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All My Children Update Wednesday 3/2/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Kendall opens the door at her home and Ricky arrives. Ricky hopes it's not a bad time. Kendall says it's not and she just has to check on the stove. Ricky asks if she's alone. Kendall tells him that the boys are on a play date. Ricky looks at the couch and has a flashback of stealing the letter and telling Diane about it. Kendall comes back in and Ricky says he was just in the neighborhood. Kendall tells him not to lie to her.

Griffin bumps into Diane that Ricky works with at the hospital. Diane recognizes him as the doctor who did surgery in the ambulance. Griffin apologizes for running into her. Diane wants him to buy her a drink and to tell her all about saving Kendall's life.

Tad and Cara tell Jake and Amanda about wanting everything to seem real. Amanda offers to take pictures for their photo album. Tad takes Amanda to show her how to use the camera. Jake asks Cara how she is doing. Cara says she's fantastic and Jake says he's good. Jake brings up Amanda saying Cara was thinking about running. Cara says not to worry because she's in the marriage for the 3 years. Jake asks what changed her mind. Cara says Amanda wants to help her. Jake mentions that Amanda knows what would happen if she got deported. Amanda calls Cara over and Cara asks Jake if he thinks whoever ratted her out knows they could have gotten her killed. Cara joins Tad and Amanda begins taking pictures as Opal and Krystal walk in. Opal asks what's going on and Tad tells her that they have a wedding to celebrate. Amanda finishes taking pictures. Tad continues talking about making everything seeming real. Krystal and Opal say they don't have a clue on which story to go with. Tad wants them all to get on the same page now. Krystal and Opal go to make dinner. Tad realizes it's a lot to ask them to get on board but reminds them that a woman's life is on the line. Tad tells them that he needs their help and knows neither of them are strangers to running a scam. Opal agrees but says she still won't like it. Tad tells Cara to grab another bottle of champagne and steps out with Jake to talk to him. Tad lets him know he has to be in the wedding. Tad says he's counting on Jake for believability and legitimacy. Jake jokes with him and Tad says that Jake is not going to be his best man.

Bianca talks with Marissa at Krystal's about custody of her and Reese's kids. Marissa reminds her that custody fights can get ugly. Bianca says Reese hasn't come to see the kids since they came to Pine Valley so she probably doesn't want custody. Marissa doesn't want her to get blindsided. Bianca offers to call Reese herself but Marissa insists she'll handle it.

Diane tells Griffin that she saw all about it on the news and thought it was incredible. Diane brings up Griffin having a connection with Kendall and Zach and asks him about the reason Griffin came to Pine Valley. Diane says it's almost like Zach knew he would need Griffin there to save Kendall's life. Griffin notes that she seems to know a lot about it. Diane says she's a writer and thinks their story would make a great film. Griffin realizes she ran into him on purpose and says he doesn't like being played then walks off.

Kendall tells Ricky that she knows he's there to check up on her. Ricky admits it and asks if she got some rest. Kendall says she got a little but can't stop thinking about Zach's letter. Kendall says she keeps reading it and doesn't understand why she thinks his plane was sabotaged. Ricky thinks it's got to be grief. Kendall wonders how grief is making her read things that aren't there. Ricky thinks she bottled up things and when it comes back, it can be weird and unhealthy. Kendall asks what she's supposed to do. Ricky suggests she talk to him about her and Zach and their life together. They sit down on the couch and Ricky asks about her and Zach's favorite memory together. Kendall begins to tell him about this one day.

Tad tells Jake that he's going to ask Jesse to be his best man so he can have the chief of police with him to avoid questions. Tad jokes with Jake about it. Jake tells him he would've turned him down anyways. Tad goes back into the living room and tells everyone to ask them questions so they can come up with stories. Opal offers to start and asks how he or she was roped into this. Tad tells her she can go call Griffin so he can join in. Cara mentions that they will tell him later. Amanda asks Cara what Tad does for a living and she answers correctly PI. Jake asks where Cara was born and Tad answers Juarez, Mexico. Krystal asks what Tad's favorite color is but he stops her and says he doesn't have one. Cara reminds him that he said green last week. Cara is asked when Tad's birthday is and she mentions it's not December and then remembers December is Jake's.

Kendall tells Ricky about a time that she and Zach ended up in a ditch and tells him about Father Clarence helping them. Kendall says she and Zach realized they needed to hold on to everything and appreciate it all. Ricky asks if his chapel was a special place to her and Zach. Kendall notices that Ricky said special place before when pushing her to talk. Ricky says that couples often have special places and thinks they probably went back there more than once. Kendall says they didn't and there's a knock on the door. Kendall answers and Griffin comes in. Griffin tells her they checked her lab results and wants to check with her. Ricky offers to go to another room but Griffin thinks he would be better off to leave.

Cara and Tad continue to answer questions from Jake, Amanda, Opal, & Krystal such as favorite song, food, movie and where they fell in love. Tad thinks they should keep things realistic about how they fell in love. There's a knock on the door and Tad answers it, Jesse arrives. Jesse asks why his best friend didn't tell him that he was getting married. Tad lets everyone know that Jesse is here and apologizes for being busy and not telling him. Cara introduces herself to Jesse. Cara figures he's surprised. Jesse says he's surprised not just by the news but her being Jake's ex. Tad tells Jesse their story that they are in love. Jesse gets a phone call and he has to get it as it's the FBI on Emma. Krystal and Opal wonder if there's any leads but there isn't. Jake offers any possible help. Jesse suggests they all go out when Angie gets back. Tad walks Jesse out as Cara sits back down uncomfortably. Tad comes back in and says he hates lying to Jesse but that wasn't much bad, it was great. Tad thinks they did fine on improv. Krystal takes Tad into another room and can't believe he thought it went well. Krystal tells Tad he is insane if he thought it went fine.

Marissa gets off the phone with Reese and informs Bianca that Reese wants to come to Pine Valley to spend some time with the kids and then take them for some time to Paris. Bianca thinks it's out of the blue but understands. Marissa reminds her that they have just started proceedings. Bianca says she's okay with it and she can go to Paris too which would be nice. Marissa tells her that this could lead to Reese wanting partial custody and thinks she shouldn't do that. Bianca thinks Marissa is letting personal experience get in the way and says she won't get played like Marissa did.

Griffin checks Kendall and all is okay. Kendall tells him about continuing to read Zach's letter and tells him what Ricky thinks about it. She tells him that they were talking about Zach when Griffin came by. Griffin asks if she's upset that he told him to go. Kendall says no and informs him that she was telling Ricky about a magical Christmas that her and Zach spent but it didn't make her feel better. Griffin tells her to stop and that if that's how it's making her feel, she needs to let go.

Jake suggests her and Amanda go so Cara and Tad go over things. Jake says he has to go to the hospital anyways. Cara tells them that she's extremely grateful for what they're doing by taking risks and making huge sacrifices. She thanks them as Opal emphasizes they are taking risks and making sacrifices. Amanda and Jake exit. Cara turns to Opal and calls her mom. Opal says she'll be upstairs if she needs her and leaves.

Krystal tells Tad what he's doing is reckless and crazy and treating it like a trivia game. Tad just wants them to relax. Krystal says he's breaking the law and lying to his best friend. Tad reminds her it's for a reason. Krystal doesn't see why it's there problem. Krystal tells him it's not a joke and they could lose everything. She mentions that Tad could go to prison and asks if it's worth the risk. Krystal doesn't know how she's going to explain this to the kids.

Bianca tells Marissa that this isn't JR and they didn't split up because they hated each other or someone came in between them, they just drifted apart. Marissa thinks she should still protect herself and her children. Bianca says she will but this can't be a battle. Bianca doesn't want to accuse Reese of stealing the kids. Marissa sits back and says she's the client so she has final say. Bianca tells her that she's going to call Reese herself and work this out because she thinks it's time that Reese comes to Pine Valley.

Kendall goes back and forth on talking about Zach or not talking about Zach. Kendall thought she was doing better but then got the box. Griffin suggests she take a walk but she doesn't want to. Kendall wants him to explain why she's seeing things in the letter that aren't there. Griffin just wants to keep her out of the hospital. Kendall says she's done and tells him that he knows the way out.

Tad tells Krystal that he's been thinking about the kids constantly and how to tell them about this. Krystal tells him he has two choices either make them lie or lie to them. Krystal gets wanting to help Cara but doesn't get why he has to be him. Tad thinks he owes her for saving Jake's life. Tad says he knows he owes Krystal but right now he just wants her to help him find a way to break this to the kids. Krystal says he means to lie to their faces. The door is heard closing and Krystal tells him that Kathy and Jenna are back from their playdate.

Cara sits with Kathy and Jenna and tells them a story about her wanting to climb pyramids when she was little. Cara tells them that they can do anything they set their mind to as Tad and Krystal watch from the corner. Tad comes over and greets the kids and sits with them. Krystal comes over and tells them that Cara is more than Tad's friend. Tad informs the girls that he's getting married to Cara.

Ricky calls Diane outside of Krystal's and says he needs to see her now because of this whole situation with Kendall. Bianca comes out of Krystal's and asks if everything is okay.

Jake and Amanda arrive at the hospital. Jake kisses her and tells her he will see her later. Jake goes on and meets the immigration officer. Jake brings up how he must have been caught by surprise by the whole wedding. He asks Jake if he was caught by surprise. Jake says he doesn't know and the officer brings up that Jake and Cara were once very much in love.

Tad tells the girls that Cara is a loveable person and they might understand later. They tell Tad that they are happy for him. Tad suggests they go upstairs to get Opal to make a round of snacks. They exit and Tad says that was worse than Jesse. Krystal thought it went pretty well. Tad knows there will eventually be a lot more questions. Cara gets up to go to the hospital. Tad asks her to come back after her shift so they can go over more. Cara thanks Krystal. Tad says he owes Krystal big time. Krystal agrees.

Kendall sits down on her couch and looks at Zach's box. Kendall shakes her head.

Ricky goes into Krystal's with Bianca. Ricky tells her that Kendall is still suffering and it's frustrating that he can't help her. Bianca asks who was on the phone. Ricky says it was just a colleague and asks about Bianca's divorce and how she's holding up. Bianca says she would love to talk things out sometime. Ricky says they can talk anytime as Diane walks in. Bianca says goodbye and exits. Ricky tells Diane that he didn't say to meet here. Ricky says there's been no luck yet and tells her she has to go. Diane tells him that she misses the days when they could go out to dinner and then back to his place. Ricky tells her to go. Diane tells him to move faster because if they don't find Zach's special place, Kendall will find the documents and they will go to prison. Ricky says that Griffin keeps getting in the way. Diane brings up that she tried to work him earlier. Ricky can't believe she approached Griffin because that's risky. Diane thinks it's no riskier then him flirting with Kendall. Ricky asks if she's trying to make him jealous. Ricky tells her that Griffin is clearly an obstacle that they are going to have to remove. Griffin then arrives at Krystal's.

Tad jokes with Krystal about Opal making cookies with the kids. Tad figures Krystal is still thinking about the girls. Krystal says she's actually thinking about Tad because what he's doing for Cara is incredible but what about his future and happiness. Tad says he already had this conversation with Opal and is fine with it. Krystal brings up what about three years from now. Tad says he isn't thinking about it. Krystal knows and says he's marrying a woman who doesn't love him and putting his life on hold which is a mistake. Tad sits next to her and thinks he and Krystal have done okay for themselves. Krystal says they settled and gave up on romance. Krystal thinks Tad is taking this to a whole new level and blocking himself in. Tad says it's not forever. Krystal mentions they don't know how much longer they have. Krystal asks what will happen if someone comes along that's the woman of Tad's dreams and wonders why he would do this to himself. Tad says out of everything he's done wrong, the one thing to mean the most to him that kept him going is being a part of this family, being a Martin and Jake is a part of that. Tad says Jake has never made him feel anything but blood and that's good enough for him. Tad tells her that he loves his brother and that's all there is to it.

The Immigration officer asks Jake if he doesn't think it's strange that his brother is marrying his ex wife. Jake says he doesn't and that they belong together. Cara comes up and the officer wants to talk about her marriage.

Griffin approaches Ricky and Diane. Griffin asks how Diane knows Ricky. Diane says since Griffin wouldn't make a movie, she wanted Ricky to tell Kendall's story. Griffin asks Ricky if he's selling out Kendall and he says he would never. Diane exits and Griffin wants to talk to him about Kendall. Griffin says that Kendall is making herself crazy and Ricky is making her confused by messing with her head. Ricky says Kendall can listen to whomever she wants and tells Griffin to stop trying to control her life. Griffin says he's trying to help her and wonders what Ricky's trying to do. Ricky asks if he's accusing him of something. Griffin tells Ricky to stay away from her. Ricky asks if he's her bodyguard. Griffin says he is if it keeps her alive. Ricky exits.

Bianca comes to Kendall's home. Kendall says Bianca looks more stressed than she does and asks what's going on. Bianca says she didn't see eye to eye with Marissa and then notices Zach's box. Bianca asks how it was going through them. Kendall says it was surreal and sad but Ricky helped. Kendall tells her there was this letter from Zach that she read like a million times and keeps reading it over and over and she's drawn to it. She doesn't want to keep obsessing on it but Griffin thinks she should let it go. Kendall says she's read it numerous times but never really noticed but on the last page Zach called her sweetheart. Kendall says that Zach never called her sweetheart ever which makes her wonder why it's here in this letter.

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