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All My Children Update Tuesday 4/5/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Hospital) Jesse stands in the hallway and reads the note the baby’s mother left and then when Angie calls him back inside her room he puts the note in his pocket. Angie tells Jesse that it is time to take the baby home and the doctor is already doing the paperwork to release them from the hospital. Jesse thinks its too soon for Angie to go home but Angie tells him that she needs to learn how to take care of her baby at home and the sooner the better. Angie also tells Jesse that the mobility specialist is coming to help her at home tomorrow.

(Jesse and Angie's house) Tad, Cara, Jake and Amanda put together the baby furniture and Tad is surprised that Cara is so good with tools. Jake tells tad that Cara has always been good at fixing things and putting things together because she used to fix all the medical equipment when they worked on the field with doctors without borders. Amanda is a little annoyed with the conversation and changes the subject and starts talking about how special and scary bringing home a baby for the first time can be. Amanda then gives Jake a kiss so that Cara can see and Cara runs into the hallway crying. Tad follows and Cara tells him that she thought she was pregnant with Jake’s baby when they were working on the field but it turned out to be a false alarm and now she realizes she will never have a child of her own. Tad tells Cara that she is young and she could still have a child but Cara says that she has to be in the fake marriage for three years and after that she doesn’t think she will ever find a love like she once had with Jake. Jake knows that Amanda kissed him just to make Cara jealous and tells her that she has to stop with her paranoia about Cara because Cara isn’t a threat to their marriage. Tad tells Cara a corny joke to get her laughing and it works but Cara wants to cry so Tad holds her so that she can cry before she has to go back inside and pretend everything is okay.

(Erica’s place) Bianca tells Caleb that he shouldn’t have left that message on Erica’s answering machine and he should let Erica go because she intends to be happy with Jack. Bianca refuses to tell Caleb where Erica and jack are getting married and also tell him there will be tight security to keep uninvited guests out.

(Hospital) Kendall asks Griffin to go to Erica’s wedding with her as her doctor Griffin tells Kendall he appreciates the invitation but her tests show she is healthy so she doesn’t need him anymore. Griffin advises Kendall to take it easy and relax and let the nanny take care of the kids. Kendall looks disappointed and tells Griffin that she wanted to pay him back for the evening in the park he arranged for her because it was the first time she has enjoyed herself in a long time. Griffin smiles and tells Kendall that he is glad she had fun that night. Kendall also tells Griffin that the new lawyer she hired agrees that they should sell the casinos as soon as possible so he should have his money soon to expand the Miranda centers. A Griffin sound disappointed at the news but covers and tells Kendall that he hopes she has a good time at the wedding.

(Jesse and Angie’s place) Tad and Cara bring Chinese food and Jake tells them that they should go eat it downstairs at his and Amanda’s place and they can finish what needs to be put together there. Jake is bothered that Tad told Cara corny jokes to make her laugh because that is what he used to do when she was sad or mad at him. Cara takes the food to Jake’s place and tad apologizes to Jake because he didn’t mean to use something personal that he told him about his marriage to Cara. Jake tells Tad its okay because he needs to get to know Cara so that their marriage looks real. Jake still looks bothered that Tad and Cara are getting to know each other so well. Cara interrupts and tells Jake and Tad that the food is ready whenever they are ready to eat.


Diana calls Ricky from the park and he is outside Erica’s house she is in a panic because Kendall’s new lawyer is in a rush to sell the casinos and she tells Ricky that he had better stop Kendall from selling the casinos before her lawyer gets a look at the casino books. Ricky gets angry with Diana and tells her to stop pushing him because he will handle Kendall in his own way.

(Erica’s house) Bianca tells Ricky that Erica and Jack decided to get married in ST Bart’s so they won’t need him to perform the ceremony. Ricky tells Bianca he is disappointed but he understands and hopes that Erica will have a nice wedding. Bianca tells Ricky that she is worried because there is another man that cares about Erica and he won’t give up on her. Ricky tells Bianca to believe in the power of love and everything will work out fine.

(Tad and Cara’s place) Caleb arrives to see if he can get the location of Erica’s wedding from Opal but she won’t give him the information. Opal tells Caleb to let Erica go and walk away but Caleb tells her he is tired of walking away. Caleb sees the invitation to the wedding on the table and reads the wedding is in St Bart’s but he doesn’t see where on the island because Opal sits on the invitation. Opal tells Caleb she won’t tell him where the wedding is but Caleb says he will find it because it is a small island.

(Jesse and Angie’s place) The Hubbard family arrives home and Angie tells Lucy that she was sitting on the couch the first time she felt her kick inside her stomach. Jesse looks at the sonogram picture of baby Ellie and tells Angie that he is looking at the sonogram of the baby. Angie tells Jesse that the baby has changed a lot since that picture was taken.

(Jake and Amanda’s place) Tad, Cara, and Jake are eating Chinese food when Amanda arrives with four bags full of diapers. Cara tells Amanda they saved her some chicken because Jake said it was her favorite. Amanda tells everyone she is starved and then Tad gets a text from Jesse telling him they got out of the hospital early. Griffin arrives to talk to Tad just as everyone is headed to Jesse and Angie’s place. Tad tells Cara to go ahead with Jake and Amanda and he will be there soon. Griffin tells Tad that Kendall is going to St. Barts for Erica’s wedding and this would be a perfect time for them to set up a meeting with the Casino partners. Griffin tells tad he is worried that the next time they will come after him as well as Kendall. Tad tells Griffin that this time they will do this his way set up a meeting with Diana in a public place so they will be safe.

(ConFusion) Ricky tells Kendall that he was looking forward to being the minister who married Erica but now she is going to get married in St. Barts and he won’t be there. Kendall invites Ricky to the wedding since they have an extra room and he gladly accepts her invitation to the wedding as Erica’s minister. Kendall gives Ricky a hug and Diana watches from another table. Once Kendall is gone Ricky sees Diana and tells her that he doesn’t like her checking up on him and that they can’t risk being seen together. Diana tells Ricky that he must get rid of Kendall before she and her lawyer look at the casinos books. Ricky tells Diana that he just got invited to Erica’s wedding in St. Barts and he will be alone with Kendall, so he will have time to persuade her not to sell the casinos. Diane tells Ricky to stop having fantasies that Kendall will fall in love with him and they will get married because if she ever finds out that he killed Zach she will hate him.

(Jesse and Angie's place) Jake, Amanda and Cara arrive to visit the baby and Amanda sees the sonogram with the name Ellie and wonders why they changed the baby’s name to Lucy. Angie explains that the baby didn’t seem like an Ellie so they named her Lucy and Kept Ellie as her middle name. Jesse looks at the sonogram of Ellie for a few minutes then puts the sonogram in a drawer. Angie asks about Tad so Cara goes to their place to look for him and fins him still talking to Griffin in the hallway. Tad decides to head to Angie’s while Griffin tells Cara that Kendall invited him to Erica’s wedding in St. Barts but he said no because Kendall is his patient and his friend. Cara smiles and tells Griffin that it is the first time he has ever said that about a patient and she is proud of him for connecting to a patient on a personal level. Cara thinks that Griffin and Kendall are more then friends but Griffin tells her that he would never get involved with a patient. Griffin tells Cara that Kendall is fine now and she doesn’t need him anymore and he will be getting the money for the Miranda Center expansion so he will soon be leaving town. Cara tells Griffin he should think about staying in Pine Valley because it isn’t such a bad place to live. Cara invites Griffin to eat Chinese food with everyone, but he tells her he has to get back to the hospital.

(Jesse and Angie’s place) Tad talks to Jesse in the hallway and wonders if he is okay Jesse tells tad he is okay but he just feels tired from the traumatic way baby Lucy was born. Jesse tells Tad he checked into Cara’s background and knows that he married her to save her life. Tad apologizes to Jesse for not telling him the truth but he didn’t want to make him choose sides in the situation. Jesse tells Tad that he has already chosen to keep his secret and he understands why he did it because sometimes in life you do what you have to do. Cara still can’t believe that Lucy survived such a severe placenta abruption and Angie tells her that she has learned not to question a miracle. Jesse arrives back inside and tells everyone that he doesn’t want Angie to have to think about that anymore. Jesse also asks everyone to leave because he and Angie are tired.

(Erica’s place) Bianca tells Kendall that she is worried about Erica’s unresolved feelings for Caleb and Jack. Kendall tells Bianca to let Erica handle her own problems. Kendall tells Bianca she invited Ricky to the wedding since Griffin refused to go as her doctor because he gave her a clean bill of health. Kendall also tells Bianca that Griffin will be leaving soon because he will soon get the money for the Miranda center expansion project. Bianca thinks Kendall sounds disappointed that Griffin isn’t coming to the wedding and that he will soon be leaving but Kendall tells her that she and Griffin are just friends. Bianca tells Kendall that she won’t be able to fly out to ST Barts with her because she has to stay and take care of some business about the divorce but she will fly out the day after.

(Hospital) Ricky tells Griffin that Kendall invited him to Erica’s wedding and Griffin quickly points out that Kendall invited him first but he couldn’t go with her. Griffin tells Ricky it is good that he is going with Kendall because she shouldn’t go alone.

(Jake and Amanda’s place) Jake takes Trevor upstairs for his bath and Amanda asks Cara to only talk to Jake about hospital business at the hospital. Amanda also wonders why Cara is there and Tad arrives and tells Amanda that Cara is there because he asked her to be there to help Jesse and Angie.

(Jesse and Angie’s place) Angie awakens from a bad dream and asks Jesse where the baby is and he explains that he put Lucy in her basinet when she fell asleep. Angie tells Jesse she dreamed that she was reaching out to Lucy but couldn’t find her. Jesse tells Angie that he will always protect her and Lucy.

(Tad and Cara’s place) Cara tells Tad that she heard Jake talking to him about the bad joke thing and she understands that he wasn’t trying to use something from her marriage to Jake because bad jokes just come naturally to him. Cara tells tad that he is the best fake husband a girl could ask for and he has also become her best friend. Tad says the same about Cara and Cara gives Tad a hug.

(Jake and Amanda’s place) Amanda apologizes to Jake for how she acted today and Jake tells her that he chose her and loves her and not Cara. Jake gets a call from the hospital and has to leave.

(Kendall’s house) Diane knocks on Kendall’s door asking to use the phone because her car broke down and Kendall allows her inside the house.

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