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All My Children Update Thursday 3/3/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Jake and Cara remain with the Immigration officer at the hospital. Cara tells him that it was years ago when her and Jake were married. Jake doesn't see how their past affects this. He doesn't get how Jake doesn't see this as strange. Jake says he gave them their blessing and he doesn't want to go into their past.

Griffin arrives at Tad's and needs to talk to Cara. Tad informs him that he just missed her. Griffin tells him that trouble is on it's way as their mother lands any minute, she's flying in today. Tad thinks he can do this. Griffin thinks it will be pretty bad.

Madison comes into Scott's place. She takes off her jacket and lays down on the bed as Scott is in the shower. Scott comes out in a towel and is surprised to see Madison. Madison lets him know she just got home. Scott asks her to hand him his clothes and she does.

Ryan and Greenlee are at home as Ryan just finishes a phone call with the FBI. Greenlee assures him they will get Emma back and the doorbell rings. Ryan answers and it's David. Ryan asks what he wants. David tells him that he got call from Annie. Ryan asks where she is. David says he doesn't where she is but she needed money and sounded desperate. Ryan asks where he sent her this time. David tells Ryan that he is here to help him.

Kendall opens her door and Ricky arrives. Kendall tells him that Griffin is gone and Ricky comes in with hot chocolate. Kendall says she was reading Zach's letter again and found something really weird with it. Kendall tells him about Zach never calling her sweetheart ever. Kendall brings up Zach thinking that was condescending so he would have never used it and she can't believe she didn't notice it earlier. Ricky claims she did notice it and they discussed it last night. Ricky pretends that Kendall told him already and she's forgetting. Ricky says as God as my witness they did. Ricky asks Kendall what she thinks it means. Kendall suggests maybe Zach didn't write the letter.

Tad wants to go pick up flowers or candy. Griffin says he has a while so he and Cara should lay down the groundwork first. Tad thinks he can handle it. Griffin is happy that he's so confident but their mother is very protective of Cara. Griffin lets Tad know that their mom couldn't stand Jake without even meeting him. Tad suggests they should let her in on the secret. Griffin thinks she'd never make it in lying to the immigration agency. Tad thinks they'll have to convince her that he's the right man. Griffin is worried about Cara. Tad thinks Cara can handle anything. Griffin tells him that when she left Jake, she was in a bad state and when her cancer came back it was a fight she almost lost. Griffin thinks the stress caused the relapse and he doesn't want her to get sick again. Tad understands. Griffin says the marriage may be fake but her illness is very real so if she gets sick, Tad will have to take care of her.

The Immigration officer asks Jake if he fell in love with Cara right away. Jake says he did. He asks the same question to Cara. Cara says she didn't realize it until around the same time. He asks if it was love at first sight. Cara says just because she loved Jake once doesn't mean she doesn't love Tad today. Officer wants to hear about the divorce when they stopped loving each other.

Ryan wants to know everything Annie said. David says she needed cash so he tried to get where she was but she hung up. Ryan's phone rings and he answers it. Ryan hears they were monitoring David's phone. Ryan hangs up and says they didn't get anything other than that Annie was using a disposable cell phone. Ryan doesn't believe that David didn't get that far. David says he's telling them everything he knows. Ryan brings up him helping Annie in the first place. Greenlee thinks David is telling the truth. David says he thinks Annie will call him back. David says he made a mistake and never should have helped Annie. Ryan blames him for not having Emma. Greenlee thanks David and tells him to let them know if he hears anything. David exits. Greenlee knows it's hard to believe David but she thinks he's really being honest. Ryan apologizes for not being as trusting. Ryan wants a new lead to follow because he's going crazy. Greenlee assures him something will happen and suggests getting out of the house. Greenlee thinks they should go see Kendall. Ryan says he wanted to be there for her when she read the letter. Greenlee thinks they can be there for her now.

Kendall tells Ricky she would have remembered talking to him about this. Ricky assures her that they did and says she was tired and groggy last night. Ricky asks if she took her pain meds. Kendall says it's fine and Griffin confirmed it. Kendall says she needs to get some fresh air and is going to get the mail. Ricky offers to go with her but Kendall says no because she needs to think but will be right back. Kendall exits. Ricky says to himself who would have thought that Zach had a problem with sweetheart. The phone rings and Ricky answers and it's Ryan. Ryan asks for Kendall but Ricky says she fell asleep. Ryan tells him to tell Kendall to give him a call when she gets the chance. Ricky says he hopes the lead on Emma pans out and will tell Kendall he called as Kendall comes back in. Kendall tells him that she wanted to talk to Ryan and tell him about the whole Zach situation. Ricky claims that Ryan said he was in a hurry off a lead for Emma. Ricky apologizes and suggests Kendall call him back. Kendall says it's okay and doesn't want to bother him in his search for Emma. Ricky says he's available to talk. Kendall brings up that Ricky thinks she's delusional. Ricky thinks she's too hard on herself. Ricky mentions how Kendall always is a fighter. Kendall thanks him for being in her life. Ricky thanks her and asks if she remembers what they were doing before Griffin interrupted. He mentions talking about the church with Father Clarence and how that was a special place. Ricky wonders if there was another place that meant a lot to her and Zach, a place she could go to remember him. Kendall apologizes and doesn't want to do this right now. Kendall says she can't stop thinking about the letter and why Zach would write something that doesn't sound like him and then that she can't even remember talking to Ricky about it. Ricky thinks it's the medication. Kendall says she's not thinking right and needs to fix it now. Kendall gets up and leaves.

Ryan and Greenlee stand together outside. Ryan talks to her about being out there with Emma. Greenlee thinks Emma is counting the days until she's back home with him.

Scott tells Madison they will make sure to avoid any more misunderstandings. Madison says she has to get going. Scott asks why since she just got home. Madison says she has an appointment for a sonogram. Scott offers to check in on her since he's going to the hospital soon. Madison says she's got it. Scott asks her to bring back a picture of the baby. Madison agrees to and exits.

Tad tells Griffin that their marriage may not be real but his respect for Cara is. Griffin tells him it won't be easy and that three years is a long time. Tad says he's never been married for three years before but he's never done this before either. Griffin mentions that she still has feelings for Jake and will be working with him while playing the part of his sister in law. Tad thinks he can handle it. Tad asks if Cara knows how lucky she is to have Griffin as a brother. Griffin says he won't always be around since he'll be setting up clinics around the world after the funding comes through for Kendall and the Miranda Center. Griffin says when he leaves, he wants to be able to count on someone to do whatever they can to keep Cara safe. Tad says he will and won't let him or Cara down. Griffin says he's starting to get that.

Jake tells the officer that they didn't have a normal life and explains how they were in a warzone. Jake brings up all the people and diseases they were around. He asks what his point is. Cara says the point is that they found each other in an unusual place and a difficult situation so their feelings were as much avoiding insanity as it was true love. Cara says she eventually grew up and realized that Jake was a good man and she was too young and married him for the wrong reasons so she left and ran away. He asks Jake how he handled that. Jake says he accepted it and just wanted her to be happy. Agent Trumbull asks if he didn't fight for her. Jake thinks Cara doesn't deserve this and declares the interview now over. He tells Jake the interview is necessary because of the charges. Jake gets paged and tells him they have to tend to a patient so the interview is over. the Agent agrees to exit but stops on his way out and tells them to be careful to not let their old feelings awaken while working so close together. He leaves and they look at each other.

Cara & Griffin's mom comes to Krystal's and asks a waitress for Cara. Tad is there and notices her. Tad asks if she's Mrs. Castillo and introduces himself as Tad Martin, Cara's fiancÚ. Tad is surprised since she is earlier than they expected. She tells him she took an earlier flight to surprise her children. Tad says it's a surprise but a pleasure and tells her that she's just as beautiful as Cara is. She gives him a look and Tad offers her a seat or a drink. Tad offers to do anything for her. She wants to know why Cara is choosing to marry the brother of her no good ex husband.

Griffin is at the hospital with Kendall. Kendall tells him her meds are screwing with her mind and she needs to be able to think again. Griffin thinks they shouldn't be causing problems. Kendall thinks it's that or she's losing her mind. Griffin asks if it's about the letter. Kendall tells him about not remembering talking about it with Ricky. Kendall wants to cut the meds but Griffin says she can't because she needs to rest. Kendall doesn't want to forget anything else especially about the letter. Kendall tells him about sweetheart never being used by Zach. Kendall thinks it was a message to her or Zach didn't write it at all. Kendall says she has to do it with a clear head and Griffin asks even if it kills her.

Diana joins Ricky at ConFusion and asks about his day with Kendall. Ricky says he never imagined she'd be this tough to crack but he likes a challenge. Diana brings up how they could go to prison. Ricky says he had her talking about the special place but she's still obsessing over the letter. Ricky tells her that Zach would never have said sweetheart but he's going to convince her the pain meds are messing with her mind. Diana suggests putting a gun in her mouth and forcing her to tell them the place. Ricky thinks she wouldn't go down without a fight.

Madison is at the hospital and gets a call from Emma. Madison asks how she is. Emma says she can't talk long because Annie would get mad. Madison asks Emma where she is. Emma says she can't tell her. Madison says Ryan can help and asks Emma to call Ryan. Madison loses connection.

Ryan gets ready to go and Greenlee asks where he's going. Ryan says he's going to the police station to see if anything is new when he gets a call from Madison. Madison tells him about Emma calling. Madison tells him that Emma said she couldn't say where she was and then got cut off. Madison tells Ryan that she heard seagulls in the background so she must be near the ocean. Ryan thanks her and Madison tells him that she begged Emma to call him and thinks she might try.

Cara tells Jake that she knows it's not easy to relive what they went through. Jake thinks he finally understands why she left him. Cara thinks he shouldn't have to go through this as it's too much. Jake says it's keeping her safe. Amanda comes in and Cara hurries out to check on a patient. Amanda asks Jake if she interrupted anything. Jake says they were just getting rid of the agent and reminds her to stick to the same story so they can get through this. Jake kisses her.

Tad sits with Mrs. Castillo at Krystal's. Tad says Cara is very brave and asks if he can call her mom. She asks Tad how old he is.

Ryan's phone rings and he answers it. Ryan says ok and thanks then hangs up. Ryan tells Greenlee that the FBI trace on Madison's phone was the same from a disposable phone. Ryan decides he has to go see Madison and they leave.

Griffin tells Kendall that she needs to stay healthy but she's making it difficult to keep his promise. Kendall thinks it's all about him so he goes overboard. Griffin says it's not about him, he doesn't want her to die. Cara walks in and says she needs to talk to Griffin. Kendall says he's all yours and exits. Cara apologizes for interrupting and tells Griffin about the immigration officer. Kendall hears Cara from outside the room and comes back in asking if her engagement to Tad is a lie.

Tad tells Cara's mom that he's really younger than he looks. He says he put the grey in to make him look more distinguished, experienced, mature, and ripe. Tad thinks Cara is ok with their age difference. She asks Tad if this is his first marriage. When Tad says no, she asks how many times he's been married before and how many children he has. Tad tells her he has four children. She asks how their mother feels about the marriage. Tad says none of them have the same mother but are great kids and he's really proud of them as one is a doctor working overseas like Cara and Jake. She asks what Jake did to destroy his marriage to Cara. Tad says Jake didn't do anything but she doesn't believe him. She thinks Jake did something to crush Cara's heart. Tad thinks it was mutual and it doesn't matter because Jake is a part of Cara's past while he is her future.

Griffin wants to make sure no one finds out about this. Kendall tells them not to worry and promises to keep the secret. She hugs Cara and offers to help in any way possible. Cara thanks her and appreciates it. Kendall says she'll miss having Cara around the house. Kendall says she will need to live with Tad though she liked having her around. Cara notes that Kendall has come a long way. Kendall isn't so sure and looks back to Griffin. Cara tells Griffin that she will see him at the house and exits. Griffin thanks Kendall as it means a lot to him. Kendall says it was the right thing to do and now she needs his support. She wants him to agree to cut back on her meds. Griffin says she can't but Kendall can do whatever she wants. Kendall wants more, she wants his understanding. Kendall says he saved her life and she doesn't take that lightly. Griffin doesn't want her to take unnecessary risks. Kendall wants him to trust her now.

Ryan and Greenlee find Madison at the hospital. Greenlee goes to check on something while Ryan approaches Madison. Madison says Emma sounded fine. Ryan asks if there was anything else in the background. Madison wishes she did and hates to see him going through this. Ryan says they'll find her. Madison says she's sure he will as he's the best dad a kid could ever want.

Greenlee meets David at the hospital. David asks why she sent the urgent text to meet. Greenlee asks why he's so helpful in finding Emma since she knows he only does things for himself. David says he's in need of an overhaul. Greenlee realizes he wants his medical license back. Greenlee suggests maybe they can make a deal. David says he's all ears. Greenlee tells him if he helps bring Emma home, she'll do everything she can to help him get reinstated. David thinks they have a deal and Greenlee exits.

Madison tells Ryan that everyone is working to bring Emma home so Annie doesn't stand a chance. A nurse walks in and tells Madison that the doctor will be late but she's welcome to wait in the room. She tells Ryan the father is welcome as well. Scott arrives and says he's the father. Madison tells him he didn't need to come but Scott wanted to. Scott and Madison exit while Greenlee comes back to Ryan. Greenlee asks why Madison was there anyways. Ryan says she was getting a sonogram to see her kid and he just wants to see his kid.

Cara comes to Tad's and looks around for Tad. She stops and looks at a picture of Jake on the mantle. Jake walks in behind her. Cara turns around, hugs Jake and cries. Tad walks in with Cara's mom. Cara is surprised and asks what she's doing there. She asks isn't this the one that she divorced.

Griffin doesn't know if Zach was trying to tell Kendall something in the letter but he wouldn't want her to risk her health. Kendall says that he doesn't get it at all. Griffin agrees and Kendall asks him if he's ever been in love.

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