AMC Update Wednesday 3/16/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/16/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Kendall and Bianca play at the park with Spike, Ian, Gaby, and Miranda. Marissa joins them as they sit down. Marissa insists to Bianca they can talk later. Kendall gets Marissa into their game of tag with the kids and they continue playing.

Colby sits at home in the Mansion. She closes her laptop and puts it down. AJ runs in and sits with her as he and JR return home. AJ gives Colby a present. She opens it and it's a family photo inside. JR says it's from him as he's sorry for coming down so hard on her. Colby asks what he wants.

David joins Liza at Fusion. David informs Liza that Iris wants to fire Liza for the video that Colby put online. Liza tells him that she should go ahead and do it. David is surprised she's giving up. Liza says she can't stop her. David suggests she buy him another drink and he'll tell her why she's wrong.

Jake talks to Amanda about trying to get Cara a full time job. Jake tells Amanda that she doesn't have to act supportive. Amanda wants to make it up to Cara and tells Jake to do what he can. Jake kisses her and exits, saying he will see and talk to her at Fusion. Amanda sits down with newspaper and sees Cara and Tad's wedding announcement. She tosses it aside.

Cara and Tad come home. Tad staggers in out of breath as they just finished a run. Cara doesn't want him going too hard. Tad assures her that he wants to do things for her and with her. Cara wants to repay him for helping her. Tad assures her that she doesn't need to and says maybe she saved him too.

Kendall, Marissa and Bianca continue playing tag with the kids. They sit down with the kids as Sandra the babysitter arrives. Kendall says she'll take the boys home so Bianca and Marissa can talk. Bianca wants Kendall to stay and says they can talk tomorrow. They send the kids with Sandra and they sit together on the benches. Marissa thinks they make it look so easy with the kids.

JR tells Colby it's just them and AJ for the moment so he wants to stop fighting. Colby says she's heard this before. JR says his priority is bringing the family back together and he even reached out to Scott. JR tells her that Scott will be working at Chandler and might move back in. Colby thinks he's delusional. JR says they can make this work and wants her to do it for AJ. AJ gives Colby a picture of him, Colby, and JR and wants her to put it on the computer. AJ goes to find more pictures. JR tells her that he has to go to Fusion to find a replacement for Annie but wants Colby to meet him there in an hour. JR tells Colby they can do this and he exits.

David encourages Liza to push back against the mayor. Liza says she has already made the biggest mistake of her life and can't come back from it. David tells her that she can beat this. David offers to talk to the mayor and convince her to keep Liza. Liza asks what it will be in exchange for. David reminds her that he's trying to get his medical license back and having the DA on his side could really help seal the deal.

Cara asks Tad what he needs saving from. Tad lays on the floor and tells her how his life has been about so much adventure until lately as he's been in a rut since Liza. Cara asks if the threat on her life is helping him through a mid life crisis. Tad doesn't want to put it that way. Tad sits up and she gives him a water bottle. Tad tells her that being her husband isn't much of a chore. Tad lays back down and hopes he isn't cramping her style. Cara thinks they should lose the sweat pants though. Tad thinks they are classic. Cara says they'll work on it tomorrow. Cara helps Tad up. Tad says tonight he's gonna lay on the sofa and watch two great games on the TV. Cara says no and wants him to take her out on a date.

Jake talks to Joe at the hospital. Jake tells him about trying to get Cara a full time job. He reminds Jake that Cara got into an altercation with the cancer patient's parents. Joe says that family is threatening to sue the hospital. Jake talks to him about how Cara would always be working to save people in Doctors Without Borders and how she fought leukemia. Jake thinks that kind of dedication doesn't always come around. Joe says that Cara is very lucky to have Jake on her side.

Kendall, Bianca, and Marissa return to the benches with some food. They joke around about having dessert before dinner like the kids. Kendall brings up that Bianca told her Marissa has been amazing in their case. Kendall wonders how Marissa made it work with JR. Marissa says they fought and then stopped but knows AJ needs his father. Kendall suggests they all continue their conversation at Fusion. Bianca asks if she's sure she's up for that. Kendall assures she's had enough nights alone.

Liza tells David she isn't desperate so he's on her own. Tad arrives with Cara and Liza looks at them. David hopes she isn't still hung up on Tad. David wonders if Liza slept with Damon to get over Tad. Liza gets up and walks away, stopping to watch Tad and Cara from a distance. Tad and Cara sit at a table. Amanda comes over and greets them. Amanda mentions that she's waiting for Jake as he went to talk to the board for Cara. Cara is surprised that nobody told her the meeting was today. Amanda goes to get a drink at the bar. Cara thinks Jake shouldn't' have to defend her and she rushes out of Fusion. Liza joins Amanda at the bar and wonders how she feels about the whole marriage thing and keeping it in the family. Amanda says they can ask Damon about that.

Kendall, Marissa, and Bianca arrive at Fusion. Kendall and Bianca go to call the babysitter to check on the kids. JR comes up and says he's glad he ran into Marissa. Marissa wonders where AJ is. JR tells her that AJ had a rough night because he missed his mom.

Joe and Jake continue talking at the hospital. Jake jokes about taking the job for Angie. Jake mentions he doesn't know how Joe did it all those years. Joe thinks it won't be difficult once he gets the hang of it. Jake thinks he's better at just being a doctor rather than chief of staff. Joe asks Jake if he's sure that being out of the hospital is what he misses most about his past. Jake tells him that what he and Cara had was beautiful but he's moved on and he has something amazing with Amanda. Jake says he doesn't want to blow that. Jake thinks he's finally found where he belongs which is here with his wife and son. Cara comes up to them and tells him there's been a gang fight and there's patients with wounds. Jake tells her to get ready and Cara says it's just like the old days as they walk off.

Cara and Jake finish and Joe tells Cara that he knows she's his daughter in law. Joe says the Martins are a strong and loyal family. Cara says it means everything to her. Joe notes that both his sons made a very good choice. Jake says he's got to get to the board meeting. Joe says he's going with him to make a strong recommendation for Cara and she thanks him.

Amanda asks Tad where Cara went. Tad tells her she went to the hospital. Amanda mentions she went to see Jake and Tad notes that it was on business.

JR says AJ wants to know why Marissa left. JR tells her about inviting Scott back and brings up Marissa moving back. Marissa tells him to stop trying to make her feel guilty because she's not moving back in. JR says he's just letting her know about AJ because he's being the responsible parent. JR leaves and Kendall & Bianca come back. They ask what JR said and Marissa asks them if she's a bad mother.

Liza joins Tad at the bar and says everyone's out tonight. Liza asks where Cara went. Tad tells her that she had to take care of something. Liza thinks Tad is embarrassed to be seen with her now.

Jake and Joe inform Cara that she's got the job. Cara thanks them and excitedly hugs Joe. She hugs Jake as well and thanks him. Joe says that's done and now they need to get some family matters straight. Joe wants to know that Cara won't hurt Tad or get in the way of Jake's marriage. Cara assures him she won't hurt Tad or Jake or cause trouble for Jake's marriage. Cara wants nothing from the best for the family that has been so generous for her. Joe is pleased and hugs her. Joe exits as Jake tells him that he'll see him and Ruth before they go. Cara mentions that Jake lucked out in the dad department. Cara thought the board had a problem with her. Jake says the condition for her job is that she has to apologize to the cancer patient's family. Cara says she'll go do that now even though it's wrong. Jake reminds her that she needs to follow the hospital rules.

JR joins Amanda at a table at Fusion. Amanda jokes that she's only having a club soda. JR says relationships are still so hard and asks if she and Jake are okay. Amanda says they are on the right track but feels it could fall again at any time. Amanda just wants it to be back when things were good.

Kendall & Bianca wonder why Marissa would think she's a bad mother. Marissa tells them about JR wanting her to move back in but she said no. Marissa wonders if she's being selfish putting herself before AJ. Kendall says taking care of herself is most important and that means staying away from JR.

Colby arrives at Fusion and stops when she sees Liza at the bar. Liza insists that Tad is embarrassed to be seen with her and thinks that's why he's with Cara. Liza looks over and sees JR and Amanda then turns around to see Kendall and Bianca and Marissa looking at her. Liza realizes everyone is looking at her and she gets up drunk saying she's out so everyone should hide their boys. Liza continues her drunken rant saying this is who she is whether anyone likes it or not but stops when she spots Colby watching her. Liza asks Colby how long she's been there as she didn't see her. Everyone looks around as Colby storms out. JR says she's heard enough from Liza and he goes after Colby. David offers to take Liza home and they exit. Kendall can't believe Liza and Bianca feels bad for Colby. Marissa thinks Liza just made a mistake and loves her daughter. Kendall hopes Marissa isn't comparing herself to Liza. Bianca assures Marissa that AJ knows she loves him. They know Marissa wants to leave to see AJ. Marissa agrees and Kendall tells her to make sure she's there for AJ and not JR. Marissa exits. Bianca says she's so glad Kendall came with them tonight. Kendall thinks it feels good to connect with people but she does need to get home to the kids. Bianca says they need to do this again soon. They get up and leave. Bianca walks past JR as he returns. Bianca accuses JR of using AJ to get Marissa back home. JR doesn't think it's horrible trying to get Marissa with her son. Bianca warns him not to hurt Marissa again and exits. JR returns to Amanda at the bar. Amanda asks how Colby is but JR says she can't deal right now so he'll try again later. JR tells her that the guy he's looking to replace Annie with at work is a half hour late. Amanda says Jake was supposed to meet her for dinner too. Amanda suggests JR hire her. JR doesn't think that's a good fit for Chandler. Amanda thinks she's a good fit and offers to send him some old work she did at Fusion. JR thought she gave up everything to be at home with Trevor. Amanda says they have a nanny now and she's ready for more. Amanda just wants a chance and JR is willing to give her a shot. Amanda thanks him and promises he won't be sorry. JR tells her not to be late and exits. Tad continues drinking at his table and looks down at his wedding ring. He looks around and realizes Cara hasn't come back.

Jake and Cara continue to argue about the cancer patient. Cara says she goes above and beyond for her patients. Jake reminds her that this is not Doctors Without Borders. Cara gets that they are both weirded out that she married Tad and Jake just wants to remind her that he's her boss. Cara says she'll go apologize to the family because she needs the job and she'll say what she is forced to say. Jake thanks her. Cara thanks him for going to bat for her again. Cara tells Jake that she will never compromise how she practices medicine for anyone.

Bianca arrives at Krystal's and joins Marissa at the bar. Marissa jokes that they are going from restaurant to restaurant. Bianca asks where AJ is. Marissa says Opal already took him to JR's. Bianca offers to join Marissa. She's surprised Bianca isn't joining the girls but Bianca tells her they are already asleep. Bianca orders a chocolate cake.

Kendall returns home and looks at a picture of her and Zach. Kendall tells Zach that she had fun tonight, it felt good and feels like she's coming back to life again.

Colby watches the video of Liza's rant at Fusion on her computer at home. Colby mentions it has almost a million hits.

David brings Liza to her hotel room and asks why she's staying there. Liza says every time she goes home, someone that has seen Colby's video comes up to her. David says he know how she feels since he had one daughter die hating him and the other, Marissa, can't stand him. David tells Liza that they will never change and their kids will either accept them or not. Liza doesn't think she and David are alike. David says he understands her and thinks she understands him so they should make the most of it. David kisses Liza.

Joe joins Tad at Fusion and says he has quite a wife. Tad thinks Joe will still say it's a mistake to marry her. Joe says he won't say that as he thought about it and is proud of Tad. Tad is relieved to know he's on board. Joe says he looks at Tad and Jake and doesn't think this will end well. Cara returns and greets them. Cara tells Tad she got a permanent position at the hospital. Tad is excited and says there's no more worries then.

Jake comes back home and apologizes to Amanda for missing dinner. Amanda is trying on dresses and tells Jake that she got a job. Jake asks when this all happened. Amanda tells him about running into JR and getting hired. Jake is surprised. Amanda hugs him and tells him to be happy for her.

Tad tells Cara he is so happy for her and hugs her as we see a split screen of Jake hugging Amanda and Tad hugging Cara.

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