AMC Update Tuesday 3/29/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/29/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Abandoned Justice of the peace house) Jesse takes Angie to the house where they got married and they recall their wedding as flashbacks of the wedding are shown as they recall what happened and how nervous they were to be getting married.

(Tad and Cara’s house) JR brings Marissa home and they talk about how she got a flat tire and sprained her angle because she got so frustrated she kicked the tire. Marissa thanks JR for bringing her home and he tells her that he can stay since there is nobody home to take care of her. Marissa knows JR is just looking for an excuse to stay so she tells him that she will be fine and he should leave because she has an early day tomorrow. JR invites Marissa to go on a spring break vacation with him and AJ and she tells him that he never gets tired of banging his head against the wall with her and he says he just wants to put his family back together. JR is about to leave when Marisa gets call from Reese’s lawyer and Marissa asks JR to take her to Confusion to talk to Bianca and he is more then happy to drive her and they head to confusion.

(Chandler Mansion) Colby has the CD player turned up so loudly that the wall are shaking and she is singing the song that is on the CD player using a brush for a microphone. Asher arrives and wonders what is going on and Colby turns quickly and accidentally hits him in the nose. Colby turns the music off and explains to Asher that a follower of her blog sent her the song because it is great for getting your aggression out after a break up.

(Erica’s place) Caleb arrives he is surprised to see that Erica has set up a candlelit dinner for them because she thinks they need to talk.

(Yacht) Jack is in the dark because of a power outage on the dock and he sees a shadow coming toward him and tells her that he has been waiting for her and gives her a kiss. Jack pulls away and sees that he kissed Krystal not Erica and quickly apologizes to her for his mistake. Krystal tells Jack she understands and explains that she brought over some files that he forgot at the office.

(Chandler Mansion) Colby tells Asher that she loves her blog and feels very connected to her followers. Colby tells Asher she probably sounds dorky but Asher understands and is happy that she feels connected to her followers. Colby teases Asher about being part of the bachelor auction for the hospital and wonders who his sugar mama might be and tells him to have fun on his date. Colby tells Asher she is supposed to meet computer guy at Krystal’s restaurant to discuss problems at Chandler Enterprises.

(Erica’s place) Erica makes it clear to Caleb that she loves Jack and she intends to marry Jack she thinks Caleb is confused about his feelings for her because of all the things they went through together on the mountain. Erica tells Caleb that she is going to be his business partner an nothing more so he should find a way to deal with his confusion about her. Caleb tells Erica he waited twenty years to feel alive again and he isn’t going to give up on her because he knows that she has feelings for him too and he will wait until she is ready to face her feelings for him. Erica tells Caleb that what he is waiting on will never happen and he shouldn’t waste the rest of his life. Caleb gets up to leave and tells Erica that when she realizes she made a mistake with Jack all she has to do is call him.

(Yacht) Jack tells Krystal that Erica is having a talk with Caleb because Erica wants to make it clear to him that they can only be business partners Krystal leaves and misses the step because its dark and falls in the water. Jack brings Krystal back on the yacht and jokes that the dockworkers were more then happy to help her out of the water and then tells her to get out of her wet clothes. Jack gives Krystal one of his shirts to change into and once she has changed her clothes they have coffee and recall her clumsy fall in the water again.

(Abandoned house) Angie feels what she thinks is a contraction but tells Jesse it will go away its probably false labor. Jesse and Angie renew their wedding vows to each other and kiss and then Jesse wants to take Angie to the hospital but she tells him babies take a long time to arrive and she wants to stay in the house a little longer.

(ConFusion) Marissa tells Bianca that Reese’s lawyer called and he plans to dig up dirt from old tabloid stories about Erica to make her look like she is not a woman of character and therefore isn’t fit to raise her children. Marissa tells Bianca that she can win the case and help her keep custody of her girls bit she has to fight dirty. Bianca gives Marisa permission to do what she has to do and Marissa heads out to make some calls and JR asks Bianca to persuade Marisa to trust him again. JR leaves to take care of some business and Bianca tells her what JR wanted her to do and Marisa thinks JR is relentless. Marissa tells Bianca that she needs some time alone without a relationship and Bianca promises to help Marissa if she feels like having a relationship before she is ready for a relationship again.

(Krystal’s ) Colby sits alone because the computer guy she was supposed to meet never arrived and Asher arrives and assumes that she is his date. Colby tells Asher she didn’t bid on him and Asher tells her they have been set up and he will take care of the person he thinks is responsible. Colby leaves because she tells Asher that he isn’t Damon and she can’t go out with him because she hasn’t forgotten about Damon yet. Caleb arrives and Asher thinks that Caleb set him up on the date with Colby. Caleb tells Asher he would never do that to him and Asher tells Caleb that his date didn’t go well because Colby isn’t over Damon yet. Caleb advises Asher that if he has feelings for Colby he shouldn’t give up on her and wait until she is ready to date.

(Yacht) Erica finds Krystal in Jack’s shirt talking and laughing and Krystal explains that she fell in the water and Jack was kind enough to let her borrow one of his shirts . Jack leaves to take a call from a client and Erica tells Krystal that she fell in the water on purpose as a way to get closer to Jack. Erica reminds Krystal that she and Jack will be getting married soon so she shouldn’t waste her time trying to get close to him anymore. Once Krystal is gone Erica tells jack that she wants to get married tonight because she can’t wait to be his wife.

(Chandler Mansion) Colby advises her blog readers to lock up their hearts for good because that is the only way to protect them from being hurt.

(Abandoned house) Angie gets a sharp pain in her back and stomach and tells Jesse she thinks the baby is coming right now.

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