells Bianca that she thinks the bartender has been eyeing her. Bianca thinks she's just a flirt and doesn't even know her. Marissa exits and stops by the bartender and tells her Bianca could use a refill.

Greenlee and Scott sit at the hospital. Greenlee talks to Scott about thinking he's uncomfortable with Ryan being in Madison's baby's life. Scott disagrees and tells Greenlee that she is the one that has a problem with it.

Ryan and Madison attend the appointment. They hear the baby's heartbeat and the doctor informs them they have a very healthy baby.

Griffin meets with Brot outside. Griffin tells him this can't be a coincidence. Brot says there isn't a crime here. Griffin tells him about Diana Holden having him beaten up. Brot will run a check on her. Griffin wants her hauled in but Brot says he can't do that. Brot says he will talk to the chief. Griffin thanks him for nothing and says he'll take care of it himself.

Ryan and Madison come back to Greenlee and tell her that the baby is perfect. Ryan talks about how incredible it is. Greenlee says it's great and that Emma will be done in minutes. Ryan and Greenlee exit. Scott comes back and asks Madison how it went. Madison says it was great and she thinks everything will work out. Madison hugs him and thanks him. Scott asks if she's okay and if he can do anything. Madison says she's just going to go home, watch TV and sleep. Scott offers to cancel his plans with Marissa but Madison tells him to go have fun. Scott kisses her on the cheek.

Emma rejoins Ryan. The doctor tells him that she'd like to see Emma twice a week now. Greenlee asks Emma if talking to the doctor made her feel better. Emma tells Greenlee that she told the doctor she doesn't want Greenlee to be her stepmom and she understood.

Tad meets with JR and congratulates him on his sobriety. JR asks him how the married life is. Tad says it's good despite being a little unusual. Tad tells him they are trying to make it work. JR adds in that he's been trying to make it work too. JR tells him that he knows he screwed up but still loves Marissa and he didn't realize until it was too late. Tad tells him to just believe in who he is and if they're meant to be they will be. JR says he's the only one that believes they're meant to be.

Kendall returns home finishing a phone call and puts down her stack of papers from Fusion. Kendall turns around thinking she saw someone outside. She pulls the door open and is relieved to see Griffin.

The bartender gives Bianca a refill and offers to join her for a glass. Bianca thanks her but says she isn't available. The bartender apologizes. Bianca tells her that she's just ending her marriage so is in no state to jump back into dating. She tells Bianca that when she is, she knows where to find her.

Scott and Marissa meet at the hospital. Marissa asks if Scott thinks two people can stay friends after being involved. Scott says it depends but that he has a great friend in Marissa. JR comes around the corner and watches them walk off together.

Ryan and Greenlee return home with Emma. Emma asks if the baby really kicked. Ryan and Greenlee joke with Emma about it and Emma laughs.

Kendall tells Griffin that he scared her as she decided to come home and finish some work before Ricky picks her up. Kendall asks why he's here. Griffin tells her it's about her heart as there are some issues she needs to be aware of. Griffin tells her that she could have some pressure on the plane and apologizes for scaring her. Griffin tells her he will stay and wait until Ricky shows up. Kendall tells him she's afraid that the woman, Diana, might come back.

Ricky and Diana are alone together. Ricky tells her they've had some amazing times together and she's been the best partner being loyal and fearless. Ricky says they've been a great team and understands what she was trying to do today. Diana is surprised. Ricky gets that it must be hard watching what's going on with him and Kendall. Diana admits it has been hard. Ricky wants to make things easier and kisses her. Diana mentions that it feels good being together like this again. Ricky grabs her and pushes her onto the bed, choking her. Ricky chokes Diana unconscious.

Kendall tells Griffin that he doesn't have to stay as she will lock the door and not let anyone in but Ricky.

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