AMC Update Tuesday 3/1/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 3/1/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(ConFusion) Erica tells Caleb she will talk to him tomorrow and she and Jack sit down to talk and Jack wonders if Erica told Caleb she was quitting Cortlandt. Erica tells Jack that she didn’t tell Caleb anything because she doesn’t want to quit the company. Erica tells Jack running the company is exciting and she likes doing something that she has never before done. Jack tells Erica that Opal told him about the kiss between her and Caleb shared and Erica tells him that the kiss meant nothing and it will never happen again she was just grateful to Caleb and it was New Year’s Eve. Jack reminds Erica that they promised never to keep secrets from each other and Erica says that she wasn’t keeping a secret she just forgot to tell him since the kiss meant nothing to her. Jack thinks Erica is doing everything she can to hang on to Caleb and he wonders why she wants to hang on to Caleb. Krystal arrives with Papers from the office and Jack gets up from the table and goes to talk to her.

(Chandler Mansion) Colby makes a video on her computer giving all the details of Damon and Liza’s affair and how hurt she is feeling. Asher arrives and distracts her, and she accidentally posts the video online and freaks out about it. Asher takes the video down but tells her that the video got a few hits before he was able to take it down and Colby hopes that not that many people saw her video.

(Tad’s house) Tad surprises Cara with a dinner and calls it a first date and get to know each other session all rolled into one. Tad tells Cara about he eats coral with candy bars in it and he gives her a list of all his wives. Tad tells Cara Dixie was the love of his life and she died and now he talks to her when he looks at their star. Cara doesn’t tell tad anything he doesn’t already know because she feels uncomfortable opening up to him. Cara gets even more uncomfortable when Tad asks her about her romantic relationships and admits she liked a little boy named Carlos who was a patient at the hospital when she was a little girl recovering from leukemia. Cara tells tad she liked Carlos because he used to give her his pudding. Cara tells Tad that Jake was the only relationship she has ever had and she runs out the door after Tad asks her to tell him about her marriage to Jake.

(Hospital) Amanda apologizes to Jake for calling immigration on Cara but she was afraid to lose him even though he told her all the time that Cara wasn’t a threat to their marriage. Amanda wants to tell Cara what she did but Jake tells her to leave things alone and just pretend that Tad and Cara are going to have a real marriage. Jake gives Amanda a quick kiss on the cheek before going to see a patient.

(Tad’s house) Tad tells Jake that Cara refuses to open up to him and he needs his help to get to know her better. Tad asks Jake why he fell in love with Cara and Jake tells him two stories one about Cara wanting to have a Christmas tree but she couldn’t find one in the war zone were they were so she found a scrawny bush and cut it and brought it inside their makeshift clinic. Jake tells Tad that Cara was fearless and even in the middle of a war zone she could heal patients and at the same time make them feel like part of her family. Cara would also sing even though she is tone deaf and he knew that he could marry her and love her for the rest of his life because she was always upbeat and optimistic even in the most dangerous or tragic situations. Jake tells Tad that Cara thinks that she is a good singer even though she can’t carry a tune. Jake warns tad that it takes a lot to get Cara angry but when she gets angry she gets really angry. Jake also tells Tad that one day after a long operation they had a fight and she told him that he was wrong about everything he told her and he knew it so he tried to ease the tension by telling one of their father’s corny jokes and when she laughed at the joke he knew their fight was over and she had forgiven him.

(Chandler Mansion) Colby tells Asher she has decided not to date but concentrate on school and work instead so she won’t get her heart broken. Colby gets an e-mail from Damon and she writes him not to e- mail call or text her again and he hopes he has a nice life.

(Krystal’s) Opal tells Caleb she is ready to become his business partner at Cortlandt and lists all her business experience. Opal is sure that Caleb needs someone with her business savvy to pick up the slack since Erica quit.

(ConFusion) Erica tells Krystal that her fantasy of being Mrs. Jack Montgomery will never come true because she loves Jack and has no intention of breaking up with him. Krystal leaves and Erica tells Jack he should fire Krystal and he tells her that she has no right to interfere in his job. Erica tells Jack that he is interfering in her job by asking her to quit working with Caleb.

(Hospital) Amanda tells Cara that she intends to do everything she can to help her fool immigration and explains that being a part of the Marin family is special and once you become a part of their family they will do everything they can to welcome you and help you. Cara isn’t used to people asking so many questions about her and wishes she could just leave and do what she loves which is help people. Amanda tells Cara she can’t leave because she will be killed. Cara thanks Amanda for the talk because she has really helped her.

(Tad’s house) Jake tells Tad that Cara coming has brought up his past but he loves his wife and baby and now Cara will soon be married to him.

(Mansion) Colby screams and Asher arrives asking her if she saw the video and Colby says she doesn’t know what to do because the video where e she talked about Damon and Liza has now gone viral.

(Park) Amanda arrives and tells Jake she is glad that he called and she also tells him that she talked to Cara and told her how special it was to be in the Martin. Jake tells Amanda that they are all going to do what they need to do to help Cara.

(Tad’s house) Cara arrives and apologizes to Tad for running out on him and tells him that she is ready to answer his questions. Cara drinks some champagne and tells Tad that if she drinks enough she could start singing Tad and Cara kiss and take a picture for the photo album they are making for immigration Jake walks in with Amanda and sees tad and Cara kissing.

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