AMC Update Tuesday 3/22/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/22/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Krystal’s) Jack kisses Erica goodbye and she asks him to stay but he says he would rather be home in their bed that is still warm but since he can’t do that he will go to work and see her later and he smiles at Caleb when he walks in and tells him that he is happy today. Caleb has a “I wonder why Jack is happy’ look on his face and Erica just smiles and tells Caleb that Jack is just happy with no special reason for it.

(ConFusion) David watches Colby’s latest blog post the video of a drunken Liza telling off the people at Confusion. David tries to hide the video from Liza when she walks in but she sees it and gets depressed that Colby still can’t forgive her and won’t talk to her at all. David advises Liza to show some restraint when she sees Colby and just say hello and stop asking her to forgive her and wait until Colby’s anger subsides. Liza smiles at the fact that David is the most hated man in town and he is advising her to show restraint. Liza thinks David is trying to seduce her and David tells her that he thinks they would make a good couple but he isn’t ring to seduce her. Liza tells David that they wouldn’t be good together at all and he shouldn’t take it personally then she gets up and leaves Confusion.

(Krystal’s) Erica tries to persuade Caleb that since Asher is in love with Colby she might be the way that he can get close to his son but Caleb doesn’t thinks so because young people fall in and out of love every day. Caleb tells Erica that he stopped believing in love a long time ago and he doesn’t think that Colby can help him get closer to Asher.

(Chandler mansion) Colby tells JR that some manger companies have contacted her about sponsoring her blog and someone wants to be her agent. Colby tells JR since he is family she is going to give Chandler first crack at her blog but JR refuses to sponsor her blog because it is just a tool for her to trash Liza and anyone else who she feels has hurt her. Colby explains to JR that it is more then that now but JR insists that she is only hurting herself with the blog and he doesn’t want to see her hurt anymore. JR walks out and Asher tells Colby that JR cares about her and told him that he actually liked when she yelled at Liza and was able to get her feelings out and Colby is touched but is hurt that JR can’t tell her this himself. Asher tells Colby he believes in her blog and Colby wishes he had told her this when JR was in the room.

(Hospital) Angie arrives to visit a sick friend and asks for Jake and Cara tells her that Jake will be back soon but that she and Jake worked on something to fix the scheduling problem and gives her a copy of the changes to the schedule in Braille. Angie thinks that Cara and Jake make a good team and when Jake arrives Angie tells him the same thing Amanda tells Jesse and Angie she has to get to work and Jake tells them that Amanda is the new head of PR at Chandler and she will do a great job. Cara is surprised that Amanda got a job and Amanda tells her that she had worked in the past and Cara tells her that she is sure she will do a great job. Once Amanda leaves Cara tells Jake that she never knew Amanda was looking for work and Jake tells her that she doesn’t have experience in PR but JR is an old friend and he decided to give her a chance at the job. Jesse sees a flyer on the bulletin board about Lamaze classes and thinks that he and Angie should take them but she tells him she doesn’t need them and heads off to see her friend.

(Park) Marissa consults Jack about Bianca’s divorce settlement and worries that Reese’s lawyer is a real shark and could try to pull a fast one and Jack looks at the settlement and says its fine and points out a few things not to mention to Reese’s lawyer and save them for an ace up her sleeve. Bianca arrives and thanks her uncle Jack for helping Marisa with the case but he tells her that Marisa is doing a great job and he is just helping her if she has questions. Marisa warns Bianca that things could get ugly with the settlement and Bianca assures her that she is ready for it and they are just waiting on the settlement offer from Reese’s lawyer so they can make a counter offer. Jack asks Bianca how she is doing and she says she is fine and he tells her that he is there for her if she needs to talk. Marisa tells Bianca they are friends and she can share how she really feels with her but Bianca doesn’t want to talk about it. Marissa tells Bianca that she has to go to the mansion to open birthday presents with AJ and since Miranda shares AJ’s birthday Bianca decides to pick up Miranda so she can go celebrate her birthday with AJ.

(Hospital) Jesse admits to Cara he has never been present for the birth of any of his children and he is nervous about what to do so Cara explains the situation to Jake and he and Cara decide to tell Jesse stories about the births they have been a part of and let him ask them questions. Jake remembers Trevor’s birth and gives Jesse the details and tells him the experience brought him closer to Amanda and when he held Trevor for the first time he knew that they were a family forever and that he loved Amanda and Trevor with all his heart. Jake assures Jesse he will feel that way too when he holds Ellie for the first time. Cara is about to cry so she goes into the hallway and bumps into Angie as she goes to the on call room. One of the doctors tells Angie where Cara is and Angie goes inside and offers to listen if Cara needs to talk. Cara explains to Angie that she thought by this time in her life she would have kids and she and Jake were trying to help Jesse get over his nerves Jake described Trevor’s birth and she realized she wants children. Angie tells Cara she is young and she still has time to have kids Cara leaves as she starts to cry again and sees Jake talking to Amanda about the fact that he realized Trevor’s birth was special and how much he loved them both and then Amanda and Jake talk to Trevor in his stroller and then Jake gives Amanda a kiss. Angie finds Jesse gives him a kiss and admits to him that he must be her eyes in the delivery room because it is the first time she won’t see the birth of one of her children.

(Krystal’s) Colby arrives to talk to Caleb and Erica about her blog and Erica persuades Caleb this would be the perfect way for Cortlandt to be more modern so they agree to sponsor Colby’s blog. Caleb leaves to talk to Asher about helping Colby with her project. Liza arrives and says hello to Colby and Colby tells her that Cortlandt Electronics has agreed to sponsor her blog. Once Colby leaves Liza warns Erica that she won’t allow her to manipulate and hurt Colby so by sponsoring Colby’s blog they are now at war. Erica welcomes the challenge and tells Liza to bring it on she can handle it.

(Chandler mansion) Caleb arrives and asks Asher to help with Colby’s blog and then JR interrupts and says no way and Caleb tells Asher to think about it and let him know his decision later. JR wants Asher to tale the job so he can be a Chandler spy at Cortlandt but Asher won’t get in the middle of Caleb and JR and he won’t be used by either of them. Asher leaves and Bianca, Miranda, AJ, Marissa and JR celebrate both of the kids shared birthday and Bianca and Marissa help AJ put together his birthday present.

(Park) Marissa and Bianca watch their kids play and Marisa gets a call from Reese’s lawyer who informs her that Reese’s wants full custody of both girls. Marissa informs Bianca about the news and then says that she will counter sue Reese asking for full custody of the girls and they can win since Reese isn’t biologically related to them. Bianca absolutely refuses to us that argument because Reese adopted the girls and JR could later use that same argument against Marisa in her custody battle for AJ. Marissa tells Bianca she will worry about that later but Bianca tells her that she will get another lawyer if Marisa doesn’t abide by her wishes. Marisa calls Kendall to let her know Bianca needs her right now and Bianca is puzzled as to why Bianca would call Kendall.

(ConFusion) Liza kisses David and tells him that he can’t let Erica manipulate Colby and she needs his help to beat Erica and protect Colby. David smiles at Liza and tells her he would be happy to help in her war against Erica.

(Krystal’s) Caleb arrives and tells Erica Asher doesn’t want to work for him and Erica tells him not to give up on Asher so soon he may change his mind about the job offer. Jack arrives and tells Erica he got the wedding location she wanted and if she signs the contract for the venue they can be married in a couple of weeks.

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