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All My Children Update Monday 3/21/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Ryan and Greenlee’s house) Emma tells Ryan that she hates him because she had her mommy put in that awful place. Ryan explains to Emma that he didn’t have her mommy put in that place but her mommy needs to be there so she can get better. Emma tells Ryan and Greenlee that her mommy told her that they didn’t love her and Ryan tells her that isn’t true but Emma says that her mommy told her they would say she lied and she doesn’t believe them. Emma yells that she wants Madison and when Ryan tells her that she can’t see Madison until tomorrow she gets mad and stomps off to her room. Ryan can’t understands Emma’s behavior and tells Greenlee he wants to take her to the doctor

(Scott and Madison’s place) Scott tells Madison the details of how JR managed to calm Annie down enough so that she would go to Oak Haven without a fight. Scott tells Madison he tried to calm Annie but JR was the only person who was able to get through to her even though Annie thought she was going to her wedding with JR. Madison thinks that Scott makes a habit out of rescuing formerly crazy women and making them feel better and Scott tells Madison that she is nothing like Annie. Madison tells Scott she knows how Annie feels because she has felt like the world is coming down around her at one time. Scott and Madison discuss names for the baby but they are unable to come up with a name Madison likes for the baby.

(Chandler Mansion) JR sadly looks at a picture of Annie and Amanda calls offering to cancel their orientation meeting because she heard about what happened to Annie. JR tells Amanda to meet him at Confusion for their meeting because it will do him good to get his head back into business.

(Jake and Amanda’s place) Jake doesn’t like the fact that Amanda is working with JR and having a late meeting with him. Amanda points out that he also works with his ex wife so he shouldn’t make a big deal about her working with an ex lover. Jake explains to Amanda that he is just being protective of her because she is hot and JR is alone right now and he isn’t good when he is alone. Amanda smiles and tells Jake that she appreciates his reaction and she loves him for it but she has to go to work.

(Tad and Cara’s house) tad tells Cara that he feels great because he ran three miles today and she is impressed and gives him a high five. Tad admits to Cara that he took a few breaks in his run but he did run three miles today. Cara admits to Tad that she is worried that Griffin may get hurt if he investigates Zach’s death although she is happy that Griffin has a personal connection to a patient because she thinks it will make him a better doctor. Tad thanks Cara for persuading Krystal not to move out of the house and take the girls with her. Cara tells tad it is the least she can do for all the sacrifices he is making for her and Tad tells her that she doesn’t have to keep trying to repay him and Cara says that she could never repay him for what he has done for her. Cara heads off to the hospital to work the late shift while Tad stays home to investigate Zach’s casino partners for Griffin.

(Yacht club) Griffin tells Kendall she can’t go with him to the fundraiser because she is doing too much too soon and should be resting. Griffin reminds Kendall that she promised him that she would take care of herself and Kendall agrees even though she is annoyed with Griffin because he won’t let her go with him to the fundraiser.

(Park) Diana and Ricky talk and Ricky tells Diana that he intends to make Kendall think that Griffin is dealing hard drugs to the youth of Pine Valley and that will distance Kendall from Griffin. Ricky disguises his voice and calls Griffin to tell him that Diana can’t meet with him today and he doesn’t know when she will be able to reschedule their appointment.

(Fusion) Kendall tells Bianca she wanted to go to the fundraiser in New York with Griffin but he told her that she needed to rest because she has been doing too much. Bianca tells Kendall that she got an e-mail informing her that the fundraiser had been cancelled. Greenlee arrives and gets snippy with Bianca and Kendall when they mention that Madison’s idea for the mother and baby line saved the company from scandal. Bianca leaves because she thinks that Kendall and Greenlee need to talk. Greenlee tells Kendall that Emma hates her now and only wants Madison and she doesn’t know why except that maybe Annie turned Emma against her. Kendall thinks that it must be hard for Madison because she loves Emma and wants to help her but at the same time it is hard to be around Ryan. Greenlee thinks that Kendall is taking Madison’s side but Kendall tells her that she is just trying to make her see the big picture. Kendall assures Greenlee that she loves her and Ryan and wants them to be happy.

(Scott and Madison’s place) Scott leaves to get some macaroni and cheese from Krystal’s because Madison has a craving. Madison tells Frankie that Ryan knows that he is the father of her baby and he is okay with the fact she wants to raise the baby alone.

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Ryan wants to take Emma to the doctor but she won’t go until she sees Madison. Ryan calls Madison who agrees to meet him at the hospital.

(Hospital) Cara tells Jake that she and Tad are jogging together and he is watching what he eats and Cara says that Tad is a special man and a wonderful fake husband. Ryan Madison an Emma arrive at the hospital and Ryan tells Jake and Cara about Emma’s anger toward him and Greenlee. Jake and Cara examine Emma and then Jake leaves so that Cara can talk to Emma alone about her adventure. Once Cara is done talking to Emma she goes out into the hallway and tells Ryan that Emma is very confused and recommends that she see a therapist. Ryan thanks Cara and Jake for their help and tells them he is already looking into a therapist for Emma. Emma notices Madison is going to have a baby and wonders that the father is and Ryan tells Emma he is the father. Emma thinks that Ryan and Madison are going to get back together but Ryan tells her that he is married to Greenlee and he doesn’t intend to divorce her. Emma insists that Madison drop her home so they all head to Ryan’s house.

(ConFusion) Amanda thinks JR is drinking again and throws his drink into a plant but JR tells him it was just sparkling water but appreciates that she cared about him. JR blames himself for what happened to Annie but Amanda tells him it’s not his fault because Annie had problems before she met him. JR is upset that he messed up Annie’s life after she saved his and admits that he handled things badly but all he wanted to do was help Annie. Amanda I touched because she realizes that JR truly cared for Annie.

(Hospital) Jake gets a call from the babysitter telling him that Amanda is late arriving home and he asks her to stay a little while longer with Trevor.

(ConFusion) Jake arrives to pick up his dinner and overhears JR blaming himself for what happened to Annie and he tells JR that he should blame himself because Emma is very confused by everything that happened. Amanda defends JR but he tells her Jake is right and Jake is happy that JR admits his mistakes. Jake points out that JR and Amanda were not talking business at this supposed business meeting and JR apologizes to Amanda for not talking business. Jake leaves when his to go order arrives and tells Amanda he will see her later JR knows that Jake isn’t happy Amanda is working for him.

(Hospital) Cara excitedly shows Jake that she just ordered the perfect gift for Tad online and Jake admits tad will love the gift. Jake is surprised that Cara has gotten to know tad so well in such a short time.

(Tad and Cara’s house) Griffin stops by and tells tad that the Casino partners cancelled their meeting with him but he wants to go anyway and catch them by surprise. Tad thinks that is a bad idea because he is getting a bad feeling about this because he was unable to uncover any information about the partners. Tad tells griffin that Cara is really worried he could get hurt if he keeps trying to investigate this and he doesn’t want to be the one to tell Car a she is right to worry about her brother. Once Griffin is gone Opal approves of the new spring in his step since Cara arrived but tad makes it clear that there is nothing between he and Cara.

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Emma asks Madison if she can come live with her but Madison tells Emma that she must live with Ryan an Greenlee. Madison leaves and Emma tells her she loves her just to annoy Greenlee. Ryan tells Greenlee that he won’t let Emma push her away and asks her to give Emma time to adjust. Greenlee gives Emma her princess dress and she acts happy about the dress in front of Ryan but as soon as he I gone she tells Greenlee that the dress is for babies and stomps upstairs to her room. Ryan returns and Greenlee tells him Emma went to her room but everything is fine.

(Hospital) Frankie tells Scott not to hurt Madison and Scott says he would never hurt Madison they are friends and neither of them is looking for a serious relationship right now.

(Fusion) Kendall asks Griffin why he lied to her about the fundraiser, and she asks if he had a date. Griffin goes with that story and smiles at Kendall. Kendall tells him that he didn’t need to lie to her, because she is happy he is having fun. Kendall asks Griffin to walk with her to the garage and she doesn’t look happy that Griffin went on a date.

As a song plays, the Pine Valley residents from today’s episode appear in silent scenes. Kendall arrives home and stares at a picture of Zach with a sad look on her face. JR has that same look as he arrives home to an empty mansion and looks at a picture of him and Annie. Tad is at home looking at his wedding picture with Cara, while Jake is at the hospital looking at Cara working on her computer. Amanda arrives with an apologetic look on her face as she and Jake hug. Scott and Madison are at their apartment putting clothes away. Scott sits on the bed watching Madison put clothes in the closet with a smile on his face. Ryan and Greenlee kiss and then hug while he is assures her that everything will be okay. Emma stares at Greenlee with a hateful look on her face.

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