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All My Children Update Tuesday 2/15/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Police Station) Liza asks a police officer if there have been any car accidents reported involving her daughter Colby. The officer checks the computer and tells her that there hadn’t been any car accidents reported involving Colby. David is surprised to see Liza at the station and reminds her it’s Valentine’s Day. Liza explains to David that she has left several phone messages for Colby and she hasn’t answered them so she got worried and decided to check if accidents had been reported. David thinks Colby probably has Valentine’s Day plans unlike her mother who doesn’t seem to have any plans for the holiday. Liza wonders who was powerful enough to get David a pardon from the governor then answers her own question by saying Erica but that would be unlikely since she shot him in the back. David changes the subject and asks Liza to have a drink and maybe dinner with him but Liza doesn’t answer the question so David leaves the station with Liza leaving a few minutes after him.

(Cottage) Colby is bored and wants to go into town so she can wring Annie’s neck for kidnapping her. Asher tells Colby that she can’t leave because he promises JR that he would make sure she stayed there until he had the Annie situation under control. Asher asks Colby if she wants to play poker to pass the time and she agrees but only if they play strip poker.

(Wildwind) Erica arrives bringing Reese’s favorite flowers as a welcome home gift for her but Bianca tells her that Reese’s plane was delayed. Bianca wonders why Erica isn’t at Ryan and Greenlee’s wedding with Jack. Erica tells Bianca that she didn’t go to the wedding because Greenlee didn’t really want her there so she didn’t go as a wedding present to Greenlee. Bianca tells Erica she should have gone to the wedding because Jack wanted her to be there. Bianca advises Erica to straighten things out with Jack and stop playing games with Caleb before she loses Jack. Erica insists that she and Caleb are just friends but he wants to be more then friends. Erica tells Bianca that she loves Jack and will marry him but Bianca wonders why Erica keeps postponing the wedding could it be because she wants to keep stringing Caleb and Jack along making them both think they have a future with her. Erica wonders why Bianca would think she would do such a thing to Caleb and Jack and tells Bianca that she is probably taking about her relationship with Reese and not Erica’s relationship with Jack. Bianca cries and admits that Reese’s plane wasn’t delayed she just didn’t get on the plane. Bianca advises Erica to fix things with Jack before she loses him.

(Fusion) Emma tells Annie she has to get back inside because she wants to be in the wedding pictures and Annie explains to Emma that women like Greenlee are lucky they get to be brides and have everything while other women aren’t so lucky. Annie also tells Emma that if she doesn’t come with her now she will miss their big adventure. Emma tells Annie she doesn’t want o miss eating wedding cake and Annie tells her they have to leave now so Emma goes with Annie but keeps turning her head to look at the wedding reception until she is too far to see it anymore. Ryan wonders where Emma is and Greenlee tells him not to worry she’s probably playing with her makeup and will be back soon.

(Chandler Mansion) JR takes Marissa out of the attic and pleads with her to wake up it takes a few minutes but Marissa finally coughs and takes a breath. Marissa tells JR that Annie tried to kill her and once Marissa is well enough to walk they head downstairs to the parlor. JR can’t find Annie and Marissa tells him that she is gone and Marissa thinks that Annie is out of control and could go after AJ. Marissa calls Opal to tell her to keep AJ close to her and not let Annie in the house of she comes by and lock the door. Marissa tells Opal she will explain everything later when she goes to pick up AJ. JR leaves a message for Ryan telling him not to worry that Annie has just been under a lot of pressure but he should keep a close eye on Emma just as a precaution. JR and Marissa leave the mansion to go look for Annie.

(Fusion) Ryan and Greenlee feed each other a piece of cake and kiss each other then Greenlee gives Jack her bouquet to give to Erica since she is the next bride. Jack asks Ryan to take care of Greenlee and Ryan promises he will and then gives Greenlee a kiss. Ryan asks Spike where Emma is and he says he doesn’t know so Ryan looks for Emma and he can’t find her anywhere. Ryan returns to where Greenlee is seated with Spike and tells her he can’t find Emma. Ryan finally hears the message JR left for him and tells Greenlee that he warned JR that Annie was losing control again but JR has such a big ego that he thought he had everything under control with Annie. Ryan continues to search for Emma but can’t find her anywhere so he decides to call the police. Greenlee calls Spike’s baby sitter to come pick him up and take him home since he is tired.

(Park) Emma tells Annie she is tired and wants to rest so Annie tells Emma she can rest for ten minutes but then they have to leave on their big adventure.

(Krystal’s) Krystal and Jack eat left over wedding cake and talk about the wedding then Krystal sees Liza arrive and order a drink closely followed by David who orders a drink Jack starts to go over and talk to David but Krystal stops him and he thanks her for helping with the wedding reception and he says the cake was wonderful but he thought for a little while that David was going to come out of the cake with a knife. Krystal laughs and says that she made sure to keep the knives in a safe place so nobody could get to them. Jack thanks Krystal for making her laugh because he needed a laugh tonight. Krystal heads to the kitchen to get Jack another piece of cake and Erica arrives to tell Jack that she made a mistake not going to the wedding with him. Jack gives Erica Greenlee’s wedding bouquet and tells her that Greenlee wanted her to have it. Krystal comes out of the kitchen and seeing Erica there decides to go back to the kitchen to get some coffee to go with the cake. Jack tells Erica that he was having a wonderful evening without any drama and he would like to continue it so he gets up from the table and leaves telling Krystal he will take a rain check on the cake. Erica gives the wedding bouquet to Krystal saying that she needs it more and chases after Jack. David finishes his drink and pays for Liza’s drink wishing her a happy Valentine’s Day.

(Park) David finds Emma and Annie and she asks him not to tell Ryan he saw her and Emma because he is taking Emma on a long trip and Ryan wouldn’t approve of it. Annie tells David they are both in the same boat because they both fell in love with people who only pretended to love them and then they only got hurt by those people. David tells Annie he wants to help her so he has decided to take care of everything for her.


(Cottage) Colby is having fun watching Asher take off his clothes but she decides to lose a few hands of Poker on purpose and tells Asher to clothes his eyes while she takes off some of her clothes and she will tell him when to open them. Colby grabs Asher’s car keys and the clothes he took off and leaves. Asher tries to chase after her but he can’t catch up since he can’t go out without a shirt on in the cold.

(Krystal’s) Colby arrives hugs Liza and tells her that Annie kidnapped her and she needs her to help press charges against her. Liza is happy to help and tells Colby she should stay with her until Annie is caught. Colby tells Liza that she wants to leave Pine Valley and go visit Damon inn California and asks if she can borrow her phone to get tickets from Chandler travel. Asher arrives because he hitchhiked to town and tells Colby it wouldn’t be a good idea to visit Damon. Colby goes outside to get better reception on the phone to buy the plane tickets. Asher tells Liza that she has to stop Colby from going to California because Damon will only hurt her again. Liza is sure that once Colby gets some rest she will decide not to go to California she was just scared by the ordeal she just went through with Annie. Colby comes back inside and Liza tells her that it will take a week for everyone to give their statements if she wants to press charges against Anne. Colby agrees to postpone her trip to California and give her statement to the police.

Once Liza leaves Colby tells Asher she is on the first available flight to California tonight. Asher tells Colby he doesn’t want her to go and Colby thinks that he will forget about her as soon as JR gives him a new assignment. Asher tells Colby he has tried to forget about her but he can’t and all he ever thinks about is kissing her and then he kisses her. A stunned Colby leaves the restaurant without saying a word to Asher and she looks like she has no idea what to say to him.

(Yacht club) JR and Marissa arrive in Annie’s room and JR explains that Annie used the room for work and he thought she might be hiding there. Marissa doesn’t think that could be possible since Annie is running away from the police. JR sees his tie under the bed beside Annie’s lingerie and tries to get Marissa out of the room before she sees it but its to late Marissa sees the tie and recognizes it is JR’s tie because she bought it for him. Marissa wants an explanation from JR but since he doesn’t say a word Marisa figures out that everything Annie told her about her and JR having a relationship was true and not one of Annie’s fantasies. Marissa is angry JR lied to her and wonders why he would do that and Marissa once again answers her own question when she figures out it is because JR wanted joint custody of AJ.

(Park) Liza finds David with a smile on his face and wonders why he is so happy and he tells her if feels good to do his first good deed as a free man. Liza thinks David is up to something and he smiles again because for the first time he actually believes the old saying what comes around comes around is true.

(Chandler Mansion) JR is determined to find Annie before someone else gets hurt and he tells Marissa that he always planned to put Annie in Oak Haven to get the help she needs. Ryan arrives demanding JR tell him Annie’s whereabouts.

Annie calls JR to tell him she won’t cause any more trouble but he shouldn’t come looking for her. Annie cries a little as she drives away from Pine Valley and says good-bye to the town. Emma wonders where they are going and Annie tells her that they are going on a long trip just the two of them and the open road.

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