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All My Children Update Tuesday 3/8/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Tad’s house) Opal awakens Tad and tells him that he was smiling when he was asleep and notes that he has been doing a lot of smiling since his engagement to Cara. Tad tells Opal that he is just happy to be helping Cara even though this is a fake wedding and marriage.

(Kendall’s house) Cara is sleeping on the couch dreaming of the wedding vows that Jake said to her when they got married. Kendall awakens her and wonders if she is okay Cara smiles and tells Kendall that she is okay after all it is her big fake wedding day. Kendall gives Cara a necklace that Zach gave to her before they left on the Yacht together with the boys and explains that it is supposed to bring good luck. Cara tells Kendall she can’t take the gift because Kendall barely knows her but Kendall tells Cara she has taken care of her all this time and tripped over her children’s toys so she can take the gift. Cara thanks Kendall and Leticia arrives and also says thank you to Kendall for sharing her lovely home with her and Kendall heads upstairs to get dressed. Leticia brushes Cara’s hair and tells her that she wants her to be happy and Cara tells her mom that she is happy.

(Jake and Amandaís place) Jake takes the necklace with Cara’s ring on it and wraps it around his hand hoping to hide it from Amanda, but she sees it and wonders why he didn’t give it away to that hospital employee like they discussed. Jake tells Amanda that the ring saved Cara’s life, and he didn’t feel right giving it away to anyone. Jake gets angry and tells Amanda that he is tired of walking on eggshells around her on the subject of Cara just so he can avoid the hurt look she has on her face right now. Jake tells Amanda to get dressed for the wedding and she tells him she isn’t going because she can’t sit at the wedding watching him watching Cara marry tad. Amanda runs to the bedroom in tears just as Joe and Ruth arrive and Joe wonders how Jake feels about Cara marrying Tad and he tells him he is okay about it because they make a god couple. Jake tells Joe and Ruth that Amanda has been uncomfortable ever since Cara came to town and he wonders if he can make her happy again. Amanda comes out and tells Joe and Ruth she isn’t going to the wedding because she has a cold and heads back to the bedroom. Joe knows Amanda isn’t really sick and Jake confirms it before he, Joe and Ruth head to Tad’s house for the wedding.

(Chandler Mansion) AJ wonders if Tad is happy and JR tells him to ask tad that question when he sees him. AJ wonders if JR is happy and JR tells him that he is happy whenever he is with him and AJ tells JR they are alone and wonders why everyone always leaves them.

(Hospital) Griffin sees Agent Trumbull and he wonders what he is doing since Cara is getting married today. Agent Trumbull tells Griffin that his case against Cara isn’t closed just because Cara is getting married.

(Police Station) Jesse gets a call from Angie to tell him the doctor has cleared her to go home but she can’t fly because her pregnancy is too far along. Jesse wants to fly and meet her so they can take the train home together but Angie tells him the train passengers wouldn’t appreciate having a pregnant woman on the train especially one so close to her due date. Frankie arrives and he and Jesse decide that he will also go with Jesse to pick up Angie just in case she goes into labor. Jesse tells Angie that he and Frankie will go pick her up after Tad’s wedding.

(Kendall’s place) Griffin arrives and takes Cara aside to tell her that Agent Trumbull was interviewing her co-workers at the hospital and he plans to keep investigating her. Griffin offers to help Cara run and tells her that he can hide her again so she won’t have to marry a man she doesn’t love. Cara tells Griffin that Pine Valley is growing on her and she likes her job and her new friends. Cara tells Griffin she thinks he likes Pine Valley too.

(Tad’s house) Tad thanks Jesse for being his best man and Angie calls Tad to wish him a happy day and tell him she wishes that she could be at his wedding but she will see him soon. Tad hangs up the phone and tells Jesse he loves Angie and Jesse tells Tad he is looking forward to getting to know his new wife too. Jesse gives Tad the 13 gold coins and the bells he asked for and then Tad tells AJ, Kathy and jenny their assigned jobs and tells them when to give him the coins and ring the bells. Leticia watches and is touché that tad has been studying Mexican wedding traditions and that he would do that for Cara. Tad tells Leticia that he didn’t just do it for Cara he did it for her too and Leticia smiles.

(Kendall’s house) Kendall looks beautiful and Griffin tells her that she doesn’t have to go to the wedding if it is going to bring back memories of Zach but Kendall says she is fine and that she is going to have to learn to do things without Zach Griffin asks Kendall if Tad is a good man and she says that Tad is one of the best men she knows and he will take care of Cara.

(Tad’s house) Krystal gathers some of the girls’ things and Tad wonders what she is doing and although Krystal doesn’t want to talk about it until after the wedding Tad wants to know now. Krystal tells Tad that she is moving out because it wouldn’t look good to immigration to have his new wife and his ex wife living in the same house. Krystal tells tad she doesn’t know where she will live but she understands that they are all helping him to protect Cara. Tad hugs Krystal and tells her she is the best before Joe and Ruth arrive with Jake. Tad can’t lie to Joe and Ruth so he tells them the truth about his marriage to Cara. Ruth thinks that Tad is wonderful and brave to marry Cara to save her life. Joe is worried about the consequences if Immigration figures out that the marriage is a fake. Tad asks his father to trust him and just help him get through the wedding. Jake takes tad aside and tells him that Amanda isn’t coming to the wedding and Tad tells Jake that she probably feels guilty because she reported Cara to Immigration. Cara is listening and heads to Jake’s place to confront Amanda. Kendall can’t find Cara and wonders where she is and she notices that Griffin is nervous so she apologizes to him for telling him he didn’t know about love because he obviously loves Cara and his mom. Kendall asks Griffin if he thinks that he will ever get married. Griffin tells Kendall he probably won’t get married because it doesn’t fit with his life style. Leticia notices Kendall with her son.

(Jake an Amanda’s place) Amanda is dressed and pacing when Cara knocks on the door and when Amanda opens the door Cara wonders why she turned her in to Immigration. Amanda tells Cara that she feels insecure because she still loves Jake. Cara points out that she is married to Jake and has a child with him so she shouldn’t feel insecure. Amanda tells Cara she would have never made the call if she knew he life was in danger. Cara tells Amanda that if her goal was to get her out of town then she messed up because now she will be in town for at least three years.

(Tad’s place) Cara arrives and tells Jake about her confrontation with Amanda and is hurt that Jake knew what Amanda had done and didn’t tell her. Jake is on his way out the door to find Amanda when Agent Trumbull arrives and Cara invites him to stay for the wedding. JR asks Marissa if she would ever change anything about her life and she tells him she has chosen to look forward not backwards. The wedding begins with Jesse walking the mother of the bride down the aisle. Next come Kathy, Jenny and AJ. Cara waits with Griffin and thanks him for always being there for her no matter what crazy things she did and tells him that she will never forget it. The wedding march begins and Cara canít stop looking at Jake as she walks down the aisle while Tad just looks at Cara who looks pretty.

Cara and Tad recite their vows to each other. Cara tells him that he is kind, loving and generous, and she has found a home with him. Tad tells Cara that he felt stuck before he met her and he isn’t stuck anymore because he has found a purpose. Tad vows cherish and protect Cara every day. Tad and Cara exchange rings and then Tad gives Cara 13 gold coins to symbolize that his possessions also belong to her now. The judge tells them they can kiss and then Kathy and Jenny ring the bells as flower petals are thrown on Tad and Cara.

(ConFusion) Amanda gets drunk as two guys try to flirt with her and her cell phone rings and she ignores the call when she sees Jake is calling her. Agent Trumbull watches Amanda getting drunk.

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