AMC Update Monday 3/28/11

All My Children Update Monday 3/28/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Juanita

(Krystal’s) Angie tells Krystal she is excited about the baby and they talk about all the preparations and Krystal tells her about her experience being pregnant with Bane and Marissa. Krystal goes in the back to get something and Angie tells herself that she is scared about the baby. Jesse arrives to take Angie to her baby shower and Angie tells Jesse that she doesn’t feel like going but when Jesse mentions canceling plans she changes her mind and decides to go to the shower.

(Jake and Amanda’s place) Jake and Amanda pick pictures to put inside a photo album, which chronicles Jesse and Angie's relationship. Tad arrives and tells Jake and Amanda that Cara is on date with Ricky because she placed a bid on him to raise money for the hospital. Amanda wonders what would happen if Cara met a man she liked during her 3 year fake marriage to Tad and both Tad and Jake tell Amanda that even if that happened Cara wouldn’t act on her feelings because she wouldn’t risk immigration finding out the truth about her marriage to Tad.

(ConFusion) Ricky is confused because he knows Cara is married to Tad. Cara tells him that Tad knows and approves of what she is doing. Cara explains that she bought the date on behalf of three older ladies who are patients of hers and could use a handsome young visitor to cheer them up. Ricky agrees to spend time with the ladies to see if he can get information about Griffin from Cara.

(Outside ConFusion) Griffin tells Kendall that he didn’t want to go out on a date with her either and got Cara to bid on him so that she wouldn’t win. Kendall is hurt by Griffin’s words and starts too leave but Griffin stops her and promises he will turn their disastrous date into a fun non date because Kendall had told him earlier she just wanted to get out of the house and have some fun. Kendall tells Griffin that she has got to see him fix this mess and she goes with griffin to his car and they drive away.

(Fusion) Brot tells Frankie and Randi that he thinks Natalia is getting too wrapped up in her job because she forgot to send a present for the baby shower. Natalia arrives and surprises Brot by telling him that she wanted to bring the present to Angie herself. Brot is thrilled to see Natalia and Frankie and Randi give them some time alone together.

(Park) Kendall calls Greenlee in a panic because everyone turned her fun non-date with Griffin into a date and now she is nervous about it. Griffin arrives with some of Cara’s clothes he keeps in his car in case Cara ever needs to change her clothes. Kendall puts on Cara’s sweater and boots because she isn’t dressed for a cool night in the park.

(Jake and Amanda’s place) Tad, Jake and Amanda present the photo album to Jesse and Angie and explain to them that it tells the story of their relationship in pictures so they can show it to Ellie when she gets older. Jesse flips through the album and tells Angie which pictures he is looking at and she smiles as she remembers the moments. Brot, Frankie, and Randi arrive while Natalia comes in the door last as a surprise to Jesse and Angie. Everyone hugs and they tell Natalia how much they have missed her and she gives Angie her present for the baby.

(Park) Kendall and Griffin continue their non-date and Kendall asks Griffin how things are going at the hospital and he says things are fine then a chef arrives with bags of food from a French restaurant and explains to Kendall that Griffin saved his life so the least he could do was bring the food out to the park for him. Once the chef is gone Kendall asks Griffin how he was so sure that he would save her life when he performed her operation in the ambulance. Griffin explains that he just had a picture in his mind of her coming home to her boys and giving them a hug. Griffin tells Kendall that that is why he promised her she wouldn’t die because he wasn’t going to let her boys lose their mother so soon after they had lost Zach.

(Jake and Amanda’s place) Frankie begins the toasting by toasting his mom and telling her that she is the best mom then everyone in the room takes a turn at toasting Angie and all her other friends in the room basically say the same thing that she is a strong woman who doesn’t complain about her blindness she simply is joyful about her baby coming into the world soon. Angie is overwhelmed by all this admiration from her friends and family especially when she has been scared that she wouldn’t be a good mother now that she is blind. Angie starts to cry and goes outside and Jesse follows her.

(Outside Jake and Amanda’s house) Angie admits to Jesse through her tears that she won’t be able to protect the baby from a danger that she can’t see. Angie thinks that she made the wrong decision by keeping the baby. Jesse tells Angie that he will be there with her and that all the years they have been together she has been the strong one and now it’s his turn to carry both her and the baby so that she doesn’t have to worry.

(Jake and Amanda’s house) Everyone decides to take shifts helping Angie and Jesse take care of the baby an when Angie and Jesse come back inside they tell them what they have all decided to do. Angie is overwhelmed by everyone’s love for her and Jesse and cries as she thanks them all for everything.

(Hospital) Cara tells Ricky that Griffin is checking in on Zach’s casino partners because he feels protective of Kendall and admits that she is worried Griffin could be in danger. Ricky advises Cara that if she feels this way she should tell Griffin to stay away from Kendall and the potentially dangerous casino partners. Cara tells Ricky that he is jealous because Kendall bid on Griffin instead of him and she won’t tell her brother to stay away from Kendall because she thinks they are good for each other. Cara thinks that Ricky isn’t acting like a minister and maybe he should back off from Kendall. Tad arrives and tells Cara he came to take her home and Tad can sense the tension between Cara and Ricky.

(Park) Kendall tells Griffin that she admires how he is always prepared carrying Cara’s clothes in his car if she should ever need them as well as a lantern in case he should get stuck on the road somewhere. Kendall also tells Griffin that she feels like she is trying so hard to make life normal for her boys and herself but she feels like she is failing at her attempt at a normal life. Kendall tells Griffin that she hasn’t been able to sleep in her room with the lights off since Zach died. Griffin thinks Kendall is doing a great job and explains that everyone handles grief in their own way and she shouldn’t rush herself past her feelings. Griffin tells Kendall that he knew she wasn’t ready to go out and that is why he asked Cara to bid on him. Griffin tells Kendall that she is very strong and even though she didn’t feel ready she went out anyway. Griffin tells Kendall he watched his mom struggle when his dad left them to raise him and Cara alone and his mom did what she had to do for her kids and that is what Kendall is doing too. Griffin also tells Kendall that he watched Cara fight for her life against leukemia at such a young age and admired her strength and if they did it Kendall can do it too. Griffin’s voice catches a bit in his throat as he talks about his mom and sister and Kendall decides that she is going to visualize in her mind the life she wants for herself and each day she will do her best to make sure that her vision comes true. Griffin wonders if Kendall has any more questions for him and she tells him that she has found out everything she needs to know.

(Krystal’s) Natalia thanks Brot for being there for Jesse and Angie and he explains that Jesse is like a father to him and he thinks of Jesse and Angie as family. Natalia tells Brot it’s been hard being away from her family and she couldn’t have done it without his support. Brot tells Natalia he knows that their long distance relationship is temporary and he pictures them waking up together soon once she has finished what she feels she has to do. Natalia is touched by Brot’s love for her and they share some of their favorite French fries before they kiss.

(Fusion) Randi stop in to pick up some files and she kisses Frankie just because she feels like it and then apologizes to him. Frankie tells Randi she should never apologize for kissing him and they make love in the elevator.

(Tad and Cara’s house) Cara tells Tad that Ricky doesn’t act like a minister and Tad apologizes for acting like a Neanderthal when she was with Ricky but he had a feeling they needed to leave. Cara smiles and teases Tad saying that he was jealous. Cara then gives Tad his thank-you present. Tad is touched when he opens the present, which are some rare vinyl 45 records. Tad wonders how Cara knew what kind of records he liked and she tells him that she saw his turntable in the basement with his records and she thought he might like these.

(Jake and Amanda’s house) Amanda hopes that she and Jake can have a marriage like Jesse and Angie’s someday. Jake thinks they are slowly getting to that kind of marriage and tells Amanda they are going to fill lots of wedding albums. Jake smiles and gives Amanda a kiss before they finish the aster party clean up.

(Outside Kendall’s house) Griffin offers to let Kendall borrow his lantern to chase away the shadows but Kendall tells Griffin she won’t need it tonight. Griffin smiles and tells Kendall he had a nice time. Kendall thanks Griffin for the nice time and goes inside the house. Kendall takes off Cara’s sweater and boots and plops on the couch as Ricky watches her from his hiding place inside the house.

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