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All My Children Update Wednesday 2/16/11


Written by Joseph
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Bianca is with Kendall in her hospital room. Bianca asks where Griffin is. Kendall assumes he's with other patients. Bianca says Griffin is her hero for saving Kendall's life. Kendall thinks it's amazing because she was sure she was going to die but Griffin promised she wouldn't and that kept her going. Bianca asks if he really said that to her. Kendall says yes and asks why. Bianca brings up what Griffin said to Erica, that he never makes promises like that to his patients but made an exception here.

Griffin arrives at Kendall's and greets Cara. Griffin has valentine chocolates for her. Cara takes them and says she's grumpy today. Griffin thinks it must have been hard telling Jake the truth. Cara says it sucked but needed to be said and she thinks he was blown away to hear it. Griffin asks how she's doing. Cara says she thinks her heart hurts as much now as the day she walked out on Jake.

Jake walks Amanda into a room decorated for a valentine's dinner with candles and flowers. Amanda thanks him and kisses him. She asks Jake if anything is bothering him. Jake realizes he's not putting up a good front. Amanda asks why he would need to. Jake says he has to tell her something about Cara.

Ryan asks JR where Annie is. JR doesn't know. Marissa asked what happened. Greenlee thinks she took Emma. JR says the police are here checking the grounds. Marissa informs them that Annie handcuffed Colby and tried to kill Marissa. Ryan asks when they last saw her. JR says it was a couple hours ago and tried to get her checked in to Oak Haven. Ryan yells that he should've told him and now she has Emma. Ryan says that if anything happens to Emma, it's on JR.

Caleb arrives at Krystal's looking at his phone. Asher is seated inside and Caleb greets him, asking if he's here by himself. Caleb tells him he broke down and bought a phone but can't figure it out. Asher asks if he wants his help and takes a look at it. Caleb asks him how to send an e-mail. Asher shows him how to do it. Caleb thinks it's too much work. Asher asks why he got a phone. Caleb says it was for business and figured it was time to enter the real world. Caleb asks how things are going with JR. Asher says they are good and tells Caleb he got a few texts. Caleb checks them and says "Chandler, you son of a bitch"

JR tells Ryan he shouldn't have let it got this far and apologizes. Ryan tells him not to do anything because he screwed up enough. Ryan says to call him if he hears from her. Ryan and Greenlee exit and Marissa almost falls over. JR asks if she's okay. Marissa says she's just a little dizzy. JR wants to take her to the hospital but Marissa says she can take care of herself. JR isn't going to let her drive anywhere.

Bianca asks Kendall if Griffin used those exact words. Kendall says pretty much and knew he meant it because he never talks about personal stuff. Bianca thinks that makes Kendall special to Griffin. Kendall thinks it was just an intense situation. Bianca thinks Griffin really cares about Kendall. Kendall asks how Bianca is doing since Reese never showed. Bianca says she's not too happy about it but what can she do. Kendall says the two of them are having problems and have been for some time but staying away from each other isn't solving them. Kendall asks if Bianca still loves Reese.

Cara tells Griffin that she is not going to act on her feelings because Jake is happy. Cara wants to talk about something fun instead and they sit down. Cara shares her chocolates with Griffin. They joke around and Cara tells him he was the fun part of her childhood. Griffin says she got dealt a lousy hand always being sick and in hospitals. Cara is glad they are back together again even if it is for a little while. Cara says this is the first valentine's day she's seen Griffin without a hot date and asks what's going on. Cara asks if he's waiting for ms. right and asks when he last checked on Kendall's heart.

Amanda asks Jake when Cara told him all of this. Jake says at Kendall's accident and there's something else. He informs her that Cara was still wearing their wedding ring around her neck. Jake says he didn't tell her to protect her but realizes he should've told her immediately and apologizes. Amanda realizes Cara is still in love with Jake. Jake says it doesn't change them at all. Amanda brings up that they never would've been together if Cara didn't leave him. Jake says everything in his world changed when he met Amanda and Cara's confession doesn't change anything. Amanda wonders how that doesn't change anything and knows that's why Cara came here. Jake doesn't think it went down that way. Amanda asks how it made him feel when Cara told him the truth. Jake says whenever someone comes back in your life and dumps all this on you, it feels like being kicked in the head because you don't know how to tell your partner. Jake hopes she doesn't doubt him or them. Amanda doesn't and knows he loves her and Trevor and everything they have but obviously what Cara said threw him for a loop so he can't answer her question. Jake says he knows exactly how he feels, angry, confusion and betrayal and wonders why someone has to come back in his life instead of staying in the past. Jake sums it up with when he thinks about Cara, he thinks about all those types of things but when he thinks about Amanda, he just thinks about love. Jake gets paged and Amanda rolls her eyes and tells him he's on call. Jake says the hospital needs him. Jake apologizes and swears it's not going to affect them. Jake tells her he loves her and kisses her. Jake looks back at her as she tries not to cry. Jake exits the room and Amanda blows out the candles.

Bianca tells Kendall she loves Reese but she can't do anything but wait it out. Kendall says she's been waiting this whole time and nothing has happened except they've grown farther apart. She asks when Bianca last spoke to her. Bianca says it was this afternoon when she called to say she couldn't come. Bianca told her she understood and it was okay but of course it isn't because she misses her and is lonely without her. Bianca says the girls miss her too and that makes her angry and at the same time scared because if she presses too hard, it might lead to the end of it all and she doesn't want that to happen because she loves her. Bianca cries and Kendall tells her to say exactly what she just said to Reese.

Griffin tells Cara that Kendall's BP is strong and steady with no sign of leakage. He thinks that's an example of his amazing talent. Cara calls him arrogant and thinks he's working the strictly professional angle too strong. Cara tells Griffin he cares about Kendall. Griffin says he promised, kept it and she made it through, end of story. Cara thinks it's just the beginning. Griffin says there's no chance of him becoming a lovesick idiot over a patient. Griffin says he's going back to work. Cara gets up and goes with him.

Asher asks Caleb what that was all about. Caleb can't believe this as Marissa informed him that Annie tried to kill her tonight, kidnapped Emma and is now on the run. Asher says JR said he had this under control. Caleb asks if he knew about this. Asher tries to leave but Caleb stops him and wants to know what he knows about Annie. Asher tells him that she went after Colby too and he found her at the beach house handcuffed. Caleb says this all comes down to JR and tells Asher that the Chandlers are poison and he should get out of there while he still can. Caleb suggests Asher come live with him instead. Asher says he's not interested and asks why Caleb is pushing this. Caleb tells him it's because he's his son. Caleb tells Asher that he knows he's still angry for him not being there when he grew up. Asher reminds him it was his choice. Caleb regrets it but Asher tells him it's too late. Caleb says the past is the past and hopes they could have a relationship but JR is not the answer he's looking for. Asher says JR has been there for him even before he moved in so he can trash talk all he wants but JR is hurting now and needs support. Asher says he will support JR because he is his family. Asher exits Krystal's.

JR arrives at the hospital with Marissa and asks a nurse to let her see a doctor right away. Marissa tells him to calm down and doesn't want him taking care of her. JR says he's just worried. Marissa assures him she'll be fine. JR apologizes again because it's his fault. Marissa agrees. JR knew what Annie was capable of but thought he could handle it. Marissa asked if he thought that by having a secret affair with her. JR wants to make it up to her and apologizes. Marissa tells him that he shouldn't have done it. JR hated lying to her and brings up the time they spent as a family. Marissa tells him to stop and get away from her now. He gets up and she yells at him to go. JR walks off as Marissa shakes her head.

Ryan and Greenlee arrive at the beach house searching for Emma. Greenlee reminds him that Jesse said they already searched there. Ryan says he'll search himself and he finds a drawing on the floor. Greenlee says they'll find her. Ryan doesn't know how Annie could do this and he prays that he gets Emma back. Greenlee hugs him and he notices a paper book on the floor under the couch. He picks it up and says it's Annie's work.

Bianca is on the phone with Reese and says that Kendall almost lost her life and she can't just go back now. Bianca says family takes first and she and the girls miss her. Bianca says she loves her and wants to work it out but doesn't think they can do that a thousand miles. Bianca says she'll wait for her call. Bianca goes back into Kendall's room and informs her that she pulled her out of a meeting she was in so she'll get back to her later. Kendall asks if Bianca hates her. Bianca says no and was afraid it would come out this way eventually. Kendall says it was the right thing to do. Bianca knows and says if she doesn't hear from her tonight, there's nothing left. Kendall says she's sorry. Bianca tells her she's going to go take care of the girls. Kendall tells her to let her know if she hears from Reese. Bianca hugs her and exits as Griffin arrives. Griffin asks Kendall if everything is alright. Kendall doesn't know and says some times love really sucks.

Tad comes up to Jake at the hospital. Jake asks what he's doing there. Tad says he's on his job investigating the stolen drugs. He asks Jake what's wrong and Jake takes him into a room. Jake informs Tad that he told Amanda why Cara ended their marriage. Tad figures it couldn't have been easy and asks about Jake, if he's still in love with Cara.

Amanda confronts Cara at the hospital and tells her to let her see it. Cara says she doesn't know what she's talking about. Amanda grabs her necklace with the ring on it and demands she take it off now. Cara grabs it back and walks away but Amanda goes after her. Amanda follows her into a room and tells her she knows about everything. She asks Cara why she doesn't just admit she came to Pine Valley because she wants Jake back. Cara admits she had hope when she first came back but realized she had no chance. Amanda doesn't believe her. Cara tells her the ring got her through some very tough times. Amanda thinks she meant her love for Jake and Cara agrees.

Jake tells Tad that he loves his wife. Tad wants to know about Cara. Jake says every time he sees her, she comes up with something new about their past. Jake says it killed him when Cara first left but then he started a new life. He asks what he's supposed to do with this now. Tad tells him he'll be okay with Amanda. Jake is worried about Cara. Tad tells him to keep it simple. Jake brings up that he's alive because of Cara.

Asher arrives at the Chandlers and tells JR he heard what happened. JR asks why he let Colby go because she ran upstairs and locked herself in her room. Asher tells him that she took the keys from him. JR says his father his going to flip when he hears this. Asher says to hell with JR's father which confuses JR.

Griffin checks on Kendall. Kendall asks about Griffin's valentines. Griffin tells her that it a was a team effort to save her life. Kendall assures him she won't go gunning for David when she gets out. Kendall says what she tried to do came from a very dark place. Griffin says grief can make people do strange things. Kendall tells him when she was in the ambulance, she saw Zach and it was so real to her. She wonders why she would see him like that. Griffin gives her a valentine's gift. Kendall smiles and says she's saying no to being his valentine.

Ryan shows Greenlee Annie's book and it's a story she wrote about her and JR being the king and the queen. Ryan can't imagine what Emma is going through right now. Greenlee knows Emma will find a way to reach Ryan. Ryan thinks they should go home. Greenlee reminds him they are family now.

Griffin tells Kendall not to think of it as a valentine but as medicine. Griffin says studies show that chocolate aids heart recovery. Kendall thinks he's making this up and calls Griffin very sly by getting her to stop talking about Zach and getting her blood pressure on track. Kendall opens the chocolates and starts looking for the caramel one like Griffin did with Cara earlier. Griffin lets Kendall open the cards he got and jokes about them as they laugh together.

Amanda tells Cara she can't stay and do this to Jake so she has to leave Pine Valley. Cara shuts the doors and tells Amanda she can't tell her what to do. Amanda thinks she still wants Jake. Cara says it's nothing to do with Jake but Griffin since he's the only family she's got so she isn't leaving her brother or her job. Amanda thinks she should know what she's doing to Jake. Cara thought their marriage was stronger than this and thinks she shouldn't worry about her. Cara says she has to live with the fact that she lost Jake and Amanda has to live with the fact that she's not the only woman he's ever loved.

Asher says at least Caleb abandoned him so he's not on his back like Adam is on JR's back. JR asks where this is coming from. Asher says JR has been good to him so he'd like to help him out if he can.

Ryan and Greenlee return home and he notices a light is on that wasn't on when they left which means Annie was here. Ryan thinks Annie might still be there and goes upstairs to check.

Griffin and Kendall continue eating chocolates. Kendall realizes he's doing what she's doing with the caramel. She asks him why he steals the drugs from the hospital which is risking his entire career or going to prison. Griffin says some things are worth the risk and doesn't want Kendall to think about that or compromised. He wants her to concentrate on getting better and he exits the room.

Jake is back at he and Amanda's room with the Valentine's dinner setup. Amanda returns and Jake is glad because he didn't know if she was gone for ice or gone for good. Amanda says she couldn't do that because she loves him. Jake knows things have been crazy but he loves her and only her. Amanda smiles. Jake says more than ever and kisses her. They shut the door and kiss onto the bed.

Cara is wiping away tears outside and Tad comes up to her. Tad jokes with her and offers her some coffee. Cara accepts and thanks him. Cara asks if her whole deal with Jake doesn't put her back on Tad's enemy list. Tad says he could never feel that way about a woman who saved his brother's life.

Ryan tells Greenlee that they were here and Annie took some of Emma's stuffed animals and clothes. He says they should've been here and Greenlee notices there's a message on the phone. It's from Annie saying she took Emma and doesn't know where they're going but she's safe. Annie tells him not to worry because she'd never let anything happen to Emma. Annie comments on their beautiful wedding and says it should've been her and JR getting married. Annie tells Emma to say something and Emma says "I love you daddy"

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