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All My Children Update Monday 2/21/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Ryan’s place) Ryan and Greenlee want Jesse to arrest David and make him tell them where Emma is but Jesse says that the surveillance video doesn’t have sound so they can’t prove David helped Annie kidnap Emma. Jesse tells Ryan that he and Greenlee should stay out of this and let the FBI handle it but Ryan wonders what Jesse would do if his daughter were missing and Jesse promises he will find a way to tell them where Annie took Emma.

(Chandler Mansion) JR talks on the phone to his detectives to find out if they have found out where Annie took Emma but he is very upset when they tell him they don’t have any information. Asher picks up the other phone line and those detectives tell Asher they don’t have any information on Annie either. Asher hangs up and tells JR what they told him on the phone and tells him not to get discouraged because he will find Annie and make sure she gets the help she needs .JR is glad that Colby finally came out of her room because she can’t hide in her room until spring. Colby decides that her life is a mess and JR is right she can’t hide from it.

(Hospital) Amanda hides and watches as Cara is read her rights and Tad tells Jake to stay calm because if he gets upset the immigration agent could decide to deport Cara today and if they send her back to Mexico before their plan is ready the drug cartel could kill Cara. Amanda is shocked as she hears tad’s words because she didn’t know about the drug cartel that wants to kill Cara. Amanda tells Jake to go with Cara and to the police station. Tad blames himself for Cara’s troubles because he had to investigate his past but Amanda says that it isn’t his fault because she called immigration to report Cara. Tad tells Amanda that it isn’t like her to do such a thing but Amanda tells Tad that she loves and trusts Jake but she was afraid that Cara had come to Pine Valley because she wanted Jake back in her life. Amanda tells tad that Cara had lied about the reasons she left Jake and when she finally admitted the reasons she left Jake Amanda felt she had to protect her marriage. Amanda tells Tad that she didn’t know that Cara’s life was in danger if she had she never would have made the call. Tad advises Amanda to tell Jake what she did and Amanda tells him she intends to tell Jake she just has to find the right words.

(Chandler Mansion) JR apologizes to Colby for what Annie did to her but Colby tells JR that he has no idea what she went through because he has never seen Annie when she loses control. Colby tells JR that Annie almost killed Marissa, kidnapped her and crashed into the ambulance carrying Kendall to the hospital and he still doesn’t realize that Annie is dangerous. JR tells Colby he knows Annie needs help he just lost control of the situation. Colby thinks JR thought he was in control because he has a big ego and he thinks he is Adam but he will never be Adam because Adam wouldn’t have gotten in over his head like he did with the company and his personal life.

(Krystal’s) Marissa tells David that she is going to help Bianca with her divorce and David asks Marissa to help him rehabilitate his image and he wants to start by getting his license to practice medicine again. Marissa agrees to help David if he promises not to play games with her and truly try to change and become a better person. David agrees to try so Marissa agrees to try and help him get his medical license. Ryan, Greenlee, and Jesse arrive to question David about Annie’s whereabouts and he tells Ryan he is sorry about Emma but he has no idea where Annie is and then he leaves. Jesse leaves to work on the kidnapping and Greenlee wonders why Ryan didn’t confront David with the video. Ryan tells Greenlee that the video wouldn’t make David talk he would just deny everything if he is confronted by them. Ryan tells Greenlee his plan to get the information he needs from David.

(Police Station) Jake persuades Jack to help Cara and he and Jake arrive and Jack asks the immigration agents to fill him in on the case against Cara. Jake tells Cara not to worry because Jack is the best lawyer and everything will be okay. Cara tells Jake that the immigration agents think she is a terrorist because she has been to many hot spots for terrorism. Cara tells the agents that she joined doctors without borders under a fake name because she wanted to help people and also get away from her overprotective mother and brother. Cara explains that her family overprotected her because she had leukemia as a child so once she was in remission she did all she could to get away from them. Cara explains to the agents that doctors are most needed in areas where terrorism exists. The agents wonder why there is a huge gap when they have no record of where she was and Jake looks at the file and notices the dates coincide with the dates Cara left him in the Sudan and later sent him divorce papers when he first returned to Pine Valley. Cara cries as she tells Jake she should have told him the whole truth. Cara tells the agents that her cancer returned so she left doctors without borders and went into hiding and her brother took care of her until her cancer went into remission again but she almost died.

(Hospital) Tad tells Amanda that if Jake can’t persuade immigration that Cara is needed in Pine Valley then they could send her back to Mexico today where she will end up dead. Tad tells Amanda that Cara saved Jake’s life and Amanda wants to help Cara but Tad tells her that she has done enough.

(Police Station) Jake tells the immigration agents that they need to let Cara stay on humanitarian reasons because if she returns to Mexico she will get killed. Cara explains that the Mexican drug Cartel wants to kill her because she chose to save the life of a little boy instead of helping the brother of a Mexican cartel boss and he made it clear to her she would pay for his brother’s death. Jack tells Jake that could work but it is a long shot. Jack tells Jake that he needs to prove that Cara is needed in Pine Valley as a doctor and that could help her stay in the country.

(Park) Colby gets a call from Damon who tells her he misses her and wants to get back together with her. Colby doesn’t know what to say so she pretends that her cell phone battery is low and hangs up on Damon.


(ConFusion) David asks Liza out to dinner and she turns him down so he tells her his plans to practice medicine again and that Marissa is helping him become an upstanding member of the community. Liza laughs and tells David that she doesn’t think that will ever happen. Colby arrives crying and tells Liza that Damon called and wants to get back together with her. Liza tells Colby that Damon is just having a rough time adjusting to California but as soon as he adjusts he won’t want to get back together with her. Liza tells Colby that Tad wanted to do the same thing with her when she was her age but these things never work out.

(Chandler Mansion) JR asks Marissa to move back in to give AJ a more stable home but Marissa tells JR no four times just to make herself clear and explains that the house is toxic to her and she would never move back in although she loves AJ very much. Marissa thins JR isn’t doing this for AJ he is doing it for him to prove that he can put his family back together but he has got to learn that he can’t always have his way. Marisa leaves and Asher arrives and JR tells him that his talks with Marissa and Colby didn’t go well but he never gives up and he will put the Chandler family back on top again.

(Park) David gets a call from Annie telling him she doesn’t know where she is going and he tells her that the directions to the cabin were clear and he wonders where she is and then Ryan shows David his cell phone and says Annie is right there.

(Tad’s house) Jake arrives to get all of Cara’s patient files out of his computer and tells Amanda she is an angel to let him help Cara. Amanda tells Jake she never wanted any of this to happen and Jake looks confused.

(Police station) The Immigration agent gets a call to tell him that Cara has a court date and he tells Cara and Jack that they can plead Cara’s case before Judge Harris. The agent handcuffs Cara and starts to walk her out of the station then Tad arrives and asks the agent to take his hands off his fiancé.

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