AMC Update Monday 2/28/11

All My Children Update Monday 2/28/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Krystal’s) Ryan asks Madison if she can remember anything about what Emma said when she called her that could give them a clue to her location. Madison does her best to remember but can’t remember any new information to tell Ryan. Ryan gets a call from the FBI telling him that Emma called from a disposable phone.

(Fusion) Erica is upset that Caleb won’t call her back so they can dissolve their partnership in Cortlandt Electronics in a civilized manner. Erica assures Bianca that once she dissolves her business partnership with Caleb her relationship with Jack will go back to normal. Bianca thinks that her mother has feelings for Caleb and tells her she should be absolutely sure that she wants to marry Jack or she could end up divorced again. Bianca tells Erica that Reese sent her divorce papers to sign and Erica encourages Bianca to try and work things out and Bianca tells her she has tried but Reese wants a divorce.

(Krystal’s) Krystal meets with Jack to begin work on Cara’s case and Jack is concerned that Krystal is okay about working on the case since it involves Tad. Krystal tells Jack she had reservations about everything at first but understands that Tad is helping keep Cara from being killed. Jack holds Krystal’s hand and Opal walks in and sees them. Krystal leaves to serve a customer and Opal tells Jack he is acting stupidly because Erica loves him very much. Opal tells Jack that Erica is dissolving her partnership with Caleb at Cortland Electronics for his sake and he shouldn’t worry about the kiss that Erica and Caleb shard on New Year’s Eve because everybody kisses on New Year’s Eve and it doesn’t mean anything.

(Hospital) Kendall tells Griffin about Zach’s letter and that she thought that Zach was trying to tell her something in the letter but the second time she read it she didn’t read anything unusual in the letter. Ricky arrives and Kendall tells him the same thing she told Griffin and both Griffin and Ricky think it could just be Kendall’s grief. Griffin runs some tests on Kendall to make sure it isn’t because of an imbalance in her medication. Griffin makes Kendall promise not to leave the hospital until she gets the test results back and Kendall tells Ricky he can leave and doesn’t need to wait with her. Ricky tells Kendall that he doesn’t have all the answers but he wants to help make sure that she is okay.

(ConFusion) Asher tells Caleb that he kept a secret from Colby because he didn’t want her to get hurt and now he is afraid that he will lose Colby as a friend if he tells her the truth. Caleb advises Asher to go with his gut and he will know what he should do. Erica arrives and asks Caleb why he has been avoiding her and he says he needed time and distance from her and apologizes for avoiding her. Caleb thanks Erica for encouraging him to build a relationship with Asher. Caleb tells Erica that Asher asked his advice for the first time today and he told him to go with his gut.


(Scott’s place) Ryan asks Madison and Scott to take some flyers of Emma with them to work. Greenlee goes out in the hallway to take a call from Griffin who tells her that he thinks Kendall needs a friend to talk to and encourages her to talk to Kendall. Scott goes to get some coffee and when he gets out in the hallway Greenlee congratulates him on getting Madison to move in with him. Scott tells her that there is nothing romantic going on between him and Madison and that they only moved in together to save money Scott advises Greenlee to tell Ryan about Madison’s baby. Greenlee tells him that it isn’t the right time and reminds him that Madison also wanted to keep the baby a secret.

(Inside Scott’s apartment) Madison feels the baby kick while Ryan is talking to her about Emma and she gets so excited she tells Ryan the baby kicked and Ryan reminds her its too early for the baby to kick. Ryan wonders when Madison is due and she tells him that she made a mistake she must have felt something else. Scott arrives and Ryan tells him that Madison thought she heard the baby kick but it is too early for the baby to kick.

(Hospital) Ricky thinks that he pressured Kendall to move on with her life too soon and she still needs time to grieve Zach so he asks her if there is something special they liked to do or some place they liked to go together. Kendall wonders why Ricky is asking all these personal questions about her relationship with Zach. Ricky thinks Kendall doesn’t trust him and Kendall says that isn’t the case at all she trusts him very much. Ricky tells Kendall she was just trying to find out the information so he can counsel her better.

(Chandler Mansion) Asher arrives with some food for Colby and she talks to him about how hurt she feels because everyone in her life lied to her. Colby thinks Asher is the only one who hasn’t lied to her and then he tells her that he overheard Liza and Damon talking and he knew they slept together. Colby feels stupid because everyone knew this secret and they kept it from her. Asher tells Colby he isn’t like the other people in her life he just didn’t want her to be hurt because he knows what it is like to be hurt by a parent. Colby runs out of the parlor crying and once Asher is gone Colby decides to sit in front of her computer and share her troubles online because a computer won’t lie to her.

(ConFusion) Asher tells Caleb he told Colby the truth and she may never speak to him again. Asher tells Caleb he always wanted a father to give him advice but now he realizes he is better off on his own and doesn’t need a father. Caleb tells Erica that Asher is mad at him because he took the advice he gave him and it didn’t work. Erica puts her hand on Caleb’s shoulder just as Jack walks in and sees them together.

(Fusion) Bianca congratulates Greenlee on her wedding and Greenlee wishes Bianca a happy anniversary Bianca tells Greenlee that she and Reese are getting a divorce

(Krystal’s) Madison tells Scott that she almost told Ryan the truth because she thought the baby kicking was a sign but then he walked in the door and she thought better about telling Ryan the truth. Scott asks Madison if he can feel the baby kick next time and she tells him that can be arranged.

(Ryan’s place) Ryan wonders how Annie can keep Emma away from him and tells Greenlee that his little girl could spend the rest of her life without him.

(Hospital) Ricky wants to take Kendall some place private to talk but Griffin says that Kendall’s blood pressure is still high and she needs to rest. Kendall tells Ricky she feels tired and accepts Griffin’s offer to drive her home. Kendall tells Ricky that they can talk tomorrow and he agrees even though he doesn’t look too happy as he watches Griffin and Kendall walk away.

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