AMC Update Monday 2/14/11

All My Children Update Monday 2/14/11


Written by Eva
Pictures by Suzanne

(Police Station) Tad arrives and explains to Jesse that JR wasn’t driving the car that crashed into the ambulance but he does know the person who was driving all he needs is time to talk to this person and then he will make a statement. Jesse let’s JR go after JR promises to give a statement later but reminds him that if anything goes wrong he and Tad will be held responsible.

(Chandler Mansion Attic) Marissa tells Annie she is sorry that she ruined her romantic evening with JR but it isn’t to late all she needs to do is let her go so that she can continue her evening. Annie shows Marissa her finger without a ring on it and tells her that she won’t let her ruin things for her again. Marissa pleads with Annie not to hurt her so Annie just hits the furnace to make the gas leak and tells Marissa to jut give in and not fight the gas. Marissa cries and pleads with Annie not to leave her there but Annie leaves and closes and locks the door.

(Krystal’s) Jack arrives and tells Krystal that the caterer for the wedding got food poisoning and asks if she could provide food for 6 people. Krystal tells Jack that he forgot to include Erica and he tells her that Erica won’t be at the wedding and given how tense things have been between them lately it is for the best. Krystal agrees to help with the food for the wedding and Jack thanks her for agreeing to cater on such short notice.

(Fusion) Ryan wonders how long Greenlee has known Madison was pregnant and she tells him that she just assumed because of the way Madison was holding her stomach and since she said it was too soon. Ryan wonders if it is his child and how long Madison has been pregnant. Madison tells Ryan that Greenlee is right she is pregnant but struggles to answer Ryan about whether it is his child or not luckily Scott arrives and tells Ryan that he is the father of the baby. Scott explains that it happened when he got out of prison and it wasn’t planned. Madison tells Ryan that they have not worked out all the details yet because they are still surprised by it. Ryan is stunned by the news but is happy for Madison and tells Scott that he should take Madison to the hospital because of the cramping earlier. Scott wants to take Madison to the hospital but she wants to go to his place but he makes her drink a glass of water before they head to his apartment. Greenlee tells Ryan that Scott and Madison make a cute couple and Ryan thinks Scott is a nice guy but is surprised the pregnancy happened so quickly. Greenlee changes the subject by telling Ryan its time to get ready for the wedding.

(Chandler Mansion) JR returns and finds a nervous Annie waiting for him because she thinks he is going to propose to her tonight. JR tells Annie he knows what she did to Colby and Annie pleads with JR not to hate her because she never wanted to hurt Colby. JR gently tells Annie that he thinks that she needs help because the things she has been doing lately have been strange. Annie wonders if JR thinks that she is crazy and he says no she has just been under a lot of pressure having to keep their relationship a secret. JR tells Annie its best that she commits herself so that she can get the help that she needs so that they can have a chance at having a strong relationship. Annie thinks that he is on Marissa’s side and shows him the commitment papers that she swears that the witch Marissa signed because she hates her. JR looks at the paper and tells Annie that Dr. Burke signed the papers not Marissa. Annie starts talking fast and pleading with JR not to hate her because she needed to get rid of Marissa. JR tries to keep his cool as he asks Annie what she did to Marissa. Annie doesn’t answer so JR asks the question again a little louder this time and Annie admits that Marissa was there they argued and she is in the attic. Marissa struggles not to breathe in the gas but she can’t hold her breath anymore and once she breathes in the gas she passes out. JR runs to the attic and asks Marissa to open the door or answer him but when she doesn’t answer he breaks down the door to the attic to get inside.

(Scott’s place) Madison is hungry and Scott gives her crackers to eat and she thanks him for his lie about being the father of her child. Madison tells Scott that she will have to say the baby is premature but she is glad that she doesn’t have to hide the baby anymore and can finally unbutton her pants and buy maternity clothes. Madison tells Scott that she feels relaxed for the first time because of him. Madison has a craving for apples and lemonade so Scott leaves to get them for her.

(Fusion Patio) Greenlee walks down the aisle smiling and Jack tells her that he feels sad giving her away since they have not been father and daughter very long but he knows that this time she is supposed to be with Ryan. Ryan and Greenlee exchange vows they wrote to say to each other. Ryan promises to love Greenlee more every day and give her a piece of his heart every day. Greenlee tells Ryan that he is the man she has always wanted and that he is her best friend and partner in crime. Ryan and Greenlee vow to love and honor each other then they exchange rings. Ricky pronounces them husband and wife and then they kiss. The wedding guests head to the reception and Greenlee and Ryan thank Krystal for all the wonderful food. Greenlee and Ryan invite Krystal to share in the reception and Jack toasts to the bride and groom.

Greenlee won’t take pictures until she touches up her make up so she asks Emma to go to the patio and get her purse. Annie sneaks in and watches as everyone enjoys the reception and then goes to the patio. Emma looks for Greenlee’s purse and sees Annie on the patio.

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