AMC Update Wednesday 3/23/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/23/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Jack tells Erica at Krystal's that they can get married on the beach, she just needs to sign it. Caleb watches standing behind Jack. Jack tells Erica it will be May 14. Erica hugs him and tells him that he's amazing. Jack asks if that's an I do. Erica says she can't wait and begins to sign it. Caleb comments that he's sure they'll be happy.

Kendall joins Bianca and Marissa asking what the emergency is. Bianca informs her that Reese wants full custody. Kendall can't believe it and wants to tell Reese off. Marissa thinks they can handle it. Kendall says she's in, whatever she needs.

Diana talks to Ricky outside, she tells Ricky that Griffin still showed up as they saw it on security camera. Diana says Griffin just disappeared and Ricky lets her know that he took care of him.

Griffin arrives at Tad's and he's hurt. Tad asks what has happened. Griffin tries to take a bottle to drink from Tad. Tad tells him they are going to take a ride and talk now.

Griffin and Tad arrive at the hospital. Griffin says he's only there because Tad's his brother in law. They enter the room and see Cara. Cara asks what happened and asks about the cuts on his face. Cara realizes he went after the casino partners.

Erica tells Jack that she wants to tell Kendall and Bianca about the wedding. Caleb reminds her they have a meeting at Fusion in an hour. Erica assures him she'll be there and tells Jack that she'll see him at home. Erica exits as Jack says he'll be ready. Jack asks Caleb if he's ready for what's coming. Caleb says he's not the one being dragged down the aisle. Jack says he's not being dragged but racing and then they will go on a honeymoon, possibly for months. Jack wonders if Caleb's ready to be without his partner.

At Fusion office, Kendall tells Bianca that they will all be together against Reese. Bianca wants to weigh the options. Kendall says the only option is to win and wants to spend the rest of the day with Bianca. Bianca says she'll be fine with Marissa and wants Kendall to focus on what she needs to focus on. Kendall agrees to go back to work and hugs Bianca. Kendall tells Marissa to take care of Bianca and they exit.

Cara checks on Griffin at the hospital and says he won't need stitches. Griffin thinks he's fine. Cara demands that he take off his shirt to be checked. Griffin removes his shirt revealing a big cut on his side. Cara thinks he will need stitches. Griffin believes that she's overreacting. They argue and Cara feels the wound, noticing it's two cracked ribs. Tad is sorry for not keeping him safe. Cara says it's obvious that Griffin ticked someone off. Griffin tells them that the meeting was canceled but he went anyway. Griffin says when he showed up, four guys came and beat him up in an alley. Tad thinks it may mean they have something to hide. Cara believes they might just not want people messing in their business. Griffin says if Kendall is in danger, he's not going to let these people scare him. Cara gets that he wants to protect Kendall and find out about Zach's death. Cara wants him to promise he won't put himself in danger like this again. Griffin says he can't do that.

Krystal comes over and greets Jack and Caleb. Krystal asks if they need any drinks. Caleb orders a beer. Jack hopes Caleb will respect he and Erica's relationship. Caleb says he has nothing but respect for Erica. Jack notes his omission and hopes that since he respects Erica, he'll realize the game is over. Caleb asks Jack if Erica is a game or trophy to him. Jack says the game is over because she's about to be his wife. Caleb thanks him for the beer and exits. Krystal notes that their conversation was tense. Jack says Caleb is having a hard time that they've set a date. Krystal congratulates Jack and he thanks her. Krystal asks why he took a swing at Caleb since he's got Erica.

Kendall is on the phone talking about a shipment. Erica arrives as she hangs up. Kendall tells Erica that the new line is going good. Erica thinks that Greenlee could've managed to be here. Kendall tells her that she's at home since Emma is back. Erica is thankful that Emma is back and hopes Annie remains in Oak Haven. Kendall informs Erica that Reese is demanding full custody of Miranda and Gabby. Erica can't believe it since she hasn't even tried to see the kids lately. Erica asks about Bianca. Kendall thinks she's just in shock but has Marissa working on it. Erica wants to make sure that Reese is sorry she ever tried to come after a Kane. Kendall and Erica agree they can be scary because they love each other so much. Erica asks Kendall if she's free on May 14th because there's going to be a wedding. Kendall is excited and hugs her, telling her that is great and the best news she's heard all day. Kendall announces to everyone else in the office that Erica is finally getting married. Erica thanks her but wishes she wouldn't have done that. Erica tells her since it's their second wedding, she wanted it quiet and just family and friends. Kendall recalls their last one being magical but this one will be better. Erica says it will be after they help Bianca, because she wants her family together for the wedding and that includes Miranda and Gabby. Erica says she's going to see Bianca and Kendall gives her a hug. Kendall tells Erica that she is so happy for her and Jack. Kendall tells Erica that Jack is the man she's meant to be with and the love of her life.

Caleb sits at Fusion and orders a drink. Caleb says to himself "to the bride" and takes a drink.

Cara wants Griffin to promise that he won't do this alone next time. Cara tells him if he does this again, someone else can stitch him up. Cara offers to give him pain meds but Griffin doesn't want them. Cara can't get through to him and leaves, telling Tad to talk to him. Tad thinks Cara has a point. Griffin wants to push harder. Tad thinks they should go to the cops. Griffin says he'd be the only one going to jail for breaking into an office.

Marissa and Bianca walk in the park. Marissa says Bianca is so calm and cool for going into the biggest court battle of her life. Marissa wonders why Bianca won't show her terror. Bianca says she can't scream or fall apart in front of Miranda and Gabby. Marissa thinks Bianca will be hurting inside. Marissa reminds her of when Kendall had her destroy a lamp when she was upset about David. Marissa says they don't have any lamps but she throws a snowball at Bianca. Marissa tells Bianca to try it and they laugh. Marissa throws another snowball at her. They laugh and scream as Bianca throws a snowball at Marissa. They run around throwing snowballs at each other and laughing. They finish and lay down in the snow. Bianca admits that felt good. Bianca hopes they will win the case and Marissa promises they'll win.

Jack asks Krystal if she thinks he was too hard on Caleb. Jack reminds her that Caleb has been making a play for Erica ever since he came here. Jack just wanted to make sure he knew the game was done. Krystal knows he and Caleb aren't BFFs and Erica is right in the middle but there is no reason to let Caleb get to him. Krystal reminds him that he's in love, committed and getting married so he's won. Jack tells her that Caleb sets off all his alarms. Krystal tells him to forget about it because he's marrying the woman he loves. Krystal congratulates him and Jack thanks her.

Marissa joins Caleb at Fusion, saying she was looking for him. Marissa orders a water. Marissa says she'd could really use his advice on Bianca's custody case. Marissa tells him about Reese wanting full custody. Marissa says she wants to do the best thing for the kids and be there for Bianca like Jack said. Caleb mocks Jack and Marissa asks if she missed something. Marissa asks Caleb if he's celebrating or wallowing. Caleb tells her that Erica is getting married so she's not going to be able to do what needs to be done. Marissa thinks Erica can multi-task. Caleb thinks she won't be able to give the attention that the business needs. Marissa reminds him that he'll be there and he's brilliant. Caleb admits he doesn't really want to do it without her.

Opal comes to Erica's and asks what the good news is. Erica tells her they have set the wedding date and they hug in excitement. Opal praises that it's the best news she's heard in a long time. Erica tells her it will be May 14 at the Shore Wood Gardens. Opal thinks that is perfect and says the flowers will pale in comparison to Erica. Opal states that this marriage will last because Jack is the love of her life and her destiny. Opal says Erica is only going forward now. Opal tells her she's her best friend and wants to go all out since this is her last wedding. Opal apologizes for telling Jack about the time that Caleb kissed Erica but thinks it lit a fire under Jack. Erica says it's okay though she wished Opal didn't tell Jack about Caleb kissing her. As she finishes, Bianca walks in and hears that Caleb kissed Erica.

Tad thinks Griffin may be right but reminds him he needs to keep him safe. Tad wants to do whatever they do as a team and watch each others' back. Tad tells Griffin no more going solo. Cara comes back in and gives him pain meds. Kendall comes in and asks what happened to Griffin. Griffin says it's kind of embarrassing. Kendall asked if his big date beat the hell out of him. Griffin says he hit himself with the door and asks why Kendall is here. Kendall says she wanted to be a big part of the bachelor auction for Fusion and thinks Griffin lied. Griffin assures her that he hit a door and is fine with no need for drama. Kendall looks underneath his shirt and says there's no way a door did that to him.

Jack tells Krystal he thinks Caleb got the message and offers to help her with the broken tap. Jack asks how things are going with Krystal, the girls and life with Tad and his new wife. Krystal says the first two are great but the latter is not great. Krystal tells him she was ready to move out but Cara talked her out of it. Jack fixes the tap and Krystal thanks him. Jack is surprised Cara talked her into living with her ex and Cara. Jack says if anyone can pull it off, Krystal can. Krystal says she gave it a lot of thought but Jenny and Kathy love Tad so she couldn't mess with their living arrangement. Jack notes that she and Tad have reached a good place. Krystal says they have but it doesn't erase the hurt she gave him. Krystal says ever since she came to Pine Valley, it's been one disaster after another with Adam, Tad, David and she's down on love. Jack says that would be a shame.

Caleb tells Marissa that Erica is the only one he trusts. Caleb asks about Bianca and the custody battle. Marissa says Bianca is scared and she's scared that she can't help her win the case.

Bianca questions Caleb kissing Erica. Erica and Opal say it was nothing. Bianca bets Jack wasn't happy. Erica says they discussed it and it's in the past. Erica insists that Caleb means nothing. Opal promises to never again mention the kiss. Opal lets it be known that they set a date. Bianca hugs Erica and is happy for her. Erica wants to talk about Bianca first and says there's no way Reese will get custody. Opal is shocked that Reese wants custody. Bianca assures her that Reese won't win since she has a great lawyer. Erica says they are there for her too and Gabby and Miranda will be her flower girls at the wedding. Bianca asks about the guest list. Erica says just family and friends. Opal mentions they can cross off Caleb and Erica states that she will take care of the guest list. Erica says they have so many other things to consider like the dinner, cocktails, and music. Erica puts her jacket on and grabs her purse. Bianca and Opal want to jump right into the wedding planning. Erica says she has to get to a meeting that she can't miss but they'll get back to the plans as soon as possible. Erica hugs them and exits. Bianca asks Opal if Caleb kissing Erica bothers her as much as it bothers her.

Caleb tells Marissa that Erica drove him crazy but is smart and classy. Caleb admits it doesn't hurt that she looks the way she does either. Marissa notes that Caleb really admires Erica. Caleb agrees that he does.

Jack and Krystal have a drink and thinks she just had some bad experiences. Krystal says they were the worst. Jack says they all have but she shouldn't give up on love. Jack thinks she would be lonely and suggests she just might not have found the right man yet. Jack tells Krystal that she's a fantastic woman with so much to offer so she can't just decide to never be in love again. Krystal thanks him but states that she's out of hope. Jack tells her that hope got him where he is with Erica and it was worth it. Jack thinks the same could happen to Krystal. Krystal says that he's just a positive thinker. Jack agrees and thinks Krystal deserves to be happy. Krystal says she just always screws up getting to happy. They toast to love and happiness for both of them.

Tad talks to Cara at the hospital, wondering if they should've stayed and helped Griffin with Kendall. Cara thinks the casino business is too serious and Griffin is going to be reckless about it. Tad tells her that Griffin is going to do whatever it takes to protect who he cares about. Cara reminds Tad that he doesn't need to protect her because it's a fake marriage. Cara tells him not to look after her but look after Griffin.

Griffin tells Kendall that it wasn't a door but his date's ex boyfriend. Kendall thinks the date must be something. Griffin says she's something he can live without. Kendall says it's good so he won't have to deal with any jealous ex boyfriends. They joke with each other as Ricky walks by and stops to look at them through the window.

Krystal asks Jack if he wants any pie. Jack thanks her but declines as he has to go. Krystal thanks him for talking him down and fixing the tap. Jack says it's the least he can do for all the times she's listened to him. Jack says they'll be even if Krystal accepts his invitation to the wedding. Krystal says she's so happy for him as anyone who figures out love, gives her a little hope.

Marissa talks to Caleb about how it might be easier if Erica isn't such a huge part of things. Caleb agrees it could be easier but it would be dull. Marissa doesn't want to see him unhappy. Erica walks up behind them as Caleb says the problem is that Erica Kane makes him feel so alive.

Tad tells Cara he couldn't do anything as he tried so hard to get Griffin to promise he wouldn't go alone. Tad tells Cara that he will up his game to look after Griffin since he is family. Cara thanks him and hugs him.

Ricky continues walking as Kendall asks Griffin to promise he'll be more careful. Kendall says Griffin saved her life so she will look after him. Kendall says she's got to go and reminds him to be careful. Kendall exits and Cara comes back in. Cara asks Griffin if he told her. Griffin says he stuck with a story. Cara asks about the truth. Griffin says he doesn't have the truth, just hunches and he doesn't want to upset her. Griffin assures her that he can handle this. Cara has a bad feeling about this. Griffin thinks she worries too much.

Kendall runs into Ricky at the hospital. Ricky tells her that a couple of his Parrish kids were beat up for trying to do the right thing and tell about the stolen drugs. Kendall asks if they are okay. Ricky says they will be since they gave as good as they got but the guy who did it got away. Ricky says it was dark so they couldn't see who did it but he was well dressed, wearing a dark suit with a striped shirt and tie. Kendall asks if he's sure and Ricky says yes.

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