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All My Children Update Thursday 2/17/11


Written by Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Madison is laying in Scott's bed. She wakes up looking around and realizes she slept in her clothes. Scott comes home and greets her, saying he was hoping to get back before she woke up. Madison asks if he's panicking yet about telling Ryan he's the father of her baby. Scott says he's good at thinking on his feet. Madison says she appreciates him being good to her but now it's the morning after and she has a lot to figure out about the baby. Scott says it got a lot more complicated because something happened last night and he hands her a newspaper.

Ryan and Greenlee are at Krystal's talking to Jesse. Ryan informs Jesse that Marissa's car was stolen and he thinks Annie did it. Ryan doesn't understand how Annie is doing this. Greenlee wishes she could get him to rest. Ryan says he can't rest knowing that Emma is out there some place. Greenlee reminds him that there's no way Annie would let anything happen to Emma and the cops will find her. Ryan says he'll be there when they do.

Jake is getting dressed as Amanda comes out of the bathroom and asks if he's leaving already. Jake says he has to go to talk to Tad in case he has information on the drug stealing at the hospital. Amanda hoped they could have breakfast together. Jake assures Amanda that she's the only one he loves and hopes they're okay. Amanda drops her towel and asks Cara who. Jake then decides his meeting and breakfast were delayed and kisses Amanda onto the bed.

Cara is at the hospital looking at her ring. Griffin walks up and suggests she put it in a box. Cara says again that it got her through tough times. Griffin says it was her and not the ring. Cara tells him that Amanda tried to rip it off her neck last night. Griffin offers to go grab coffee. Cara thinks he has a patient to check on in Kendall.

Kendall is asleep in her hospital bed. She talks in her sleep saying "no, don't go" and wakes up to see Ricky sitting at her side. She asks how long he was there. He says not long and asks if she was having bad dreams. She says they were frustrating ones about Zach. Kendall says it's like she's at the bottom of a pool, looking up and sees Zach's face through the water and he's trying to tell her something but he can't figure it out. Ricky suggests he just wants to know she's okay and let her know he loves her. Kendall agrees and tells Ricky to get her out of here.

Madison reads the paper about Emma and thinks Ryan must be going out of his mind so she should call him. Scott asks what she's going to say. Madison thinks she could say she's sorry. Scott asks if she's going to tell him about the baby. Madison thinks Ryan has enough on his mind. Madison thinks this isn't right to put this on Scott because they barely know each other. Madison brings up the other night when she came on to him and thought what kind of guy he was by stopping her knowing she was doing it for the right reasons. Madison says she really did want to get to know Scott better. Madison thought they'd start with talking about favorite movies and food. Scott says instead he's pretending to be her baby's dad. Madison wonders what they're going to do.

Amanda arrives at Krystal's and talks to Greenlee about hearing what Annie has done. Ryan questions her if she talked to Annie at all. Amanda says she's been keeping her distance lately since she was being clinging and needy. Ryan asks when this started. Amanda says it was the night of the Chandler break-in. Ryan tells her that Annie staged the whole thing and wonders why Amanda didn't tell them. Ryan then blames himself since they all saw the signs and didn't do anything about it.

Jake meets with Tad at Fusion and they talk about Emma being kidnapped. Jake brings up Tad having information about the stolen drugs. Tad says he had some information on something else, about Cara. Tad says she was smart to leave because the guy in Africa was bad with even worse friends and these people aren't very happy with Cara. Jake says he thought this was all in the past. Tad says she's wrong and is a marked woman in a whole lot of trouble.

Cara stops Griffin in the hallway at the hospital and says she doesn't want him to harass Kendall. Griffin says he's just saving her life. Cara tells her not to tell her what to do. Griffin enters and Kendall's gone with a note on the bed. Griffin grabs it but Cara takes it to read it. Cara reads it to say that Griffin is probably turning red right now and not to worry because she will be back but had to go home to get something.

Kendall arrives at home with Ricky. Ricky says he's already regretting this. Kendall thinks it's fine. Ricky asks how she talked him into this. Kendall says she's a hard person to say no to. Ricky agrees. Kendall thanks him for going along with her plan. Kendall and Ricky enter her house to see furniture turned over and Kendall thinks she was robbed.

Tad asks Jake to tell him everything he remembers about this guy that died in Africa. Jake says he had a smuggling ring with heroin in Mexico. Tad has a friend in the state department and said the man that died on the operating table was part of a Mexican drug cartel. Tad tells Jake that he had a brother and that brother has put a contract on Cara's head. Jake wonders how she's even alive. Tad says she's been using a different name and keeping a low profile but these people are very serious so if Cara goes near Mexico, she's not coming out. Tad thinks it's a big mistake for her to go back to Doctors Without Borders. Tad says they should tell her about this and Jake thinks he should be the one to tell her.

Griffin says this is the problem with making promises to patients. He says Kendall loves putting herself in harm's way. Cara tells him to go find her and to be nice. He says he always is and exits.

Kendall looks around and wonders what if the kids had been home. Ricky asks if anything was taken. Kendall doesn't think so and wonders if it's related to what she thinks Zach was trying to tell her. Ricky says it's scary but at least everybody's safe. Griffin arrives and slams the door shut saying they have a different idea of what's safe.

Madison asks Scott how they deal with this. He says very carefully and tells her it's still early since Emma is everyone's priority right now. Madison wants some food and Scott checks what they have and then suggests going out to eat. Madison says she'll grab a change of clothes on the way and they joke about Scott's bed before leaving.

Ryan asks Amanda if Annie said anything about going anywhere. Amanda apologizes for not being able to help. Ryan says it's not her fault and their big mistake was believing that JR could handle this. Jesse comes back over and says a car was spotted matching the description. Ryan leaves with Jesse to go track it down.

Jake is with Cara at the hospital. Cara tells him about Kendall but Jake cuts her off to talk about something. Jake says she told him something about herself that he didn't know so now it's his turn. Jake says when Cara left the Sudan, he was kidnapped. He says he's not saying it had anything to do with the people she had problems with but it was scary and he was lucky to get out alive. Cara looks sad and shakes her head. She asks why he's telling her this now. Jake tells her he wants her to know that he knows what it's like to fear for her life and he doesn't want that for her so she can't leave and go back.

Griffin brings up Kendall just having major surgery. Kendall says it isn't Ricky's fault. Ricky thinks it's not a big deal. Griffin brings up that Ricky wasn't in the ambulance. Griffin wants to take Kendall's back to the hospital to figure this out. Ricky thinks she should go. Kendall says the cops are on their way. Griffin thinks Ricky can stay and talk to them. Ricky agrees and Kendall thanks him then leaves with Griffin.

Amanda assures Greenlee that they will find Emma. Amanda apologizes because she didn't think Annie was that far gone. Madison and Scott arrive together at Krystal's. Amanda tells Greenlee she has to go but to call her if she needs anything. Amanda exits and Scott and Madison walk up. Scott asks if there's any updates and Greenlee tells them that Ryan is out looking. Madison asks how she can help. Greenlee tells her she can stay by the phones at Fusion. Madison walks off and Greenlee talks to Scott, thanking him for claiming to be the father of Madison's baby. Scott says not to thank him because he sure didn't do it for her.

Ryan and Jesse are driving and Ryan spots the car. Ryan immediately exits the car and runs towards the area while Jesse shouts at him to be careful because Annie could be armed.

Ryan comes back and gets in the car looking upset. Jesse gets back in as well and calls in that the suspect's car is confirmed abandoned with no sign of Annie or Emma. Ryan believes Annie got new wheels and still has Emma.

Scott asks Greenlee if she really thinks he did this to save her wedding. He tells her to thank Madison. Greenlee says she will be sure to. Scott thinks Madison is not the person Greenlee made her out to be. Scott says Madison is someone who is fighting to move on. He asks how she can prove that she's not a threat to Greenlee. Greenlee thinks Scott is quite the defender of Madison. Scott says he claimed to be the father because he knows what Madison wants and that's independence. Scott is happy to help her with that. Greenlee says if he's happy, she's happy and she's just concerned with bringing Emma home. Greenlee's phone rings and Scott exits. Greenlee answers and it's Ryan. He informs her of the abandoned car and he's not going to stop until he finds her. Greenlee wants him to come home and regroup. Greenlee tells him that she's going to see Kendall at the hospital to fill her in. Ryan says he will meet her there so he can try and meet with Dr. Burke on where Annie could have gone.

Griffin checks Kendall and puts her back to her machines in the hospital. Griffin reminds her that she needs to be in the hospital. She thanks him and says she knows she's a pain in the ass because she never follows directions and is irrational. She thinks Griffin thinks Ricky's a jerk for helping her leave. Kendall says Ricky is her friend who has been there through all this but so has Griffin. Kendall talks about Griffin never taking a personal stake to her cases but he made an exception for her which means a lot and she hopes he never stops. Kendall tells Griffin to not stop caring. Griffin asks her why she left the hospital and what she was doing in her house. Kendall says she was just having dreams about Zach and thought maybe she could figure out what they meant or find a message. Griffin wonders what kind of message. Kendall doesn't know as she came home and the place was a wreck so she's trying to figure it out. Greenlee arrives and asks for a moment with Kendall. Griffin exits. Kendall asks what Greenlee is doing there instead of her honeymoon. Greenlee tells her plans changed.

Griffin finds Tad at the hospital. Tad tells him that Cara is going to need their help.

Cara realizes it's not over after Jake tells her what's going on. Jake thinks she's lucky to be alive. Cara says she has 2 names and 2 passports. Jake asks if she knows how serious this is. Cara says she left her life because of this and left him. Cara wipes away tears as she says that she knows all the risks. Cara blows it off and walks away but Jake follows her. Jake tells her this isn't a big joke. Cara admits she's scared but she doesn't live like that. Jake thinks she should start. Cara asks how she does that by staying her. Amanda walks up and listens from behind the wall hearing Cara saying that she'll stay because Jake wants her to stay and it won't hurt being around the guy that she used to be in love with thinking this is meant to be. Amanda looks confused hearing this.

Madison answers phones at Fusion offices saying they have no information on Annie. Scott arrives and Madison asks if there's any news or updates. Scott just wanted to check on her since breakfast ended so abruptly. Scott brings up needing a plan to get his life back on track after getting out of prison. Madison says she understands that pretending to be her baby's father doesn't fit in with that. Scott says he doesn't have a plan so he's improvising but is liking it.

Greenlee tells Kendall how she wants to help Ryan but can't so she doesn't know what to do. Kendall tells her to keep doing what she's doing and being there for him. Greenlee asks when Kendall will get out of here. Kendall tells her she took a trip today and went home to be around Zach's things and to think. She tells Greenlee that someone broke in. Greenlee asks about the boys. Kendall tells her they are safe and asks her about Ryan having PI's working on Zach's crash. Greenlee says as far as she knows the case is still closed after they didn't find anything. Kendall wants to talk to them if possible. Greenlee asks if she's worried about something. Kendall says it's just something about the dreams she's been having.

Brot comes to Kendall's and talks to Ricky about the break-in. Brot thinks it doesn't look like anything major and could've just been some kids. Ricky thinks it was too early for Kendall to come home and blames himself. He thanks Brot as he leaves.

Greenlee brings up Kendall spending a lot of time with Ricky lately. Kendall says he brings her a lot of comfort.

Jake and Cara continue to argue. Jake says her life is on the line. Cara says she missed out on living because everyone was scared and she doesn't live like that anymore so she's not going to run and hide or make choices like this. Tad walks in and says noise could get her killed. Jake wants Tad to talk to her because he gives up. Griffin joins Cara and Jake tells her to listen to Tad. Jake exits to continue working. Cara doesn't want any lectures from Tad or Griffin. Tad says he has something better, an idea.

Ryan arrives to Kendall's room at the hospital and hugs her as she says she's sorry. Ryan says they will find her. Kendall gets a phone call from Opal. Kendall informs them that Spike saw the amber alert on TV.

Scott tells Madison he will go along with this for as long as she wants. Madison wonders why. Scott says it seems like the right thing to do. Madison says friends and family will find out. Scott jokes that they can buy her baby stuff. Scott asks about her since they are stuck with their story so he asks how she feels about telling everyone she made a baby with a guy just out of prison. Scott asks Madison out on a second date.

Ryan joins Spike at home with Greenlee and Spike asks why Emma was on TV. Ryan tells him that Emma went with Annie on a trip, like an adventure but people are confused since Annie didn't tell anyone about it. Ryan tells Spike not to worry.

Cara tells Griffin and Tad that she's not going to be locked down and is going back to DWB. Griffin says she's not traveling anywhere with her life at risk. Tad thinks there might be a way since they want Cara dead, so they should give them what they want.

Amanda makes a phone call at home calling an immigration violation. Amanda tells on Cara using a false name. Jake returns home as Amanda says she'll hold.

Ricky rejoins Kendall at the hospital and tells her the cops said it was probably just kids on a dare or something. Kendall hopes so and Ricky says he will stay on it. She thanks him. Ricky gives her a photo album that he found on the floor, thinking it might help her with her dreams. Kendall thanks him again and Ricky exits. Kendall reads through it.

Outside Kendall's room, Ricky makes a phone call. Ricky asks what the hell that was after he spent months trying to get Kendall to trust him and then they bust in her house. Ricky says he doesn't want any excuses since Kendall is a smart woman and she's going to start asking questions. Ricky says if they are going to get what he's looking for, he's going to need Kendall to keep thinking of him as the friendly neighborhood minister - not the man that killed her husband.

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