AMC Update Wednesday 2/23/11

All My Children Update Wednesday 2/23/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Erica enters Krystal's and finds Jack seated reading the newspaper. Erica comes up behind him and hugs him. She tells him it seems like they barely see each other anymore and thinks Jack is avoiding her. Jack say he isn't. Erica wants him not to play games with her. Jack says he loves her more than life itself.

Colby sits outside on a bench and thinks about Damon's words to her. She has a flashback to Damon saying he loved her and then a flashback to Liza confessing to sleeping with Damon. Colby cries and gets up.

Liza arrives at the Chandler mansion. Asher answers the door and Liza asks for Colby. Asher says he hasn't seen her. Liza wants to come in and write a note. She comes in and Asher walks back upstairs. Liza goes into the living room and pulls out a pen and paper. She begins to write when Colby walks in.

Griffin and Cara are at the hospital. Griffin asks her about what happened with immigration and why he's just now finding out about it. Cara says he was in surgery and the crisis is over. Cara informs him that she's getting married to Tad.

Tad informs Opal & Krystal that he is getting married to Cara. Opal is shocked and Tad assures her there is a good reason for this. Tad asks them to both keep this secret because Cara's life on it.

The immigration agent calls Amanda and wants to meet with her to talk about Cara. Amanda doesn't know why. He brings up that Amanda is the person that informed them about Cara. Amanda claims they have the wrong number. He says to meet him at ConFusion in 15 minutes and if she doesn't show up, he will find her. Amanda is upset and Jake comes up behind her and hugs her. Jake offers to take her out for a coffee at ConFusion and says he won't take no for an answer.

Liza is glad Colby's okay. Colby says she's fine and Liza can go now. Liza knows she doesn't want to talk to her or look at her but wants to try and explain. Liza thinks it could help both of them to try and understand. Liza says she's at a loss. Colby tells her that her boyfriend broke up with her and moved across the country and she thought about it for weeks. Colby tells Liza to help her understand.

Tad tells Krystal and Opal about Cara's problems in Mexico with the people after her. Tad explains how much Cara sacrificed for Jake and thinks he owes her.

Cara tells Griffin that she doesn't think the marriage is a horrible idea. Griffin brings up that she wanted to get out to get away from Jake and his family but now is going to be Jake's sister in law.

Tad is sorry to bring Krystal and Opal into this but immigration is going come sniffing around and asking questions. Tad needs to know that they are all on the same page but they disagree.

Amanda declines Jake's offer, saying that she's tired. Jake gets paged and has to go the OR, he kisses her and exits.

Erica tells Jack she was upfront about why she didn't go to Greenlee's wedding but she thinks Jack didn't want her to be there. Jack apologizes and says he loves her too much to ever hurt her. Erica feels the same way. Jack asks why this keeps happening and thinks something has changed. Jack brings up that they don't have a wedding date. Erica thinks that's different than if they get married at all. Jack thinks it's a possibility. Erica says she's the only one fighting for them. Jack claims she's just fighting to be in control. Jack says someone's going to call their wedding off and thinks that Erica wants to be the one to do it.

Opal wonders what Tad gets out of the marriage. Opal thinks Tad is cutting himself off from having a real family. Tad says it's about family, loyalty, and saving someone's life.

Cara gets that Griffin hates the idea. Griffin wonders how this will help her get over Jake. Cara thinks it could be good for them to be a part of a family.

Krystal asks if Tad has thought about their daughters, having a stepmother. Krystal doesn't think they can handle it. Tad says he's asking her for Cara, Jake, and himself to pretend that they are in love. Krystal asks where this is going to take place, who's going to move in with who. Tad says he hasn't gotten that far.

Cara wants Griffin to think about what Tad is giving up for her. Griffin says he's not the only one. Cara asks what the alternative is. Griffin just wants Cara to be safe and hugs her.

Tad is sorry that Opal and Krystal are having a hard time with this. Opal wonders how Tad is going to convince the rest of the world.

Liza explains to Colby how Damon was a mess that night and she got him to finally talk. Liza says Damon was devastated and everything came crashing down for him. Liza says she was in no better place since she was angry and felt like she lost her. Liza says she's not blaming Colby but Colby thinks she is. Liza just wants her to understand and where they were at when this happened. Liza says they were both in horrible places and just wanted to comfort him. Liza says it just happened and then they both knew they made a mistake. Liza holds back tears and says there's no words because she knew how Colby would feel since her mother did the same thing to her.

Erica tells Jack she loves him as much as she ever has maybe more. Jack says he loves her too but that's never been their problem. Erica asks what the problem is and why they are postponing the wedding. Jack says Caleb obviously has feelings for her. Erica tells him that her association with Caleb is practically non existent. Jack thinks she should have confided in him and not Caleb. Erica thought they were past this. Jack tells her to put herself in his position. Erica says she is in his position with Krystal. Erica says Jack spends tons of time working with Krystal and she handles that fine. Krystal comes over and thanks Erica for tossing her Greenlee's bouquet. Jack prepares to go work with Krystal. He gets up and tells Erica they will talk later. He kisses her on the forehead and takes his briefcase to Krystal.

Amanda meets with the immigration agent at ConFusion. He asks why she turned Cara in. Amanda calls it a misunderstanding. Amanda admits she was jealous but it was a big misunderstanding. Amanda sticks to the story that Cara is getting married to Tad. Amanda wants to let it all go. He says the problems Amanda brought up are legit and they can't stop now. He exits as Amanda covers her face in frustration. Jake walks up and catches Amanda getting coffee after all. Amanda thought he was in surgery. Jake says he got out and early and asks what she was doing with the immigration guy.

Liza apologizes to Colby and figures she has no reason to care. Colby says she guesses she's still waiting for her to help her understand. Liza wishes she could. Liza figures Colby must find the whole thing so strange. Liza brings up that she went back to Tad after all that happened, noting that Tad was just a kid back then but her mother should've known better. Liza says the one thing she never wanted to ever happen was for her to become anything like her mother and now she's worse. Colby shakes her head and tells Liza that she's not her mom anymore.

Tad joins Cara and Griffin at the hospital. Griffin appreciates what Tad is doing. Tad figures Griffin isn't thrilled about being in-laws. Griffin starts asking questions about Cara that Tad will need to know. Cara stops him and says they don't have time for this. Griffin asks if they are going to get married in church. Tad says not a chance but Cara says absolutely.

Amanda tells Jake that she was just trying to convince the agent how in love Tad and Cara were. Amanda says that she called the agent since she was feeling bad for wishing Cara would disappear so she hoped she could make up for it. Jake thanks her. Amanda says she just wants to help since she wouldn't forgive herself if anything happened. Jake tells her that it isn't her fault. He kisses her and goes on back to work.

Cara gets that they haven't worked out all the details yet. Tad knows they have catching up to do. Tad thinks they should have a signal to answer each other's questions. Griffin shouts that it's not a game. Griffin says if they mess up in front of anyone else, it's over. Tad says the stakes are too high so they have to make sure their stories are perfect. Tad assures Griffin that he will do everything he can to protect Cara. Griffin says he better. Tad knows they'll have Griffin's help but wants his blessing as well. Griffin agrees and they shake hands. Griffin exits. Tad tells Cara it will be okay. Tad says Cara they'll tell each other all about one another. They agree on the date and Cara thanks him. Cara starts to walk away and sees Jake. Jake asks about their big date and jokes with Tad. Tad says it's business since they couldn't answer Griffin's basic question. Tad says he'll see Cara later and exits. Jake tells Cara that he realizes she didn't have a choice but it's weird that she's marrying his brother.

Liza hopes Colby doesn't mean that and says she'll always be her mother. Colby says she never wants to speak to her again and tells her to get out. Liza exits and Colby slams the door in her face. Both cry on opposite sides of the door. Asher comes down the stairs and mentions that Colby never came home last night. Colby said she didn't want to and has no place to go. Asher asks if she's okay and tells her that she can talk to him. Colby says not about this.

Jack and Krystal sit together. Jack realizes something is on Krystal's mind and says as much as he leaned on her lately, he'd love to return the favor. Krystal informs him that Tad is getting married and she thinks she's taking it harder than she should.

Opal finds Erica at ConFusion and wonders what happened. Erica says Caleb is late for their meeting. Erica says they were going to meet at Krystal's but she changed the venue because Jack is there and is jealous of Caleb. Erica mentions that Jack isn't sure about getting married. Opal tells them to go on and get married. Opal tells Erica to prove that she's with Jack 100 percent.

Liza comes to Tad's and tells him that she didn't know where else to go. She says that she's lost Colby for good as she now hates her. Tad asks if Colby is okay. Colby says she's a total mess. Liza says she hates herself and says she's the worst mother on the planet. Liza knew what it felt like to do what she did to Colby. Tad thinks things will settle down over time. Liza mentions that they never did for her and can't look at her mother to this day. Tad brings up times that Liza was there for her mother. Tad brings up that Liza still turns to him after everything that has happened. Liza says she just has no friends. Tad thinks she's grown up and gotten past it. Liza says she spent her life hating her mother and now Colby will do the same to her. Liza cries and Tad hugs her.

Colby sits down and tells Asher it's too messed up to even say out loud. Colby says it's life changing. Asher says whatever it is, holding it in will make it worse. Colby tells him that Damon slept with Liza. Colby cries and thinks something is wrong with her that makes people do things to her. Colby says everyone is always leaving her or betraying her. Asher says she didn't do anything wrong. Colby cries that she loved Damon so much. Asher hugs her as she cries.

Krystal tells Jack she isn't sure why she's taking this so hard since her and Tad have both dated other people but getting married is bigger. Jack asks if Krystal loves Tad. Krystal says not like that anymore, but she depends on him to be there when she wakes up and help with the kids. Krystal says it is all going to change. Krystal laughs and says the truth is that she's scared of being alone. Jack tells her that sometimes she can be with someone and still feel awfully alone.

Opal tells Erica it's time to make a choice. Erica brings up Palmer's will. Opal says Palmer would tell her she served her purpose. They laugh together. Opal says if Erica is committed to Jack, then she knows what she's got to do.

Jake tells Cara that the weirdest thing of marrying his brother is that it was all Tad's idea. Jake jokes around with Cara about spending 3 years with Tad. Cara hates that he'll have to lie for her. Jake tells her she's still driven, smart, and beautiful and wonders if the perfect guy comes around for her but she's not available due to the fake ring. Cara says she'll have to be okay with it. Griffin walks by and sees Jake and Cara together.

Asher tells Colby that he has to tell her something important. Colby tells him not today, not now. Asher agrees and Colby exits.

Erica is on the phone with Caleb saying she doesn't care what he has going on. Erica doesn't appreciate being stood up. She hears him that he has no desire to be her friend. Erica says it's business, not personal. Erica agrees the staffing meeting can wait but she has to discuss something far more important.

Opal returns to Tad's and walks in on Tad hugging Liza. She asks if she interrupted something. Liza gets ready to leave. Opal asks if Tad's going to tell Liza about the wedding. Opal goes to get the kids. Liza asks who's getting married and Tad says he is. Cara comes in and says the door was open. Tad introduces Liza to Cara, his fiancée.

Griffin tells Jake that he saw he and Cara's little moment and tells him that Cara is still in love with him so he better deal with it. Jake thinks they are all on the same page. Griffin tells Jake that he did some digging and found out that someone tipped off the immigration. Amanda was walking up and hears this behind the wall.

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