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All My Children Update Thursday 3/17/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Kendall is at home with Ricky, telling him about how she finally felt connected and alive. Ricky is proud of her. Kendall tells him that he was right about needing to spend time with her boys. Ricky's phone rings and it's Diana. she leaves a message wondering why he is ignoring her messages. She calls again and Kendall answers.

Griffin talks to Tad and Cara about Zach's letter and being convinced that something is up with the use of sweetheart. Griffin tells them about how Kendall wanted to let go but he thinks there is something to it and wants to continue investigating the casino partners.

Ryan and Greenlee talk about hoping to find Emma when Madison arrives and says she wants to be close in case Emma calls.

Annie and Emma return to Pine Valley outside in the park. Annie approaches a man from behind and asks him for help. He turns around, revealing Scott.

Tad and Cara ask Griffin if he's sure that he wants to get involved in the casino partner's business. Griffin says he'll be fine and compares them to an old married couple. Griffin says he'll handle whatever there is. Cara wants the police to handle it. Griffin assures Cara that he knows what he's doing. Tad agrees to get on it. Griffin exits and Krystal comes down the stairs. Tad offers to go take a walk with her. Krystal tells him that they need to talk since she found an apartment. Tad is confused that she's serious about moving out. Krystal asks Cara for a minute alone with Tad. Krystal and Tad step into the living room and tells him that she's been thinking about this because he can't sell the marriage with his ex-wife as his roommate. Tad thinks he can. Krystal thinks the immigration people will wonder if she's hanging around here. Tad wants to deal with it. Krystal thinks the lies and secrets are unhealthy. Krystal brings up Kathy and Jenny and says she's taking them so that they won't be separated. Tad disagrees and doesn't want her to break up the family.

An officer arrives at Ryan's and tells him that they have found a woman matching the description of Annie and she plans to be heading back north. Ryan is glad Madison is there and tells her that she can stay at the Penthouse Casino but Madison says forget it.

Annie talks to Scott worriedly asking for money but then her vision clears and it turns out to not be Scott, but an old man. The man says he has no idea what she's talking about and Annie realizes it isn't Scott. Annie pushes the old man down and steals his wallet, then runs away with Emma.

Diana talks to Kendall saying she was surprised to hear a woman answer his phone. Diana says she's a friend and Ricky comes back in to get the phone. Diana asks if Ricky's upset because he thinks she's ruined the plan or that Kendall might think he has a girlfriend. Ricky tells her not to push it. Griffin arrives at Kendall's. Griffin says that he's going out of town for the night and wants Kendall to have a list of emergency contacts just in case. Griffin tells her that he's going to a fundraiser in New York to let people know about the Miranda Center. Ricky greets Griffin and asks if he's making another house call. Kendall tells Ricky why Griffin is there. Ricky asks where he's headed. Griffin tells him that he's coming back if that's what he's wondering. Ricky tells Griffin not to worry because he will be around if Kendall needs anything. Kendall tells them to get over themselves as she goes to make a phone call. Ricky says he gets that Griffin doesn't like him but they both care about Kendall so maybe they should come up with a way to be civil, especially after yesterday. Griffin questions yesterday. Ricky is surprised she didn't tell Griffin about the time she had. Griffin says good for her and sits down. Ricky tells him that Kendall is finally moving forward and he's going to support in that, and hopes Griffin will too. Kendall comes back in and asks if they are friends now.

Tad and Krystal argue about the girls as Opal walks in and interrupts. Opal thinks they can work it out. Krystal says she is working it out by protecting two little girls. Cara walks back in the doorway. Krystal exits to go to work. Cara says that didn't sound so great. Tad insists it's no big deal. Opal mentions that they always work out their problems in the end.

Madison doesn't want Ryan to be bankrolling her just because she's carrying his baby. She doesn't want Ryan running her life. Ryan just wants to make it a little easier. Ryan says he'll always want to help. Madison tells him to respect her since she's happy living with Scott. Madison says this is how she wants it. The officer hangs up his phone and said Annie was spotted outside of Boston at a gas station. Ryan wonders if she's heading back to Pine Valley. Ryan gets a call from Brot. Brot informs him that he's with a man who just had his wallet stolen by someone who matches the description of Annie. Ryan and Greenlee rush out as Madison wishes them luck.

Annie takes Emma to a hotel room. Annie tells her they will stay there until they figure out their next move. Annie assures Emma that everything will be okay. She tells Emma to rest while she takes a shower. Emma asks if Annie is okay since she thought the old man was Scott. Annie says she just made a mistake.

Scott and Madison return to their apartment. Madison hopes her phone rings soon with good news. Scott jokes with her about Ryan offering her a suite and they both agree that they are happy where they are. Madison says she was really bugged by the way Ryan made the offer to her. Scott compares it to JR offering him to live in the Mansion. Madison doesn't think anyone should run their lives. Madison says their place might not be a mansion but she fills richer than ever because she's free. Madison's phone rings and it's Emma. Emma whispers that she's worried about Annie and wants to come see Madison.

Tad tells Opal he doesn't have to understand anything when it comes to his kids. Tad wants Kathy and Jenny to stay there because he refuses to lose them. Tad doesn't want to make a schedule or miss half their lives. Opal's proud that he feels that way but wants him to understand where Krystal is coming from.

Cara arrives at Krystal's and orders a cup of coffee. Cara brings up first coming to town and Krystal being the first person she met. Krystal asks if Cara wants something. Cara begs her not to move out.

Ricky jokes with Kendall about being friends with Griffin. Griffin wants to check Kendall's pulse before he leaves to make sure she's not stressed. Ricky exits to grab the rest of the bags. Ricky places the bags down and grabs Zach's letter after Griffin had put it down.

Ryan talks to the old man that ran into Annie outside. Ryan thinks that his story sealed it. Brot says they are searching the area. Ryan says they have to find her. Ryan thinks since Annie saw Scott in this man, she could see someone else in Emma.

Madison talks to Emma some more and asks where she is. Emma says she's in Pine Valley but doesn't know where. Emma tells her that Annie took a key from the man that looks like a credit card. Madison assumes it's a hotel key and Emma hangs up. Madison calls Ryan. Madison tells him that she spoke to Emma and that they are in town but she doesn't know where except that she took a key card. Ryan hangs up and asks the man if his wallet had his hotel key, he says yes. Ryan and Greenlee rush off to the hotel.

Annie comes out of the shower and Emma asks if the man hurt her. Annie says no and suggests Emma go take a shower while she gets food and then they'll talk about their next exciting adventure. Emma goes to shower and Annie looks in the man's wallet. She pulls out the money and counts it. She says it should last them a while. Annie hears someone at the door and tells Emma to hide. Ryan kicks the door in and finds Annie inside. Ryan demands to know where Emma is. Annie says he scared her and that Emma is taking a shower. Ryan goes to find her and says she's not in there. Ryan yells at Annie and Annie begs him not to call the cops. Ryan tells Annie that he doesn't hate her, he just wants his daughter back. Ryan tells Annie that they can figure it out together, just them. Annie cries that she's scared. Ryan promises to keep her safe, he just wants to know where Emma is. Greenlee comes in the room and Annie screams that this is not keeping her safe.

Madison tells Scott she might should go be there when Ryan finds Emma. Scott tells her that she'll get a call. Madison hopes nobody is mad at her. Madison says she first got mad at Ryan and then is helping him. Scott tells her to take a deep breath and remember everything will be fine. Scott tells Madison that he believes in her.

Opal tells Tad that he still has her. Tad jokes with her about things not being the same if he didn't see her every morning. Tad says he loves having everyone there including Krystal. Tad says he decided to marry Cara but thinks Opal might be right that he didn't think over everything it would cost him. Opal says someday, Kathy and Jenny will be old enough to understand and then they'll be as proud of him as she is. Tad laughs that he'll probably be dead by then. Opal tells him to keep loving them the best he can. Tad calls himself a fool and doesn't know what he was thinking. Tad says he assumed he could have it all by saving Cara and having his family. Tad admits that something may have to give.

Cara tells Krystal that her family has been incredible and she can't let Tad's family separate and drive Krystal out of her home. Krystal thinks her staying is too dangerous and confusing for the girls. Cara tells Krystal about her father leaving her mother but she went on because they were still a family. Krystal says it isn't going to fly with the government. Cara says it may not be easy but it is possible and wants to help Krystal and her children. Krystal asks if she really thinks that she can sell this situation to the Feds. Cara says she's spent most of her adult life, chasing action and looking for a rush but she can say today that she is happy to be grounded. Cara loves waking up and knowing where she is surrounded by a loving family. Cara says immigration will believe her because it's the truth.

Griffin checks Kendall's pulse and says it's normal. Griffin figures it must be all the fun Ricky was talking about. Griffin jokes with her about playing tag. Griffin is glad she let loose a little because that's good for her heart. Kendall says it was really sweet of Griffin to check on her. Griffin says it was no big deal. Kendall jokes with him about his job. Griffin reminds her he's gonna pay back all the stolen drugs when she sells the casino. Kendall thanks him for helping with the Miranda Center. Griffin says it's his job and that he'll see her when he gets back. Griffin exits and Ricky returns.

Griffin meets with Cara at the hospital. Griffin tells her that he'll see her when he gets back and he's doing this for a friend. Cara doesn't think he should go after these casino partners. Griffin tells Cara that he doesn't want to let the letter go. Griffin says Kendall and Zach's bond was beyond logic and she knows what he's talking about.

Kendall asks Ricky who the sexy woman on the phone was. Ricky says he wouldn't call her sexy. Kendall thinks she sounded very interested. Ricky insists that she's not his type and his phone rings again. Ricky answers and says he'll look into it today. Ricky hangs up and Kendall asks what's wrong. Ricky says the director at the teen center was just looking into kids buying drugs off the street and they found out they are coming from Pine Valley hospital.

Madison asks Scott how he comes up with all the right things to say and do as he rubs her feet. Scott says he's just looking out for her and knows she's a strong, independent, beautiful woman who doesn't need anyone to back her up. Madison says she does need support. Madison brings up her father, her ex husband, and Ryan didn't understand. Madison clarifies that Ryan isn't like her father but his way of help is always coming to her rescue. Madison tells Scott that he's different because he supports and cares but doesn't control her.

Greenlee apologizes to Annie. Annie screams that they are all a bunch of liars. Annie wonders why Greenlee is here. Ryan tells her it's all going to be okay. Annie cries that they are all trying to trick her to lock her up. Annie shouts that she can't trust anyone. Ryan tries to talk to her and says he'll give her whatever she wants. Annie says Ryan is just lying to get her in a cell and leave her there. Ryan reminds her that they are bonded together for life by having a child so he's going to help her. Annie admits running hasn't been easy lately. Ryan tells Annie they need to put everything aside and do what's best for Emma. Ryan asks Annie again where Emma is.

Krystal returns to Tad's and they greet each other. Tad wants to talk to her about making this work. Krystal says she doesn't need to hear it because she's staying. Tad asks what changed her mind. Krystal tells him it was Cara.

Griffin tells Cara not to worry. Cara asks how far he's going to take this. Griffin says he won't break his promise to Kendall.

Kendall asks Ricky about the pills. Ricky says it's painkillers and wonders how these kids could get drugs out of the hospital. Ricky asks if Kendall knows something about it because she looks like she knows something.

Scott jokes with Madison. Madison tells him that she meant he doesn't overshadow her or make her feel lower and she's never had that with anyone before. Madison tells Scott that she really wants to kiss him. Scott agrees and kisses Madison.

Annie tells Ryan it can finally be over. She tells Emma is hiding behind the couch. Ryan and Greenlee look but she isn't there. Emma is hiding outside behind the wall and the bushes clutching her doll.

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