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All My Children Update Monday 3/7/11


Written by Eva
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(Hospital ) Amanda continues to listen to Jake and Cara’s conversation from her hiding place as Jake tells Cara that he doesn’t want to take the ring back because she needs it to fool Immigration so that her engagement to Tad looks real. Cara tells Jake that she will get another ring but she can’t use the ring he gave for a fake engagement. Cara tells Jake she needs to move on and she leaves to go to her fake wedding shower. Amanda asks Jake what is going on and he tells her that Cara gave him the ring back and he decides to give it to a young man who works at the hospital who has been wanting to propose to his girlfriend but doesn’t have the money to buy a ring.

(Tad’s house) Griffin tells his mom that if she can’s support Cara’s wedding he will put her on a plane back home. Leticia tells Griffin that she will be a guest at Cara ‘s wedding because she can’t miss her daughter’s wedding but just because she is staying doesn’t mean she approves of the wedding.

(ConFusion) Opal wonders what she will wear to Tad’s wedding. Krystal still doesn’t approve of the wedding, because she doesn’t trust Cara. Krystal tells Opal that she will keep her promise to Tad and support him but she isn’t happy about it. Opal admits to Krystal that she always hoped that she and Tad would get married again. Krystal tells Opal that she never thought that she and Tad would remarry but she will miss the relationship they have now since she plans to move out of the house once Tad is married. Opal wonders where Krystal will live and Krystal tells Opal she doesn’t know but it wouldn’t look right for Tad to have both his ex and new wife living with him and the girls will be confused. Krystal plans to take the girls with her but Opal reminds her that Tad won’t allow her to take the girls with her since they are his girls too. Opal tells Krystal that she won’t like Cara as much as she likes her and then she feels awkward since Cara is standing behind her. Liza wonders why two young men at the end of the bar are trying to flirt with her then she sees people whispering and laughing so she moves to another table.

(Chandler Mansion) JR is upset that Colby posted the video online without considering the impact it would have on the company or the family. Colby tells JR that she was upset and needed to get her feelings out and she posted the video accidentally Asher arrives and tells JR he could go to all the websites where the video is posted and take it down it will take a long time but he can do it. JR thinks that is a great idea and Asher tells Colby he will do whatever she wants him to do. Colby looks at all the comments the video has gotten from girls in the same situation and decides not to take the video down in fact she posts it on even more websites.

(Yacht) Ricky continues to talk to Diana until Kendall turns on the lights and he tells Diana he will talk to her later. Ricky wonders if there is a special place where Zach kept important things and Kendall tells him that most everything that was on the yacht is in storage but then she takes him to a cabinet on the yacht where she and Zach hid all the Christmas presents for the boys.

(Tad’s house) Jesse arrives and Tad wants him to be a character witness for him with Leticia but he wants to talk to him and stop him from going through with the wedding. Tad tells Leticia that Jesse and his wife Angela are the models of a stable marriage and they have all been friends since high school. Tad tells Leticia that Jesse was just joking when he said he wanted to talk him out of marrying Cara. Griffin tells his mom that its time for them to go too Cara’s baby shower. Tad tells Jesse that Cara makes him happy and he doesn’t want to miss another chance to be happy. Jesse is still skeptical but he tells tad that he can’t stand in the way of his happiness. Jesse also aggress to be tad’s best man for the wedding tomorrow and then they hug.

(ConFusion) Griffin and Leticia arrive for the shower. Cara is happy to see her mom but her mom makes it clear that just because she is staying for the wedding it doesn’t mean that she approves of her marriage to tad. Opal gives Cara sexy black negligee as a wedding present and her mother isn’t too happy about it. Leticia is confused because she thought Tad’s mom lived in Florida and Opal explains that Ruth and Joe adopted Tad but she is Tad’s biological mother because his father Ray Gardner left him in a park where Joe and Ruth found him. Tad arrives and Liza gives him a wedding gift and tells him that she hopes that Cara makes him happy. Kathy comes up to Liza and shows her Colby’s video and Krystal and Opal wonder what Colby is talking about but then they both figure out that Liza slept with Damon and that is why he left town. Opal tells Liza that she should be ashamed of herself since Marion slept with Tad when they dated in high school and that hurt her very badly. Liza runs out crying and Tad apologizes to Leticia because he didn’t want her to find out this way. Cara tells tad its okay because her mom will get over it since she knows people make mistakes. Leticia tells Cara she needs to go and lie down because she has a headache.

(Hospital) Griffin tells Jake that he is happy he will be there with Cara for this wedding because he wasn’t there for her last wedding and that was a mess.

(Yacht) Kendall gets a call from Diana pretending to be with Spike’s school telling her that he has a stomachache, and he needs to go home. Kendall leaves to pick up Spike. Ricky tells her that he will turn off the lights on the yacht, because she should just worry about Spike. Ricky tries to search the yacht for the evidence that Zach had against the casino partners, but he can’t find it. Kendall returns more quickly than he expected and wonders what he is still doing there. Ricky tells Kendall he was looking for his phone and quickly finds it. Kendall wants to stay on the yacht alone, but Griffin arrives and doesn’t think it is a good idea. Griffin tells Kendall that she doesn’t trust him because she disobeys all his medical instructions. Kendall tells Griffin she does trust him and he reminds her that he told her that he has been stealing drugs from the hospital a secret, which he hasn’t even told Cara. Griffin is hurt that Kendall doesn’t trust him to take care of her health and once again asks Kendall to take care of herself for the sake of her boys. Kendall and Griffin are both unaware that Ricky is hiding and overheard the entire conversation.

(Park) Liza sees Colby and wonders why she posted the video online she explains that it was an accident and she intended to take the video down but then she read comments from girls in the same situation and she didn’t feel alone anymore like she has felt since she found out about her and Damon. Colby tells Liza that she is getting what she deserves for betraying her.

(Tad’s house) Cara tells tad he still has time to back out of the wedding but Tad says it’s the least he can do for the woman who saved Jake’s life. Tad tells Cara not to worry because he will get her mother to accept him and they will become friends.

(Jake and Amanda’s place) The redecorating is finally finished and Jake reminds Amanda that she doesn’t have to worry about Cara and they make love. Amanda tells Jake she has never felt as close to him as she does now, and Jake heads for the shower. Amanda tells him she will join him when the water is warm. Jake’s phone rings and when Amanda goes to get it, she notices that Jake still has Cara’s ring in his pocket.

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