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All My Children Update Thursday 3/31/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jesse says he's sorry for losing the baby as he cries. Brot tells him it wasn't his fault. Crying is heard which surprises Brot and Jesse. Brot runs over to the box that was put in his car and finds a baby inside. Brot takes it out of the box and tells Jesse that someone left her in his squad car. Jesse is shocked as Angie wakes up asking for Ellie. Angie tells Jesse that she hears their daughter crying. Angie says mommy is here as Jesse cries and Angie wants to hold her baby.

Asher runs into the woman who put the baby in Brot's car. He asks if she's okay and realizes she's kind of out of it. She has a flashback to putting her baby in the box.

Griffin finds Cara at the hospital and says she can't avoid him forever. Cara thinks it was good to set him up with Kendall. Griffin tells her it's cool since it all worked out in the end. Griffin assures her it was not a date.

Kendall works at the Fusion office and Greenlee comes in to ask if it was really that bad. She asks if she got the answers she wanted from dinner with Griffin. Kendall says no but shows her some work she did to solve their marketing problem. Greenlee is surprised she did this all tonight. Kendall says she got a burst of energy and put it to great use. Greenlee smiles and says Kendall seems like herself and she hasn't seen that in a long time. Greenlee asks if Griffin caused it.

Brot puts the baby back in the box. Angie talks as if the baby is Ella. Angie asks why Jesse isn't saying anything. Angie asks where Ella is. Angie begs for Jesse to bring her her baby. Jesse takes the baby out of the box from Brot and brings her to Angie. Angie is happy thinking that it is their baby. Jesse asks Angie how she feels. Angie says she's much better. Jesse tells her he was worried. Angie can't believe he delivered the baby all alone. Brot's radio goes off and Angie wonders if someone else is there or if the ambulance came. Brot tells her he came in response to Jesse's call. Jesse tells Angie that he has to find the ambulance, so he steps out with Brot. Jesse asks Brot what he has done.

Asher asks if the woman was mugged because she's holding her stomach. The woman declines his offer to help. Asher says he's not leaving her in the park and wants to drive her home. The woman agrees and they walk off.

Greenlee asks Kendall for details on her dinner with Griffin. Kendall tells her how she now knows that Griffin is not selling drugs after tonight. Kendall thinks she put walls up so that she wouldn't feel unfaithful. Kendall states Griffin gets that so she thinks they can be friends.

Griffin talks to Cara about how he and Kendall talked about the night in the ambulance. Cara thinks they got deep and that it was a romantic evening. Griffin states it was just honest and reminds her that her husband just died. Griffin tells Cara that Kendall might not need him anymore since his part in this is almost done and then walks away. Cara gets a phone call and answers it.

Amanda gives Jake a massage at home. They kiss until Jake's phone rings. Jake answers and it's Cara. Amanda rolls her eyes. Cara tells Jake that Angie went into labor and didn't make it to the hospital. Jake tells her that he's on his way. Jake hangs up and informs Amanda as they exit together to get to the hospital.

Angie continues talking to the baby about how special she is. Brot asks Jesse what he's going to do. Jesse says that if he takes away the baby now it would kill her. Angie hears the sirens from the ambulance coming. Brot tells Jesse it's going to be here any second. Jesse cries and asks Brot to help. Brot takes the box and exits. Brot comes back in and Jesse doesn't know what to do. Brot says he'll take care of everything and now that baby will have a great home. Jesse hands Ella to Brot and he leaves. Jesse goes back to Angie. Angie tells him she is just wonderful. Angie calls the baby their blessing. Jesse tells her that he loves her so much.

Cara tells Jake and Amanda that all she knows is Jesse delivered the baby himself. Amanda kisses Jake and he walks on with Cara.

Kendall tells Greenlee that it sometimes feel like she just lost Zach yesterday and then it hits her hard that he's not there. Kendall says tonight wasn't so fresh, like maybe it slowly hurts less.

Angie is brought into the hospital on a stretcher. Jake talks with her as Jesse walks in with the baby. Cara checks on the baby. Angie is stretchered on and Jesse hands the baby to Cara. Angie is moved onto a hospital bed. Cara lays the baby down. Jake asks Angie how the childbirth was. Angie says to ask Jesse since she passed out. Cara notes the umbilical cord is off and Jesse claims he handled that. Angie tells them about her labor. Jake wants to do a full examination on Angie since she passed out. Jesse doesn't want to leave but Jake assures him that they will take care of the girls. Jesse kisses Angie and leaves the room. Jesse leans against the wall and sighs as Frankie and Randi arrive asking how Angie is. Jesse tells them that she's fine now. Frankie congratulates him and hugs him.

Back in the hospital room, Angie is holding the baby and Jake takes the baby for some tests. Jake takes the baby out and Randi and Frankie greet the baby. Jesse wants to go with Jake but he tells him it won't be long. Jake goes on. Randi and Frankie asks Jesse what it was like bringing the baby into the world. Jesse says it'll something he will never forget. Frankie wants to tell Natalia and wonders where Brot is. Frankie goes to call Natalia.

Asher brings the woman to her home and offers to stay with her. She tells him that she will be fine. Asher tells her that he works for JR Chandler and gives her a card, telling her to call if she needs anything.

Kendall arrives at Fusion and runs into Griffin.

Angie asks Cara when she thinks Jake will come back with the baby. Cara says it depends and wants to talk more about the delivery. Angie thinks she's worried. Cara feels her abdomen and Angie notes that it's extremely tender. Angie asks Cara what she thinks this is. Cara says she doesn't know but something isn't right. Angie tells her that makes her nervous. Cara says she discovered some clotted blood behind the placenta which is a significant amount. Cara says this indicates a clot in the uterus which is why she passed out. Angie thought the baby looked fine and thinks there should be signs of problem. Cara mentions that the baby looked perfect and thinks it's a miracle. Jake brings the baby back and says she passed all the tests. Jake gives the baby back to Angie. Angie asks if he is sure that everything is okay. Jake says everything is perfect. Cara tells him about the placental abruption and says it's incredible that the baby is fine. Jake gets paged and has to leave. Jake congratulates them and leaves. Jesse asks to be filled in on what exactly happened. Cara tells him that the placenta separated from the baby right before birth and she had to beat incredible odds. Brot joins them in the room. Angie tells Jesse that somebody must have really been watching over them since their baby is a miracle as Jesse and Brot look at each other.

Greenlee arrives at the hospital and Jake informs her that Jesse delivered Angie's baby. Greenlee says to congratulate them for her. Jake asks how she is. Greenlee tells him about the recent problems with Emma and that she hopes things will go back to how they were. Greenlee walks on and Amanda rejoins Jake, asking about Angie. Jake tells her that they are fine. Jake talks to her about being Godparents now. They kiss and walk on.

Griffin and Kendall sit together at Fusion. Griffin thought he dropped her off at home and Kendall thought he was heading back to the yacht club as well. They both say they were restless and ended up back here. Kendall tells Griffin about Zach's will and is confused at how long it's taking to sell the casinos. Kendall thinks the seller is stalling on purpose so she's going to fire him and get the casinos sold so he can have the Miranda Center money in no time. Griffin is taken back and says she doesn't mess around. Kendall thought he would be excited.

Natalia joins the hospital room and can't believe she has a baby sister. Natalia says it's another reason for her to come visit. Randi and Frankie join them as well. Cara leaves them and walks on looking concerned. Randi tells Angie they weren't prepared so they didn't bring anything. Jesse and Brot step out.

Griffin tells Kendall that he's excited but his mind is thinking about all the things he will have to do. Kendall says he can make his dreams come true. Griffin tells her that it's not his dream but it's the people in need's dreams. Griffin says first he has to get the communities on board with the project and then start building. Kendall notes that it sounds busy and guess they'll just be saying hi and goodbye. Griffin tells her that once he leaves, he probably won't surface for awhile. Kendall says she'll start interviewing lawyers tomorrow and says she's going to go. Griffin decides to stay and finish his beer. Griffin tells Kendall that goodbyes are pretty definite so they should make it a see ya later. Kendall says that works for her and she exits.

Cara arrives at Jake and Amanda's. Amanda tells her it's kind of late but Cara wants to talk to Jake. Jake asks if it's an emergency. Cara says it's hospital related. Amanda suggests they talk about it at the hospital. Cara promises it won't take long. Jake thinks Amanda is right and they can just do it tomorrow. Cara agrees and leaves.

Jesse asks Brot again about the mother dumping the baby in his squad car. Brot shows him that she left a note just saying that she wanted the baby to have a good home and there was only an earring attached to the blanket. Jesse can't believe it. Brot says he took care of everything. Brot tells him they should go now so they can get back before everyone realizes they are gone.

Randi, Frankie, and Natalia joke with Angie about who the baby looks like the most.

Brot and Jesse walk outside and Brot shows Jesse where he buried Ellie. Jesse asks to give him a moment and Brot steps back. Jesse gets down and kneels over the burial. Jesse mentions that he should've brought flowers like the daffodils that were Angie's favorite. Jesse cries and says that he is so sorry. Jesse says it wasn't supposed to happen like this and doesn't know what the reason for this could've been. Jesse asks God to take care of her now the way that he couldn't. Jesse tells Ellie how much she was loved as he cries again.

Randi, Angie, Frankie, and Natalia all talk about the baby as Jesse's voice talks over how much they loved her.

Amanda shuts the door and kisses Jake. Cara turns and leaves outside.

Kendall returns home and slowly shuts the door.

Griffin arrives at his room at the Yacht Club.

Greenlee returns home and sits down, looking at a picture of Ryan and Emma.

The woman that gave the baby away sits alone and cries.

Natalia holds the baby and gives her back to Angie as Frankie and Randi watch. Jesse returns to the room as his voice is the background telling Ellie that he will always remember her.

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