AMC Update Tuesday 2/22/11

All My Children Update Tuesday 2/22/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Park) Ryan shows David his cell phone and David realizes that Ryan tricked him and Ryan demands to know Emma’s whereabouts.

(Hospital) Greenlee tells Marissa she and Ryan think David helped Annie kidnap Emma because of the sure valance camera photo from the park. Greenlee shows Emma the photo and explains that Annie didn’t have any money or a way to get out of town and it would be a perfect way for David to stick it to Ryan because he married her. Marissa can’t believe that just a few hours ago David told her he was ready to change and Greenlee understands how she feels because David is very good at making people believe he will change when he really hasn’t changed at all. Marissa agrees to get David to tell Ryan where Emma is and Greenlee thanks Marissa for her help in finding Emma Scott arrives to keep Madison company for her check up but she tells him to turn around and walk away because she wants to do this on her own.

(ConFusion) Colby wonders why her breakup with Damon reminds Liza of what happened with her and Tad years ago and why Liza is so upset. Liza avoids the question and again tells Colby that she just doesn’t want her to get hurt again and that she should forget about Damon because he is a nice guy but he isn’t the right man for her.

(Tad’s house) Amanda hugs Jake and tells him that she didn’t mean for this to happen and Jake is confused because Amanda didn’t cause Cara to be picked up by immigration. Jake thinks Amanda is an angel for letting him help Cara and Amanda tells Jake that Cara wearing the ring he gave her on a necklace drove her crazy and she was worried when she found out Cara was still in love with him but she never wanted this to happen. Jake assures Amanda that Cara’s ring or her feelings for him doesn’t change the fact that he loves her (Amanda) or that he made a commitment to her for the rest of his life.

(Police Station) Agent Trumbull asks Cara to get up and she has a rough time getting up from her seat since she has her hands handcuffed behind her back and Tad asks Agent Turmbull to get his hands off his fiancé and the agent asks Cara if this is true Cara says nothing and then tells Tad he doesn’t have to do this for her. Tad tells Cara to stop being so stubborn and independent like the time they went skating and she fell because she refused to let him help her. Tad also tells the agent that he loves Cara too much to see her be taken to God knows where and he doesn’t want to be separated from her. Agent Turmbull notices that Cara isn’t wearing an engagement ring and she shows him the ring Jake gave her on the chain around her neck and she explains that she doesn’t wear the ring on her hand because she is a surgeon and doesn’t want to wear the ring working with patients.

(Hospital) Madison gets a huge medical bill and the nurse explains she has a large out of pocket cost because her doctor is outside of her network. Scott asks Greenlee if there is news about Emma and she tells him they have no news about Emma yet. Scott thinks its Ironic that Ryan is searching for one child and he doesn’t know he has another child on the way. Greenlee reminds Scott she intended to tell Ryan the truth after their honeymoon but she didn’t think now was a good time to tell him since Emma is missing. Scot leaves and Madison asks Greenlee if she can work overtime at Fusion to help cover her huge medical bill. Greenlee wonders why Madison doesn’t ask Scott for help and Madison tells her she wants to handle things on her own. Greenlee agrees to let Madison work overtime at Fusion to help pay her bills. Scott tells Madison he knows about her huge medical bills because one of his duties is to file the claims with the insurance companies. Scott offers to talk to Madison’s insurance company and try to persuade the company to pay her bill and Madison accepts Scott’s help and they head to his apartment.

(Krystal’s) Colby asks Opal if tad is around because she needs to talk to him and Opal tells Colby that tad was supposed to meet her for lunch and he hasn’t come yet. Colby tells Opal that Liza told her what happened with Tad and Marian when she was her age. Opal wonders why Liza would tell Colby such a horrible thing and Colby says that her and Liza have become close lately. Opal still doesn’t think that Liza should have told Colby that Marian slept with tad while he and Liza wren dating. Opal leaves to get a doggie bag for her food and Colby wonders if Liza slept with Damon.

(Tad’s house) Tad calls Jake from the yacht club to tell Jake that he and Cara have something very important to tell him. Jake continues to gather information on all the patients Cara has treated at the hospital.

(Park) Marissa arrives and just as David tells Ryan that he doesn’t have any proof that he helped Annie because his phone trick won’t stand up in court. Marissa shows David the surveillance photo and says that the photo will stand up and court and demands that David tell Ryan where Emma is or she will never see or speak to him again. David tells Ryan that Annie is at a resort in Stowe, Vermont and gives him the address. David tells Marissa that he didn’t know that Annie wanted to kidnap Emma he thought Annie was taking Emma on vacation until Ryan and Greenlee got back from their honeymoon. Marissa tells David she knows he only wanted to stick it to Ryan because he and Greenlee got married. Marissa tells David that she is tired of being used and lied to by him so she decides she is done with him. Ryan tells David it looks like he has lost his daughter too but the difference between them is that he will get Emma back.

(ConFusion) Colby tells Liza that Opal told her what happened between her, Tad, and Marian years ago and begs Liza to tell her she didn’t do the same thing with Damon. Liza cries and tells Colby she loves her very much and would never intentionally hurt her. Colby cries and again asks Liza to tell her she didn’t sleep with Damon. Liza doesn’t say a word and Colby knows the truth and tells Liza she doesn’t know how she could do such a thing since she knows the pain it caused her when Marian did it to her. Colby runs out and David tells Liza to let Colby go and not chase after her Liza cries as David holds her and tells David that she has lost her daughter.

(Tad’s place) Tad and Cara tell Jake and Amanda that they had to get engaged to keep Cara in the country and Jake is surprised to see the engagement ring he gave Cara on her hand again. Jake tells tad that that is a good temporary solution until they can think of another plan. Tad says that this sis the only solution and Jake reminds them they will have to bee married a year so that Cara can get her green card. Cara tells Jake it is three years and she likes the idea. Tad asks Jake for his help and he says he will help although he doesn’t look too happy about it. Jake and Amanda head to the hospital because he has to check in on a patient.


(Scott’s apartment) Scott talks to the insurance company on the phone and he notices that Madison has fallen asleep on his couch so he tells the person on the phone to wait a minute and he covers Madison with a blanket

(Hospital) Jake tells Amanda that he is okay about Cara’s marriage to Tad even though he doesn’t look too happy about it. Jake wonders if Amanda is okay with it and she tells him it is okay with it if it helps Cara stay in the country but she doesn’t look happy that Cara will be her sister in law. Jake tells Amanda he has to stay with a patient who is touch and go and he gives her a kiss good-bye. Ryan tells Greenlee that David told him Emma’s location butt Annie had already left when the police got there. The resort manger told the police that Annie said she was waiting for her fiancé to meet her so he assumes she will call JR and when she does they will be ready.

(Chandler Mansion) Marissa helps Ryan and Greenlee get inside so that Ryan can put a bug inside JR’s cell phone. Greenlee thanks Marissa for her help and tells her she is sorry about what happened with David.

(Tad’s house) Tad assures Cara that they will make the government believe they are married because their marriage will be real except they won’t have sex. Cara thanks Tad for his help and he tells her it’s the least he can do since she saved Jake’s life. Tad and Cara toast and he tells her they have to set a wedding date.

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