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All My Children Update Friday 3/4/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Jack sits alone at home with a drink. Erica comes in and says she's glad that he is home. Erica knows they have to talk and they will right after. Jack cuts her off and says he waited for her because it wouldn't be right to leave without saying goodbye. Erica is confused and Jack informs her that he's moving out.

Bianca sits with Miranda and Gaby at Krystal's. Marissa walks up and Bianca tells her about her plans to let the kids see Reese in Paris during spring break. Marissa agrees it's the best possible solution but thinks they should be prepared. Bianca doesn't want all of Reese's time to be with lawyers so that the girls can spend time with her. Marissa understands but brings up her custody with JR. Bianca doesn't want to discuss it anymore and tells her to stop trying to turn her horror story on Bianca.

Cara's mom comes in and hugs her. Cara is shocked to see her. She thinks Cara looks tired. Cara says she's happy to see her. Cara admits the marriage came kind of fast but she and Tad are very much in love. Her mom brings up that she was now with her former husband days before the wedding. Jake insists he was just congratulating Cara. She tells Jake that she recognizes him from the wedding pictures. She wants to talk to Cara alone so Jake & Tad leave to go take a walk.

Griffin tells Kendall that Zach wouldn't want her to risk her life figuring out the letter. Kendall asks if he's ever been in love. Griffin says his love life and her situation have nothing to do with each other. Kendall takes that as a no and thinks that's why he can't understand. Kendall tells him that when you love someone with your whole heart then he'll understand how it feels.

Erica understands Jack is angry because Caleb kissed her. Jack says it's not about that but them, their wedding night. Erica brings up all they have been through together and promising this would be forever. Jack tells her he's moving out but not walking away from their relationship. Erica doesn't understand. Jack says they've been living under the same roof but haven't been together in months. Jack doesn't think she has room in her life for a partner. Jack goes to pack things.

Marissa asks Bianca why Reese is suddenly showing up now. Bianca thinks things need to be discussed in person. Marissa apologizes for making it harder but wants her to consider that Reese may have another agenda. Bianca appreciates her concern. Marissa hopes she's wrong and walks away.

Griffin wants Kendall to tell him what he's missing. Kendall thinks he wouldn't understand. Griffin insists so she says she and Zach could finish each others sentences and get in each other's thoughts. Kendall says they saved each other's lives by letting each other in. Kendall says every instinct tells her there is a message in the letter for her so she has to find it. Kendall says she owes Zach to find out what it is.

Ricky sits with Diana at Fusion. Diana tells him to clear his head but Ricky insists it is clear. Ricky tells her that he can't hound Kendall about the special place 24/7. Diana brings up having to deal with Griffin too. Ricky says if he becomes more of a problem, they'll just take him out. Ricky says he usually does these jobs with gamblers, degenerates, and addicts that deserve what they get. Diana asks if Zach deserved it. Ricky says he's doing the job and tells her not to worry. Diana says it's not her she's worried about.

Griffin offers to make Kendall a deal. Kendall is surprised she got through to him on a personal level. Griffin agrees to let her off the pain meds for a week unless she feels stress. Griffin tells her that if Zach was trying to deliver a message, he hopes she finds it.

Jake and Tad sit outside on the bench. Jake says Cara's mom is a sweet lady but tough. Tad asks what their hug was about. Jake says the immigration agent cornered them about their past and it was rough. Tad knows the agent won't let it go. Jake says they can't slip up but they'll have to deal with Cara's mom.

Cara's mom is confused by a man living with his ex wife. Cara says that Tad and Krystal are good friends and informs her that Jake is now married to Amanda with a son. Cara's mom says she doesn't see happiness in her but heartbreak. She tells Cara that she didn't come for the wedding, but to take her home.

Jake and Tad are cold outside and Jake suggests going to the diner. Tad tells Jake about reading up on Mexican traditions. Jake tells him he was thinking about when he and Cara got married and telling her mom didn't go well. Tad knows this is tough on him. Jake thinks it will be harder on Tad since Krystal is pissed off and they have to lie to their kids. Tad thinks it will get easier.

Cara tells her mom that she's marrying Tad tomorrow so she can accept it or not but Cara is not going home. She reminds Cara about when she left Jake. Cara tells her that she left Jake not the other way around. Cara's mom wonders why she was crying every night and why she keeps the ring around her neck. Cara says she chose the wrong man and it's simple. She asks if Tad is the right man. Cara tells her to stop questioning her. Cara's mom wants the truth and asks if Tad is the love of her life.

Griffin thinks Kendall looks surprised. Kendall says she is a little. Griffin thinks the sooner they find out what Zach's letter means, the sooner she'll get well again. Kendall brings up his promise. Griffin reminds her that Zach brought him here to help people so until the casinos are sold, he might as well start by helping him. Griffin thinks he will be good at solving puzzles and problems. Griffin tells Kendall to go over the letter again for him. Kendall repeats to him what it says and Griffin is surprised that she memorized the whole letter. Griffin asks if he mentioned anyone else in the letter. Kendall says it's just her, the boys and the casino partners. Griffin thinks it's odd that he didn't name the casino partners by name. Kendall brings up being afraid that they'd come after his family. Griffin thinks that could be the answer.

Bianca sits with the girls at Krystal's and they wonder where Reese is. A man and woman walk in and they come up to Bianca. The man introduces himself as the attorney representing Reese. Bianca asks where she is. He tells her that Reese could not make the flight on a work emergency. Bianca is confused. He thought that Reese had already called to explain. Bianca says she didn't get any calls. He introduces Bianca to a woman who is a nanny. Bianca asks why there's a nanny. He tells her that it's for the children and Reese asked them to take the children for their spring break in Paris. Bianca tells them that the kids aren't going anywhere with them.

Jack comes back down the stairs with his bags packed. He tells Erica that he finished a book she wanted to read and tells her he will be at the club if she needs him. Erica says she loves him, Jack says he loves her too. Jack opens the door to leave and Marissa arrives. Marissa apologizes for barging in but announces that Bianca needs help.

Griffin asks Kendall if she knows anything at all with the people Zach worked with. Kendall says she doesn't. Griffin mentions he met Zach when he was dealing with this. Griffin thinks it's worth a call to the police. Kendall tells him that they already investigated the plane crash. Griffin reminds her that the letter makes her think there was foul play. Kendall tells him to continue dissecting the letter but she has to get going. Kendall thanks him and exits. Griffin gets a phone call, he answers and it's Tad. Tad tells him that his mother arrived early and is at the house with Cara. Tad thinks Cara needs Griffin now.

Cara tells her mom that she knows what she's doing. She brings up that she thought the same thing with Cara's father. Cara says Tad is not like that because she's seen his kindness and strength. Cara says Tad is a good man. Cara's mom says she's proud of her going through all she's been through to become a doctor and just wants her to be happy. Cara says she is but she doesn't believe her. Tad and Jake walk back in.

Bianca checks her phone and sees Reese did leave a message but it doesn't change anything. Bianca tells him that he will not speak to her children. He mentions they are Reese's too. Jack and Erica come in. Bianca tells them what is going on. Erica asks where Reese is and Bianca tells her. The attorney insists Reese just wanted to see the children. Jack tells him that Reese can fly here and see them. Jack tells him this is not going to happen and warns Bianca about the bait and switch. Jack threatens to have the attorney arrested.

Kendall returns home and reads the letter again. She turns around and Ricky is behind her which startles her. Ricky tells her that the babysitter let him in. Ricky wanted to make sure she was okay since she was upset when she left earlier. Kendall says she's fine and Griffin cleared her to go off her meds. Kendall mentions that Griffin wants to help her find the hidden message in the letter. Ricky is confused that this all came from sweetheart being said. Kendall says it's also that the casino partners were brought up. Kendall says it doesn't make sense or feel right so she's going to dig deep, contact lawyers, Ryan's PIs, and maybe even the cops. Ricky tells her that Zach would be so disappointed in her.

Tad hopes they aren't intruding. Jake goes to his room to get something. Cara's mom is confused asking if Jake lives here too. Jake says it's only temporary and Griffin arrives. Griffin hugs his mom and she talks about missing him so much. Griffin tells her how excited they are for her marriage since Tad's the best. She asks about Griffin and hopes he'd be the next one down the aisle. She asks if there's anyone special. Griffin says he's married to his work. She thinks a man should have a family and children and that it's time to find that special woman.

Kendall is confused by what Ricky said and asks why he'd say that. Ricky says she's read that letter over and over so maybe it was a lesson to never let anyone get in the way of her happiness. Ricky knows Griffin is trying to help but he thinks looking for secrets and conspiracies is not the right answer. Kendall says it was just a thought and doesn't know. Kendall thinks maybe she'll have a clearer picture when she's off her meds. They sit down and Kendall brings up Ricky wanting her to think about special places with Zach. Kendall tells him that she passed one on the way to the hospital, it was the boat that they lived on. Kendall mentions how Zach was going to sell it but it fell through. Ricky asks if she still owns the boat. Kendall says she does and it was amazing with so many great moments on it. Ricky asks if she wants to go visit it. Kendall says no because it's too soon. Ricky thinks it could be exactly what she's looking for. Kendall asks what he means. Ricky says she's concentrated so hard on finding a message in the letter and thinks the message could just be remember me and be happy. Kendall says she can't go back there yet. Ricky offers to go with her and if she gets uncomfortable they could just leave. Kendall agrees.

Jack tells the attorney what to bring back to his client. He agrees and says they'll be in touch as they leave. Bianca cries and Erica hugs her. Bianca asks if Reese is trying to take her girls away. Erica says it doesn't matter because she won't get them. Bianca asks how they knew she was here. Jack tells her that Marissa brought them. Bianca apologizes and tells Marissa she was so right. Jack mentions how he'd be happy to be Bianca's lawyer but thinks Marissa should be since she has a handle on the case. Marissa is happy to do it and Bianca agrees that's what she wants. Jack tells Marissa to feel free to call. Jack tells Bianca to let him know if he can help in any way and goes to leave but Erica stops him. Erica says what he did for Bianca was wonderful. Jack tells her that he loves Bianca like his own daughter and will be there for her any time she needs. Jack exits.

Griffin thinks his mom must be hungry after her flight. Jake and Cara get paged and have to go. Cara says goodbye to everyone and leaves with Jake. Her mom comments on Cara and Jake working together like in Africa. Tad sits with her and says he knows she has a lot of questions and he would too in her situation but she should know that he's committed to Cara and making sure she's happy and safe. Tad says he knows the whole brother scenario creates more questions with the age difference, previous marriages, and the kids. Tad tells her that he and Cara are a whole new story planning on a happy ending.

Jack arrives at a room at the Yacht Club and finds room service with a bottle of champagne. Jack picks up the bottle and turns around to see Erica seated in the room. Erica says just because he moved out, she hopes that he doesn't mind company. Jack tells her she doesn't have to do this. Erica says she's grateful that he's still in her life and the same man that she fell in love with. Erica says she knows they lost their way and she's responsible for it. Erica tells Jack that he is her family and she doesn't want to lose him ever.

Kendall and Ricky arrive to the boat. Kendall says it feels weird to be there without Zach. Ricky tells her to take her time. Kendall tells him how they got married on the boat. Ricky looks around while she talks and his phone rings. Ricky steps out to answer it. It's Diana and asks if he's found the evidence on the boat yet. Ricky tells her he's still working on it and should have an answer for her very soon.

Jack tells Erica he hated the thought of leaving her even for a little while but he didn't see any other option. Erica says she's here to fight for him and fight for them as she doesn't want to be apart from him. Erica wants to start over if he's willing. Jack says she always had a great talent for the grand gesture. Erica says she pulls out all the stops when she wants something badly and she wants his answer. Jack picks her up and carries her to bed.

Bianca tells Gaby and Miranda that she loves them and goes back to Marissa. Marissa is impressed that she knew what to say to them. Bianca wish she knew what to say Reese since she wanted to handle things nicely for the kids sake. Marissa says that's what everybody wants and she was right about letting her experience with JR affect the case. Marissa tells her about how JR burned her and she couldn't let that happen to Bianca. Bianca says it won't now thanks to Marissa.

Griffin talks to his mom some more. She says it's all happening too fast and she can't let it happen. She says one way or another she's going to stop the wedding.

Jake and Cara talk at the hospital about everything Cara went through today. Jake thinks she did a good job. Cara tells him how her mom was telling her about wanting her to be happy and in love but Cara couldn't tell the truth about having it with Jake. Cara apologizes for making him uncomfortable but wants to explain why she has to do this. Cara removes the ring and says she can't wear it anymore because every time she sees it and touches it, it reminds her of what they had. Cara gives it to Jake as Amanda walks by the doorway and sees this.

Kendall looks behind a desk as she can't find the light switch. Ricky continues talking on the phone. Diana tells him to understand that if Kendall keeps digging, he'll have to get rid of her. Ricky tells her of course he understands, because this is what he does.

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