AMC Update Friday 4/1/11

All My Children Update Friday 4/1/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kendall walks outside thinking about her dinner with Griffin. She smiles and has a flashback to Griffin giving her his scarf and continues walking. Ricky comes out from around the corner and watches her go.

Tad returns home to Cara, carrying a big teddy bear and balloons. Tad tells Cara that it's all for Angie and Jesse's baby. Tad jokes with Cara about it being a Taddy bear. Cara mentions she has to call Jake and then get to work then hurries to get ready.

Jake gives Amanda a foot massage. He gets up to get some coffee. Amanda answers a phone call from Cara. Cara asks if Jake is there but Amanda tells her that he's busy.

Jesse has a dream of telling Angie the truth and the baby being taken away. He wakes up from the nightmare at Angie's side. Jesse checks on Angie and tells her that everything's going to be fine. Angie wants to hold the baby again so Jesse gets her and brings her to Angie. Angie talks about how she should've gotten out of the house when Jesse wanted to. Angie tells him that she knew God would let the baby come healthy.

Kendall arrives at the hospital looking for Griffin. A woman tells her that he is busy but Kendall insists that she is expected. Kendall enters the hospital room where Griffin is. Griffin asks how she's feeling. Kendall says she feels great and mentions their dinner. Griffin is glad she had a good time. Kendall notes that it was for a good cause. Kendall brings up that she forgot to give him his scarf back. Griffin tells her to keep it and checks her heart. Kendall mentions that she hopes she didn't cut in line for his patients since she saw the woman outside. Griffin mentions that the woman wasn't a patient but someone who wants to go to lunch with him. Griffin tells Kendall that he might finally give in.

Jesse and Angie talk about who the baby looks more like. Brot comes in and asks them both how they are doing. Brot asks to borrow Jesse for a moment.

Jake and Amanda arrive at the hospital. They kiss and Amanda thanks him for everything. Amanda says she thinks it feels like it's getting as good as it used to be. Amanda kisses him and walks off. Cara comes up which causes Amanda to stop and look back. Cara tells Jake that it's been bugging her all night that she thinks something is wrong with Angie's baby being born. Cara asks Jake how the baby could survive a rupture that severe.

Brot and Jesse step out of the room. Brot asks him how he's really doing. Jesse tells him he's done more than he could ever ask for. Brot thinks it's all working. Jesse thinks they aren't upholding the law by lying to Angie. Brot says Angie deserves to be happy. Jesse tells him that if Angie ever finds out, it will kill her.

The baby starts crying and Angie calls out for Jesse but he's not there. Angie decides to try and get up herself to get to the bay. Angie manages to get up and picks up the baby, telling her that it's all okay.

Griffin asks Kendall if she's sleeping well. She says she is and doesn't need the help of a lantern either. Kendall asks how Griffin met the woman waiting outside. Griffin explains that she's a pharmaceutical rep named Sarah. Kendall notes that she's pretty. Griffin thinks she wants to make their relationship more personal but she's not his type. Griffin says Sarah is too intense. Kendall says again that she had fun with Griffin last night and was relaxed for the first time in a long time. Griffin jokes that his healing powers know no bounds. Griffin tells her she's almost 100% and he needs to get back into the field. Kendall thanks him for everything. Griffin tells her that he will let her know when her test results come in. Kendall exits, looks at Sarah waiting outside, and walks on.

Jake talks to Cara about Angie's birth. Jake mentions that his father told him to never argue with a miracle.

Natalia comes into Angie's room and is surprised that she is out of bed. Natalia takes the baby and Angie gets back into bed. Angie asks Natalia to get on the internet on her phone. Angie wants her to look something up for her.

Brot tells Jesse that the baby was put in his car for a reason whether it's fate or destiny. Jesse thinks it's just an excuse. Jesse thanks Brot for being a friend. Brot offers to do anything else. Jesse tells him to keep searching in case there's a family. Jesse wants Brot to dust the note for fingerprints and examine the earring. Brot asks what he's going to do if he finds something.

Kendall arrives at the Fusion office to find Ricky. Ricky tells her that he got baseball tickets and gives them to her for Spike and Ian. Kendall thanks him and notes there is four tickets. Ricky tells her he will tag along. He asks how her date was. She says that it wasn't a date but they had fun.

Cara tells Griffin at the hospital that he isn't looking too good these days and never stops. Griffin says he has to get things going with the Miranda Center. Cara suggests he sets up things in Pine Valley. Cara thinks stopping to take a breath isn't so bad. Griffin says he'll do that after saving the world. Griffin tells Cara it would take something big to make him put the brakes on now. Cara wonders if it could be the right person. Griffin tells her he's going to lunch and walks on.

Natalia joins Brot and Jesse. Natalia tells Jesse that Angie wanted him so he goes to rejoin her. Natalia hugs Brot.

Jesse comes in and Angie tells him that she was able to get to the baby all on her own. Angie tells Jesse that the baby doesn't feel like an Ellie even though they were so excited to name her after his mother. Angie asks if she looks like an Eleanor. They decide to make Eleanor her middle name. Angie tells Jesse that she had Natalia look up some names that meant light and wants to name her Lucille Eleanor Hubbard. Jesse likes it. Tad comes in with the teddy bear and balloons. Amanda comes in with flowers and Jesse tells Angie all about what they brought. Angie thanks them.

Kendall tells Ricky that last night was really eye opening and how Griffin helped her realize many things and refocus. Ricky asks if there's anything specific. Kendall tells him that she's firing her attorney so she can get the casinos sold and start her life. Ricky wonders if that's smart and asks about her health. Kendall tells him she just had a checkup and selling the casinos will make her feel better. Kendall thanks him for the tickets again. Kendall tells him she's going to the yacht club and will see him soon, then exits.

A nurse comes to Angie's room and says everyone needs to leave so she can give Angie a checkup. They all leave and Tad tells Jesse they'll go get coffee. Natalia wants Brot to tell her everything. Brot says there's not much to tell since she was already giving birth by the time he got there. Natalia tells him that he's still her hero and kisses him.

Tad asks Jesse if everything is alright since he sees something is bugging him. Jesse says he just feels like he ran a marathon. Jesse says he'll be the first to call if he needs to talk. Jake comes in with coffee and asks how they are. Jake asks if they've seen Amanda and they tell him that he must have just missed her. Jake goes to find her.

Amanda finds Cara at the hospital and asks her to give her some personal family time, citing her early morning phone call. Cara says it was work related. Amanda thinks that she could wait till work to ask. Cara says she's not threatening her relationship. Amanda tells Cara to remember which Martin she's married to. Amanda walks off as Jake watches from the doorway.

Griffin arrives to his room at the yacht club. Sarah follows him and tells him that he was just the man she needed. She has a bottle of champagne. Griffin tells her that it was just lunch. She tells him she can't open the bottle alone. Griffin opens it and tells her goodbye but she comes in anyways. Griffin tells her to drink it in her own room as Kendall walks up behind him and sees Sarah is in his room.

Ricky walks with Diana outside. Ricky tells her that Kendall is talking to Griffin about selling the casinos. Ricky tells her that he's got Kendall to agree to go to a game with him. Diana can't believe this and tells him it's time to end this.

Sarah tells Griffin that she wants to take things further with Griffin but he doesn't want to. Kendall comes into the room which surprises Sarah. Kendall pretends to be Griffin's girlfriend which causes Sarah to back off. Griffin goes along with it and Sarah exits the room. Griffin jokes with Kendall that he thought he'd have to pull the fire alarm to get rid of Sarah and thanks her for the assist.

Jake and Amanda return home and Jake wants to make her dinner. Jake tells Amanda that he saw her getting into it with Cara and wondered what that was about. Amanda says she was just laying down the rules since Cara had been intruding in their life lately. Amanda mentions about Cara calling early this morning and she hung up on her since they were having a nice morning. Jake is surprised to hear this. Amanda thought they were on the same page about Cara and asks if she's wrong.

Tad and Cara return home. Tad offers her food but Cara quickly says no. Tad thinks she's pissed off. Cara suggests he leave her alone but Tad wants to help. Cara says that Tad might think he knows her but he doesn't. Tad says he likes her and thinks she's a good person so he wants to help. Cara tells him that she came home so that she didn't blow up at work and yells for Tad to drop it. Tad laughs and Cara wonders why it's funny. Tad tells her that their whole arrangement reminds him of a story. Tad tells her a joke which gets her to laugh. Tad asks what's going on. Cara tells him she had a bad day. Cara says she digs his effort and tells him that he's a good man. Tad offers to help out another way if she helps him out. Tad says she's got a garage full of baby furniture. Cara remembers they wanted to put it together and says she's on it. Tad says he wants to be there for Jesse as he thinks the new baby thing is hitting him harder.

Natalia holds the baby at Angie's side. Jesse and Brot talk outside the room. Brot asks again what happens if someone wants the baby back. Jesse doesn't know.

Jake tells Amanda that she has to tell him if there's a hospital call since he's the chief of staff. Jake wants them to just be honest with each other. Amanda mentions that Cara calls a lot. Jake says she can't hurt them so Amanda should forget about her. Amanda asks what about him and there's a knock at the door. Jake answers and it's Tad and Cara. Tad hopes they aren't interrupting but they need the spare key since they have Angie and Jesse's nursery furniture. Tad says they could use some help and asks Jake and Amanda if they are up for it, insisting it will be fun.

Ricky tells Diana that killing Kendall is not an option. Diana thinks they can make it look like an accident. Ricky thinks people would get suspicious so he's dealing with her his way.

Kendall is glad Griffin is smiling since she wasn't sure if she did the right thing. Griffin thinks it was great. Kendall asks if he's sure. Griffin calls Kendall brilliant and she mentions it was fun. Griffin notes that Sarah left her champagne. Kendall says she's got to get back to work. Griffin thanks her for making it easier for him. Kendall tells him that she will see him later and exits. Griffin sighs and looks back at the champagne.

Jesse holds the baby as Angie sleeps. Sadly, he sighs and calls her name. Angie wakes up and asks Jesse what's wrong.

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