AMC Update Friday 2/25/11

All My Children Update Friday 2/25/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Greenlee and Ryan are at home and Greenlee tells him she hates to leave him. Ryan wants her to go be with Kendall when she opens Zach's box. Greenlee agrees and says she'll be back as soon as she can. Ryan thanks her and tells her she's amazing. Greenlee hopes he eats or takes a nap. Ryan says he can't miss something. Greenlee figures Annie has to contact JR soon. Ryan wants to be ready. They tell each other they love one another and Greenlee exits. Ryan gets a message on his phone forwarding that JR answered his phone and asked if it's Annie so Ryan gets up and runs out the door.

Griffin greets Madison at the hospital. Madison tells him she's signing up for sleep study and informs him that she's pregnant. Griffin jokes with her. Madison brings up getting a second opinion. Griffin wishes her luck and walks off. Madison sits down and Scott walks in. Scott asks what she's doing there. Madison hopes he won't make fun of her and she tells him she is signing up for an experimental study. Scott wonders if it's the one monitoring sleep patterns and informs her he's signing up for it too.

JR is on the phone telling them to stick to the plan and says he'll see them soon. Marissa comes in and wants to talk about AJ. JR says not now and Marissa is offended. JR tells her that he's busy. Marissa goes upstairs to find AJ. Ryan walks in and asks JR where Annie is because he knows that JR was just talking to her. Ryan tells him not to lie and asks where his daughter is.

Kendall begins to read Zach's letter. Ricky asks if she's okay. Kendall says she doesn't know. Ricky suggests putting it down and asks what it is. Kendall tells him that she thinks her husband was murdered.

Ryan asks JR what Annie said on the phone and if she mentioned Emma. JR tells him to relax. Ryan shouts that he won't because Emma is missing because of JR. JR says he was going to call him on his way to the airport. Ryan points out that he doesn't trust him. JR says Annie trusts him and knows that he won't commit her. JR tells him that Annie said she loved him on the phone so he'll take care of this and get Emma back then hopefully get Annie the help she needs. Ryan tells him that he's going with him to make sure Emma is okay. JR says that works for him and asks how Ryan knew she called. Ryan tells him that he bugged the house. JR asks if he broke in and Marissa walks in and says she let Ryan in.

Madison asks Scott why he's signing up. Scott says he'll make a little extra cash. Scott jokes with her and asks if it's safe for the baby. Madison knows there's no risk and says she'll be paid to sleep. Scott notes that not enough sleep is the number one complaint from workers. Madison says she's survived on no sleep before. Scott mentions the baby again. Madison tells him that she has an issue paying her rent and is drowning in medical bills. Madison wonders what her alternative is and Scott tells her to come live with him.

Kendall realizes the letter is dated right before the crash and wonders if it wasn't an accident. Ricky asks what the letter is. Kendall says she didn't read the whole thing but why else would he write it if he didn't think someone was after him. Ricky tells her to stay calm. Ricky offers to make her tea. Kendall declines and wants to know who tried to kill her husband. Kendall brings up that Ryan knew something was off. Kendall says everything she thought was true about the crash isn't. Kendall continues reading the letter and says they are Zach's last words and no one knew they existed. Kendall reads something about a threat, a theft, casino partners stole. There's a knock on the door and Spike and Ian run to the door. Greenlee arrives and Kendall tells the boys to go join Ricky on the couch. Greenlee asks Kendall about the box. Kendall tells her she thinks it's something huge. Greenlee offers to take the boys to the park and says she can't stay long. Kendall asks about Emma and tells Greenlee that she needs to be there for Ryan. Spike and Ian toss the paper from Zach's letter in the air and Kendall comes back to calm them down. While she's distracted, Ricky steals one of the papers from Zach's letter.

Scott mentions that Madison has spent the night before. Madison brings up that Scott doesn't get paid until the end of the month and once she pays her medical bills she'll be broke. Scott tells her that she won't be broke because he got a plan for her to pay off her medical bill in small amounts. Madison thanks him. Scott tells her with the savings she'll have, she'll be able to pay half the rent with him. Scott says they'll both be able to stay at his place. Madison isn't sure about them living together. Scott says they'll be roommates and can make it work as a business agreement. Madison agrees and Scott is surprised she's letting him help her. Madison says he needs her help too.

JR can't believe Marissa went behind his back. Ryan brings up that Emma is missing with a woman who has lost her mind. JR wants Marissa to trust him again. JR apologizes for his part in this. Ryan thinks they should stop wasting time and go find Emma. Marissa asks where Annie is. JR says she's in Canada and has the jet fueled. Ryan can't believe they are out of the country and wants to go now so they exit.

Kendall and Greenlee sit with Spike and Ian. Kendall tells them that they were throwing things around that belonged to Zach. Ricky sneaks behind them and puts the letters in his pocket. Greenlee and Kendall tell the boys it's naptime and Greenlee takes them away to tuck them in. Ricky offers to help Kendall clean up the mess. Kendall looks around for Zach's letter and can't find it. Kendall starts looking all over it. Ricky pulls out a paper from under the couch and says he found it. Greenlee comes back down. Kendall tells her she hasn't read all of the letter yet. Greenlee's phone rings and it's Ryan texting her. Ryan tells her that Emma and Annie are in Canada and they are going. Kendall tells Greenlee to go be with him and they hug. Kendall sends her love and Greenlee exits. Outside, Greenlee calls Griffin. Greenlee asks him to check on Kendall sometime today. Griffin mentions that he just discharged her from the hospital and asks if she's okay. Greenlee tells him about Zach's letter and thinks it's a lot for her. Griffin tells her he'll swing by during his lunch break. Greenlee asks him to call her after he sees Kendall. Ricky suggests Kendall should wait until she's ready to read the letter. Ricky tells her that he's there for her no matter what. Kendall thanks him and she sits down reading some more.

Marissa runs into Scott and Madison at the hospital. Marissa offers to go out to dinner with Scott. Scott declines and Marissa hopes she didn't interrupt he and Madison. Scott tells Marissa that he and Madison are moving in together. Marissa is surprised and thinks they have gotten serious. Scott tells her they are having a baby. Marissa is shocked to hear. Madison says that Scott has been great to her. Scott tells Marissa they are going to take it one step at a time. Marissa says Scott is a great guy. Marissa congratulates him and gives him a hug. Marissa tells him to give her a call and she walks off. Scott apologizes for just spilling it out. Madison asks if they are close. Scott tells her Marissa is one of her best friends. Madison appreciates him going above and beyond.

Kendall continues to read Zach's letter. She reads about him telling her to keep up with the Red Wings and to tell the boys he loves them every day. While she's reading, Ricky sits behind her messaging on his phone. Kendall looks to him and he apologizes. Ricky claims he was rescheduling a meeting. Kendall tells him he doesn't have to but he insists. Ricky is entering text on his phone words from Zach's letter. Kendall realizes that the last page is missing. Ricky asks if she's sure and thinks maybe Ian took it upstairs by mistake. Kendall goes to check while Ricky says he'll look down here. Ricky finishes his message on the phone and sends it to the printer, printing out a paper to pretend that is the last page of Zach's letter. Ricky places it under the couch cushion as Kendall comes back down saying she can't find it. Ricky tells her they will find it. Kendall begins to look some more. Ricky asks if Zach ever talked about work and business to her. Kendall says he didn't like to bring work home but before he died, he had a lot of problems with his casino partners. Kendall mentions them putting a lot of pressure on him to not lose the casinos. Kendall hopes she can still sell the casinos herself without problems. Kendall can't believe all this is happening. Kendall gets frustrated that she can't find the rest of the letter. Kendall looks under the cushion and finds the paper. Kendall thanks Ricky for being with him and says she couldn't have done it without him. She tells him to go to his meeting but Ricky says he's happy to be around. Ricky says spending time with her is never a waste. Kendall thanks him and hugs him. Kendall says she would have fallen apart if he wasn't there. Ricky exits and pulls out the real page of Zach's letter and then walks off.

Scott and Madison begin moving in. They carry in all of Madison's boxes. They finish and have boxes stacked all over. Scott says it looks good. Madison looks around and thinks it's a minor bomb explosion. Scott says it's okay and they will get to the important stuff having 2 people with 1 bed. Madison says it's his room. Scott tells her that she will get the bed since she's with child. Scott tells her he is cool with the couch. Madison mentions that they don't know how long she'll be there. Scott brings up that he used to be sleeping in prison. Madison thanks him and asks about closet space. Scott shows her that there is just one. Madison notes that she doesn't have a storage locker. Scott tells her that he doesn't have much stuff. Madison says she doesn't need half of her stuff. Scott jokes with her about keeping her box of toys and then tells her to save it for the baby. Madison wonders where she can put it. Scott mentions he has a locker at the hospital they can use. Madison asks what they do now. Scott promises her that he'll work his way back up and he'll do whatever it takes to get his life back on track. Scott tells her they will be somewhere before they know it.

Ryan and Greenlee arrive at Annie's hotel room in Canada. Ryan mentions that JR had to come because Annie trusts him. Greenlee tells him that they'll have all the time in the world for their honeymoons once Emma is back. JR comes in and Ryan asks if there's any word. JR says Annie left just before they got there and she should be coming back. They say that they are going to get Emma back. Ryan looks out the window and thinks she should be here by now.

Kendall sits at home and there's a knock on the door. She opens it and it's Griffin. Kendall mentions that she just left him. He tells her that Greenlee called him and he'll just do his thing and leave. He says he heard about Zach's letter and wants to check her blood pressure. Griffin tells her to be patient. Griffin says her blood pressure is a little elevated. Kendall hopes she's not being sent back to the hospital. Griffin says it's not that up and asks about the letter. Kendall says she hasn't read the whole thing but once she does, she thinks it could change everything. Griffin asks what that means. Kendall reads him the beginning that says "In the event of my untimely death, there are some things you need to know."

Madison and Scott sit together. Madison mentions it's weird how things change in life. Madison says it wasn't that long ago she had the keys to Ryan's place and now she's here with him. Scott jokes with her and then her phone rings. Scott hands it to her and sees it's an unknown number. Madison answers it and is Emma. Emma says she didn't know who else to call. Madison asks where she is. Emma tells her that Annie said they couldn't stay in the fancy hotel. Madison asks Emma if Annie knows she's using the phone. Emma says no and mentions that Annie told her she couldn't call Ryan. Madison asks where Annie is. Emma says she's paying the man at the gas station but doesn't know where she is. Madison asks where she is but she hangs up cause Annie was coming back. Madison worries because she can't call back with no number. Madison calls Ryan. Ryan asks what's wrong. Madison tells him that she heard from Emma. Ryan asks if she's okay and what she said. Madison tells him that they weren't staying at a fancy hotel and she didn't know where they were. Ryan sighs as he hangs up and tells Greenlee and JR that Annie saw them.

Ricky meets the woman he works with and reads her Zach's letter. He reads that it says the information is saved on a hard drive in their special place proving his partners had him killed. Ricky tells Diana that she is on the list. Ricky tells her that Kendall just got a few words off of it. Ricky tells her that he will find the hard drive before Kendall does.

Kendall continues reading to Griffin that it turns out the casino partners were a real threat after all because they took away time that he could've spent with her. Kendall stops and realizes that the page is different. Kendall says something's wrong and it's different than it was before. Kendall wonders if it's her medication. Kendall tells Griffin that something is very wrong.

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