AMC Update Friday 3/25/11

All My Children Update Friday 3/25/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marissa is at the hospital and looks at the auction bidding wall. Amanda walks up and asks Marissa if she's making her selection. Marissa says the hospital has interesting ways of making money. Amanda encourages her to make her choice. Marissa says she'll donate to charity but doesn't want to bid. Amanda suggests she bid on JR and thinks it will make AJ happy. Marissa doesn't think it will be a good idea. Amanda tries to convince her and Marissa realizes that JR put her up to it.

Ryan takes Emma to Krystal's and offers her ice cream. Emma just wants to go home. Ryan wants to make the best of it. Emma wants to go to the kitchen but Ryan doesn't want her to go alone. Emma says she knows everyone here. JR turns around and acknowledges them. Ryan sends Emma with a waitress to the kitchen. JR asks Ryan about Emma. Ryan asks how he thinks she's doing. JR says he's glad Emma is home and Annie is now at Oak Haven. JR says he plans on keeping tabs on Annie and offers to do anything else. Ryan tells him to stay away from Annie, Emma, and his entire family altogether.

Scott and Madison are at home. Scott asks Madison why she looks at magazines with pictures of tasty foods when all they have here is pasta and chicken. Madison asks what he wants for dinner. Scott tells her there's a thin possibility that she will be solo tonight since he got roped into the bachelor auction. Madison comments that it sounds fun but thinks Scott looks grumpy about it. Scott says he's amused but doesn't think the ladies will be lining up to date the ex felon. Madison says if she could afford it, she'd bid in a heartbeat.

Kendall and Greenlee work at the Fusion office. Kendall tells Greenlee that she put a bid in the bachelor auction. Greenlee is surprised to hear Kendall is going on a date.

Griffin talks to Cara at the hospital about going on a date from the bachelor auction. Cara thinks he should've gone on a first date with Kendall. Griffin reminds her that anything resembling a date would be a mistake since Zach just died. Griffin thanks Cara for outbidding her and walks on.

Kendall tells Greenlee that it's just dinner with Griffin. Greenlee doesn't want her to act like it's no big deal since he's a gorgeous doctor who saved her life. Kendall agrees and admits it is a big deal.

JR tells Ryan that he doesn't have a problem with him or his family. Ryan thinks that's good cause he won't have a problem staying away. JR admits he didn't do enough but wants to make it right. Ryan tells him not to fight him on the fact that he took JR off Annie's contact list. Ryan tells him to leave it to the professionals because any contact with him will make things worse. JR says if that's what he wants. Ryan says that's what he wants from Emma. JR thinks Annie deserved some compassion. Ryan tells him that Emma deserved to be safe and sometimes everyone doesn't get what they deserve. JR thinks that's a good thing.

Amanda tells Marissa about how she just started working for JR but hears him all of the time that he talks about Marissa and AJ. Marissa thinks JR is just feeding her lies. Amanda wants her to go to dinner and talk to let JR try and make up for his mistakes. Cara walks in and Amanda asked if Marissa is going to bid. Cara tells her to hurry because she's finalizing the auction. Marissa makes a bid and tells Amanda she made a big one. Amanda thinks she made the right choice.

Scott tells Madison that he don't think he will get bid on. Scott gets a phone call from Cara. Cara tells him that he's been bid on in the auction and that he needs to get ready because his date will pick him up. Scott talks to Madison about wondering who it is. Madison claims she knows that it's a worker at the hospital. Scott jokes with Madison about wanting to do better. Madison thinks it'll be fun. Scott wants to get out of the date.

Kendall looks at the computer at Fusion and sees that she won the bid for Griffin. Kendall looks uncomfortable. Greenlee tells her that she didn't want the date to sound like a bad thing. Kendall says she's nervous and then tells Greenlee that the date is more for information. Kendall tells Greenlee that tonight she's going to find out what is going on with Griffin. Kendall and Greenlee sit down and Kendall has her promise not to tell anyone. Kendall says she's been dying to talk to someone about it. Greenlee is surprised that Bianca doesn't know. Kendall didn't want to put it on her with everything she's going through. Kendall tells Greenlee about Ricky finding out that the drugs are being sold on the streets. Greenlee asks if she thinks Griffin is dealing. Kendall makes Greenlee promise not to fire Griffin and then tells her about Griffin stealing the drugs to send overseas. Kendall feels responsible for it because Zach's whole reason to sell the casinos was to do something good with the money but Griffin doesn't have the money because the casinos weren't sold. Kendall feels like she drove Griffin to steal. Greenlee asks what it has to do with the drugs on the street. Kendall tells her about Griffin being beaten up with bruised ribs and she doesn't believe his story. Kendall tells her the worst part is that Ricky told her the drug dealer was beaten up the same night as Griffin and they had a similar look. Kendall says she doesn't know Griffin that well since he won't let her but wonders if he's in over his head and in with the wrong people. Kendall tells her that she doesn't want it to be true since he saved her life. Greenlee asks if she has feelings for him. Kendall says it's crazy and has to go find Griffin. Kendall gets up and Greenlee wishes her luck as she leaves.

Cara runs into Ricky at the hospital. Cara tells him that his highest bidder will meet him at Confusion at 7:30. Ricky has a feeling he knows who it is and Cara lets him know that he will find out for sure tonight. Cara exits and Ricky walks on then runs into Griffin. Ricky asks if he's okay. Griffin claims to go a little overboard at the gym. Griffin says he saw Ricky on the auction board and asks if he has a big date tonight. Griffin tells him to hold off on the excitement until he finds out who it is. Ricky says he has a feeling who it is and thinks it's Kendall. Griffin asks if God approves of him doing this. Ricky tells him God has his back on this one. Griffin says that's good to know and walks off.

Scott tells Madison that he should call in sick. Madison encourages him to go have fun. Scott tells her he will go with plan B and scare his date away with prison stories.

Amanda comes to the Chandler Mansion and JR asks if she talked to Marissa. Amanda says she really tried. JR knows how hard it is to push Marissa into something she doesn't want to do. Amanda says she may have pushed a little too hard as Marissa bid on someone else to back her off. JR wonders who it is.

A knock on the door is heard and Scott answers it to see his date is Marissa. Scott is surprised as Madison looks upset. Scott leaves with Marissa.

Griffin has a knock on the door at his hotel room. He remarks that it's early and he opens the door shirtless to see Kendall at the door.

Madison puts food in the microwave and there's a knock at the door. She answers to see JR. JR asks if Scott is home but Madison tells him he's out. JR asks where he and Marissa are. Madison doesn't know. JR says he should've known this would happen. Madison says Scott and Marissa are just friends. JR asks if she and Ryan were just friends when she got pregnant. Madison says it's different situations. JR says they aren't as different as she thinks.

Scott and Marissa have dinner at Krystal's. Scott toasts to her, thanking her for bidding on him so that it wasn't anyone else. Marissa wonders who he thought it would be. Scott says he was expecting someone less beautiful and asks how this came about. Marissa tells him that they have Amanda to thank since she bid on him instead of JR to shut her up. Marissa lets him know how expensive he was since she had to outbid several hospital workers. Marissa lets him know that Cara said he came in second. They toast to second place.

Greenlee comes home and asks Emma where Ryan is. Emma says he's going to call to check on Annie and she can't wait to see her. Greenlee thinks it will be a while before Annie can have visitors. Emma shouts that she doesn't want Greenlee's help and she wants to see her mom. Greenlee tells her she loves her and reminds her they were buds. Emma says not anymore and never again. Ryan comes down the stairs and asks what's going on. Emma runs to him and hugs him, asking him to get Greenlee away from her.

Ricky meets Diana at Fusion and tells her she needs to go now. They step aside as she asks what his problem is. Ricky tells her that his date is arriving soon so he doesn't need her hanging around. Ricky tells her that she's starting to annoy him because he's trying to get Kendall to turn on Griffin. Diana thinks it's unnecessary but Ricky disagrees. Diana asks him why he's trying to get Kendall to fall in love with him.

Kendall comes in and says they're just going to dinner but thought Griffin would wear a shirt. Griffin tells her he was going to take a shower and wonders what she's doing here. Kendall tells him that she was the highest bidder and that he was the most expensive. Griffin is surprised and continues getting ready. Kendall leaves and Griffin calls Cara. Cara figures that Kendall upped the ante at the last second. Griffin tells Cara that she's going to pay for this and she tells him to have fun. Kendall comes back in and asks why he's not wearing a shirt still. Griffin wanted to know what shirt to wear and Kendall says any that is nice and long sleeved. Kendall asks if his bruises still hurt. Griffin insists that it's fine. Kendall asks if he's worried that he'll still come after him. Griffin states that if he does, he'll handle it. Kendall asks him about the hospital and Griffin says everything's fine. Griffin chooses a shirt and goes to put it on as Kendall looks worried.

JR tells Madison that Scott and Marissa had slept together in the past. Madison is confused as to why JR is telling her. Madison says it's in the past. JR asks how he looked when he realized it was her. Madison looks away and her food finishes in the microwave. JR exits.

Marissa jokes with Scott about their date. Scott tells her the dinner is amazing and the company wasn't bad either. Marissa says she had a good time too and asks how he's doing with the whole living with Madison while she's having Ryan's baby thing going. Scott doesn't think it's so complicated and says he should probably get back to Madison. Marissa realizes he really cares about her. Scott then reminds that she's having Ryan's baby and will be connected for life.

Emma tells Ryan that Greenlee keeps saying she can't see Annie and accuses Greenlee of trying to replace Annie. Ryan promises Emma to take her to see Annie when she can have visitors. Ryan tells Emma to understand that he and Greenlee are married and they're a family. Emma says they aren't and storms off upstairs.

Kendall arrives at Fusion. Ricky sees her and tells Diana that she's here. Griffin walks in behind Kendall and Diana jokes that he's sold to the widow that doesn't mind dating the drug dealing doctor.

Greenlee asks Ryan how Emma is doing. Ryan says she's angry and just needs to sit with her feelings for awhile. Ryan thinks Annie did a number on Emma but doesn't want to let Emma pit them against each other. Ryan thinks they are doing great. Greenlee doesn't think Emma would agree. Ryan says they love her but don't have to give her everything she wants if it isn't right for her. Greenlee jokes with him that she got everything she wanted when she was growing up. Ryan apologizes and Greenlee states it makes her love him more since he loves and appreciates his daughter. Greenlee says eventually Emma will realize she has the most incredible and generous dad. Greenlee kisses him and they hug.

Madison lies in bed reading and hears the door so she turns the light out and pretends to be sleeping. Scott comes in and tries to be quiet but trips over a box. Scott crawls into bed next to her and says he hopes he didn't wake her. Scott smiles and whispers to her that he knows what she looks like when she's sleeping and this isn't it. Madison rolls over and laughs.

JR comes to Krystal's and sees Marissa and claims he didn't know she'd be there. Marissa tells him not to worry since Scott already left. Marissa figures his spy, Amanda filled him in. JR acts confused and Marissa tells him that she knows all his tricks. Marissa asked why he wasn't on date from a bid. JR says he made up a fake name to get out of the date so he could come see Marissa.

Griffin and Kendall sit down together at Fusion. Griffin asks what kind of water she wants. Kendall says this is fine.

Ricky asks Diana what he has to do to make Kendall turn on Griffin.

Randi comes to Fusion and joins Kendall and Griffin. Randi states that it's so good to see her out on a date and having fun. Kendall assures her it's not a date. Randi talks about how she's sure it was difficulty at first but it's good that she's taking the plunge with the hot doctor who saved her life. Kendall tells her she's just doing it to donate money to the hospital. Randi doesn't believe her and walks off with a smile. Griffin tells Kendall that if it makes her feel better, he didn't want to go on the date either and actually did everything he could to get out of it which makes Kendall sit back unsettled.

JR tells Marissa he loves how she never lets him get away with anything. Marissa wonders why he keeps trying. JR says he won't anymore and is a brand new man. Marissa claims he says that every 2 seconds. JR says he won't pretend like he doesn't want her back because he does but he won't do anything shady to make it happen. Marissa says she'll hold him to it and JR says he's counting on it.

Madison asks Scott how he knew she wasn't sleeping. Scott jokes with her and says she does a funny breathing thing when sleeping. Madison says he talks in his sleep. They joke about it and Madison says they are both weirdoes then. Scott says they are weirdoes together but thinks Madison waited up. Madison tells him he came home early. Scott admits this is where he wanted to be.

Ryan and Greenlee sit together at home and Ryan says they will get through this and be one big happy family. They joke about Greenlee having her own pony when she was little. Ryan suggests maybe Emma will get lucky one Christmas. Greenlee says that she already is and they kiss as Emma comes around the corner and glares at them.

Ricky tells Diana this is unbelievable. Diana asks who his date is since Kendall is with Griffin. Ricky tells Diana to go. Diana tells him to have fun with whoever she is and leaves. Ricky walks on and Cara comes up and asks if he's ready for their date.

Griffin tells Kendall that he asked Cara to get him out of the date. Kendall thinks he didn't want to hang out with her. Griffin says that's not what he meant but she just said it wasn't a date. Kendall says it wasn't supposed to be but now they are here, together and dressed up with everyone staring like they're a couple. Kendall says Griffin doesn't want to be here and calls herself an idiot, wondering who would want to go out with the local grieving head case. Griffin tries to fix his words, saying that isn't what he meant and Kendall rushes off. Griffin goes after her and tells her not to go.

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