AMC Update Friday 3/11/11

All My Children Update Friday 3/11/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Tad is asleep at the hotel room and wakes up when Cara adjusts his pillow. They greet each other and Tad tries to get up but is in pain due to the way he slept on the couch. They joke about their wedding night.

Amanda wakes up and looks around for Jake but he's not home.

Jake arrives at the hospital and greets Griffin. Jake says he thought the wedding was good since everyone survived. Griffin says nothing will be well until they get immigration off Cara's back. Jake thinks Tad will make it work and Griffin goes to check on a patient. Griffin walks on and stops to make a phone call to Kendall but he has a flashback to Kendall telling him to back off and decides not to call.

Kendall arrives at the Fusion office. Greenlee welcomes her to the battlefield. Kendall is confused and Greenlee asks if she checks her phone. Kendall says Erica made her turn her phone off last night and asks what's going on. Randi says it's a disaster and gives Greenlee some files. Kendall wants to know what's going on. Greenlee asks if she's going to disappear again. Kendall says she was dealing with a personal crisis. Greenlee says she deals with personal crisis as well and needs to know if Kendall is not going to fall apart on her.

Scott makes a call to Madison at the hospital and leaves a message asking for an update on Emma and lets her know that he needs her signature on a couple of things. Scott hangs up and turns around to see Jake. Jake says they need to have a chat if he likes his job.

Ryan and Madison return home to Ryan's place. Ryan checks his phone but there's no messages. Madison says it's not his fault that Annie got spooked. Ryan wishes he wouldn't have grabbed the phone from David. Ryan thanks Madison for coming with him. Madison says she'll do anything to get Emma back but wishes she could've made a difference. Ryan tells her she was there when he needed her which was a lot. Madison gets a stomach pain and tells Ryan that it's fine and just heartburn. Madison reminds Ryan about a time they ate at a Mexican restaurant with Emma. Madison apologizes for making him think about Emma. Ryan says thinking about her keeps him going. Ryan says the simple things about being a dad become so precious and Madison will find out soon. Madison says she should go. Ryan tells her not to go yet.

Kendall tells Greenlee that she knows she's been out of touch but wants to help Fusion get out of trouble. Greenlee tells her that the new line may have to be scrapped because of the potential toxin in the blush lipstick. Greenlee gives her the report. Kendall can't believe it. Greenlee says they need to put out the fire and thinks it would've been nice if she could've reached her last night. Kendall asks about Emma. Greenlee tells Kendall what happened and that Ryan and Madison went to Boston together. Kendall admits she should've been there. Greenlee says she should've gone with Ryan. Kendall tells Greenlee not to worry about Madison since she's having a baby with Scott.

Ryan wants Madison to be prepared in case Emma calls her again. Madison says she's here whenever he needs her. Ryan offers to make her breakfast but Madison declines. Madison gets another stomach pain and Ryan sits her down, telling her to take it easy and rest.

Scott asks Jake what he did. Jake tells Scott that he broke into the hospital server and that's not okay as well as the sonogram schedule to get Madison an appointment. Jake tells him that he knows he did it. Scott wants to explain. Scott tells him about how Madison was upset and concerned about the baby. Jake tells Scott that he gets in line like everyone else in that case. Jake says breaking into the system is a violation of policy and instant termination. Scott says he just wanted to help Madison and reminds him how hard he works. Jake tells him that he's letting him off with a warning. Scott exits and Amanda enters. Amanda asks if he's got another second chance handy since she wants to be forgiven for last night. Griffin walks in and tells Amanda that Jake is not who she should be apologizing to.

Cara helps Tad get to his feet. Cara tells Tad that she should've slept on the couch. Tad continues going through pains and falls into Cara on the bed and rolls onto the floor. They joke with each other as they lay down in the bed.

Griffin tells Amanda that Cara told her that she called immigration. Griffin blames Amanda for the marriage to Tad. Amanda tells him about not knowing the danger. Griffin thinks she doesn't care to use it to get her out of the country. Jake tries to stand up for Amanda. Griffin realizes that Jake wanted to cover for Amanda by being happy for Cara and Tad. Griffin tells Jake that all he wants from him is not to ruin her career like he did her personal life. Griffin tells him to make sure that Cara continues to work at the hospital. Amanda apologizes as Griffin exits. Amanda thanks Jake for sticking up for her. Jake says he'll try to get Cara a permanent job but thinks the board will have a problem with the immigration problems. Jake says he will do all he can do.

Griffin checks his phone in the hall and sees no new messages. A nurse walks up with flowers and gives them to Griffin as they were for a patient that already left. The nurse suggests maybe someone else could use some cheering up.

Ricky is sneaking around outside and grabs Diana and asks if she's crazy for sneaking up on him. Diana thinks she was safe because Ricky is off his game. Diana saw him break into Kendall's and watch him caress the photo of her.

Kendall looks through files and thought she was keeping up to date. Greenlee tells Kendall she knows that she's been having a tough time but she also insisted on not being treated differently. Kendall says she meant what she said and she hasn't just lost Zach but her whole sense of direction, her priorities and her boys. Kendall says since Zach died, she's become obsessed with the letter. Greenlee thinks it's her one last chance to communicate with him. Kendall says it has gotten her neglecting the business and tells Greenlee about freaking out when Erica and Jack came over. Kendall wonders where they start and what they do. Greenlee says they can only pray. Greenlee says they need to wait for the lab analysis to see how bad this is. Greenlee offers Kendall a coffee but Kendall says she will go get everyone coffee and stop by the hospital. Kendall apologizes to Greenlee for not being there for her. Greenlee says better late than never as Kendall exits. Greenlee calls Ryan and gets his voicemail. Greenlee leaves a message that she is just thinking about him and hoping he has good news and gets home safe.

Ryan begins making a phone call to Scott but Madison doesn't want to worry him about nothing. Ryan thinks cramps are not nothing. Madison insists she's fine and tells him not to call. Ryan reluctantly agrees but wants Madison to hang out and not go to work until she's 100 percent. Madison says she's fine. Ryan feels guilty as it is for dragging her to Boston for a meeting that never happened. Madison says she wanted to help since all she's been able to do is answer phone calls from Emma. Ryan tells Madison that she's done so much more than that since Emma is reaching out to her and feels safe with her. Ryan says that's also why Madison is going to be a great mom. Madison's phone rings and it's Greenlee. Madison hands it to Ryan and he answers. Greenlee asks where he is. Ryan tells her they just got in and figures she tried to call him while he was calling Scott since Madison was having cramps. Greenlee is sorry about Emma. Ryan says he doesn't wanna tie Madison's phone up in case Emma calls so he'll talk to her later. Greenlee says she loves him.

Ricky tells Diana not to spy on him again. Diana says she did it to warn him because he'll end up going to prison. Diana says they need to talk about what's happening to him. Diana reminds him that he killed Kendall's husband. Diana suggests going back to the hotel so she can get his focus back where it counts. Ricky tells her that's not happening. Diana tells him he's making a big mistake and walks off.

Kendall arrives at the hospital and asks a nurse for Griffin. She tells Kendall that she thinks she just missed him. Griffin walks up with the flowers and makes mention of his favorite espresso and says he had a feeling he'd see her today.

Tad and Cara return home. Tad reminds her to get in character. Tad says he has to carry her over the threshold. Cara doesn't want his back to go out again. They jokingly argue about it. Tad picks her up and carries her in to find Jake and Amanda.

Randi gives Greenlee more files as Scott arrives looking for Madison. Greenlee tells him she should be here soon since they just got back. Scott thinks Greenlee is cool about her husband staying out all night with his ex. Greenlee reminds him it was just to find Emma and that's all that matters.

Ryan asks Madison if she's sure that she's okay. Madison gets another pain. Ryan tells her he's taking her to the hospital and begins walking her out.

Cara tells Tad that he can put her down now. Tad says he can't since his back went out again. Jake helps her get down. Cara walks Tad into the living room and to the couch. Amanda thinks they're taking it a little far. Tad doesn't think there's such a thing to make the honeymoon look real. Tad and Cara sit down and Tad asks what they're doing there anyway. Jake says he came to talk to Cara about a permanent position at the hospital. Cara thought she could keep doing what she'd been doing but Jake tells her it doesn't work that way. Jake brings up that he could get her transferred but Cara says she loves working at the Pine Valley Hospital and asks if moving her was Amanda's idea.

Kendall asks Griffin if the flowers are for her but he tells her that it was a patient's. Griffin asks if the coffee is for him but she says it's hers. Kendall says she's here for her heart checkup. Griffin reminds her that's not for a few days and Kendall tries to cover. Kendall goes to hurry out but Griffin stops her. Griffin says they both know why she's here and he wants to accept her apology for overreacting. Kendall doesn't think she was overreacting. Griffin thinks she had evidence on Zach's letter. Kendall suggests she shouldn't have made such a big deal out of the letter. Kendall tells him that trying to figure out the letter has done nothing so it needs to stop. Griffin asks if she really doesn't believe Zach was trying to tell her something. Kendall believes she wanted Zach to be telling her something and wishes she could have another letter. Kendall says she has to stop torturing herself over it and Griffin needs to let her.

Scott asks Greenlee when she stopped caring about Madison and Ryan. Greenlee just wants Emma back. Scott finds it ironic that she's helping Ryan to find his kid but won't let him find out about another. Greenlee reminds him that Madison didn't want him to know. Scott tells her he might want to pretend to be the father for good. Scott reminds Greenlee that is what she wanted. Greenlee asks if that's what he wants to be the baby's father. Scott says he wants to help Madison since raising a kid on your own is a lot easier said than done. Greenlee asks what Scott gets out of it. Scott tells her that he actually likes Madison and wants to help her through this by being there for her and her baby. Scott says it might just be him making up for all the mistakes he made but it makes him feel good. Greenlee knows he really means it. Greenlee is impressed and says she sees a little bit of Stuart in him. Scott says Stuart set the bar pretty high so he'd be happy to be half the man he was. Scott doesn't know what Madison is going to want but he'll play along as long as she wants him to.

Ryan brings Madison to the hospital and tells a nurse about baby pains and the nurse leaves to get a doctor. Madison says she's scared and asks Ryan not to leave her. Ryan tells her that he's not going anywhere.

Amanda tells Cara she has the wrong idea. Jake says it was Amanda's idea to get Cara a full time job. Jake says he recommended her to the board so they'll see. Cara doesn't want to talk about it right now and wants to go unpack. Amanda offers to help but Cara says she's got it. Cara exits. Tad thinks their relationship will need a little work. Jake sits down with Tad and says last night wasn't half bad. Tad tells him that they had room service in a hotel room to sell the wedding. Jake asks how far he thinks he has to go to sell the whole thing. Tad asks if Jake is asking what he's thinking. Jake says no.

Greenlee has to go sign paperwork and tells Scott that Madison should be there soon. Scott reminds her that Emma should be safe. Greenlee hopes Emma calls again. Scott asks why she thinks Emma is calling Madison. Greenlee doesn't know but it's better than nothing. Greenlee stops before leaving and tells Scott that she hopes Madison knows how lucky she is to have Scott.

Kendall tells Griffin that this isn't easy. Griffin tells her she made him a believer. Kendall still believes in following your heart but her boys are also her heart and she needs to move forward for them. Griffin understands and Kendall doesn't want to feel like she's losing another part of Zach. Griffin apologizes and promises not to bring it up again. Kendall says she's been carrying the letter around, afraid to lose it like she lost to Zach but she was wrong since she has so many other memories and letters that she doesn't need this one. Kendall tosses the letter in the trash and exits.

Madison gets checked on by a doctor. She asks Madison how far along she is. Ryan tells her it was eleven weeks. Madison asks Ryan to go call Scott to let her know she's okay. Ryan exits to do so. Madison asks the doctor if it would make a difference how far along she is. The doctor tells her that it could make quite a difference. Madison tells her that she lied and is further along than she said.

Tad tells Jake that he slept on the couch the night before. Tad wants to watch the wedding video to make sure nothing comes off fake. Jake wonders what Cara and Amanda are talking about. Jake says he's gonna get Amanda and get going. Tad wants him to stick around so they can make peace. Tad says they need to be able to get through dinner.

Amanda wants to help Cara unpack but she doesn't want her help. Amanda wants to clear the air between them. Cara blames Amanda for turning her in. Amanda hopes they can put everything behind them since they're family. Cara says you can choose your friends but not your family. Amanda wants to help her adjust to her new life. Cara tells her that Jake isn't around so she can cut the act. Amanda says it's not an act and feels bad for what she did. Amanda wants her to stop thinking the worst of her. Cara asks what she expects after what she did.

Kendall finishes a phone call with Randi as she returns home. She looks at a picture of Zach when the doorbell rings. Kendall answers and it's Ricky. Ricky says he's glad he caught her at home. Kendall wonders how he knows when to stop by all the time. Kendall invites him in and Ricky hopes she's not feeling bad after fighting with Griffin. Kendall says everything is fine. Kendall tells him that she set Griffin straight and they know she needs to move on. Ricky asks Kendall if she understands it. Kendall says it will be hard since letting go of the letter is like letting go of Zach. Ricky tells her that Zach will always be there with her. Ricky tells her to focus on the good times and special moments and special places that she had with Zach and he wants to help her with that. Kendall thanks him.

Griffin takes the letter out of the trash and puts it in his pocket as he exits.

The doctor tells Madison she should've told her before and asks how far along she really is. Madison tells her that she is 19 weeks as Ryan walks back in. Ryan is shocked and says 19 weeks ago Scott wasn't even out of prison. Ryan realizes that he is the father of Madison's baby as Greenlee looks in the doorway.

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