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All My Children Update Monday 4/4/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Chandler Mansion) Marissa arrives to drop off a book for AJ and she is soaking wet because it is raining hard outside and JR persuades her to go upstairs and take a hot shower and change her clothes. JR reminds Marissa she still has some clothes there and tells her that he has a meeting so he won’t even be there when she finishes her shower. Once Marissa goes upstairs JR tells Asher to cancel his meeting and make up any excuse to get the meeting moved to tomorrow.

(Scott and Madison’s place) Scott comes home because he forgot some papers and is pleasantly surprised to find Madison wearing his shirt. Madison tells Scott that none of her clothes fit anymore and she feels comfortable in his shirt. Scott tells Madison that she can wear any of his shirts because she looks good in them.

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Ryan wants to make sure that Greenlee will be okay alone with Emma while he goes to visit Annie. Greenlee tells Ryan she will be fine and Ryan reminds Greenlee that if Emma asks why she couldn’t go with him to visit Annie she should tell her that he will take her to visit Annie as soon as the doctors say it is okay for her to visit. Ryan gives Greenlee a kiss goodbye and Emma comes downstairs as soon as she hears the door close. Emma wonders where Ryan went and Greenlee tells Emma Ryan will be back soon. Emma figures out that Ryan went to visit Annie and tries to catch up to him but Greenlee stops her and Emma gets mad at Greenlee. Bianca arrives and Emma asks when she can play with Miranda and Bianca promises they can play together soon. Emma heads upstairs and Greenlee tells Bianca that Annie really brainwashed Emma and now she hates her and once they used to be so close. Bianca advises Greenlee to give Emma time to adjust because she misses her mom very much. Bianca and Greenlee are talking outside so that Emma won’t hear them. Emma sneaks out of the house without Bianca or Greenlee noticing that she has sneaked out of the house.

(Scott and Madison’s place) Madison asks Scott out to dinner because she is tired of having microwave meals and she is jealous when Scott tells her that he has plans to go to the movies with Marissa. Madison tells Scott that JR told her that he and Marissa slept together and that they are more then friends. Scott explains to Madison that it was a long time ago and that both he and Marisa agreed that it was a mistake and now they are just friends.

(Chandler Mansion) Marissa comes downstairs after her shower and since JR is still there she asks Asher if JR cancelled his meeting. Asher nods his head yes and leaves because he doesn’t want to get in the middle of a possible argument between JR and Marissa

(Hospital) Angie awakens and can tell by Jesse’s voice that something is bothering him and she wants to know what is wrong. Jesse tells Angie he has been remembering their relationship and that her father didn’t approve of them. Jesse explains to Angie that everything he has ever done even when he pretended to be dead was to protect her. Jesse tells Angie that he never wants to cause her as much pain as he did when she thought he was dead. Angie tells Jesse that everything he has ever done has been out of love and he shouldn’t bring up the past now they should concentrate on the present and the future with Lucy. Brot is in the hallway talking to the police station to see if the fingerprints on the baby blanket match anyone in the hospital database and if they have found out anything about the earring pinned to the blanket.

(Chandler Mansion) JR tells Marisa that he can’t stop thinking about her and what a mistake he made throwing away their marriage. JR tells Marissa that he wants his family back together and he will d o anything to prove to her that he has changed so that they can have a relationship again. Marissa tells JR to stop saying these things to her because she doesn’t want to talk about this with him now.

(Scott and Madison’s place) Emma shows up for a vast with Madison and Scott finds out from Emma that she took a cab there and didn’t tell Greenlee and Ryan that she was coming to visit. Madison calls Ryan to tell him that Emma is there and how she got there and he thanks Madison and tells her he will be there soon to pick her up. Ryan calls Greenlee who is stunned that Emma sneaked out without her or Bianca noticing her. Greenlee tells Bianca what happened and Bianca explains that Emma is in a lot of pain and is taking it out on her. Bianca tells Greenlee about the time she burned Erica’s house because she found out about Erica’s affair with Jack and she didn’t want Erica and Travis to get a divorce. Greenlee tells Bianca that she has to do something to handle this situation with Emma.

(Maya’s place) Maya writes in her diary about her baby and cries as she recalls leaving the baby inside Brot’s squad car. Maya’s aunt comes in to yell at her about not doing the dishes or cleaning the apartment. Maya’s aunt demands that she get a job and help pay the bills. Asher arrives after Maya’s aunt leaves and tells her he just wanted to check and see how she was doing. Maya thanks Asher for his concern and explains that her aunt is demanding that she get a job. Asher tells Maya to go to the Chandler mansion and he will see if his boss can help her get a job. Maya thanks Asher once more and promises that she will go to the mansion and see about a job. Asher leaves and Maya starts to cry when she looks at her earring and remembers her baby.

(Scott and Madison’s place) Ryan tells Emma she can’t run off without telling anyone where she is going because that worries him and Greenlee very much. Emma yells that Ryan should marry Madison since she is having his baby. Ryan explains to Emma that he loves Greenlee and is married to her not Madison. Madison explains to Emma that Greenlee loves her very much and she is very lucky that she has so many people that love her.

(Chandler Mansion) Scott arrives just as Marissa is leaving and they quickly make final plans for their movie date later that night. Scott tells JR that Madison told him that JR had told her that he and Marissa had sex. JR tells Scott that he doesn’t want Marissa or Madison hurt and Scott tells JR to stay out of his life and learn how to handle his own life.

(Hospital) Brot talks to Jesse in the hallway and tells him that the fingerprints didn’t show up in any police database and the earring is easily found in any store. Brot tells Jesse that he has nothing to worry about because that little girl needed a home and she will have a great home. Jesse apologizes to Brot for getting him involved in this and Brot tells him not to worry he was happy to help him because they are family. Jesse tells Brot he is going to tell Angie the truth because he can’t lie to her for the rest of their lives. Jesse stands in Angie’s room and hears Angie tell Lucy that if she had died she would have died too because she couldn’t live without her.

David sees Brot in the hallway and Brot tells him that Angie and Jesse had a baby girl and David wants to congratulate Angie but Brot says the last thing that Angie and Jesse need is to see him. Jesse tells Angie that Lucy is beautiful and just where she is supposed to be a reporter arrives for a story and Jesse doesn’t want to talk to her. Angie happily tells the reporter about her miracle child and that Jesse saved them both. David overhears Angie talking to the reporter and arrives to congratulate Angie. Jesse leaves to talk to Brot about a case and David wonders how the baby survived such a severe abruption of the placenta and wonders why Angie hasn’t asked herself the same question.

Scott and Madison talk in the hospital hallway and Madison admits that she was a little jealous of Marissa and Scott admits to Madison that he has always been jealous that she is having Ryan’s baby. Scott tells Madison that these feelings for her snuck up on him and one day he realized that he wanted to rush home because she would be waiting for him. Madison admits to Scott that she likes to wear his shirt because it makes her feel closer to him. Madison doesn’t know when she began to care about Scott but she doesn’t want to put a label on their relationship they should just enjoy it. Scott kisses Madison and she kisses him back even though she is a little shy because everyone is watching them.

(Ryan’s place) Ryan makes Emma apologize to Greenlee and Greenlee tells Emma she loves her and was very worried about her. Ryan gets a phone call and Greenlee whispers to Emma that she is on to all her tricks because she has done them all before and she can try to push her away all she wants but it won’t work because they are family and you never give up on family.

(Park) Bianca thanks JR for offering Reese the job at Chandler even though she knows he did it to impress Marissa. Bianca will at least know if Reese’s job is more important then her family. JR tells Bianca that he really wants to put his family back together and he asks her not to get in his way by encouraging Marissa to stay away from him.

(Hospital) Jesse holds Lucy and cries as he tells her that he intended to tell Angie the truth but he couldn’t because Angie needs her too much. Jesse asks Lucy to light the way for him because he doesn’t know how he is going to do this and he promises he will love her and give her a good home.

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