AMC Update Tuesday 3/15/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/15/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Ryan returns home and tells Greenlee the FBI doesn’t have any new leads on Emma and then tells her that he still can’t believe Madison lied to him about his child. Greenlee tells Ryan not to be so hard on Madison because she probably didn’t think it was the proper time to tell him since Emma is missing. Ryan heads to see Madison to give her the new FBI contact information in case Emma calls her again. Greenlee wants to go with Ryan but he tells her that she has too much work to do handling the Fusion toxic ingredient mess.

(Erica’s place) Caleb arrives and he wonders if Jack is okay with them working together and Erica says jack knows and they have straightened everything out and their relationship is back on track. Erica tells Caleb that she loves Jack and wants to be with him and he understands that she has to do business with him. Asher arrives with the last papers transferring Cortlandt back to Caleb and Erica and Caleb tells Asher that JR is using him to send a message that he owns his son. Caleb tells Asher that he is smart and capable and could be more then JR’s errand boy but Asher tells Caleb that he doesn’t respect him or the decisions that he makes with his life. Asher leaves and Erica tells Caleb that he handled that as well as could be expected but Caleb tells Erica that his relationship with Asher is none of her business and they should get back to work. Erica gets angry because JR sent a whole bunch of papers that aren’t even numbered and she tells Caleb that she is tired of JR’s childish games so she heads over to the mansion to talk to JR.

(Chandler Mansion) Colby comes downstairs and tells JR that she is going to the office to see if she can help with the PR department since it is a mess since Annie is gone. JR tells her that her video gave the company enough bad press and she should have thought things through before posting it. Colby tells JR she helped a lot of people and she felt better getting her feelings out so she may post another video.

(ConFusion) Liza drinks and checks her phone for a message from Colby but there isn’t one so she continues to watch Colby’s video on her phone over and over again.

(Scott’s place) Scott arrives with Cinnamon buns for he and Madison to eat for breakfast and as they eat Madison tells Scott she is relieved that Ryan knows the truth but it feels strange to her. Ryan arrives and gives Madison the new FBI contact information but she points out that he could have given her that over the phone. Ryan tells Madison that he could give her money to stay someplace else because Scott’s apartment is too cramped for a baby but she says that she likes the apartment and is fine. Ryan tells Madison that the baby is his responsibility but Madison reminds Ryan that she wants to raise the baby alone and he has no responsibility towards the baby. Madison is late for work so she grabs her things and heads for the door. Ryan asks Scott to persuade Madison to let him help her with her living expenses because he knows that this small apartment isn’t a place to raise a child. Scott tells Ryan that Madison makes her own decisions and he respects that so he won’t tell her what to do. Ryan wonders what Scott is getting out of this and Scott tells him that he wants to do something to help someone so that Stuart can bee proud of him but Ryan is a little skeptical of Scott’s reason for helping Madison.

(Hospital) Griffin gives Kendall a clean bill of health and Kendall tells Griffin that when she was in the ambulance she wasn’t worried about herself she was only worried about her kids. Griffin tells Kendall he understands and he keeps looking at the letter from Zach he took out of Kendall’s trash, which he has hidden in her file. Griffin asks Kendall what she will do now and Kendall tells him she wants to focus on her job and her kids and let go of the idea of Zach’s possible murder. Griffin tells Kendall to go take on the cosmetic world and she thanks him for everything he has done for her telling him she couldn’t have gotten through any of this without him.

(Fusion) Greenlee tells Kendall that she has come up with a great new product line an organic product line geared to pregnant women. Kendall loves the idea and thinks they should get Madison involved in the new project. Madison arrives and when Kendall tells her the new product line Madison tells her that Greenlee is taking credit for her idea and Greenlee is quick to tell Madison that the idea belongs to Fusion it isn’t hers and Madison tells her that Fusion didn’t come up with the concept it was her idea. Madison tells Greenlee she is tired of her manipulating things just because she is worried she will lose Ryan since he knows about the baby. Greenlee tells Madison she is being ridiculous and Madison reminds her that she intends to raise the baby on her own. Kendall wants to know what is going on and Madison suggests she ask Greenlee maybe she will tell her the truth. Greenlee admits to Kendall that she has known Madison was carrying Ryan’s baby for months and Kendall wonders if either of them planned to ever tell Ryan the truth and they say they don’t know what they would have done if he hadn’t found out the truth. Kendall has had enough and leaves Madison and Greenlee to work things out. Madison tells Greenlee that she won’t tell Ryan that she knew about the pregnancy for months if she allows her to be in charge of the new product line that was her idea. Greenlee agrees and tells Kendall that Madison is the leader of the new project. Greenlee asks Kendall if she will keep her secret from Ryan and she agrees and gives Greenlee a hug.

(Chandler Mansion) Erica arrives and since JR isn’t home she tells Colby to give him a message to stop playing childish games or she will teach him a lesson he won’t forget Colby tells Erica that Adam always admired her as a smart business woman and wonders how Erica always comes out on top no matter how many times life knocks her down with problems. Erica admits to Colby she misses Adam and Colby tells Erica she missed Adam too especially when she has problems she can’t solve. Erica advises Colby to believe in herself because if she doesn’t believe in herself nobody will believe in her and she should always look confident. Erica leaves and Asher arrives just as Colby is considering making another video and he encourages her to make another video. Colby decides to make another video and tells her followers to not take anything less then the truth from anyone but in order to get the truth from people you should also tell the truth. Colby tells people that if they don’t get the truth from others they should demand it from them and not accept less.

(Erica’s place) Erica suggests to Caleb that he ask Colby to help him get closer to Asher because it’s obvious that Ashe is in love with Colby but he also respects her opinion.

(Scott’s place) JR arrives to ask Scott and Madison to move in to the mansion because the apartment is no place to raise a baby. Scott knows that JR is just trying to persuade Marissa to move in and he thinks she will agree if he is moving into the mansion. Scott tells JR that he isn’t the father of the baby so JR tells Scott he can still move in and let Madison make her own way. JR tells Scott to move in for AJ’s sake because both AJ and Colby need family around them. Scott tells him no and Madison arrives as JR leaves and Madison tells Scott that Greenlee made her the leader on the new product line. Scott tells Madison that JR wanted him to move into the mansion and he turned him down because he likes the apartment since it is closer to work.

(Park) Kendall notices that Griffin is following her and tells him to stop because she is okay now then she leaves and Griffin tells himself that it isn’t just about Kendall’s health anymore he wants to make sure she is safe.

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