AMC Update Wednesday 3/9/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 3/9/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Everyone at the wedding takes a glass of champagne. Joe makes a toast saying that Cara just married a man who will stand behind her no matter what. He toasts to the bride and groom and everyone takes a drink. Griffin joins Tad and Cara after taking Kendall home and Tad hands him a glass. Griffin wishes them a happy and safe marriage then welcomes Tad to the family. Opal and Leticia come over and hug Tad and Cara. Tad thanks Joe for his toast and speech. Joe tells Tad to do his best to make it work. Krystal asks if anyone else wants more champagne and pours a bunch of glasses. Jake congratulates Cara.

Ryan and Greenlee meet with David at Krystal's. David is in scrubs as he says he's volunteering at a local clinic. Ryan tells him to prove he's a changed man, help him get his daughter back. David says he has his full cooperation. Ryan thinks Annie must be hurting for cash. David thinks he can only wait for the phone to ring.

Scott and Madison are at home. Madison wants to make sure everything's right with the baby. Scott suggests she come with him to the hospital. Madison says it's no big deal and tells Scott to go before he's late. Madison sits down as Scott exits.

Jake apologizes to Cara that this all had to happen like this and that Amanda turned her in. Cara says it's not his fault. Jake doesn't think Amanda would've done it if she knew the danger. Jake tells Cara that she can breathe since the immigration officer is gone. Jake wishes her a happy wedding day. Cara hugs him.

Amanda finishes her drink and orders another martini at Fusion. The immigration officer walks up and tells her that it's on him.

Jake tells Cara that this is going to work since the agent saw the perfect wedding and everyone did their job. Jake welcomes Cara back to the family.

Joe asks Tad if he still thinks it's a good idea. Tad says Jake and Amanda are solid. Joe asks where Amanda was and brings up how hurt Jake was when Cara left him. Tad tells him that Cara left to save his life. Tad brings up how many times Joe has saved someone's life. Tad says he's not a doctor but he can do this to save someone's life. Tad tells Joe that he saved his life by adopting him. Tad says he's heard Joe's voice in his head all his life telling him to do the right thing. Tad calls Joe his father and the best man he's ever known. Tad is proud of the man he's made him. Joe asks about Tad's happiness and thinks he still has time for a real marriage. Tad says he'll never have anything close to what he had with Dixie as he already had the best. Tad has no regrets just happy memories and beautiful children. Tad says he's okay with this. Kathy and Jenny pull Tad away and back to Cara.

Opal cries as Krystal and Ruth remind her it's not real. Opal says she always cries at weddings and can't help it. Ruth suggests maybe they'll be good for each other.

Marissa talks to JR about having a new roommate. Marissa says she's got a room at the hotel. JR suggests just coming over to the house. Marissa asks if he ever stops pushing.

Griffin and Jake talk about being brothers-in-law. Griffin says nothing is more important to him than Cara. Jake says he has to go and starts to leave but JR stops him, saying he can't leave until he makes a proper toast.

Amanda continues drinking while the agent asks why she's not toasting the bride and groom. Amanda says she doesn't like weddings and her phone rings. Amanda checks it and it's Jake but she decides not to answer.

Scott is at the hospital on a computer. He talks to a nurse about Madison getting sent home and he asks if she could squeeze Madison in today. The nurse says if she gave in to everyone, they wouldn't have a schedule. She exits and Scott comments that it is so rude and wrong. Scott looks down and sees an appointment. Scott changes the appointment to Madison and then calls her asking if she has time.

Ryan has a plan. He tells David that Annie's not aware that he knows David helped her escape. Ryan says he made a video plea to Annie and sent it to television so that she'll see it. Ryan says he made it clear that Annie is a fugitive and can't get a job. Greenlee hopes it will get Annie to realize she has nowhere to turn for money except David. Ryan says it's a gamble but if she bites then they'll get her. Ryan says all David has to do is arrange a drop site for the money and then the FBI can catch Annie. David says it could take weeks for her to call but mentions this as a first with Ryan needing him. David says he's just happy to help. Ryan just hopes it works so he gets his daughter back safe and doesn't have to deal with David again. David feels the same way. Ryan gets up to see if there's any response to his video. Greenlee thinks David is insincere. David claims he meant what he said. Greenlee says David isn't doing this for Ryan, but to get his medical license back and maybe getting his daughter back. David thinks there's nothing wrong with everyone getting a happy ending. Greenlee starts to get up and twists her ankle. David offers to help but Ryan wants to take her to a doctor and helps her out.

Madison joins Scott at the hospital and thanks him for calling that an appointment opened up. Scott is glad it worked out. Madison says she didn't want to admit the sonogram was a big deal. The nurse comes in for her sonogram. Madison says she knows there's no medical urgency but is worried since it's her first time. Scott holds Madison's hand as she sees her baby on the sonogram.

The Immigration agent talks to Amanda about Cara being her sister in law. Amanda's phone rings again and she answers Jake this time. Jake asks where she is since he left messages. Amanda tells him not to worry and doesn't want him to leave the wedding. Amanda says she'll meet him back at the house. Amanda continues her drink and the immigration agent tells her that he's a good listener if she wants to talk.

Tad and Cara dance with Kathy and Jenny as Marissa records them. Opal goes over to Griffin and welcomes him to the family. Opal says they are big huggers and gives him a hug. Tad and Cara enjoy the food and Tad tells her that this is all real in its own way. JR follows Marissa out of the room. JR tells Marissa that he didn't mean to put her on the spot. Marissa says nothing has changed. JR thinks it's one night so there's no reason for the party to end and they should continue it at the mansion. AJ runs up and asks if they can have a party at their house. Marissa tells him that they are just talking and tells him to go play. JR just wants one night. Marissa tells him it must be hard always wanting what he can't have. JR says there is a difference between can't have and won't have.

Tad mentions he and Cara having their first dance and tries to turn on the stereo but it makes a loud noise instead. Leticia tells Griffin that she hopes that's not a sign. Tad suggests they cut the cake instead. Ruth hopes Krystal is okay with the wedding and Opal suggests they go help her with the plates. JR congratulates Tad and says he has to go for an appointment. He hugs him and exits. Tad tells Jake that he can't leave and he needs him to stick around. Jake tells Tad that Cara knows that Amanda told on her. Jake says he needs to go find Amanda and make sure she's okay. Tad says he understands but he needs Jake to stick around a little longer. Kathy comes over with a camera and everyone starts taking pictures.

Amanda continues talking to the agent, saying that she knows she was the one who called the immigration on Cara but she was just being a jealous bitch.

Madison and Scott look at the sonogram and Madison gets the news that the baby is a girl. Scott thinks she'll be just as beautiful as Madison. The nurse hands them photos of the sonogram and exits. Madison says she'll never forget this day. Scott asks if she's good. Madison says she is, hugs him and thanks him.

Ryan and Greenlee finished getting Greenlee checked on at the hospital. Greenlee says all they should be thinking about is getting Emma home. Ryan kisses her and says he'll be right back as he exits. Greenlee leaves the room soon after and runs into Scott. Greenlee notices that Scott is holding a sonogram picture.

Cara calls everyone to line up for the throwing of the bouquet. Marissa, Krystal, Leticia, Opal, Kathy, and Jenny line up. Cara tosses the bouquet and Jake catches it then hands it to Jenny.

AJ asks Marissa if they can do what JR said and party at the house. AJ tells her that the house is lonely and he doesn't want to go.

Ruth and Joe tell Cara that if she needs anything, they'll be there for her. Griffin comes back in and tells Leticia that the cab is here. Leticia doesn't know what to say. Cara tells her mom to say she's happy for her so she does. They hug. Leticia mentions they made many promises today. Tad intends to keep every one of them. Leticia believes he will. Ruth says they are all family now.

Amanda gets up from drinking and almost falls over. The agent tries to hold her up as JR walks in and tells him to back off. JR takes Amanda and sits her down, telling her she's not okay.

Tad mentions that everyone left is in the know so they can relax. Cara says they did it. Opal and Krystal say they can breathe again. Tad thanks everyone for helping them pull this off and keeping Cara safe and making it seem like he's the luckiest guy in Pine Valley. Tad finishes his toast and Cara tells him to wait because she should be saying thank you. Cara kisses Tad. Griffin says he should thank him too but won't kiss him. They laugh and take a drink. Opal and Cara go to get a refill. Jake finishes his drink and asks Tad what he's going to do for three years. Tad says it's a good cause and tells Jake to go take care of Amanda. Jake hugs him and says he'll have to find her first. Jake exits after looking back at Cara. Cara gives Kathy and Jenny their bells. Tad hugs them and tells them he will see them tomorrow. The kids leave with Opal.

Ryan comes up to Scott and Greenlee and asks if that's Scott's baby. Scott tells him it is and that it's a girl. Ryan says that's fantastic and big news. Scott says he has to go. Ryan tells him to send Madison their best. Scott agrees to do so and rushes off. Ryan asks if Greenlee is okay. Greenlee says yes but wants to get out of here. Ryan walks Greenlee to a TV and shows her his video plea to Annie.

JR takes Amanda to his office and Amanda asks why relationships are so complicated. Amanda says you can't change what you've done or how you feel and you want to make everything better but the other person makes you crazy. Jake comes in and asks if he's interrupting something. JR says he was just making a delivery and tells Jake to take care. JR exits and Jake says he was looking all over for Amanda. Jake asks if that's the dress she was going to wear to the wedding. Amanda says she didn't go because she made so many mistakes. Jake wants to talk. Amanda says words are one thing but feelings are another. Jake tells her he loves her. Amanda says she knows but that's not the feelings she's talking about.

Tad continues cleaning up the wedding. Tad tells Cara that there's a car outside with two guys from Immigration watching them. Cara says not to worry since they're married. Tad thinks it doesn't scream crazy in love that they're just cleaning up. Cara jokes that she'll open the window and act like Meg Ryan. Tad thinks they should go for another option, a nice hotel to give them the whole show. Tad tells her he means a honeymoon suite, with separate beds.

Scott and Madison return home. Madison brings up the nurse telling her that she was surprised to see her since she told Scott there was no appointments. Madison realizes that Scott did it. Madison asks why he would do something so great and not want her to know. Scott says he did it for the baby too and knows she wants her independence. Scott tells her that he's really starting to like the kid.

Ryan calls David and asks if Annie called. David says she did but he couldn't answer it as he was on duty. David says Annie left a message that she will call again in 45 minutes. Ryan tells David to meet them at their place. David says he'll be there as they hang up. Ryan tells Greenlee about it and Greenlee says this is it as they head home.

Madison reminds Scott that he has no obligation to the baby. Scott knows but says even though he did time for theft, sitting in a cell didn't make up for what he did as he hurt a lot of people and screwed people over. Scott says he just wants to do something good and what's right. Scott says even though he's lying to people every day, it feels kind of noble. Scott tells Madison that it may be wrong to put out there but it's Madison's child and her life but in some weird way, Scott wants to do this and feels like he needs to do this. Scott says he doesn't want to pressure her or freak her out. Madison thinks her baby is lucky to have someone who cares so much in her corner and so is she.

JR arrives home to the Mansion to find Opal, Krystal, Marissa, and the kids playing. JR asks what's going on and AJ says he asked Marissa if everyone could come over like he said. JR says that's better than okay and joins them. JR tells the maid to get the south wing open again. JR says to himself that one day soon this house will be full again as he smiles watching them.

Amanda says Jake still has feelings for Cara. Jake says it's not true. Amanda thinks maybe it's because of the way their marriage ended but he still cares for her and just because he wants the feelings to go away, he can't make it happen. Amanda says it's ended up with them in a marriage with three people.

Tad and Cara arrive at the hotel room. Cara says she knows they were followed. Tad says no marriage is really a marriage until the deed is done but he doesn't mean that deed, he means the first dance. Cara thinks it sounds like fun. Tad turns on the stereo so they can have their first dance. Tad jokes with her and they start dancing. Cara thanks him for everything and they continue dancing.

At Ryan & Greenlee's, David thinks Annie should've called by now. Greenlee mentions she's always a little late. David's phone rings from unknown. David answers it and asks if it's Annie.

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