AMC Update Wednesday 3/30/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/30/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jack is surprised that Erica wants to get married tonight. She says the sooner the better. Jack reminds her they had a date and place set. Erica doesn't want to wait. Jack brings up how late it is. Erica thinks that makes it more romantic. Jack asks if she wants to surprise the world or just Caleb.

Caleb joins Bianca and Marissa at Fusion. They're surprised to see him out and ask what's with the look on his face. Caleb tells them that he saw Asher.

Asher comes home to the Chandler Mansion and JR asks how Colby is. Asher realizes it was JR that set up the date. JR says he thought he owed it to Colby. Asher says he guesses he shouldn't have accused Caleb.

Marissa steps away for a phone call. Bianca asks Caleb about his day with his son. Caleb tells her that he also had a date with Erica.

Marissa talks to AJ on the phone. AJ wants her to come kiss him goodnight. Marissa says she can't be there and puts JR on the phone. JR assures her that it was AJ's idea and not his.

Brot is sitting in his car, investigating a scene. He talks on the radio to a fellow officer who asks if Jesse is coming in today but Brot informs him that Chief Hubbard has taken the day off. Brot exits his car as a woman sneaks out of a storage closet with a box.

Jesse tries to help Angie as she's going through a contraction. Angie says it's different and not going away like a contraction would. Jesse wanted to get her to the car but Angie can't. Jesse sets her on the couch as she continues to be in pain. Angie tells him that he won't be able to get her out in time and she's going to have the baby now. Jesse wants to find a signal to call the hospital but Angie says there's no time. Jesse tells her that they will be fine. Angie talks about picturing this moment not being like this. Jesse assures her that it's just Ellie wanting to meet them faster. Jesse tells Angie to just keep breathing.

The woman who snuck out of the storage closet cries as she opens Brot's police car and puts the box inside then exits the area.

Erica tells Jack it's about them and not Caleb. Jack thinks it's about Caleb since she laid into Krystal for no reason. Erica brings up that Krystal was wearing his shirt and wanted to see him. Jack wants to know what happened between her and Caleb. Erica says she told Caleb that Jack is the only man in her life. Jack doesn't believe that she wants to get married now just out of love. Erica insists that she doesn't want to wait another day. Erica tells him that what they have is precious and amazing so they don't need an audience. Erica wants to wake up tomorrow as husband and wife. Jack stops her and Erica finally admits that it is about Caleb.

Bianca asks Caleb why he was on a date with Erica. Caleb tells her that Erica just wanted to remind him that they were business partners only. Bianca lets him know that he is the last thing Erica needs in the middle of her relationship. Bianca asks what's really going on.

JR tells Marissa again that this was all AJ and he wants her. Marissa agrees to be right over. JR hangs up and tells AJ which makes him happy.

Jesse gets frustrated that he can get a phone signal. Angie doesn't want him to go because the baby is coming. Jesse wants to get on the radio but Angie stops him. Angie tells him that she believes in him completely and knows that as long as he's there, everything will be alright. Jesse gives her his word, kisses her and puts a blanket over her as he promises to be right back then runs out of the room.

Marissa comes back to Bianca and Caleb and asks if something is wrong. Bianca says it's nothing that can't be fixed. Marissa says she has to go. Bianca offers a ride but Marissa says she has a car picking her up and that it looks like Bianca and Caleb need to talk. Marissa exits. Bianca wants Caleb to respect Erica enough to honor her relationship with Jack. Caleb doesn't expect Bianca to understand. Bianca asks if he thinks she's just going to dump Jack for Caleb. Bianca tells him that he doesn't know Erica at all.

Jack tells Erica he's going to pass on Caleb being the reason they get married. Erica brings up all that she and Caleb have been through and thought they had gotten to a good place. Erica calls Caleb an exceptional partner at work. Erica finds the work exciting and stimulating and doesn't want to give it up but Caleb thinks their relationship is more personal than professional. Erica says she's exhausted by Caleb and everyone asking why it took them so long to set a date. Erica says all hell has broken loose ever since they got engaged. They lost Zach, almost lost Kendall and Bianca's marriage has fallen apart but they are still here. Erica says there's nowhere else she'd rather be and that she's never been so sure. Erica doesn't want to spend one more day with Jack doubting her. Erica wants to prove how much she wants to be his wife again. Jack tells her that he understands and agrees to go prepare for a wedding tonight. Erica tells him she will meet him back here. Jack kisses her and goes to get ready. Erica grabs her things and exits.

The woman hides in the bushes and watches Brot get back in his car. Brot is surprised to see a box in his car.

Angie talks to her baby, Ellie, that they have come so far and tells her to hold on a little longer. Angie talks about giving up so much to hold this baby in her arms. She begs God to bring their daughter into this world unharmed as she cries.

Jesse calls in on the radio that Angie is in labor and he needs an ambulance now. Brot starts the car and drives off as the woman in the bushes cries.

Jesse rejoins Angie as an officer calls in that they only have one ambulance and it's on call. Jesse demands they get it here now for Angie. Jesse tells Angie to get prepared. Jesse mentions how they started their lives in this room and now are starting a new one in the same room. They talk about all the memories they will have and tell each other I love you. Jesse says next time he says that, she'll be holding their baby girl.

Marissa comes to the Chandler Mansion and AJ wants to show his new game. Marissa notes that JR was right and AJ was wide awake. JR assures that he wasn't behind it again. Marissa brings up that JR wanted Bianca to talk to her about trusting him. Marissa mentions that JR keeps pushing. JR says he's trying and she knows how he feels about their family. Marissa tells him to try harder and then notices a paper on the couch. Marissa is surprised to see that JR is offering Reese a job. JR says it's a contract proposal and he's just trying to help.

Jack is on the phone at Fusion and the judge says he's unavailable. Jack understands and says he'll find someone else to marry them. Jack spots Caleb at the bar and joins him. Jack asks him how his dinner with Erica was. Caleb says she's very entertaining. Jack agrees and asks if Caleb really told her that he'd wait for her. Caleb admits that he did. Jack tells him that the 20 years he spent on the mountain will feel like a blink of the eye compared to how long he'll wait for that to happen.

Erica comes home and is surprised to see Bianca there. Bianca tells her about running into Caleb tonight and that it sounded like they had an interesting night. Erica tells her they couldn't talk in a public place and then told him that she's only going to be with Jack. Bianca says Caleb didn't get the message. Erica informs Bianca that this is why they are getting married tonight. Bianca is surprised and doesn't' like the idea of a shotgun wedding just to send Caleb a message. Erica says it's not just that but she feels Caleb has kept trying because they kept postponing their wedding. Erica tells Bianca to be happy for her.

Jesse gets extra towels and pillows for Angie. Jesse tells her that the gas was still on in the house so he was able to boil some water. Angie starts pushing again and says this is it. Angie says she feels it. Jesse continues to prepare. Angie tells him she can feel her in the birth canal and needs Jesse to help. Jesse sees the head as the baby starts coming. Angie stops pushing and then passes out. Jesse tries to still get the baby out. Jesse gets the baby out and says they did it. Jesse puts the baby in the towel and realizes she's not breathing. Jesse tells Angie he needs her.

Marissa thought JR was done playing games. JR says he would tell her about it and thought it would be a nice surprise. Marissa asks how Reese getting a job is good for Bianca. JR thought Reese would jump at the chance since she's chosen work over her kids all the time. Marissa realizes that JR thinks it would make her drop the custody suite. Marissa wonders why JR went through all the trouble. Marissa tells him that she can win by herself. JR brings up that they just went through a divorce and didn't want Marissa to have to go through it again. JR says he can change himself but will never stop trying to help his family. AJ comes back down with a Toonopoly board game and asks for one game then he'll go to bed. JR says Marissa needs to get to sleep after a long day but Marissa agrees to play the game with AJ.

Erica reminds Bianca how spontaneous she and Jack are, like their around the world honeymoon. Bianca thinks she's avoiding the Caleb situation. Erica tells her that this is best for everyone. Bianca wonders if the sudden wedding makes Caleb fight even harder. Erica tells her to trust her. Bianca brings up knowing how in the past two men have fought over Erica. Erica tells her to go get some rest because she has a lot to do. Bianca tells her that by doing this, she'll just be letting Caleb know how much he gets to her.

Brot arrives at the house where Angie and Jesse are. Jesse continues trying to get the baby to breathe. Brot checks on Angie. Jesse tries CPR on the baby but there's no breaths or crying. Brot tries to talk to Jesse but he yells at him to get off as he cries over the baby.

Erica tells Bianca that she must be stressed from going through her divorce. Erica says she's marrying Jack and Caleb will get over it. Bianca thinks Erica doesn't get it. Erica understands how vulnerable Bianca is, so she's going to ignore how insulting this is. Erica tells Bianca that she's not marrying Jack to bait Caleb. Bianca wants her to go ahead with the wedding they have been planning. Erica thinks they've waited far too long as it is. Erica says it's their time now and they don't want to wait another day. Bianca realizes Erica won't change her mind. Erica says she's marrying Jack because she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Bianca hopes she means it and then exits.


JR, Marissa, and AJ finish their game with AJ as the winner. They joke around and the doorbell rings. JR notes he wasn't expecting anyone. JR answers the door and it's Caleb. JR asks what he wants. Caleb notes that Asher left something at Krystal's. JR says he's not here and offers to give it to him. Caleb holds on to it and Marissa asks if that's Caleb. Caleb asks JR what tricks he pulled to get Marissa there. JR says it was about their son. JR calls Caleb a quitter unlike him as he doesn't stop until he gets what he wants. Caleb tells him they might not be as different as he thinks.

Jesse cradles baby Ellie and cries as they have lost her. Brot tries to comfort him as Jesse talks about how they loved her so much and named her after his mom. Jesse cries as Brot insists that it wasn't Jesse' fault.

JR rejoins Marissa and AJ with the game. AJ wants to play one more game. JR laughs as Marissa says he's just like his father. Marissa's phone rings and she steps out to answer it. It's Bianca and she says she was just checking in. Marissa tells her she's at the Mansion. Bianca offers to talk her down from spending more time with JR. Marissa says she has it handled and will talk to her tomorrow. Marissa goes back to AJ and bets he can't win two in a row. AJ hugs Marissa as JR smiles.

Caleb arrives at Erica's but the housekeeper tells her she's not there as she's on her boat getting married.

Erica arrives back to the boat with candles lit. Erica unveils her dress as Jack comes out of the back room. Jack tells her that he's decided the wedding can wait. Jack wants it to be memorable so they are going to set sail where he marries her on the beach. Jack asks if she can wait a few days. Erica says full speed ahead. Jack picks her up and carries her back into the room. Erica left her phone on the table and it rings as Caleb was calling.

Asher runs into the woman that put a box in Brot's car outside.

Brot talks to Jesse about losing the baby and asks about Angie. Jesse notes that Angie passed out before he could tell her. Brot wants to help him. Jesse says he did everything he could. Jesse says he's sorry for losing the baby as he cries. Brot tells him it wasn't his fault. Crying is heard which surprises Brot and Jesse. Brot runs over to the box that was put in his car and finds a baby inside. Brot takes it out of the box and tells Jesse that someone left her in his squad car. Jesse is shocked as Angie wakes up asking for Ellie. Angie tells Jesse that she hears their daughter crying. Angie says Mommy is here as Jesse cries.

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