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All My Children Update Monday 3/14/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Krystal’s) Angie arrives home to a welcome home party at the restaurant and Angie is happy that Krystal made her a batch of her favorite blueberry muffins. Angie admits to everyone that she is glad to be home and that this time away has made her realize that the most important thing in life is having family and friends.

(Tad’s house) Jake doesn’t feel like pretending everything is fine and watching a video of Tad and Cara’s wedding. Tad explains that everything has to look normal to those two cars from immigration parked outside the house. Tad tells Jake that its hard enough that Amanda is uncomfortable with the situation and Cara is still in love with him no matter how hard she tries to deny it to herself and everyone else. Cara and Amanda talk upstairs and Amanda tells Cara once more that she felt insecure because she is still in love with Jake but she never meant to cause her any harm. Amanda apologizes for the situation Cara is now living in and promises to do whatever it takes to fool immigration so that she can be safe. Cara tells Amanda that an apology will never change what she did or the fact that Tad is sacrificing three years of his life to help her. Jake explains to Tad that Amanda is uncomfortable around Cara and he will have to respect the fact that Amanda might need time away from Cara sometimes. Tad tells Jake that Amanda caused this situation so she will have to grow up and help him and Cara make this fake marriage work. Amanda and Cara arrive and Amanda overhears what Tad said about her and tells him that if he has anything else to say about her he can say it to her face.

(Hospital) Ryan walks into the exam room and hears that Madison is nineteen weeks pregnant and knows that he is the father because Scott was still in jail nineteen weeks ago. Greenlee walks in and Ryan explains everything to her and she pretends she didn’t know and acts surprised. Ryan wants to know why Madison lied to him and she tells him that she didn’t want him to feel obligated to her because she intends to raise her baby girl on her own. Madison explains that she never found the right time to tell him and on his wedding day Scott saw she was in a tight spot and lied and said he was the father to help her out. Ryan wants to know who else knew the truth and Madison tells him that Frankie, Randi, and Scott were the only ones that knew he was the father of her baby. Madison tells Ryan that she needed to decide if she wanted to keep the baby on her own and when she almost lost it she discovered how much she wanted to keep her child. The doctor tells Madison that tests show the baby is fine and she probably got cramps because she was dehydrated so they are going to give her liquids and she will be fine.

(Krystal) Jesse tells Brot he is nervous and doesn’t think he is ready for the baby yet and Brot tells Jesse not to worry because Frankie told him what a great father he is and he is sure that everything will be fine. Angie is telling Krystal she is also nervous about the baby and doesn’t feel ready for it but Krystal tells her that nobody is ever ready to have a child. Brot and Krystal advise Jesse and Angie to talk to each other but they don’t want to because they don’t want to put pressure on each other. Angie tells Krystal she is probably just feeling overwhelmed by being home and decides to go back to the party.

(Tad’s house) Amanda cries and tells Jake, Tad and Cara that she is tired of trying to fix this horrible mean thing that she did and what hurts the most is that Jake can’t forgive her and none of the family trusts her anymore. Jake promises tad and Cara that he will do all he can to make this work to keep Cara safe. Jake thanks tad for always being there for him and for sacrificing three years of his life to keep Cara safe. Tad tells Jake that he loves him very much and no matter what his birth certificate says they are brothers and they will always be brothers. Tad explains to Jake that he is doing this for Cara to repay in a small way what the Marin family did for him when they adopted him and gave him love and a better life then he had with his biological father. Tad and Jake give each other a half hug and Amanda and Cara are so touched by the deep love that tad and Jake have for each other that Amanda agrees to earn everyone’s trust back and Cara agrees to be the perfect wife that immigration needs to see. The two couples say that from now on they are a family.

(Fusion) Scott arrives looking for Madison and Randi tells him that Frankie called and told her Madison was at the hospital. Scott rushes to the hospital because he is worried about Madison and the baby.

(Hospital) Madison tells Scott that Ryan knows the truth and the details of how Ryan found out the truth. Scott hugs her and tells her that she must be relieved that the baby is okay and Madison admits that she is relieved that Ryan finally knows the truth. Madison tells Scott that he is off the baby daddy hook and Scott tells Madison that he likes being with her and he isn’t going anywhere and Madison hugs Scott again.

(Krystal’s) Jake and Amanda arrive and Angie asks Jake to continue being chief of staff because she doesn’t want to go back to work until after the baby is born. Jake tells Angie that he doesn’t like being Chief of staff but he will do anything to help her. Jesse and Angie ask Jake and Amanda to be their baby’s godparaents because they are a loving stable couple. Jake and Amanda agree although Amanda feels guilty that Angie calls her a sweet person and a loving mother because she knows she wasn’t sweet to Cara. Once Jake and Amanda leave the party Angie tells Jesse he wants to name their daughter Ellie in memory of his mother and Jesse cries a little as he talks to the baby and call her Ellie Hubbard for the first time.

(Tad’s house) Cara thanks Tad once more for all that he is doing for her and ap0ologizes for causing him and Jake to argue. Tad tells Cara not to worry about his relationship with Jake because they will be fine because they are brothers above all else. Cara tells Tad that she will be fine sleeping in the man cave because she understands he needs to be close to his kids. Cara smiles as tad playfully calls her new room the woman cave.

(Jake and Amanda’s house) Jake tells Amanda that he feels honored that Jesse and Angie asked them to be Godparents to their baby and its time they make their marriage strong and sold again and then Jake kisses Amanda.

(Tad’s house) Cara startles Tad while he is in the middle of an audiotape Spanish lesson and Tad falls out of his chair. Tad doesn’t want to practice his Spanish for Cara because it isn’t very good. Cara tells Tad that she can help him learn so he says “ Yo estoy muy casado” which means I am very married what he was trying to say is I am very tired so Cara tells him the word for tired which is cansado not casado. Cara smiles when tad says that both words are true whichever word he chooses to use.

(Ryan and Greenlee’s place) Ryan is hurt that Madison didn’t tell him about his child and wonders how she could lie to him after the relationship they once shared. Greenlee tells Ryan that there is something he should know but is interrupted by a call from the FBI who tell Ryan they don’t have any new information about Emma. Ryan asks Greenlee what she wanted to tell him and she tells him not to blame himself for Madison not telling him the truth. Ryan puts his head on Greenlee’s lap and tells her that he doesn’t know what he would do without her.

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