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All My Children Update Thursday 3/24/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marissa talks to Caleb about how it might be easier if Erica isn't such a huge part of things. Caleb agrees it could be easier but it would be dull. Marissa doesn't want to see him unhappy. Erica walks up behind them as Caleb says the problem is that Erica Kane makes him feel so alive. Marissa notices Erica and says she has to go. Erica joins them. Erica and Caleb both tell Marissa that she doesn't have to leave but Marissa tells them that she has to pick something up for AJ. Marissa exits and Erica asks Caleb if there's somewhere else he needs to be as well. Caleb says he's right where he wants to be.

Amanda is with JR at the Chandler Mansion and wants to show him some PR work. JR asks how the bachelor auction for the hospital will help Chandler. Amanda says charity is always good and thinks JR should participate in the auction. JR agrees that it sounds interesting. Amanda asks him if she can take off for plans with Jake and JR agrees. Amanda exits.

Cara asks Griffin at the hospital if the casino partners have to do more damage to get him to back off. Griffin says he's not going to let them hurt Kendall. Cara doesn't think Kendall will buy his story. Jake comes in and says he was looking for Cara then asked if a jealous boyfriend got to Griffin. Griffin says something like that.

Ricky continues telling Kendall about the man selling drugs to the kids. Ricky claims he heard it could be an inside job from the hospital. Ricky wants to find the person before he does any more damage as Kendall looks worried. Kendall is sure the cops are on it and probably already have somebody. Ricky says he wishes he knew what motivates a guy to do something like this. Kendall tells him she's running late and will talk later. Kendall exits.

Jake tells Griffin he hopes she was worth it. Jake asks Cara about the bachelor auction. Jake says it makes him feel like a pimp. Jake says it's so hard to find a bachelor that's willing to participate. Jake jokes with Cara at being good at it and tells Cara to take the job instead. Griffin agrees as Jake leaves. Cara tells Griffin that he should be in the auction and starts taking pictures of him. Griffin tells her no but Cara insists that he's her first bachelor. Cara leaves and Griffin follows out of the room. As Griffin walks down the hall, Kendall walks up behind him and watches him walk.

Erica apologizes to Caleb for walking up like that and thinks she wasn't meant to hear what he told Marissa. Caleb asks how does she know it wasn't meant for her. Jack comes up with Bianca. Jack tells Erica that Bianca signed him up for the bachelor auction. Bianca thinks he'll make for a huge bidding war. Jack doesn't think he should be in it. Erica tells him that he belongs on a pedestal.

Marissa comes to the Chandlers looking for AJ. JR says he's not there as he went on a last minute playdate. Marissa tells him that he knew she was coming over. JR tells her that he got in touch with the authorities and Annie is being put away for a long time. Marissa doesn't want to bring back those memories. JR wishes he could make it all disappear. JR says he thinks of how selfish he was and how much he risked for Annie. JR says Marissa has figured it out when she said something he didn't want to believe but she was right. JR tells Marissa that his problem is wanting something that he can't have. JR tells her he still wants what he can't have. JR tells her that he's trying to change and thought she'd want that too. Marissa asks if he really thinks he can change. JR wants to learn to be grateful for things that are special to him instead of trash it like them and his family. Marissa says JR likes the idea of family but when she looks back.. JR remembers the bad times too but also when it was so good. JR tells Marissa she has to admit she remembers it too. Marissa admits sometimes it does. JR gets closer to and Marissa says she needs to leave. JR tries to stop her but Marissa tells him it was a mistake and she has to go then quickly exits the house.

Erica tells Jack it would be good for his ego to be in the auction. Erica says she'll make an extravagant bid to show everyone that he is hers. Jack tells her she doesn't have to do that. Erica thinks she does because all the tabloids are asking will they won't they and this is a great way to show the world that Jack is who she wants to spend her life with. Jack says he can't refuse anything from his bride to be as Caleb takes a drink. Bianca says she needs a photo of Jack to put online for bidding. Erica says she has the exact photo. Erica apologizes to Caleb and says their meeting will have to take place another time. Erica and Jack exit.

Cara tells Jake that she's got Griffin for the auction. Jake says they need more hunks. They joke about that as Ricky walks by. Cara sees him and says she's going to get another bachelor. Cara walks after Ricky and Amanda comes up to Jake. Amanda asks if he's ready for their big date. Jake apologizes but he's swamped with work. Jake wishes he could leave but can't. Amanda says it's okay since she's been really busy too. Jake hopes she's not just saying that. Amanda says she can go back to work if he's busy. Jake asks if she's sure. Amanda says she is and they kiss. Amanda says they'll talk later and she leaves.

Cara stops Ricky and asks if ministers can date. Ricky says sure. Cara tells Ricky about the bachelor auction and thinks Ricky should be a part of it. Ricky agrees to do it.

Kendall finds Griffin at the hospital. Griffin thought she left. Kendall says she bumped into an old friend and ended up having coffee. Kendall asks Griffin if he's feeling better. Griffin says he's fine. Kendall jokes that he doesn't mind being a human punching bag for jealous ex's. Griffin says he's not worried about it. Kendall asks if he's still stealing drugs from the hospital. Griffin says he is and wonders what brought this up. Kendall says she's a little worried since he's stealing drugs. Griffin explains it again. Kendall asks if they need other drugs than antibiotics. Griffin tells her that they shouldn't be talking about it here. Kendall asks if what he's doing is absolutely necessary. Griffin says if he had the money, he wouldn't do it this way but the money Zach left is still in limbo. Griffin assures he's not pushing her to sell the casinos but he's saving lives whatever it takes. Griffin says he's already broke the law and isn't making any more apologies for it. Kendall asks if he's making any explanations. Griffin says the ends do justify the means. Griffin tells her he's got to go and exits.

Jack and Erica return home. Jack tells Erica that not every woman would be secure enough to auction off her fiancÚ. Erica knows she'll have the highest bid. Jack asks if she's so sure that no one would go against her. Erica jokes with him that he's lucky it's no bachelorette auction. Jack says if it were, he'd sell the yacht.

Bianca talks to Caleb at Fusion and Marissa joins them. Caleb leaves and Marissa sits down. Marissa tells her that she was supposed to see AJ today but JR wants her back and won't quit trying. Bianca asks how she feels about it. Marissa doesn't know since she was in love with JR as he made her feel so special. Marissa decides she can't go back there. Bianca knows the feeling. Marissa apologizes for laying all this on her when she's going through her divorce. Marissa tells her she got some calls from reporters today about Bianca. Marissa says gay divorce is the new hot topic and they want to interview Bianca as an expert on the subject. Bianca realizes it's because she's Erica Kane's daughter. Bianca jokes with Marissa that she'll introduce to all her gay married friends having marriage problems to get her more work. Marissa wants to have relationship trust restored. Bianca tells her that will happen soon enough. Bianca says they both need to wait until the right person comes along.

JR is on the phone at home. JR says he'll have to get back to them as Amanda comes back. JR is surprised to see her. Amanda wanted to know if he was done going over her idea. JR says the phone kept going off and distracting him. JR tells Amanda that it was Cara on the phone trying to get him to be a part of the bachelor auction. JR mentions that Cara said she always gets her man when she sets her mind to it.

Ricky meets with Diana outside. Diana is confused that he signed up for the auction and thinks he might blow his cover. Ricky says turning them down wouldn't seem very giving. Diana jokes that maybe she'll bid on him. Ricky says that's not a good idea. Diana says she can do it anonymously and it would be fun. Ricky's idea is to let Kendall know that he's available. Ricky thinks that's a perfect opportunity to drop more hints about Griffin dealing drugs on the street. Ricky tells her that at some point he has to move into a further relationship with Kendall. Ricky says he has to start looking forward. Diana doesn't want to joke about it. Ricky thinks she doesn't need to be jealous since they just had fun and that's not what they are about. Ricky tells her that he and Kendall are about the future.

Jake is confused how Cara got so many bachelors and their pictures on the wall to bid on. Cara tells him that Jack is on board and JR is almost a sure thing. Jake wonders how she did it. Jake is looking forward to this all being done. Cara says it'll all be finalized tomorrow when it's over. Jake exits and Kendall comes in. Kendall is surprised to see so many bachelors. Kendall notices Cara even got Griffin in. Kendall comments that it must be nice to have someone to share everything with like Cara and Griffin. Cara mentions Griffin does keep some things to himself. Kendall wonders about Griffin's secrets. Cara gets paged and has to go see a patient. Cara hurries out and Kendall looks at Griffin's picture. Kendall asks herself if it's possible because she needs to know. Kendall looks at her phone and Griffin walks in. Griffin asks if she's going to make a bid. Kendall tells Griffin that she's bidding on him and intends to win.

Jake checks the hospital computer and Cara comes up to him. Cara asks if she should cover for him but Jake says he's fine. Cara mentions that she saw Amanda and assumed they were going somewhere. Jake says he were but he got caught up and admits he forgot but it's fine because Amanda was busy too. Cara doesn't buy it. Jake tells her they have a give and take relationship and Amanda was cool with it. Cara accepts that and walks away.

JR thinks Amanda tightened up when he mentioned Cara. Amanda thinks they have different ways of getting what they want. JR says Amanda must have won since she is married to Jake. Amanda says it isn't a game. JR mentions that he'd probably be upset if Marissa married someone else too. Amanda doesn't want to talk about her personal life and thinks the auction would be good for Chandler. JR wants Amanda's help for a little project and asks if she's interested.

Bianca doesn't want Marissa to give up hope. Marissa wants it to be easier if she could move on from JR. Marissa says she wants to after everything JR has done to her. Bianca says she's had her own issues with JR. Marissa wishes there was a love switch. Bianca reminds Marissa that she's doing great at her job, she has AJ and a great life with or without JR or anyone else. Bianca says when the right man comes along, he'll treat her right and not manipulate or lie to her. Caleb comes back as he forgot his phone. Caleb says he has to go to the hospital to discuss the dedication to Asher's mom. Bianca and Marissa think it's a big deal as Caleb exits again. Marissa says she should get going too and will try to keep her hope alive. Marissa suggests Bianca might should keep both their hope alive. Marissa leaves.

Kendall tells Griffin that this is the first time he's ever been speechless. Griffin says he's just a little surprised that he didn't think Kendall would bid on him. Griffin thinks Cara put her up to it. Kendall says she didn't have to since the hospital means a lot to her. Kendall wants Griffin to stop complaining and accept her thank you. Griffin asks if that's what the bid is all about. Kendall thinks it would be nice to spend an evening together and get away from the house. Kendall thinks it could be an interesting night. Griffin asks interesting in what way. Kendall says she will tell him on their date. Kendall exits as Griffin starts to say it's not really a date.

Erica is at the hospital and looks at Jack's picture on the auction wall. Caleb comes in and says that he sees she wasted no time. Erica asked if he tracked her down here. Caleb says it's not always about her. Erica wouldn't want any misunderstandings between them. Caleb says they're clear. Erica says that's a relief. Caleb says he meant what he said.

JR tells Amanda that he would want Marissa to bid on him. JR says he thought getting his family back was impossible. JR tells Amanda to sign him up for the auction. JR says he knows Marissa won't bid on him so he wants Amanda to talk Marissa into it.

Kendall sits at her piano at home. She looks at a picture of her and Zach. Bianca comes in and tells her that she wishes she heard Erica go on and on about Jack. Kendall loves it and tells Bianca that she put in a bid herself for Griffin. Bianca asks if there's something going on between them. Kendall denies it. Bianca asks what's with the date. Kendall calls it a fact finding mission.

Cara asks Griffin what is wrong with going out one night with Kendall. Griffin brings up that Kendall is a widow and he's starting to feel responsible for Zach's death. Cara thinks it's ridiculous. Griffin says he's the one that convinced Zach to fund the Miranda Centers. Griffin mentions that he pushed him to sell the casinos and now they probably killed him. Cara says they are responsible not him. Griffin says he had to watch Kendall grieve, become a widow, and now going on a date would be weird and crossing the line. Griffin tells Cara to go outbid Kendall for him. She tries to decline but Griffin asks her to please do it for him.

Caleb tells Erica that he never thought he'd enjoy spending time with her. Erica says he's been through a lot with his son and thinks he's full of emotion because of him. Erica thinks it's crazy to have this conversation in the middle of the hospital. Erica thinks they have a lot to discuss so they can stop these uncomfortable moments. Caleb says he doesn't feel uncomfortable. Erica asks to meet at her house tomorrow. Erica wants to meet in a private place to get all their cards out on the table. Caleb says he will see her tomorrow night and exits. Erica looks back at the auction wall and calls Jack. Erica reminds Jack about their auction date tomorrow night and wants to push it back a couple of hours because something's come up.

JR asks Amanda if he can count on her. The doorbell rings and Amanda answers and Jake comes in. Jake jokes with JR about it being nice to work from home. Jake felt disappointed earlier and wanted to make it up to Amanda. JR says they are kind of in the middle of something. Amanda assures JR she will get the ball rolling on their project so she can go with Jake. Amanda and Jake exit together.

Griffin comes to his hotel room. He takes off his jacket and unbuttons his shirt, checking his wounded ribs. Griffin sits at the desk and opens up his laptop. Griffin types in the search, "Diana Holden, Seasons Casino."

Cara says to herself this is against her better judgment to make a bid for Griffin. Cara decides not to and thinks a date with Kendall is the push he needs. Cara instead makes a bid on Ricky.

Bianca thought Kendall trusted Griffin. Kendall says she does since he saved her life. Bianca asks what's going on. Kendall says that Griffin is a very passionate man who does whatever he says. Kendall needs to find out how far he'll go to get what he wants. Bianca questions it. Kendall says she can't tell anymore than that.

Griffin removes his shirt and looks back at the laptop computer.

Bianca tells Kendall she doesn't like the way it sounds. Kendall says not to worry since tomorrow night's date will tell all.

Griffin views the search results on the computer.

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