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All My Children Update Thursday 2/24/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Liza can't believe that Tad is marrying Cara, his brother's ex wife. Tad says some times thing just happens. Liza wants to know the truth and asks what's going on.

Griffin tells Jake that someone tipped off immigration. Jake wonders who else knew about Cara. Griffin says they don't need to look far. Amanda walks up and tells Griffin to back off, saying Cara is the only one to blame since she brought it on herself.

A woman is on the phone outside saying she has been unemployed for too long. She says she'll put on a corporate smile and suck it up no matter what the job is. She asks what the gig is and where the office is. She's surprised and thinks she may be a tad overdressed.

Ricky answers the phone in Kendall's house and says he told them not to call him. He says he's in Kendall's house and thinks whatever evidence Zach had on them is not in the house. Ricky says he didn't kill Zach just to have him bite them from the grave. Erica comes in.

Ryan visits Kendall at the hospital. Kendall asks about Emma. Ryan says he hasn't found her but is trying to realize that Annie wouldn't hurt her. Ryan says he came to talk to Kendall about Zach and his plane crash. Kendall brings up her house being broken into. Ryan tells her about asking questions in California. Ryan says it was hard for him to accept that this could be so random. Ryan says he and Greenlee were blaming themselves. Kendall says she was too but there is no one to blame. Ryan tells her he had to be sure it was just an accident so he hired an expert, an investigator. Ryan says in the middle of tracing Annie and he got a phone call from him that he found something.

Ricky hides behind the wall so Erica doesn't see him and he sneaks out to another room. There's a knock on the door and Erica answers and it's the woman from earlier. She says she's here to clean the house. Erica is surprised because she specifically asked for Donna. Erica wants some ID. The woman says she's here to clean the house. Erica says she has to see her ID. She looks through her purse and shows Erica her wallet and her name is Gertrude Stein. She asks Erica what her name is but then realizes that she's Erica Kane. Gertrude says she never cared much for Erica.

Amanda tells Griffin that she knows he loves Cara but it's all her own fault since no one asked her to come to Pine Valley because she kept lying. Griffin brings up her work at the hospital. Jake wants to calm them down. Amanda accuses Griffin of blaming Jake for this. Jake says that's not what's happening. Griffin assures her that he doesn't think it's Jake and that they are just trying to figure out what happened. Amanda apologizes for being an overprotective wife. Griffin doesn't believe her and wants the truth. Griffin doesn't care about the drama but mentions that Amanda could cost Cara her life. Jake tells Griffin that Amanda met with immigration and backed their story. Griffin admits he didn't know that and is satisfied.

Tad tells Liza their marriage is not a joke and tells her she doesn't always have to be the DA. Tad tells her they have been engaged for awhile. Tad and Cara joke with each other. Liza asks about them falling in love. They mix up their stories and Cara gets paged from the hospital and steps out. Liza asks Tad if she's invited to the wedding and then says she doesn't buy it. Liza tells Tad that she knows him better than that and knows when he's lying.

Erica tells Gertrude that she doesn't care if she likes her or not. Erica thinks she should be a lot more grateful to have a job. Gertrude says she reads the tabloids and asks her if she had an affair with Prince Charles. Erica denies and tells her to get to work. Erica's had enough. Gertrude goes on about the times Erica has been in jail and been married. Gertrude asks why she and Jack haven't been married yet and are waiting forever. Erica fires her and threatens to call her employer. Erica tells her to get out before she calls the police. Gertrude steps out and then asks for an autograph but Erica slams the door in her face.

Kendall asks Ryan what the investigator came up with. Ryan says it was nothing like foul play or sabotage but he found a box with Zach's initials on it and thinks the feds must have missed it or didn't think it was part of the crash. Ryan says it was a small metal lockbox that keeps personal items. Ryan tells her he's having it sent to her and she can do whatever she wants with it. Kendall insists she has to open it. Ryan wishes he could be there with her to open it. Kendall understands he has to get Emma. Ryan says he'll keep the search going but will talk to Erica or Bianca if Kendall wants them there. Kendall declines and thinks she has to do this on alone. Kendall doesn't want to always depend on her friends or family to hold her up. Kendall says she needs to see what it is.

Tad tells Liza she's acting like a jealous ex. Liza denies it and asks if Tad loves Cara and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Tad says he does and Cara's beautiful. Liza asks when he fell in love with her. Tad says there's so many moments. Tad tells Liza that Cara is smart, loyal, brave and she gets him. Tad tells her that Cara actually makes him feel good about himself. Liza asks if Jake is okay with this. Tad says Jake wants them to be happy and he hopes Liza does too. Cara comes back in and says she has to go check on a patient at the hospital. Tad kisses her.

Amanda apologizes for thinking Griffin was going after Jake. Jake understands and hopes they are ok with the whole Cara thing now. Amanda thinks it's just so hard. Jake thinks it's because of the immigration officer interrogating her. Jake says Cara will be out of danger as long as they all stick to the same story. Jake thinks they should find the person who tipped off immigration. Amanda thinks he should drop it and focus on being chief of staff. Jake says he can't seem to let it go. Amanda asks him to please let it go. Jake tells her he'd do anything for her normally but he can't let this go. Amanda starts to cry. Jake wonders why he's getting a funny signal. Amanda tells him to stop the investigation. Jake realizes she was the one who made the call.

Kendall tells Ryan she'll be okay and asks him to let her know about Emma. Griffin and Erica come in. Griffin starts to check on Kendall and Erica asks about Emma. Ryan tells her he'll let her know. Ryan tells Erica about investigating the plane crash. Kendall informs her about the box. Erica wonders what could be in it. Erica thanks Ryan for doing this with all he has going on. Ryan says some day this will all turn around for everybody.

Ricky is outside with the woman he works with. She complains about the weather. Ricky talks to her and she reminds him that he's not really a minister, he's the exact opposite in that he kills people. Ricky says that's not all he does but he knows what he is and he knows he has a cover to protect to keep that money flowing from the casinos to them and keeping them all out of prison. She asks if he found anything in the house. Ricky says he didn't because Erica walked in and if she saw him she might have had an unfortunate accident. She asks now what. Ricky says now he'll get Kendall to rely on him and get closer to her. Ricky says Kendall will lead him to what they are looking for. She thinks Ricky is enjoying the assignment. Ricky says Kendall is a very attractive woman.

Erica is not sure if Kendall is ready to go home. Kendall insists she wants to go home. Griffin says he wouldn't cut her loose if he didn't think she was capable. Erica agrees to take her home so she won't be alone when the box arrives. Kendall says Erica has protected her enough and she needs to do this. Erica agrees to let her and tells Griffin to be sure she's up to this. Erica exits. Kendall tells Griffin that she's leaving today. Griffin says her pulse is normal and everything checks out. Kendall is glad he understands that. Griffin says it must be time to let her go.

Cara asks Liza if they need to answer any more questions. Cara jokes with Tad. Liza says on behalf of herself and the prosecutor's office, congratulations. They thank Liza and Cara gets paged again. Cara tells Tad to stay there since it could be awhile. Cara says she'll call him later and exits. Liza says if she wasn't so concerned about Colby, she'd love to ask more questions. Tad asks if she's spoken to Colby. Liza says she's not speaking to her after finding out. Tad wants to give her time. Liza says that Colby will never forget this.

Jake hopes he's wrong that Amanda did not make the phone call. Amanda apologizes and didn't think it would turn out this way. Jake asks why she would ever do this. Amanda says they both know Cara still loves Jake and she was afraid and scared. Jake can't believe Amanda would think Cara would steal him from her and their son. Amanda brings up that Cara was Jake's first real love and he hasn't been the same since she got there. Jake can't believe Amanda did this. Cara walks by and stops in the doorway. Cara comes in and Jake thanks her for coming in. Cara prepares for a surgery and Jake tells her that's great. Cara makes sure nothing else is needed and exits. Jake tells Amanda they are not doing this here.

Erica calls Caleb and leaves a message asking if he's ever checking his messages because she needs to talk to him. Ricky comes in and asks how Kendall is. Erica says she's going home and she's concerned. Ricky offers help. Erica thinks Kendall will need even more support now. Ricky wonders if there's something he doesn't know. Erica tells him about Ryan continuing the investigation of Zach's crash and found a box. Ricky asks where the box is. Erica says it's going to be delivered to Kendall today and she said she wants to be alone when she opens it. Ricky understands but doesn't think that's a good thing. Erica is glad he agrees with her. Ricky thinks maybe Kendall will allow him to be there with her.

Griffin apologizes to Kendall for the release taking so long but she'll be free in a few. Kendall knows Erica will be happy. Griffin can imagine the concern for Zach's box and knows that's heavy stuff. Kendall assures she can handle it. Griffin wants her to promise that if it gets too much, she'll bail or call him if she gets stressed. Griffin brings up their deal that he keeps her safe and she keeps him informed. Kendall tells him that she will probably cry and feel sorry for herself but then remember she has so much to be grateful for like her sons, family and even him. Kendall asks Griffin if he's going to miss her and wonders who he'll worry about now. Griffin tells her he'll still have Cara and his big brother worries. Kendall wants him to talk about it. Griffin figures she'll find out sooner or later that Cara is getting married. Kendall wonders why it's bad news. Griffin tells her it's to Tad and tells Kendall that they've been seeing each other for awhile. Kendall insists that Tad is one of the few good guys around. Griffin tells Kendall to take care of herself and that she has a wheelchair waiting. Kendall thanks him for saving her life. Griffin exits and Ricky, Erica, and a hospital worker arrive with the wheelchair. Kendall gets up and sits in the chair. She assures Erica that she's fine so she doesn't need to worry. Erica tells her to call her if she needs anything and says she knows she's in good hands.

Jake tells Amanda that Cara is not a threat to their marriage and thinks Amanda doesn't trust him. Amanda shouts that it's Cara she doesn't trust because she wears the ring. Jake can't believe that Amanda is obsessed with the ring and says it's all in the past. Amanda brings up that she heard Cara saying she wanted to get back with him. Jake says she was kidding and tells Amanda she heard it wrong and now Cara's in danger. Amanda yells that she was trying to protect her family. Amanda thinks they shouldn't have kept anything from each other like they did before Cara. Amanda needs him to understand that if she knew Cara would be in danger, she never would've called immigration. Amanda apologizes for her mistake.

Griffin joins Cara seated at the hospital. Cara says she's a mess and has to call their mom to inform her of her marriage. Griffin brings up that she never called about her marriage or divorce with Jake but now she is. Cara wishes there was another option but assures she has to do this herself.

Erica tries calling Caleb again at Fusion. She leaves another message saying they need to meet so they can discuss something very important. Erica orders a drink at the bar and is surprised when it's Gertrude that delivers her drink.

Ricky brings Kendall home and offers to get her food or water. Kendall says she doesn't need anything and just wants to look around. Ricky asks if it's good to be home. Kendall says it's wonderful. Ricky tells her she's a very lucky girl to be surrounded by everyone that cares about her. Ricky brings up Ryan really being there for her. Kendall says they've been friends forever. Ricky says Ryan is some friend for investigating the crash. Kendall knows he just wanted to make sure everything was done. Ricky brings up the box. The doorbell rings and Ricky offers to answer it. Kendall gets the door and accepts the delivery of the box. Kendall takes it to the couch and sits down with Ricky. Ricky offers to open it but Kendall says no since this is her last connection to Zach. Ricky brings up the doctors. Kendall insists that she needs to do this for herself and wonders what he left behind for her.

Amanda wants Jake to say something, yell at her, anything. She apologizes again for doing something terrible. Jake says he is sorry too. Jake walks away and Amanda calls after him. Amanda says I love you after he's gone.

Cara comes to Tad's. She tells him about running into Jake and Amanda at the hospital. Tad brings up that they will all get over things. Cara thinks Amanda hates what she's done to her family. Tad doesn't care and wants to save her life. Cara thinks he's being too kind. Tad says a guy could do a lot worse and compliments her.

Erica and Gertrude talk at the bar. Gertrude figures Erica is a drunk and asks if she is meeting with Jack. Erica says she's here for a business meeting. Gertrude assumes it's with Caleb. Erica tells her that she's resigning from Cortlandt. Erica brings up that her daughter is an owner of Fusion and she'll have her fired from here too. Gertrude takes a picture of her and Erica together as she makes a call.

Kendall opens the box and inside is a love letter she wrote to Zach. Kendall brings out another paper and begins to read it, reading "In the event of my untimely death."

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