AMC Update Friday 3/18/11

All My Children Update Friday 3/18/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Griffin is at the hospital and David comes up to him. David needs his signature. Jake jokes about David playing messenger. David tells him he's been volunteering at the clinic downtown, hoping that he can get his medical license back. David tells him he was close to a deal with Greenlee but she backed out at the last minute. David reminds Griffin to never get involved with a patient. David tells him not to make the same mistake he did, don't let it get personal.

Ricky thinks Kendall wants to say something about the drugs. Kendall has a flashback to Griffin telling her that he was stealing drugs from the hospital. Ricky says someone at the hospital is selling kids stolen painkillers. Kendall says anything she says to him is confidential.

Madison and Scott kiss. They stop as Scott hears Madison's stomach growl. Scott thinks she needs to eat and gives her a bottle of water. Scott goes to check what they have to eat. Madison doesn't want crackers so Scott says they're going to go out. Madison says she can't because Emma might call. Scott tells her to take her cell phone and Madison agrees.

Annie talks as if Emma is there but she is not. Ryan tells her that Emma isn't there. Greenlee asks when Annie saw Emma last. Annie says she would never leave her daughter alone and doesn't want to talk to Greenlee. Ryan steps out and makes a phone call saying they found Annie but not Emma. Ryan tells him to get some guys to search the area and to call Dr. Burke because Annie has lost sense of reality and needs help. Ryan goes back in and Annie tells Greenlee that she and Marissa would make a sick tag team as the two bitches that ruined her life.

Emma hides outside behind the bushes. She pulls out the cell phone and clutches her doll.

Ricky tells Kendall that she can trust him because he's her friend. Ricky gives her his word that anything they talk about stays between them. Kendall knows and thinks she shouldn't have even asked. Ricky says she can tell him anything because he's behind her 100%. Kendall says she doesn't know anything, she just feels terrible. Kendall says she just thinks about her own boys being vulnerable. Kendall says she has to go as she thought of something that might help. Kendall exits as Ricky says that slimeball needs to be caught.

David tells Griffin that he's surprised he's still here. Griffin says he thought so too but plans changed because of Cara. David thinks Griffin is here to stay. David reminds Griffin that Cara just married a Martin and they think they keep Pine Valley going. Griffin tells him he did put in a good word to the board, telling them that David taught him everything he knows. David appreciates it. Griffin says it can't hurt and he'll get his license back. Griffin says David was a hell of a doctor but he's now surpassed him. David says it's unfortunate that it isn't easy to get his license back. Griffin reminds him that he has saved lives and nobody can take that from him.

Marissa arrives at the Chandler Mansion. Marissa tells JR that AJ was just stopping by to pick up a video game.

Brot and the police join Ryan. They assure Ryan everything will be all right. Brot asks Annie how she is. Annie shouts that she wants Greenlee out of there. Brot asks about Emma and where she is. Annie looks around and says she doesn't know. Ryan tells Greenlee that he's got to get out of here and go look for Emma. Greenlee tells him to go ahead and she'll stay. Brot holds Annie back from going after Greenlee as Annie shouts that Greenlee is taking everything from her.

Madison answers her phone outside and it's Ryan. Ryan tells Madison that they found Annie but not Emma. Ryan thinks Emma will contact Madison before they find her. Madison assures him that she won't miss it and Ryan thanks her. Madison hangs up and Scott returns to her. Madison tells Scott that Emma is still missing. Scott insists she will turn up. Madison looks around and then walks away as Emma's doll is seen in the bushes that Madison just walked away from.

Kendall arrives at the hospital and runs into Griffin and David. Griffin brings up they were just wanting to get David's license back. Griffin wants Kendall to talk to the board because David saved her life. Kendall states that if anyone needs to pay dues it's David. David brings up his gunshot wound. Kendall wants to talk to Griffin. David thanks Griffin for his signature and exits. Griffin tells Kendall to talk fast because he has to go. Kendall tells Griffin about the stolen drugs that Ricky told her about. Griffin wonders why Kendall had to tell him in person. Griffin asks if Kendall thinks he's the scum selling drugs.

JR and Marissa go into the living room. JR hopes Marissa doesn't think he's using AJ can't sleep to get her into the mansion. JR states that AJ would be happier if they were together. Marissa reminds him that they aren't together. JR thinks they could live together like Tad and Krystal. JR wants their family under one roof and says that's all he's trying to get right now.

Annie is put in handcuffs and is arrested. Annie screams that they should be arresting Greenlee for destroying everything.

Madison and Scott sit on the bench outside. Madison just wants the phone to ring and it be Emma so this nightmare would be over. Ryan comes up and Madison says that she hasn't called. Ryan spots the doll and pulls it out of the bushes. Ryan realizes it's Emma and starts calling out for her. Emma calls out and finds Ryan. Ryan hugs her and picks her up and asks if she's okay. Ryan tells her he's got her and loves her. Ryan sits her down and puts his jacket on her. Emma is worried about Annie and wonders where she is and what will happen to her. Ryan assures her that everything will be alright and wants to get her home. Madison offers to drive and hugs Emma. Ryan says that will be great. Madison leaves with Emma. Ryan tells Scott that he needs his help.

Griffin jokes with Kendal about being unable to believe she's accusing him. Kendall says it's not funny because she just thought he should know in case of any investigations. Griffin thanks her. Griffin asks if she really thought he had something to do with the drugs. Kendall tells him she trusts him with her life. Griffin reminds her that he has to get going and he exits.

David arrives at the Chandler Mansion. JR wonders what he wants. David says he wants an endorsement for his medical license. JR jokes that he can't perform magic. David reminds him that he's on the board and wants support from his family. JR wonders why he would support him. David says he's good at what he does and better than anyone at saving lives. Marissa comes in and asks what David is doing here. David says he was just appealing to JR. Scott comes in and informs them that Annie has been found and Emma is with Ryan. Scott tells them that Annie is being arrested and asks JR about oak haven. JR goes to get the papers he had on her. Marissa warns them to be careful. Scott says he's going down there if Annie needs someone to lash out to. JR says he's going with him. David insults JR for being with Annie before. JR tells Marissa that Annie needs to be put away and he exits with Scott.

Brot sits Annie down and calls it in. Greenlee answers her phone and Ryan tells her that he got Emma. Greenlee thinks it's amazing and tells the cops that Ryan found Emma. Annie wants to see her.

Ryan and Madison bring Emma home to Ryan's. Emma walks in and looks around. Ryan says he's never been happier to see her and hugs her.

Annie yells at the cops to get off of her so she can talk to her daughter. Annie accuses Greenlee of trying to keep Emma from her. Brot tells Greenlee to go and she exits. She runs into Scott, JR and Oak Haven employees in while coats. Greenlee wishes them luck and leaves. JR starts to sign papers as Scott walks in to see Annie. Annie wonders what Scott is doing there. Scott sits with her. Annie says Scott didn't help her. Scott apologizes and says he's here to help her now. Annie wants him to take the cuffs off and make everyone go away. Scott tells Annie that he and a lot of people care about her, especially Emma, but Emma needs to see her get well. Annie insists she's fine. Scott says living on the run is not fine. Scott tells Annie that Dr. Burke is waiting for her at Oak Haven. Annie doesn't want to go back there. Scott thinks this could be helpful. Annie thought he was one of the good guys as the Oak Haven doctor grabs her. Annie screams at them to get off. They start to get a needle ready but JR bursts in and tells them to stop and let her go.

Ryan has a doctor come to his home to check on Emma. He says she's fine and to get her some rest. Ryan thanks him and he exits. Ryan goes to get her some more water as she eats a sandwich. Madison sits with Emma and talk about her grilled cheese. Madison asks Emma why she kept calling her out of all the people who missed and loved her. Emma said Annie was mad at all of them but Madison. Madison tells her she's glad that she called. Ryan comes back and sits with Emma. Emma wants to talk to Annie. Ryan tells her that she's busy. Emma tells Ryan about Annie thinking she saw Scott in the park. Ryan tells Emma that they'll all be okay. Ryan says he's so happy to have her home.

David tells Marissa that everything JR says is bull. Marissa brings up David helping Annie escape. David reminds her that he didn't know she tried to kill her but she gives JR a free pass after he slept with Annie. Marissa says their relationship can't hurt her anymore. Marissa says her and JR are in a new place by putting AJ first and getting along as they've moved past the garbage. David shakes his head and starts to leave. Marissa wants to know what he's thinking. David asks if she's ever going to get to the place with him.

JR asks Brot for a moment with Annie as he thinks that he can get through to her due to their special relationship. Brot calls everyone off of her as she cries against the wall. JR sits with her. Annie asks if it's really him. She smiles and says she knew he would come for her. JR hugs her.

Ricky sits with Diane at Krystal's. Ricky tells her how Griffin is becoming such a problem. Diane jokes that Griffin is good looking. Ricky asks if she's saying that he's jealous of him and tells her to make sure she never talks to Kendall on the phone again. Diane tells Ricky to make sure Griffin doesn't get path back to him. Ricky tells her about the story that he made up to get Kendall to turn on Griffin. Diane's phone rings, she answers and says she's got time. She finishes and hangs up. She tells Ricky that Griffin's trip is going to see her, because he was going to meet Zach's casino partners and the company wants her to take care of it.

Griffin makes a phone call at his hotel room. He says he hopes there's no threat to Kendall and will let him know what happens. There's a knock on the door and it's Kendall. Kendall says wow after seeing Griffin in a suit. She tells him he looks nice. Griffin comments on her dress and says it's definitely no hospital gown. Griffin says it's nice.

Ryan and Madison continue talking to Emma as Greenlee comes home. Madison says she has to go and Ryan thanks her for everything. Madison exits. Ryan asks Greenlee how Annie is. Greenlee tells him that JR is there. Emma asks if they are talking about Annie. Ryan says he was just getting an update. Emma wants to see Annie. Ryan tells her that Annie isn't feeling very well and has to go to the hospital.

JR tells Annie not to fight because they're trying to help her and take her somewhere safe. Annie asks JR if he loves her and he says he does. Annie says if JR wants her to go then she will.

Marissa is at Krystal's with AJ. David walks in and Marissa sends AJ to the back. Marissa wants to do this later. David knows she's upset but he hasn't seen AJ in so long. Marissa asks who's fault that is. David blames JR for keeping him away from his grandson for year. Marissa tells him that she makes her own decisions and she's sure that contact with David is not the best thing for AJ. AJ comes back and runs up to David and hugs him. Marissa says they'll be late for soccer practice and hurries out with AJ.

Griffin asks Kendall why she's wearing a dress. Kendall says she has a special occasion and that she's being mysterious like Griffin. Griffin starts to get going. Kendall is surprised he's done asking questions. Griffin tells her she's right that it's not his business. Kendall says it kind of his because tonight, she's going with him.

Emma tells Ryan that she wants to go to the hospital to see Annie. Emma says she'll go herself because she knows how to get there. Ryan lets her know she's at Oak Haven. Emma shouts that she's heard of that and Annie said she'd die if she goes back. Ryan tries to calm her down. Emma shouts that she doesn't believe him and she hates him.

Annie tells JR that she thinks they are going somewhere safe and happy so that means they are going to have a secret wedding. JR tells her it will be everything she wants. Annie says all she wants is JR and if they are married, she'll be happy forever. The doctors say they need to get going. Annie agrees that she and JR have waited for this a long time. Annie tells JR that she will see him at the altar and exits with the Oak Haven doctors. She looks back at JR and smiles then leaves the room. JR cries as he and Scott watch Annie exit.

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